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  • Compatible with Correll collaborative desks and activity tables (sold separately)
  • Raises equipment or tables by 3" and creates mobility
  • Sleek gray / chrome design
  • Includes 4 locking casters
UPC Code:400015561037
Shipping:Usually Ships in 2-3 Business DaysNot eligible for expedited shipping
Diameter3 Inches
Application Mobile Storage and Tables / Stands
Caster Type Stem
Color Gray
Features Brakes Included
Material Chrome-Plated Steel
Number of Casters4
Type Casters

Correll DWBLXCASTERKIT-13 Details

With the Correll 3" gray / chrome deluxe caster kit, your desks and tables can be more versatile and maneuverable than ever. Compatible with Correll collaborative desks and activity tables (sold separately), these casters aid in group learning scenarios by allowing you to move your desks or tables with ease! You can roll your table to a better location for a specific task or just move it out of the way for quick cleaning, maximizing the efficiency and versatility of your kitchen and space. Each sleek, chrome caster is locking for full control and stability. Using this set will raise your table or desk by 3".

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 3"

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Compatible Models 

Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-09-09
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-09-13
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-09-35
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-09-37
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-09-38
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-09-39
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-13-09
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-13-13
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-13-35
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-13-37
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-13-38
Correll AWBD2333-TRP-80-13-39
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-06-09-06
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-06-09-09
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-06-09-13
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-06-13-06
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-06-13-09
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-06-13-13
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-09-09
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-09-13
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-09-35
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-09-37
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-09-38
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-09-39
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-13-09
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-13-13
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-13-35
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-13-37
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-13-38
Correll AWBD2333TF-TRP-15-13-39
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-09-09
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-09-13
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-09-35
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-09-37
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-09-38
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-09-39
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-13-09
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-13-13
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-13-35
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-13-37
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-13-38
Correll AWBD3041-WING-80-13-39
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-06-09-06
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-06-09-09
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-06-09-13
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-06-13-06
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-06-13-09
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-06-13-13
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-09-09
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-09-13
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-09-35
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-09-37
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-09-38
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-09-39
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-13-09
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-13-13
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-13-35
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-13-37
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-13-38
Correll AWBD3041TF-WING-15-13-39
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-09-09
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-09-13
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-09-35
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-09-37
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-09-38
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-09-39
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-13-09
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-13-13
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-13-35
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-13-37
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-13-38
Correll AWBD3420-REC-80-13-39
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-06-09-06
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-06-09-09
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-06-09-13
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-06-13-06
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-06-13-13
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-09-09
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-09-13
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-09-35
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-09-37
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-09-38
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-09-39
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-13-09
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-13-13
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-13-35
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-13-37
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-13-38
Correll AWBD3420TF-REC-15-13-39
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-09-13
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-09-35
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-09-37
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-09-38
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-09-39
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-13-09
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-13-13
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-13-35
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-13-37
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-13-38
Correll AWBD4242-SWV-80-13-39
Correll AWBD4242-SWV80-09-09
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-06-09-06
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-06-09-09
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-06-09-13
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-06-13-06
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-06-13-09
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-06-13-13
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-09-09
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-09-13
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-09-35
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-09-37
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-09-38
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-09-39
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-13-09
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-13-13
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-13-35
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-13-37
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-13-38
Correll AWBD4242TF-SWV-15-13-39
Correll LR2448-01
Correll LR2448-06
Correll LR2448-07
Correll LR2448-15
Correll LR2448-16
Correll LR2448-52
Correll LR2448-53
Correll LR2448-54
Correll LR2448-55
Correll LR2460-01
Correll LR2460-06
Correll LR2460-07
Correll LR2460-15
Correll LR2460-16
Correll LR2460-52
Correll LR2460-53
Correll LR2460-54
Correll LR2460-55
Correll LR2472-01
Correll LR2472-06
Correll LR2472-07
Correll LR2472-15
Correll LR2472-16
Correll LR2472-52
Correll LR2472-53
Correll LR2472-54
Correll LR2472-55
Correll LR3048-01
Correll LR3048-06
Correll LR3048-07
Correll LR3048-15
Correll LR3048-16
Correll LR3048-52
Correll LR3048-53
Correll LR3048-54
Correll LR3048-55
Correll LR3060-01
Correll LR3060-06
Correll LR3060-07
Correll LR3060-15
Correll LR3060-16
Correll LR3060-52
Correll LR3060-53
Correll LR3060-54
Correll LR3060-55
Correll LR3072-01
Correll LR3072-06
Correll LR3072-07
Correll LR3072-15
Correll LR3072-16
Correll LR3072-52
Correll LR3072-53
Correll LR3072-54
Correll LR3072-55
Correll LR3672-01
Correll LR3672-06
Correll LR3672-07
Correll LR3672-15
Correll LR3672-16
Correll LR3672-52
Correll LR3672-53
Correll LR3672-54
Correll LR3672-55
Correll LT2448-01
Correll LT2448-06
Correll LT2448-07
Correll LT2448-15
Correll LT2448-16
Correll LT2460-01
Correll LT2460-06
Correll LT2460-07
Correll LT2460-15
Correll LT2460-16
Correll LT2472-01
Correll LT2472-06
Correll LT2472-07
Correll LT2472-15
Correll LT2472-16
Correll LT3048-01
Correll LT3048-06
Correll LT3048-07
Correll LT3048-15
Correll LT3048-16
Correll LT3060-01
Correll LT3060-06
Correll LT3060-07
Correll LT3060-15
Correll LT3060-16
Correll LT3072-01
Correll LT3072-06
Correll LT3072-07
Correll LT3072-15
Correll LT3072-16
Correll LT3672-01
Correll LT3672-06
Correll LT3672-07
Correll LT3672-15
Correll LT3672-16
Correll LWBR2448TF-01
Correll LWBR2448TF-06
Correll LWBR2448TF-07
Correll LWBR2448TF-15
Correll LWBR2460TF-01
Correll LWBR2460TF-06
Correll LWBR2460TF-07
Correll LWBR2460TF-15
Correll LWBR2472TF-01
Correll LWBR2472TF-06
Correll LWBR2472TF-07
Correll LWBR2472TF-15
Correll LWBR3048TF-01
Correll LWBR3048TF-06
Correll LWBR3048TF-07
Correll LWBR3048TF-15
Correll LWBR3060TF-01
Correll LWBR3060TF-06
Correll LWBR3060TF-07
Correll LWBR3060TF-15
Correll LWBR3072TF-01
Correll LWBR3072TF-06
Correll LWBR3072TF-07
Correll LWBR3072TF-15
Correll LWBR3672TF-01
Correll LWBR3672TF-06
Correll LWBR3672TF-07
Correll LWBR3672TF-15
Correll LWBT2448TF-01
Correll LWBT2448TF-06
Correll LWBT2448TF-07
Correll LWBT2448TF-15
Correll LWBT2460TF-01
Correll LWBT2460TF-06
Correll LWBT2460TF-07
Correll LWBT2460TF-15
Correll LWBT2472TF-01
Correll LWBT2472TF-06
Correll LWBT2472TF-07
Correll LWBT2472TF-15
Correll LWBT3048TF-01
Correll LWBT3048TF-06
Correll LWBT3048TF-07
Correll LWBT3048TF-15
Correll LWBT3060TF-01
Correll LWBT3060TF-06
Correll LWBT3060TF-07
Correll LWBT3060TF-15
Correll LWBT3072TF-01
Correll LWBT3072TF-06
Correll LWBT3072TF-07
Correll LWBT3072TF-15
Correll LWBT3672TF-01
Correll LWBT3672TF-06
Correll LWBT3672TF-07
Correll LWBT3672TF-15

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