Gifts for Chefs Who Have Everything

The gift-giving season has arrived! If you're looking for a unique gift for the chef in your life, we've got gift ideas for chefs who have everything. Our kitchen gift guide includes gifts for aspiring chefs, gifts for professional chefs, and gifts for people who love to cook!

Click below to find gifts for any budget:

Great Gifts Under $25

5-Piece Cheese Knife Set
Acopa 5-Piece Cheese Knife Set with Wood Handles

A set of cheese knives for the chef that likes to entertain, or for the person who just really loves cheese. Each cheese knife type has a purpose to improve the user experience, so they can set out the proper cheese knives for the cheeses they plan to serve.

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The Cocktail Garnish Dried Citrus Blend
The Cocktail Garnish Dried Citrus Blend - 10/Pack

Whether your chef is new to bartending or they're a bonafide mixologist, these ready-to-use dried citrus slices immediately make a holiday cocktail picture-worthy. This 10-pack includes 2 slices each of lemon, lime, blood orange, Cara Cara orange, and navel orange citrus.

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Bamboo Matcha Whisk
Tenzo 4 1/4

If the matcha lover in your life is still blending their powder with a stainless steel whisk or blender, then do them the favor of getting them a traditional bamboo matcha whisk. Matcha powder’s fine consistency easily clumps, and this 120 bristle count is specifically designed for mixing the powder into a uniform consistency.

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Brown Leather Grill Gloves
Outset 15

For the aspiring pit master, you can't go wrong with grill gloves. Made with a durable and sleek brown leather shell, these one-size-fits-most gloves not only make the griller stylish at the BBQ but also keeps them safe with a heat resistance of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Jerky Shooter
Backyard Pro Butcher Series JS-34P 3/4 lb. Jerky Shooter

All chefs love to learn new cooking techniques, and there’s a good chance that the food lover in your life hasn’t made their own jerky yet. This jerky shooter pipes out perfectly portioned snack sticks and flat jerky, which can’t be achieved by hand or with regular piping bags alone.

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7-Piece Margarita Starter Kit
Choice 7 Piece Margarita Starter Kit

Yes, the thrill of a “margarita, whenever” can be wrapped up into a box. This margarita starter kit has all of the necessary gadgets for constructing the perfect margarita: a liter of premium margarita drink mix, a bar shaker, a jigger, a glass rimmer, an ice scoop, a cutting board, and a pairing knife.

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Great Gifts Under $50

Whiskey / Cocktail Smoker
Acopa Whiskey / Cocktail Smoker with Oak Wood Chips and Cleaning Brush

We all have a whiskey lover in our lives. A great gift idea for them is purchasing their favorite type of whiskey along with this whiskey smoker that amplifies and elevates the flavor. To use, simply place the smoker on the glass, add the wood chips, ignite, strain, and let the whiskey soak up as much smoke as desired.

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Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle
Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle Set

The chef in your life most likely has a granite or marble mortar and pestle, but those don’t hold a candle to the newest material choice. Made with real Himalayan salt, this mortar and pestle grinds itself down with each use, imparting the essence of its minerals and pure salts. The flavor upgrade is unmatched.

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Great Gifts Under $75

Electric Pasta Machine
Choice Prep Electric Stainless Steel Hybrid Pasta Machine - 120V

Gifting the ability to make fresh pasta is a present that anyone is sure to be grateful for. Plus, suggesting a pasta night is now on the table, and you can help out by bringing a delicious homemade pasta sauce.

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Glass Cloche for Smoking Gun Pro
PolyScience Glass Cloche for Smoking Gun Pro

Smoke-infused cheese and cocktails are impressive items to serve to people, and smoking the food in front of them turns the tasting into an experience. This glass cloche traps the smoke that’s produced from the burning wood chips from a smoking gun.

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Great Gifts Under $100

Runamok Cinnamon and Vanilla-Infused Maple Syrup
Runamok Cinnamon and Vanilla-Infused Maple Syrup

If you know a chef that loves the finer things in life, gift them a leveled-up maple syrup to elevate their breakfast, baked goods, and cocktails. We love this Runamok cinnamon and vanilla-infused maple syrup, but if your friend prefers something with a little more depth, we suggest Runamok’s bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup.

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Build-Your-Own 6-Piece Knife Roll
Schraf Build-Your-Own 6-Piece Knife Roll Set

Maybe the cook in your life is new to the industry, or maybe your seasoned chef has lost a ton of their specialty knives over the years. Whatever the case may be, gifting them a build-your-own Schraf knife set allows them to pick their gift without ruining the initial surprise.

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Manual Sausage Stuffer
Backyard Pro Butcher Series 5 lb. Vertical Manual Sausage Stuffer

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: chefs love to learn new cooking techniques! A manual sausage stuffer is an awesome present to encourage a new skill. For the ultimate gift, include sausage casings too!

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Cake Decorating Set
Wilton 48-Piece Cake Decorating Set with Plastic Case

Have an aspiring baker in your life? A cake decorating set equips them with almost everything they’d need to learn piping skills and cake decorating techniques. Or, check out our baker’s gift guide for more gift ideas.

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Great Gifts Over $100

Bubble Waffle Maker
Waring Bubble Waffle Maker - 120V

Lost on what to get your food-and-travel-loving chef? Gift them the ability to make a Hong Kong-style street food favorite: bubble waffles! They’re perfect for rolling into a cone and filling with ice cream, or serving flat and topping with strawberries, boba, chocolate, and coconut!

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Insulated Jockey Box
CaterGatorWhite 1 Faucet 21 Qt. Insulated Jockey Box

The perfect gift for the chef that’s always at every get-together, even after a 12-hour shift. This draft beer system is ready for the beach, a tailgate, or a variety of social gatherings. It doesn’t require any electrical power to function and is an ideal alternative to a hard-to-transport kegerator.

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Food Dehydrator
Avantco 6 Tray Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator with Glass Door - 120V

Chefs love making their own anything. That list includes foods made in a food dehydrator, such as jerky, dried fruit, and dried vegetables. With their dried produce, the chef in your life can use them for elevated plating presentations or homemade cocktail ingredients.

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Automatic Espresso Machine
Estella Caffe One Group Automatic Espresso Machine - 120V

If you want to go all out for the chef in your life, gift them an espresso machine. This is a gift they will most likely use daily and for the rest of their lives. Plus, it gives them an excuse to practice making different coffee drinks or perfecting the coveted espresso martini. Check out our video on how to use an espresso machine!

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