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Boost Your Income by Hosting Football Fan Clubs

Sundays and Mondays are usually slow days for bars and restaurants, but there’s a way to change that! As we all know, football fans are extremely passionate and devoted to their teams, so why not provide them with a place to gather and cheer along with their friends? By transforming your establishment’s event space to host football fan clubs, you’ll be able to increase profits on slower days. If this sounds like something your establishment could benefit from, then check out some of our tips we provided below!


Transform Your Event Space

Sports fans

Before you can attract the interest of football fans, you have to transform your event space into the ultimate sports haven. This space could be a room that’s normally used for rehearsal dinners, banquets, birthday parties, or other special events, and isn't normally rented out on Sundays. Or, it could be your bowling alley's bar area that doesn’t get nearly as busy as it does on a Saturday night. The type of fan club you want to attract will also dictate how you should transform your space. So, you'll have to decide whether you want to host team-specific fan clubs or fans from multiple teams.

Football Fan Club for One Team

If you host a team-specific fan club, it can be for your town's home team or it can be for an out-of-state one. For example, if you own a bar in Chicago, but you have a high customer base that roots for Denver, then market your establishment as the official Broncos Bar. Not only will this create camaraderie, but it can also reduce hostility amongst your guests. If you want to become the go-to spot for a specific NFL team, then consider some of the following:

  • Only allow customers to participate who are wearing a jersey or shirt that represents the specific team
  • Provide guests with wristbands, so your staff know who the members of the fan club are
  • Enhance your space with team-specific decor
Football Fan Club for Multiple Teams

Hosting multiple fan clubs is also an option, especially if you've noticed that your establishment attracts a pretty even mix of fans. Don't worry, people will naturally congregate to the television showing their team's game to prevent too much tension! This setup is also ideal for fantasy football participants who want to watch all of the games being aired, so they can keep tabs on their players’ performances. If you want to become the go-to spot for multiple fan clubs, then consider some of the following:

  • Set up plenty of TVs, so you can play every game being aired
  • Decorate your event space with items from every NFL team
  • Encourage each bartender to wear their favorite team’s jersey

Advertise Your Event Space

Now that you’ve found a fan club interested in using your event space, it’s time to let other customers know about it! Be sure to make the details, time, location, and rules of the fan club clear. Here are some ways to advertise:

  • Set out signs on tabletops, bars, and hostess stands
  • Place A-frame sign boards outside of your establishment
  • Use social media to your advantage and make a Facebook fan club group
  • Mention the fan club on your business’s website
  • Post pictures to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Offer special food and drink deals on game days other than Sunday to your fan club members


Chicken Wings

When hosting a football fan club, you’ll want to make sure your guests have a good time. If your space doesn't have the right feel or hype, fans will simply find another location. Here are some great entertainment ideas to ensure your guests feel like they’re tailgating right outside the stadium:

  • Charge per person for an open bar
  • Have a signature drink on special
  • Serve fun appetizers fans wouldn’t normally order at a restaurant
  • Use paper plates, plastic utensils, and red plastic cups
  • Set up games, like corn hole, ladder ball, and darts
  • Make your space kid-friendly so the whole family can safely enjoy the day

If you’re ready to score big with your NFL-loving customers, then be open to hosting football fan clubs in your bar or restaurant! Not only will these fan clubs fill your establishment’s seats on non-busy days, but they will also increase your profits and hopefully draw in new customers.

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