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Browse our candy boxes, pads, and trays to securely package and attractively merchandise your candy creations.

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Candy Bags

Use candy bags to merchandise packaged to-go items or place near your bulk candy bins to encourage self-service.

Mini Candy Cups

Hold peanut butter cups, truffles, and a variety of other chocolates and candies with mini baking cups.

Metal Tins

Package mints and other hard candies in metal tins to ensure a secure closure and reliable transport.

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Easily add product details and your company logo to packaging for a personalized touch with product labels.

Candy packaging is a great way to protect your sweet treats and entice customers with an attractive presentation. Other items besides candy can also be used in candy packaging, as items like nuts and fruits can be displayed in candy bags, while candy boxes are perfect for displaying pastries and other baked goods. The versatility of candy packaging makes the items a must-have for any establishment that frequently packages and sells sweet treats. For more items that can help with the creation and packaging of your sweet treats check out our candy bins and dispensers, candy molds, and bakery display cases.

Ensure Your Establishment’s Candies Are Safe, Secure, and Easily Presentable with Protective Candy Packaging

Candy packaging serves multiple purposes, both protecting inside contents from damage and tampering, as well as serving as an attractive presentation tool. By placing candy contents in candy packaging, you can easily display your candy to customers and boost impulse sales. Due to this, candy packaging can be useful for many types of establishments, including restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores. We offer a wide array of candy packaging, meaning your establishment can find the perfect packaging to display your candied creations. Candy bags and tin tie bags are both great ways to neatly display candy, all while protecting the contents inside from tampering or other damage. We also offer a selection of candy boxes, allowing you to display your candies in an eye-catching package that is sure to grab the attention of consumers.