Produce Containers and Packaging

Produce containers protect the structural integrity of delicate fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Produce Bags

Wholesale produce bags are a cost-effective and convenient way to transport fresh produce items.

Cling Wrap and Plastic Food Wrap

Secure your food items and protect them for contaminants with cling wrap and plastic food wrap.

Twist Ties

Our affordable wholesale twist ties have strong gripping power to secure your bulk food bags.

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Product Labels

Brand, package, and promote your food items with our permanent adhesive product labels.

Get the best price by shopping wholesale produce storage bags, containers, and cartons. Whether you need a secure way to store fresh eggs or prevent wilting with herb containers, we have the supplies you need. We even offer plastic mesh seafood bags that provide product visibility and prevent moisture accumulation. For more produce supplies and tools to sell your wares, check out our retail grocery merchandisers and produce displays, wholesale clams and oysters, and grocery baskets and shopping carts.

Prepare Fresh Food for Sale with Bulk Produce Packaging

Discover all the produce packaging supplies your grocery store, farmer’s market stall, or fruit stand needs to organize and sell its fresh wares. Choose from sustainable pulp produce baskets for an environmentally responsible choice or produce clamshells to secure delicate items. We also offer transparent produce packing that displays your beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables and encourages impulse buys.

Package and display your fresh food with durable and affordable bulk produce merchandising essentials. You can sell your fresh cuts of meat at supermarkets and delis with our dense foam trays. Wholesale product packaging labels help your customers scan and select the item they’re looking for in less time.

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