Disposable Gloves

Prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases by stocking up on disposable gloves for your staff to wear while interacting with patients and equipment.

Protective Gear

Help your lab or clinic employees work efficiently while keeping them safe from chemicals and pathogens by providing protective gear.

Storage & Shelving

Use our storage and shelving units to keep your laboratory’s samples and supplies safely reserved and accessible.

Commercial Sinks and Faucets

Use commercial sinks and faucets in your laboratory or hospital to make hand washing easy and accessible at all times.

Work Tables

Our laboratory work tables provide an easy-to-clean workspace for performing tests, reviewing samples, and storing equipment.

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Disposable Lab Supplies

Safely store, transport, and discard test results and lab specimens with our disposable lab supplies.

Lab Safety Supplies

Protect your lab against safety hazards and uphold compliance standards with our lab safety supplies.

Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

Safely dispose of hazardous materials, medical waste, and laboratory disposables in commercial trash cans and recycling bins.

Refrigeration & Ice Machines

Use our refrigeration units for cold storage of laboratory specimens, or make ice from a commercial ice machine to keep samples cool.

Lab Furniture

Create a functional laboratory with comfortable seating, useful storage, and ample workspace with our collection of lab furniture.

Office Supplies

We carry laboratory office supplies to help you document information and stay on task in your medical clinic, testing facility, or doctor’s office.

Lab equipment and supplies are used to maintain a safe and sanitary workplace. Our selection of products helps you to minimize risks and keep your workspace running smoothly. In addition, our protective equipment helps to prevent against injury. For related products, check out our paper napkins, plastic cutlery and utensils, and plastic bags.

Lab Equipment and Supplies Help To Keep Your Workspace Safe, Clean, and Organized

Lab equipment and supplies are meant to help maintain a sanitary and easy to navigate work environment. Everything from our disposable supplies to our more advanced equipment is designed with safety in mind. Choose from our selection of lab equipment and supplies to keep your workspace operating at a safe and efficient pace.

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We offer a large assortment of disposable gloves to help minimize unwanted contamination. Furthermore, we offer a large selection of storage and shelving so that everything in your workplace is easily accessible and organized. Be sure to take advantage of our disposable lab supplies to properly discard waste as you work.

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