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Avantco PCFDP9 Temperature LimiterAvantco PCFDP9 Temperature Limiter


Avantco PHCD019 Hi-Limit ThermostatAvantco PHCD019 Hi-Limit Thermostat


Avantco COTEMPLIM Hi-Limit Thermostat - 125/250VAvantco COTEMPLIM Hi-Limit Thermostat - 125/250V


Solwave PE43 Replacement ThermostatSolwave PE43 Replacement Thermostat


Accutemp AT1A-2613-1 Overtemp Wire Assy


Aladdin 29184 Thermostat
Aladdin 29184 Thermostat

Item #: HP29184


Aladdin 92507 Hi Limit
Aladdin 92507 Hi Limit

Item #: HP92507


Aladdin 93103 Thermostat
Aladdin 93103 Thermostat

Item #: HP93103


Aladdin 96392 Hi-Limit Switch


Aladdin 97319 Thermostat
Aladdin 97319 Thermostat

Item #: HP97319


All Points 46-1410 Thermostat


All Points 46-1431 Fixed Disc Thermostat


APW Wyott 1375000 Hi Limit Switch


APW Wyott 1480600 Hi-Limit
APW Wyott 1480600 Hi-Limit

Item #: HP1480600


APW Wyott 46910900 Hi Limit 470


APW Wyott 4881540 Switch Regulator


Baxter 01-1000V6-00118 Hi-Limit
Baxter 01-1000V6-00118 Hi-Limit

Item #: HP2011000V60


Baxter 01-1000V6-00290 Hi Limit T-Stat


Baxter 01-1A1828-00001 Thermocouple Kit


Belshaw DPC-0130-225 3-Wire Snap Disk


Belshaw SK-1204 Hi Limit Resetable Red


Blakeslee 74602 Thermostat, Limit


Blodgett 36441 Hi Limit (Cavity)


Our selection of hi-limit thermostats includes products that are designed for appliances from various vendors, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also choose from thermostats with different capillary lengths or no capillaries at all to find the one that’s compatible with your specific equipment model. Additionally, it’s convenient that our products heat up to different temperatures for your various warming, heating, cooking, or frying tasks. For other essential items to have on hand in your establishment, check out our thermometers, oven mitts, and sheet pans. If you're wondering where to buy hot side hi-limit thermostats, we have a large selection of hot side hi-limit thermostats for sale at the lowest prices.