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13 inch Stainless Steel Splatter Screen13 inch Stainless Steel Splatter Screen


Reg.Lots of 6

Mastrad A64100 14 inch Silicone Splatter ScreenMastrad A64100 14 inch Silicone Splatter Screen


Reg.Lots of 6

Lodge K11SCRN 11 inch Splatter ScreenLodge K11SCRN 11 inch Splatter Screen


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Lodge K13SCRN 13 inch Splatter ScreenLodge K13SCRN 13 inch Splatter Screen


Reg.Lots of 6

13 inch Splatter Screen13 inch Splatter Screen


Reg.3 - 11 Lots of 12

8 1/4 inch Flame Tamer / Simmer Ring8 1/4 inch Flame Tamer / Simmer Ring


Reg.Lots of 12

Use our cookware accessories to make your pans safer to handle and to prevent injuries while cooking. Our handle grippers will prevent burns, while our splatter guards will keep hot oil from popping and hitting your staff's skin. Pick your handle gripper based on color to prevent cross-contamination and organize your supplies. For other cooking supplies, see our induction ready fry pans, sauce pans, and pot covers. If you're wondering where to buy flame tamers and splatter screens, we have a large selection of flame tamers and splatter screens for sale at the lowest prices.