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  • Convenient oval ring for easy gripping and maneuvering
  • Durable stainless steel construction stands up to daily use
  • Reusable design can offer better cost savings
  • Flat design ensures food cannot slide on the skewer, ensuring food cooks evenly
  • Ideal for catered BBQ events or Mediterranean and Mexican style restaurants
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Shipping Weight2.665 lb.
Length12 Inches
Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Skewers


Upgrade your kitchen's arsenal of meat prep tools with this 12" stainless steel flat skewer. This sturdy skewer has a flat design which keeps food from rotating once it is pierced and slid onto the shaft. That way you don't have to fidget with food to get it to lay the desired way, you can simply slide it on and then start cooking. The flat shape also ensures that you can easily rotate food on the skewer while keeping it securely positioned the whole time, which allows your food to cook more evenly than round shaped skewer alternatives.

Ideal for catered BBQ themed events or Mediterranean and Mexican style restaurants, this skewer helps you achieve perfect and consistent results when cooking your food. Plus, the durable stainless steel construction outperforms wooden ones when it comes to reliability, uniformity, and convenience. With this skewer, there's no need to worry about it catching fire or soaking the skewer beforehand. Simply pile on your fresh, crisp vegetables and savory meats to create the perfect kabob your patrons will love.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12"

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4.9 stars from 39 reviews


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skewers great skewer stainless steel perfect grill easy love clean

Customer Reviews


Given the quality of these stainless steel skewers, the pricing can't be beat. My husband used these to make Thai satay, and they served their purpose well. Really appreciate the flatness of these skewers because that prevented the meat from slipping off the skewers, and it prevented the skewers from rolling around when bringing the baking tray to the oven. Thank you!

Shemei C. on 02/07/2021

Loving these stainless steel skewers! Perfect for summer grilling and making delicious kebabs on the grill. The flat skewer also ensures what’re is places on them won’t go spinning around and they stay in place!!

Marley P. on 08/08/2020

12" stainless steel skewers are really great. They are heavy and well made. I like them because they don't have sharp edges. Easy to clean and dry. Going to buy some more. Price is great.

Farzana N. on 11/18/2019

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've used these in the oven to the grill and back. They've held up over time and would order them again if needed!

Arthur L. from Art Frick Design on 08/20/2019

These are a basic stainless steel skewer you can use for the barbeque, but I use them to skewer my panettone bread to cool them upside down

Tanya E. on 06/16/2019

For years we've used wood skewers for all our kabobs, we decided to try these stainless steel ones and it worked out great, they last forever.

Andrew M. on 04/13/2019

These are solidly built skewers. They aren't round, which is good as it helps then lay flat on the edge of a tray. The points are also nicely sharp.

Alec G. on 04/10/2019

Very nice, stainless steel skewers, these are perfect length and very durable, they also have a small gap or opening at the end so that you can hang them on a hook or ring to keep them all together rather than filling up your gadget drawer.

Samantha U. on 04/01/2019

These skewers are great for vegetables, chicken, fish kebabs. Cut them in cubes& put these one by one through the skewer and grill to your taste. We use some rice and 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt+ sts 1 tbsp tahini+ 2 cloves of garlic minced+ 12 tsp olive oil+ some paprika mixed sauce on top. Easy dinner for all families.

Rukiye D. on 01/23/2019

Perfect for grilling vegetable skewers. I recommend metal ones over wooden all day. They will last forever and save you money in the long run. Great product!

Grace K. from Grams Kitchen on 10/31/2018

These steel skewers work great for our Saturday night special of shrimp skewers and steak dinner. They are easy to clean and maintain and are great for grilling the shrimp. Great product. They are 12 inches so it does take a lot of shrimps to fill it completely. Check out other sizes available as well.

Cristian A. from Rick's Roadside Cafe on 04/24/2018

Good looking and simple skewer. The food does not get stuck as much with these. The rings do get extremely hot, so wear a heat glove or get good with your tongs!

Michael S. from Boulevard Bistro on 08/06/2017

These skewers are just the right size when making more than a kabob. Their length and design, makes them perfect for using on a half pans or on a smaller grill. no more spinning food while trying to turn them

Sal D. from Fragrances On The Run on 03/07/2017

we are turkish and now this is very good quality Shish kebab skewer , just in right size for any grill , size for serving is right also , buy it

Cengizhan K. from Aslan Khan LLC on 03/06/2017

These are great smooth skewers. They are 1 piece construction and have a barbed head so items to not slide off unexpectedly during cooking. The solid stainless construction ensures they will last a long time.

Samuel F. on 02/13/2017

Good for a metal skewer but I prefer the wooden ones. The metal skewers retain the heat and are hard to handle until they are cooled down

Mishel S. on 02/10/2017

A 12" stainless steel skewer! It's sturdy, will not snap easily like the wood ones. That mean they are great for higher temperatures and are reusable.

Person O. on 12/22/2016

These are such a step up from bamboo skewers! I love that I don't have to bother with soaking them before they're ready to use. Also, they are longer so they can hold more items. They look so much dressier on the plate. AND, best of all, they are flat, like the tip of a screwdriver, all the way down, so your items don't uselessly spin around on what would be a round one. These are too tall for my silverware tray in the dishwasher so I just lay them across the bottom of the top shelf. They store easily laying down together in a small, but long rectangular holder. They hold up to many uses and make a great presentation. Great for wedding gifts!

Wendi A. on 11/02/2016

I purchased both these 12" skewers and the nearly identical 10" skewer. The extra size of the 12" skewer helps it serve more roles and also provides the necessary width in the skewer to properly lock food on. It is just large enough to work on a grill and I have also found them usable to cook skewers over a campfire, with a properly arraigned group of rocks.

Tyler G. on 10/17/2016

Anyone who loves to BBQ, will love these Stainless Steel Skewers. My wife is a vegetarian and makes crazy veggie concoctions to through on the grill, she loves how easily they clean up. Thanks webstaurantstore.com.

Adrian T. on 09/18/2016

These are great skewers! They are the perfect length- not too small or large. They are much better than wooden skewers because the meat doesn't stick to it and its flatness allows for even cooking and no rolling.

Kazim H. on 09/10/2016

These are a must for barbequing and camping! 12 is the perfect amount to come in a pack and I love that you can use them over and over. Easy to clean as well.

Holly N. on 07/25/2016

This 12 pack of skewers is perfect. They reduce waste because you can just wash and use them again. Be careful, though, because they do get hot when grilling or baking.

Phil R. from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on 07/12/2016

I love the size of them, they came super fast in the mail. I've always wanted to make skewers on the grill but unabl to find the perfect tool. Well I have now!

April L. on 07/09/2016

Bar-B-Q is made sooo easy with these skewers. I love using them. I put them to use as soon as they arrived. Great quality product.

Robertina T. from Tina's Recipes on 06/27/2016

These are perfect. The vegetables and meat do not roll around when i flip them. I have been looking for a flat skewer for a while. But every time i looked they were either too expensive of not enough in one pack. I will most definitely recomend and purchase again.

Todd R. from Todd's Kitchen Of Comfort Food on 06/25/2016

A huge upgrade over regular wooden skewers. You do not have to worry about these causing shrimp or other meats to stick, they are much longer than most places offer and they are durable (reusable).

Anna M. from Dream Thread LLC on 06/10/2016

These skewers sure are skewer-y. They skew with the power of the entire Roman army! Or at least they went through some veg without issue. Totally strong enough to fend off the zombie invasion...if they're small zombies. The flat shape keeps the veg from spinning around so you can get a nice even cook as you turn them. The end loops do get tangled - so it's best to keep them in a jar / upright.

Jessica S. on 06/02/2016

I purchased the 12" stainless steel kitchen skewers. These skewers are sturdy and can hold heavy meat chunks. They hold up to repeated use and clean easily.

Gabby G. from Jack & Alice LLC. on 03/26/2016

Great skewers for anything that needs...skewering. Very solid steel, ring is easy to hold while using, and the flat length makes it so that food doesn't spin on the skewer while cooking/turning.

Bruce M. on 01/25/2016

I was tired of buying the wood skewers for grilling, so I bought these. They work well. Things don't fall off, and I don't have to deal with soaking the wood skewers anymore.

John O. on 11/14/2015

These are the size you want for entrées. Anything shorter would be too short and anything longer wouldn't look as nice once it's plated. The 10" versions would work but these look great. with chrome sticking out either end. They're solid, haven't chipped yet and stay shiny so far. For the price, these are pretty darn good.

Jared S. from Western Market on 11/13/2015

These scewers are great! Nice heavy and thick stainless steel prevents bending. The flat design unsures vegetables and cooked meats will not spin. Awesome product.

Austin V. on 11/04/2015

Perfect size for vegetables or meat for 2 -3 people. These skewers are nice quality and work very well on the hot grill. I would recommend these to anyone who is cooking for a smaller portion of people.

Andrea P. on 01/15/2015

These skewers are awesome. I never used metal skewers prior to these ones but I really like these. They come 12 to a pack, which should be enough for most situations, but I opted for a couple packs in preparation for bigger events, like a bbq. The tips of the skewers are decently sharp; I've only used these for cubed chicken breast and veggies, but they went right through. I plan on using these skewers with lamb, pork, and beef in the near future. The stainless is very easy to clean, it doesn't burn like the typical wooden/bamboo skewers do, and best of all, they're re-useable. This is a very well made product.

Hai D. on 08/03/2014

These are really great /good strong & sturdy /the price can't be beat/they put a good round end on them so you can grab them easy /well worth the money.

Eric P. on 05/05/2014

These long skewers are great. You can get a whole serving on one skewer. Much easier than needing to use a bunch of shorter ones. Also working the grill seems less cluttered and easier to manage with these 12 inch skewers. Great buy.

Eric M. on 12/05/2013

These skewers are perfect. Their foot length allows for a decent combination of food to be kabobed. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Vegetables you name it. All of them can be handled by these.

Jacob M. on 10/08/2013

I decided to make my own kebab in the stove, but I needed the skewers, so I decided to try these ones. These skewers are pretty good and do what they should - that is to hold the meat in place. They are not fancy but work well and do not cause any problems. They also clean well with sponge and soap.

Alexander G. on 05/16/2011

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