Can A Blog Benefit Your Restaurant?

By Ryan Loose

The answer is yes. Basically, a blog is a collection of posts, comments, and ideas about a common topic, as you can see by reading the Blog. They can provide information, open a discussion about opinions, or even entertain readers. “ ...Blogging is so popular because it allows organizations to connect with their raving fans on a deeper level than previously available,” says Adam Singer, digital strategist for Pierson Grant Public Relations.

So why start a blog for my restaurant? Your restaurant's blog can have a major impact on your image, reputation, and profits. In our highly technological era, social networking can play a huge factor in influencing consumers' decisions, in particular the younger generations. David Nour, founder of Relationship Economics and CEO of BeOne Now Inc. states, in regards to the restaurant industry, “As a very large population in the quick-service industry is 16 to 22, blogging will become a great way to engage them, their ideas, concerns, and suggestions.” A blog can help you convert these 'would-be' customers into 'repeat customers' by providing interesting information about your restaurant's history, announcing special events, or starting a buzz about a new dish you've just invented, that's sure to become a culinary classic.

One of my favorite restaurants is a brew pub. They use their blog to announce what new seasonal brews are coming out and provide a colorful, creative description about the beer that just makes your mouth water, so you'll definitely be there when they unveil it. The main thing is, your restaurant's blog gives your business a personal voice that communicates with customers you normally wouldn't reach. It also helps you build your brand, so you can quickly become the best restaurant in town.

Your blog can also help collect customer suggestions and opinions. Customer reviews are the best way to bring in more business. Personally, if I want to try a new place for dinner, or a new restaurant is opening in town, the first thing I'll do is find their website. Then, if they have blog, I'll read it and look for customer comments. If a new menu item has a ton of outstanding customer reviews, I know I have to try it. If I find a list of really positive customer comments about the new drink special, I'm there. Customers will often post comments about the restaurant in general and their experience. These also have a major impact on my decision. As the restaurant owner, these comments can also help you build a better menu. A negative review about the lobster bisque may lead you to re-examine your recipe. A customer might even suggest some new ideas for appetizers or desserts. Giving your customer's a voice with your restaurant blog helps you improve your business and improve their dining experience.

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