By Steven Ziegler

September is here and the kids have returned to school, county fairs and farmers markets are in full swing, and football is back. The return of football not only means I get to welcome back my favorite sport, but also one of my favorite food events: the Tailgate Party. It seems that all of my friends have some delicious recipe that they bring to the party every year. To help you find your own signature tailgating recipe, we have created a Tailgate Recipe Pinterest Board to give you some ideas. You can check it out below.

We have some great sale items to help you get your Autumn started off on the right foot. Eco-friendly coffee cups and lids,a small snack bar-sized convection oven, and our ever-popular Silver Visions flatware, these sale items and others will help you stay on budget this season.

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By Brandon Lesko

When you think about food service that is specific to August, it's hard to not think of fair foods. All that deep-fried, sugary goodness scattered amongst the carnival rides and the animal judging - I can hardly wait! And between baseball being in full swing and football season just starting up, we can all look forward to visiting stadium concession stands, each serving their own brand of sinfully delicious foods. If making these kinds of tasty treats is your forte, then our August Coupon Code Update will suit you well with items that are sure to be real crowd-pleasers.

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By Emily Gertenbach

The Pennsylvania branch of rallied together once again to form their annual Relay for Life team, dubbed "The Webstaurant Warriors." The team saw its best-ever turnout in 2014, with 53 employees, family, and friends joining the team and working to raise money. Many employees who could not participate in this year's Relay event were still active in fundraising, both on their own and through fun office events such as a "change wars" that created department competition, and a raffle full of great prizes that everyone was vying for!

Between the fundraising efforts of everyone involved, and a very generous matching donation from the Clark Associates Charitable Foundation, the Webstaurant Warriors raised a total of $14,929 for the American Cancer Society! To cap off their efforts, the team attended the official Relay for Life of Lancaster, PA in June.

Employees on the team gather before Relay 2014 begins

By Steven Ziegler

July is here and so is a new batch of Webstaurant Coupon Deals! But, before you check out those great deals, would you like to know how to make $16 with each item you buy from the WebstaurantStore? I'm sure you do, so I'll fill you in on a way many folks have gotten great discounts off of our site. Their secret: writing about, photographing, and videotaping the items that they buy from us!. Written reviews can get you $2 off your next order, photos of products can get you $4, and videos of the product in action can get you $10 off! To find out more about how this works, check out our review page for details: Webstaurant Review Page.

Lately, the photos we have been recieving from customers have been wonderful! We love seeing our items in use in the real world, so we created a Pinterest Board showing some of the best photos, called "Our Items in the Wild". We keep adding to it, so maybe your submitted photos will show up! Enjoy the photos and our July Specials!

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By Steven Ziegler

Kingsquare china is 10% off? Sure is! What a great time to take your presentation to the next level. The sleek and modern styling of Kingsquare will inspire you to do some absolutely amazing plating. If you need some more inspiration, check out our Food Photography Pinterest board for some great food photography and presentation. And if china isn't your thing, we have six other great sale items for you to take advantage of this month.

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By Brandon Lesko

The leaves have returned to the trees and the mercury keeps rising, banishing any doubt that grilling season is finally upon us. Here at the WEBstaurantStore, we make it easier and more affordable than ever to incorporate freshly-grilled items into your summer menu, or to pick up some useful supplies to keep your grills clean and workers safe!

We offer a wide selection of portable outdoor grills in gas, charcoal, and wood burning configurations with features like additional smoker boxes and gas / charcoal combinations! Try using a towable outdoor grill to bring the smoky goodness of grilled food to any catered event, festival, carnival, or other outdoor function. Or pick up one of our large 60" stainless steel open top charcoal grills from Backyard Pro to service your country club, fire department, or barbecue restaurant!

Check out our huge supply of outdoor grill accessories for basting brushes, marinade injectors, gas hoses and hookups, propane caddies, grill covers, wind guards, hoods, and more! We even carry rotisserie spits, replacement cooking grates, wheels, and warming racks so you can customize your grill to your exact specifications! And remember to keep a good stock of wood and charcoal for all your grilling and smoking needs! With natural wood lump charcoal, briquettes, as well as hickory, mesquite, and cherry wood logs and chips, we've got you covered when it comes to non-gas fuels.

What would a barbecue be without the barbecue sauce? Our assortment of bulk packed condiments features everything from tangy barbecue sauce and Franks Red Hot sauce to classic condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and even steak sauce! Be sure to pick up some kosher dill pickles to balance out the sweet and spicy barbecue with some briny sourness. No matter what you're grilling up, we've got the perfect sauces, condiments, and sides to go along with it!

There's no better time of the year than grilling season to remember the importance of having the right fire extinguisher for your business. Being able to distinguish between Class A, B, C, and K fires, and having the ability to combat them could prevent serious property damage, or even personal injury and death. Luckily for you, we carry rechargeable fire extinguishers suitable to combat any type of fire and keep your kitchen, employees, and customers safe!

Don't forget to check out our guide on how to season and clean your grill grates, as well as our great selection of grill cleaners and scrapers to keep your grates from rusting and food from sticking. Also, take a look at the top 5 grilling mistakes you're probably making to correct those bad habits and start turning out delicious, irresistible product today!

By Steven Ziegler

Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial day, Kentucky derby, wedding season--so many things to highlight in May when it comes to food service! But after a bad Winter here in the North East, most of us are just happy to be on the cusp of Summertime. So before you get to our great sale items for May, check out some of these Summertime food service resources:

Need to feed a large group? Check out our Commercial Outdoor Grills Page.

We always recommend using our caterer customers for your wedding, but we know that some of you have a DIY mentality. We have an article for just for you: How to Cater Your Own Wedding

Thinking about adding sidewalk, patio, or deck dining to your restaurant? Read Tips for Outdoor Dining Success

Finally, get some Summer recipe ideas on the WEBstaurantStore's Summer Eats Pinterest Board (below)

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By Brandon Lesko

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, it’s time for parades, Mexican food, and of course, ice cold margaritas! Although often confused with Mexico’s day of Independence (actually September 16), Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more widely in the United States than it is in Mexico.

The day itself commemorates the unlikely victory of Mexican troops over French invaders at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Mexican-American citizens in the United States, as well as American Civil War troops began celebrating the date with speeches, bull fights, banquets, and more to commemorate the spirit of the victory.

Today, we still celebrate Cinco de Mayo with traditional Mexican foods, Mexican folk dancing, mariachi music, parades, parties, drinking, and more in most major cities across the United States. To get your business ready for this big, nationwide event, you'll need to make sure you have enough food supplies and the right equipment to serve your customers and keep up with demand!

Our wide range of Mexican restaurant supplies includes everything you'll need to keep patrons well-fed including a wide selection of spices, beans, baking supplies, and vegetables. From bar equipment like blenders and bar caddies to tortilla presses and taco servers, we're sure to have what you require to have a successful Cinco de Mayo!

No matter how good the food is, most adults will agree that Cinco de Mayo is synonymous with margaritas. The first step in making a great margarita is to make sure you've got the right bar blender to handle a high amount of volume while churning out consistently smooth, blended drinks. Check out these commercial blender reviews to find the right bar blender for making perfect margaritas!

Once you've got the ice down to perfection, try mixing in one of our delicious, signature margarita mixes to keep your customers wanting more! Also, don't forget about rimming salt to garnish one of our elegant margarita glasses. Or, if you're worried about breakage, try using one of our equally pleasing disposable plastic margarita glasses!

Be sure to keep your bar stocked with plenty of other drink mixes, garnishes, and bar juices like lime juice. And don't forget about the beer drinkers! Take a look at our beer dispensers and bottle coolers to make sure you've got plenty of cool refreshing Mexican beers on tap or in the fridge. Follow some of this advice and you're guaranteed to have a successful and profitable Cinco de Mayo at your establishment!

By Steven Ziegler

Spring is here! With the warm weather comes wedding season, outdoor dining season, sporting event snack bars, and myriad other warm weather dining opportunities. We made sure to think of our caterers who are preparing for wedding season with this Coupon Code Update. You'll find our wooden flatware on special. These Eco-friendly disposable utensils have been extremely popular on Pinterest wedding boards, so make sure you are able to offer them as an option for your customers. We also have chafers for $22.99 and swirl hot drink servers for only $7.49 to help you get ready for the season. If you are catering an outdoor gig, check out our double burner outdoor range. And just for fun, and because I love beer, I added our customizable growler to the coupon code update. You can customize these growlers right on our site if you are ordering 288 or more!

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By Brandon Lesko

Restaurateurs in New York City, one of the world’s busiest and most competitive food markets, can look forward to a reduction in NYC Health Department fines and a relaxation of restaurant inspection rules effective this year. According to a New York City Council press release from March 21, 2014, “Under the new rules, which include fixed penalties, restaurants will see a further reduction of 25 percent in fines, returning to pre-grading levels despite more frequent inspections.”

The controversial letter grading and restaurant inspection system, initiated under the previous Bloomberg administration, drew fire from the majority of NYC restaurant owners for its vague standards and hefty fines for relatively small offenses.

Top-scoring, "A" Letter Grade

Although the letter grading system has led to improved food safety practices, with a decrease in Salmonella cases of 14 percent between 2010 and 2013, as well as a decrease in critical violations by 20 percent in the past two years, the strict inspection penalties and appeals process often times left restaurant owners in the dark and out-of-pocket.

As outlined by the New York City Council, “In addition to the reduced fines and penalty-free inspections, the collaboration between the City Council and the Health Department will make the entire inspection process more transparent and inclusive of small business owners.”

That transparency and inclusiveness will involve the ability for restaurant owners to schedule a “consultative, ungraded and penalty-free inspection” for advice on how to meet and maintain food safety at their business before the next inspection. New changes also feature an updated appeals process that would give owners the chance to avoid financial penalties for scoring below an “A” if certain violations are thrown out during the appeal, whereas before, owners had to pay around $400 for violations, even if some were later overturned.

There is no denying that the letter grading inspection system has worked to bring greater food safety practice to NYC restaurants. Of the 24,000 estimated restaurants inspected in 2013, 88 percent of those received an “A” grade with the number of “B” and “C” grades in steady decline since the program's introduction. According to a Baruch College survey, 88 percent of New Yorkers use the grading system to determine where they’ll eat, with 76 percent of those people feeling more confident eating in “A” graded establishments. This new effort by the New York City Council and Health Department should help uphold those safety standards while providing some financial relief to restaurant owners.

For more information on how to keep your restaurant clean and in compliance with food safety regulations, check out these articles on Food Safety Temperatures, Food Allergies, Food Allergies in Restaurants, and Food Allergy Safety Products.
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