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Vollrath Lidsavers
Vollrath Lidsavers

Did you know that 80% of infections are caused by touching a contaminated surface? Just imagine how contaminated that means the lids at your beverage station are! Check out this video to learn more about lid contamination and what you can do to drastically reduce the spread of bacteria.

Vollrath LidSaver Lid Dispenser
Vollrath LidSaver Lid Dispenser

Keep self-serve beverage stations clean and hassle-free with the Vollrath LidSaver 2! This single lid dispensing system keeps customers moving quickly and eliminates cluttered lid piles on counters. Keep customers satisfied with the LidSaver 2!

Big Train Southern Velvet Frappe Mix
Big Train Southern Velvet Frappe Mix

Serve customers delicious red velvet flavored drinks with the Big Train southern velvet mix! With the ability to be served hot or cold, this drink is the perfect choice for those with a chocolate craving!

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