Vulcan KleenScreen Plus: Changing and Cleaning Screens Video

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Vulcan VK Series PowerFry
Vulcan VK Series PowerFry

Vulcan's PowerFry fryers ultimately help you save time, money, and energy! With an innovative heating system and easy-to-use-controls, each unit allows you to increase production within your facility.

Vulcan KleenScreen Plus
Vulcan KleenScreen Plus

Extend the life of your fryer oil with Vulcan's KleenScreen Plus filtration system! It's made of fabric that doesn't absorb oil, ensuring you aren't throwing out oil every time you change the filter. Save time and money with the KleenScreen Plus!

Smead Justick Templates
Smead Justick Templates

Use Smead Justick Templates with Smead Justick Electro-Adhesion Whiteboards for a variety of coaching, classroom, and office displays or presentations.

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