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When You Need innovation, Choose Winston Industries

Winston Industries began in 1969 by inventing the fryer Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises still use today, a product they have re-tuned several times for an expansive, outstanding product line. A leader in the foodservice industry, Winston Industries is committed not only to providing high quality restaurant equipment, but also helping solve world-wide food and nutrition problems through partnerships with several nutrition organizations. Read more

Winston Industries offers several lines of commercial food heating products that feature controlled vapor technology, also called CVap, in addition to their flagship Collectramatic fryers. They're also the only producer of the very low pressure fryer, or VLP fryer. Tray carts round out their inventory, making Winston Industries diverse enough to meet many needs, but focused enough to provide supreme quality.

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Freestanding Drawer Warmers

Winston Industries Inc. Freestanding Drawer Warmers

Winston Industries freestanding drawer warmers are designed to keep your business's signature dishes hot and ready to serve. These versatile products are also space-efficient.

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Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinets

Winston Industries Inc. Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinets

Save time and floor space with a versatile two-in-one cook and hold cabinet from Winston Industries, available in a variety of sizes and build options.

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Electric-Powered Fryer Oil Filtration Machines

Winston Industries Inc. Electric-Powered Fryer Oil Filtration Machines

Use Winston Industries electric-powered fryer oil filtration machines to filter and replace your commercial deep fryer's oil and extend the life cycle of your unit.

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Holding / Proofing Cabinets

Winston Industries Inc. Holding / Proofing Cabinets

Proof dough or hold hot products prior to serving with a holding and proofing cabinet form Winston Industries. These cabinets are available in several sizes and configurations.

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