Affinacheese Cheese Making Equipment

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Dry and Season Your Cheese for a Stand-Out Flavor with Affinacheese Products

As a brand under Omcan, Affinacheese makes specialty cabinets to dry and season all types of cheeses. Their patented technology makes the process of aging a cheese quick and dependable, while maintaining the authenticity and true taste of specialty cheeses. Each Affinacheese cabinet is made in Italy and crafted with 304 stainless steel for durability that will last in a commercial kitchen. Read more

Drying and seasoning cheese helps enhance the flavor of your cheeses, and dried cheese can be stored for longer periods of time in your restaurant, deli, or grocery store. With Affinacheese's products, you can choose the right drying cabinet from their line of dual or single cabinets, each one having specific features. Keep your cheese at its best with Affinacheese products.