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  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Perfect for schools, offices, and other business settings
  • Clear for increased visibility
  • Measures in standard 1/16" increments on one edge and metric on the other
  • 12" long
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Universal UNV59022 Specs
Length12 Inches
Color Clear
Increments1/16 Inches
Material Acrylic
Type Rulers

Universal UNV59022 Details

Looking for a reliable measuring tool to keep in your supply closet? Try this Universal UNV59022 clear acrylic plastic ruler! This classic ruler is perfect for classrooms, offices, publication companies, and other commercial business settings that need to keep a steady supply of rulers on hand.

With a variety of uses, this ruler allows the operator to measure items up to 12" long in either 1/16" standard or metric scales, ensuring utmost accuracy and precision. The durable acrylic construction is clear for enhanced visibility, and can also be used to help guide a writing utensil if you're using the ruler to draw straight lines.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 12"

Overall User Rating:

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4.9 stars from 39 reviews


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ruler clear plastic easy great acrylic standard universal measuring need

Customer Reviews


Good basic ruler. I like how you can see your work through the clear plastic. The edge of this ruler has a almost a double edge making it hard to use when drafting. My pencil catches and doesn’t it the paper making this ruler not my favorite.

Jared M. on 01/12/2020

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Rulers are a must have for any office environment and this one is of strong and durable material. It easily stores inside drawers too. Everyone should get this ruler.

Brenda M. on 09/30/2019

It’s definitely a ruler. The clear plastic allows me to see through it so it takes the guess work out of drawing straight lines. Very fair price as well. The only critique is that I wish it had more holes so it could easily be placed in a three ring binder.

Nizar E. on 08/24/2019

Great item at good price, numbers and liner very well marked. Very pleased with my purchase. I intend to buy a few ones for my colleagues.

Alexandr C. from Food Service on 06/16/2019

Is it possible to manage a business without numbers? Of course not. And this small ruler is helping me to measure everything all day very conveniently

Mustafa T. from WOM Coffee LLC on 08/01/2018

These rulers are such a great price! The quality is amazing and they work perfectly for the things we need in our store. Our employees can easily use it when drawing lines for their chalkboard and the daily duties sheet.

Heather C. on 05/30/2018

Clear metric ruler with a thicker edge so your pencil doesn't slip easily. I like using this in class and it's clear to see the #s

Tricia S. on 03/02/2018

The ruler looks good and works well. The clear design makes it easier to use, and the 1/16' scale adds accuracy. it seems sturdy and the price is excellent, as well.

James Y. from Http://Shavetools.Com on 12/29/2017

The Universal Clear Acrylic Plastic ruler is a durable tool for measuring in centimeters and inches. The clear material is good for seeing what the ruler is on top of at the same time.

Lance J. from Lance on 12/28/2017

Not only does the hole that is punched in it create an easy way to keep it inside your binder, but also the clear design allows you to see through to what you are measuring which can prove useful in many situations.

Brooke A. on 12/22/2017

A great ruler for a extremely affordable price. I like that it’s clear plaque plastic. The metric scale is great as it has inches on one side and centimeters on the other

Brittany S. on 12/20/2017

This Universal clear acrylic plastic ruler is awesome. It has 1/16 inch standard rule that is marked well and easy to read. It is marked in both English and metric systems. The ruler is straight and see thru so measuring and marking are done with precision. And the price is incredibly low. This product is highly recommended.

Yvonne G. on 12/13/2017

Universal UNV59022 Clear Acrylic Plastic Ruler - 1/16" Standard Scale I love this ruler numbers are easy to read on it. I highly recommend this.

Abby M. from Abbys Coffee on 12/03/2017

I really really like these Universal clear acrylic plastic rulers I like to see what I'm drawing and these work extremely well for that good value

Kathy J. from Kathy J on 11/26/2017

This ruler is clear plastic, flexible, and it is punched with one hole for easy hanging storage. It measures to twelve inches or to 30 cm.

Antonia S. on 11/12/2017

I love this ruler. It measures in inches on one side, and centimeters on the other. The fact that it's clear, is even better. It allows you to see where you're placing it, and helps you connect your lines perfectly.

Danielle H. on 11/08/2017

This ruler is great for any normal job. It is see through, which allows you to look at whatever it is you are measuring underneath

Liz J. from Pancho's on 10/24/2017

Quite flexible. Markings are easy to read and the ruler works well. It being clear definitely has it advantages when you need to see whats under the ruler as you measure or draw.

Joshua A. on 10/23/2017

This is a very nice plastic ruler. It measures both inches and centimeters. The clear plastic is great for using it as a staight edge since you can see through it

Jason H. on 10/23/2017

Great standard ruler. Love the clear design. The hole is great for hanging the ruler in an office or craft room. This is a great value.

Ashley R. on 10/18/2017

Love using this ruler. It makes is super easy to see what you are measuring or when drawing a line since it is clear. Our daughter loves it for school!

Jamen M. from Miller Enterprise LLC on 09/22/2017

This ruler is perfect for kids! Since it's clear it's easy for someone to see the lines they need to draw or make sure they are exactly where they need to be.

Anna M. from Dream Thread LLC on 09/15/2017

This Clear Acrylic Plastic Universal Ruler was exactly as I expected. The standard size is one sixteenth and works very well. The ruler feels solid without added weight and offers a built-in no slip feature I appreciate. Very durable and would recommend.

Jason M. on 09/14/2017

we use this ruler in the kitchen to aid in cutting cakes. it is made of plastic and can be cleaned with ease. it measures up to 16"

Liz J. from Freedman's on 08/30/2017

I'm a math teacher and need to buy a lot of rulers and these were the ones I liked and they are cheap. I also like how they are clear so you can see through them

Lalit P. from Foxland Market on 08/25/2017

Happy with this ruler. It measures inches on one side and centimeters on the other. It's also useful for making line graphs or drawing straight lines of any kind.

Vince S. on 08/15/2017

It's a ruler - nothing more, nothing less. It seems like decent quality, appears to measure correctly, and looks straight. Pretty basic. It is easy to see through

Edvin V. on 07/25/2017

This is a basic ruler. It's a universal clear acrylic plastic ruler. Has a standard scale. Easy to use the plastic is great quality. Highly recommend for school use.

Elijah on 07/18/2017

I like having a see through ruler at my disposal when measuring things around the house because it allows for a lot more flexibility when measuring things that aren't perfectly straight. I just wish this one were a little stiffer.

Micah G. on 07/14/2017

This is a standard clear plastic ruler with squared edges. There's a punch hole in the top making storing it in your note book easy, it's very strong.

Nicole on 07/13/2017

The Universal UNV59022 Clear Acrylic Plastic Ruler - 1/16" Standard Scale is a great item for home use. My children seem to often need a ruler for home work or just drawing so its a good item to keep in my desk. It doesn't take up much room at all.

Chip C. on 07/06/2017

This ruler is a basic standard plastic ruler. Made by Universal brand and does the job. We give 4 stars and two thumbs. And recommend.

Kase L. from Queens Pizzaria on 07/01/2017

I like this ruler a lot, especially considering how cheap it is. Very lightweight and easy to use, and the measurements are fairly simple to read.

Vivian B. on 06/22/2017

The transparency of this ruler allows us to,see the product we are measuring and or cutting. It's an added convenience that has come in handy.

Travis F. from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on 06/21/2017

This is a nice and basic, clear acrylic plastic ruler. Easy to read, and because it's easy to wash, could be used in the kitchen.

Laura J. on 06/20/2017

Love the clear aspect, I love clear things, being able to see through, easier inspection and easier all over work, good product I would recommend.

Sheila H. from Mocha Choca Latte on 06/02/2017

I got this plastic ruler to replace the metal one i had originally gotten as that one has a cork backing and won't work in the kitchen for sanitation reasons. i used this to portion some proteins and it works just as it should. it's pretty solid and does what it needs to do.

Mark N. on 04/13/2017

The Universal UNV59022 Clear Acrylic Plastic Ruler - 1/16" Standard Scale is a great item for home use. My children seem to often need a ruler for home work or just drawing so its a good item to keep in my desk. It doesn't take up much room at all.

Ann A. on 04/05/2017

When you have an office, you need ruler. We just open our cafe and we bought many of our office supplies in webstaurantstore with cheaper prices in local places in town, and also we saved time by shopping office supplies.

Cengizhan K. on 04/03/2017

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