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Product Overview

  • Pre-mixed formula for convenient cleaning
  • Fast and effective descaling of ice machines
  • For use with Scotsman ice machines
  • Approximately 1 use per bottle
  • Includes squirt bottle cap
UPC Code:19-0664-12


Shipping Weight
2 lb.


Keep your ice machine operating in top condition by utilizing the Scotsman 19-0664-01 pre-mixed 16 oz. liquid scale remover. Its pre-mixed liquid formula is ideal for fast and effective descaling of dispensing parts, cooling elements, and other areas prone to scale build-up. Each bottle contains approximately 1 use.

Use this descaler to remove hard water build-up on ice dispensing elements to help your equipment run more efficiently. Since this cleaner comes in liquid form with a convenient squirt bottle cap, it is easy to use.

Due to US DOT shipping regulations, we are unable to ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations. It is also ineligible for next day or second day shipping and cannot be returned. Please contact Customer Solutions prior to placing your order if you have any questions or concerns.

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Compatible Models 

Scotsman 720KC322MH22
Scotsman 720KC322SH22
Scotsman 720KC32M32BS
Scotsman 720KC32M32KP
Scotsman 720KC32M32KV
Scotsman 720KC32M33KV
Scotsman 720KC32MH2KV
Scotsman 720KC32S32BS
Scotsman 720KC32S32KP
Scotsman 720KC330MH30
Scotsman 720KC33M33BP
Scotsman 720KC33M53BS
Scotsman 720KC33M53KP
Scotsman 720KC33MH3KV
Scotsman 720KC33S33BP
Scotsman 720KC33S33KV
Scotsman 720KC43S33BP
Scotsman 720KC522MH22
Scotsman 720KC522SH22
Scotsman 720KC52M32BS
Scotsman 720KC52S32BS
Scotsman 720KC530MH30
Scotsman 720KC53M53BP
Scotsman 720KC53M53KP
Scotsman 720KC53M5PKV
Scotsman 720KC53MH3KV
Scotsman 720KC53S53BP
Scotsman 720KC53S53BS
Scotsman 720KC53S5PKV
Scotsman 720KC53S5SKV
Scotsman C0322MA-1
Scotsman C0322MA-32
Scotsman C0322MW-1
Scotsman C0322SA-1
Scotsman C0322SW-1
Scotsman C0322SW-32
Scotsman C0330MA-1
Scotsman C0330MA-32
Scotsman C0330MW-1
Scotsman C0330SA-1
Scotsman C0330SW-1
Scotsman C0522MA-1
Scotsman C0522MA-32
Scotsman C0522MW-1
Scotsman C0522SA-1
Scotsman C0522SA-32
Scotsman C0522SW-1
Scotsman C0522SW-32
Scotsman C0530MA-1
Scotsman C0530MA-32
Scotsman C0530MR-1
Scotsman C0530MW-1
Scotsman C0530SA-1
Scotsman C0530SA-32
Scotsman C0530SR-1
Scotsman C0530SW-1
Scotsman C0630MA-32
Scotsman C0630MR-32
Scotsman C0630SA-32
Scotsman C0630SR-32
Scotsman C0630SW-32
Scotsman C0722MA-32
Scotsman C0722SA-32
Scotsman C0830MA-3
Scotsman C0830MA-32
Scotsman C0830MR-32
Scotsman C0830MW-32
Scotsman C0830SA-3
Scotsman C0830SA-32
Scotsman C0830SR-32
Scotsman C0830SW-32
Scotsman C1030MA-32
Scotsman C1030MR-32
Scotsman C1030MW-32
Scotsman C1030SA-32
Scotsman C1030SR-3
Scotsman C1030SR-32
Scotsman C1030SW-32
Scotsman C1448MA-3
Scotsman C1448MA-32
Scotsman C1448MR-32
Scotsman C1448MW-3
Scotsman C1448MW-32
Scotsman C1448SA-3
Scotsman C1448SA-32
Scotsman C1448SR-3
Scotsman C1448SR-32
Scotsman C1448SW-32
Scotsman C1848MA-32
Scotsman C1848MR-32
Scotsman C1848MW-32
Scotsman C1848SA-32
Scotsman C1848SR-3
Scotsman C1848SR-32
Scotsman C1848SW-32
Scotsman C2148MR-32
Scotsman C2148SR-3
Scotsman C2148SR-32
Scotsman C2648MR-3
Scotsman C2648SR-3
Scotsman CO630MW-32
Scotsman CU0415MA-1
Scotsman CU0415MA-1 with Floor Mount Kit
Scotsman CU0515GA-1
Scotsman CU0715MA-1
Scotsman CU0715MA-1 with Floor Mount Kit
Scotsman CU0920MA-1
Scotsman CU0920MA-1
Scotsman CU3030MA-1
Scotsman CU3030MA-32
Scotsman CU3030SA-1
Scotsman CU3030SA-32
Scotsman CU3030SW-1
Scotsman CU50GA-1
Scotsman CU50PA-1
Scotsman EH222SL-1
Scotsman EH330SL-1
Scotsman EH430SL-1
Scotsman FME2404AS-32
Scotsman FME2404RLS-32
Scotsman FS0522A-1
Scotsman FS0522W-1
Scotsman FS0822A-1
Scotsman FS0822R-1
Scotsman FS0822W-1
Scotsman FS0822W-32
Scotsman FS1222A-3
Scotsman FS1222A-32
Scotsman FS1222L-1
Scotsman FS1222R-3
Scotsman FS1222R-32
Scotsman FS1222W-32
Scotsman FS1522A-32
Scotsman FS1522L-1
Scotsman FS1522R-32
Scotsman HD22B-1
Scotsman HD30B-1
Scotsman HD30W-1
Scotsman HID312A-1
Scotsman HID312A-1 with Equipment Stand
Scotsman HID312A-1 with Storage Equipment Stand
Scotsman HID312AB-1
Scotsman HID312AB-1 with Cabinet Stand
Scotsman HID312AB-1 with Enclosed Stand
Scotsman HID312AW-1
Scotsman HID525A-1
Scotsman HID525A-1 with Dispenser
Scotsman HID525A-1 with Dispenser + Door
Scotsman HID525AB-1
Scotsman HID525AB-1 with Cabinet Stand
Scotsman HID525AB-1 with Enclosed Stand
Scotsman HID525AW-1
Scotsman HID525W-1
Scotsman HID525WB-1
Scotsman HID540A-1
Scotsman HID540A-1 with Dispenser
Scotsman HID540A-1 with Dispenser + Door
Scotsman HID540AB-1
Scotsman HID540AB-1 with Cabinet Stand
Scotsman HID540AB-1 with Enclosed Stand
Scotsman HID540AW-1
Scotsman HID540W-1
Scotsman HID540WB-1
Scotsman ID150B-1
Scotsman ID200B-1
Scotsman ID250B-1
Scotsman NH0422A-1
Scotsman NH0422W-1
Scotsman NH0622A-1
Scotsman NH0622A-32
Scotsman NH0622R-1
Scotsman NH0622W-1
Scotsman NH0922A-1
Scotsman NH0922A-32
Scotsman NH0922L-1
Scotsman NH0922R-1
Scotsman NH0922R-32
Scotsman NH0922W-32
Scotsman NH1322A-32
Scotsman NH1322L-1
Scotsman NH1322R-32
Scotsman NH1322W-3
Scotsman NH1322W-32
Scotsman NME1854RS-32
Scotsman NS0422A-1
Scotsman NS0422A-1 with Bin
Scotsman NS0422W-1
Scotsman NS0622A-1
Scotsman NS0622A-1 with Bin
Scotsman NS0622A-32
Scotsman NS0622R-1
Scotsman NS0622W-1
Scotsman NS0922A-1
Scotsman NS0922A-32
Scotsman NS0922L-1
Scotsman NS0922R-1
Scotsman NS0922R-32
Scotsman NS0922W-3
Scotsman NS0922W-32
Scotsman NS1322A-32
Scotsman NS1322L-1
Scotsman NS1322R-32
Scotsman NS1322W-3
Scotsman NS1322W-32
Scotsman UC2024MA-1
Scotsman UC2024MW-1
Scotsman UC2024SA-1
Scotsman UC2024SW-1
Scotsman UC2724MA-1
Scotsman UC2724MW-1
Scotsman UC2724SA-1
Scotsman UC2724SW-1
Scotsman UF0915A-1
Scotsman UF1415A-1
Scotsman UF2020A-1
Scotsman UF424A-1
Scotsman UF424A-1
Scotsman UF424W-1
Scotsman UN0815A-1
Scotsman UN1215A-1
Scotsman UN1520A-1
Scotsman UN324A-1
Scotsman UN324A-1
Scotsman UN324W-1

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