Request Samples

We do have a Samples Team that can request samples from the manufacturer on your behalf for eligible items. It can take the manufacturer 2-3 weeks to fulfill your request if honored. We do not guarantee that they will honor this request and send a sample out. Our Samples Team will follow up with you in about a week with any updates that we may have about your request.

Your Information

Since manufacturer samples come directly from our manufacturers and not directly from us, we are limited to the customers and countries that we are able to extend this service to. We are currently able to send samples within the contiguous 48 states of the United States. We are not able to honor sample requests submitted for residential or international addresses.

Requested Items

You can copy item numbers from product pages and paste them here. Please note that not all items are eligible to be requested as a sample.


Reason For Samples

Additional Details

Please list any specific products you are interested in beyond what is included in this quote request. If this is for a new store opening or existing business, please list the name and give us any information such as chain, independently owned, etc. (limit 200 characters)

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