ChoiceHD 8 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container - 48/Pack

Item #: 999HD8BULK

Keep soups, stews, deli salads, and desserts contained during storage, transport, and display, with this ChoiceHD 8 oz. microwavable translucent plastic deli container! This deli container is just what you need to package and store food with ease. Each container is made of heavy weight polypropylene with a translucent appearance for product visibility and quick identification of contents. At the same time, the durable design ensures that this container is great for delis, restaurants, and grocery stores.

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ChoiceHD 8 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container - 48/Pack

4.8 stars from 71 reviews

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containers great lids food store quality love Perfect plastic size

Excellent for fast and easy food prep. With these 8 oz. containers, you now have one cup of fresh, canned or frozen items ready to grab and go.


These are great for 12 oz of Potato Salad or Mac. Salad for our customers. We really like the quality of the product. The customer like the container as well.

from OG Subs on

We use these in various applications here at the shop. They are sturdy durable and hold up great. We use all the time. We will buy more as needed

from the pie lady on

The deli containers hold their shape after microwaving in them, They also do not seem to stain, which is a plus. With the lid, it's a tight fit; no spillage

from The Decorators' Grocery on

Love these to store all of the pickles and ferments I make. Kimchi, sauerkraut, pickled peppers, etc all into these containers and into the fridge. Plus i dont mind if they stain or hold a scent because they're easy to replace.


i love webstaurant great ez web side good item fast shipping ez to work with online they have must stuff you need for a store

from sunny llc on

I purchased both the 8oz and the 16oz containers. The containers stack very well with not only each other but also with the larger ones. They are useful to hold a small amount of items. For instance, I use them to store small quantities of various baking add-ins like nuts and seeds.


Love these containers. I use them for small portions of leftovers and portioning out sides I can freeze when I'm just feeding myself. They stack which makes it easy to fit in the small space of my freezer. Highly reccomend.


These are very sturdy and exactly what I wanted. We use these for soups, macaroni and potato salads and ice cream as well. Great price and shipped quickly. Thank you very much

from Sparks Stony Brook Farm on

ChoiceHD 8 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container are perfect for my needs I use them for larger ice blocks being that these are freezer safe they work great for me

from PowerQuee Media on

These 8 oz plastic deli containers allow for a compact place to store dehydrated drink garnishes. They also are great to keep wet wipes and sugar packets in.

from Oldfields on

This container is on the smaller size which works perfect for the smaller portions. I use these for pesto and dips that freeze. They are reusable and hold up well.


Great cup size deli and made with a durable material so it can endure wash cycles without a problem. It is great for any MEP or storage. I use it for my spice blends at my station.


its awesome to get a choice version of these deli containers, saves a descent amount over the name brand and truly they are virtually the same! will keep getting these


We bought these for our future meal offerings. We are testing out quite a few recipes and needed to hand out samples and these fit great with the lids.

from Dani Cakes on

We primarily use these containers for sauce and jam and have been pleased with the quality and durability. They also work for hot items. We reorder regularly.

from Roaming Buffalo BBQ on

We bought multiple sizes of the ChoiceHD translucent containers. This 8oz size is really great for portioning out ingredients prior to cooking or baking . Also great for small leftovers. They also dont stain or hold smells so they are great to reuse a few times before recycling.


We use this container for cold and hot deli products, from dips to stews, casseroles, BBQ, sauces, and more. The container and lid freeze well and microwave well. They're sturdy enough to stack several high, too. For inventory purposes, it works well to order the combo pack and keep lids and containers together and in stock.

from Jefferson Country Store on

These containers are perfect and just want I was looking for! I needed a smaller but bigger size to store my sprinkles as I buy mixes more than 4 oz or I make my own mixes from 2-4 oz pouches leaving me looking for ways to store my sprinkles and these worked perfectly


These smaller 8oz deli containers work well with those smaller amounts of product. They go in the dishwasher (both commercial and home) and freezer with no problems.


Used them to pack Indian puddings. They are very convenient as they as microwavable. They wash well and they do not stain as well. Loved the lids as they close very securely. They can be frozen too!


I love these containers. You can find some of these in my fridge and freezer at all times. I use them to store dry goods, small snacks for work, sauces, dips, giving food to neighbors, coworkers, and strangers. They will last through many reuses if you take care of them. I don't microwave in them too often, but I like that I have the option to. I don't feel bad using these to give food to friends because they are so inexpensive, but I use them myself on a daily basis. The only time I need to throw them out is if I've stored some really strong smelling food in them that I can't wash out. I will keep some of these in my house for the rest of my life.


love this containers! we use them for storing food in the fridge, easily washable, does not stain much. great to wash in dishwasher and to pile up.

from Ganache pattiserie on

Choice is the best quality plastic deli containers. Don't get the non-microwavable type because they are too thin. I don't microwave these, but they are thick enough that you're not caving in the container and spilling when you try to put the lid on


These containers are thick, good quality and nest into each other for easy storage. The lid closes securely and we never have an issue with leakage.


These containers are great I bought the matching lids to go with them you get 48 of them very great deal or use these for my cake feelings I love having multiple so I can prep all the fillings in one day and store them in a nice container


Good quality plastic and price that cannot be beat. These containers are durable and can be microwaved/ frozen, so I use them for storing pretty much anything that fits.


Purchased these for snack storing. Very sturdy, and reusable too. I also use it store left over sauces, hummus, butters. Good product will buy again.


for our application, these did not work. The price is right. they are shallow so to pack a larger surface area product in was not ideal for us

from Secret spot on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

We use these for cold products only so cant say if it holds hot foods well. But they are sturdy enough for most take out places

from R Deli on

I ordered these with their lids to fill several of them with jello and stack them neatly in the refrigerator. They are useful for home use also, not just for delis, they can be used for preparing batches of soups or stews to freeze for quick meals, much healthier than pre-packaged, processed ,store bought can goods. They are the perfect portion size and also microwaveable, if you choose to heat directly in the container instead of a bowl so they are versatile in many ways.


We love these plastic deli containers. We use them as tupperware in our household. They age well even when regularly washed in the dishwasher. It's also nice to be able to give people leftovers without worrying about seeing the containers again.


I've been prepping my meals a week in advance, and these have been a lifesaver! They're the perfect size for a serving of chopped salad, soups, or leftovers.


This is a great plastic, deli container. We purchase thousand of them because we put our product in them and then sell them. We ship a lot of our products and we've never had an issue with the containers getting damaged while during the shipping process.

from Biggs and Featherbelle on

Very sturdy containers, high quality and thick. We use them to store sauces and spices all the time. They last a long time and wash well. Like any plastic they don't handle fatty sauces well especially when heated in the microwave so be aware of that. But they will serve several months of heavy use and save you money in the long term.

from Dennis De St Jeor on

These 8oz microwavable translucent plastic deli containers are wonderful. they are nice and sturdy. these are the perfect kind of containers for our slimes. you can easily see which slimes are inside so customers know exactly what they are getting without having to open the containers.

from slime time on

These containers are very nice. They are heavy duty and sturdy. The lids seem to fit well. They are surprisingly a little more clear that the initial picture exhibits, which I prefer.

from DADDY D'S BBQ on

Perfect little containers for small dipping sauces. No spill reinforced lids and heavy duty for easy and safe traveling. Will be using frequently. Thank You.


The perfect size for an order of shumai with enough room inside for a 2 oz portion cup. We also used this for take-out cold sides and kimchee. Held up fine to hot foods.

from Bulgogi Box LLC on

I used this smaller ones mainly for mise en place of ingredients. It helps me keep things organized as well. And the best thing is, it’s microwaveable and can be held in the oven up to 160 F

from armand’s Kitchen on

This was a great price for a case of cup containers. Arrived in good condition. No matter how many of these I stockpile, friends and family always seem to take them so it will be good to have a surplus on hand!


These are great for small freezer items we do a home made pepper jelly an cheese sauce. Does great in microwave an we do wash in the dishwasher!

from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs on

Same issue we had with the lids, product arrived damaged and it seems that the quality is not so good because it cracks easily and little pieces would be dangerous is they fall in the food. We got a refund and customer service was excellent.

from Kammoon on

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your ChoiceHD 8 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container - 48/Pack was defective. Corrective action has been taken, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great product for the price. No real issues or complaints at all. Holds both hot and cold foods well and seems to be quite consistent.

from Mori on

This product is absolutely the most amazing containers around. When I first came across them I thought WOW. They are cheap and durable and good quality and I recommend them to others. I will definitely buy these again.

from sweet sunset sslimes on

Excellent container - perfect paired with matching lids! I use these primarily to freeze apple sauce and other similar consistency items. Holds items well and always fresh when defrosting! Container and lid both freeze well


I like these a lot. They have the ribbing around the lid, which means they're much more solid than the other kind of deli. These are also generally thicker and easier to work with.


These HD containers are thicker & stronger then the deli style containers. They stack well in the coolers. They also freeze & that out well.

from Beacon Blessings on

Good thick plastic that can store hot foods and liquids without melting. Can be used in microwave and cleaned in dishwasher without warping, so reusing is an option.

from Chef Stef, LLC on

Not best product but price wise this quality is better. I tried it OK and working. Before stacking in the Fridge or freezer take the Air out.


This a great bowl for small sides. The first order arrived with a lot of cracked ones but WebstaurantStore great customer service took care of it and reshaped, the second arrived perfectly!


I have these deli containers in 3 different sizes. The 8oz is terrific for portioning out single servings of food. Great for a wide variety of uses--storing, freezing, take outs, lunch box, etc. They're good quality and hold up very well for many uses. I've frozen or heated food in these containers and did not notice much breaking or warping.


These containers have an excellent quality. I use them for our bisque and soups. The containers make the food look good, and assure that customers can take hot soups on the go without any spills or burns. Just be careful which lids you order with them. They all seal great, but the "flush" ones are a PAIN to secure on the container. Order the "recessed" lids instead.


Perfect size for storing custom mixed spice blends, egg yolks, or just about anything you need a small amount of storage for. Dishwasher and freezer safe. An essential part of my streamlined storage solution. Unbelievably resilient for the price.


This is worth every penny. Love the quality. you cannot beat the price. I just wish you have more affordable shipping rates for home use.


These 8oz containers are wonderful! They’re translucent, so you know what you’re storing inside without opening the lid. They seem sturdier than the larger size too. They store liquids without spilling! I use them for so many different things in my business!

from Paisley’s Treasures on

I purchased these containers for my homemade stock,for my kids to use in their lunches and to store my dried beans, fancy rices ect.. They are super sturdy, easy to wash and have a nice tight seal. They are also reusable!


This lid is perfect with the ChoiceHD Microwaveable Translucent Plastic Deli Container Lid. I use them for my caramel and chocolate fudge dipping sauces. They are microwaveable which is fantastic to soften the caramel dip for apples or other dippy things.


I just love these plastic deli containers! I was going through SO many reusable plastic ziploc/rubbermaid containers at home. My husband takes them to work and they are never to be seen again. These guys are PERFECT for our house! So affordable & cheap enough to be single use, and when a miracle happens and one comes home, they are sturdy enough to be washed and reused a few or many times! They have held up great to hot food & hot washings. The matching lids work great with this product also. Will buy again and again and in the other sizes too! A++


I cut little everything in these containers. They are so useful around the house. You can put veggies or leftovers in these containers. And if you put liquid in these it won't splill

from Foxland market on

These heavy duty containers are great for cheese dips, salsas, and portion control. I love that I can put hot liquids in these and I don't have to worry about warping.

from Dog Gone Good Time on

At only 8 oz I don't always have a ton of use for these little containers, but they are important from time to time and do the job well. They stack easily and are great for bulk storage of small seeds or MEP spices.


A great small 8 ounce containers that is perfect for meal prep. The small containers are great for single portion sizes. The translucent plastic makes finding and identifying the food easy.


I bought these for my raw feeding pet food business, the bottom of the container is pretty sturdy that I like, but the top edge is thinner causing me to receive a few of them in the box per bag to be cracker which upsets me. Don't make the mistake I did and make sure you BUY THE LIDS for these containers!

from Primitive Choice on

Thank you for the review! Our Customer Solutions team was happy to credit you for the broken containers!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These containers work great for leftovers or for smaller portions to take food for my elderly father. They stack fairly well, can be used in the microwave. He just throws them away afterwards. Food stays pretty fresh with the correct lid.


Good for storage, we used them to store tuna. very sturdy. Only compliant is its sometimes difficult to get the lids off them. Also they are reusable.

from Frank-Lee Delish on

Good size containers nice weight as well. It's my fault that I didn't know the lids weren't included. I'll repurchase them with the compatible lids. Either way the containers are a good size and a good value for the money.


The translucent plastic deli container provides a suitable proportion. The containers are great for hot and cold items. The tight seal allows the food to remain fresh, cold or hot. Great for storing smaller food portions.


I marked this 2 stars because the lids that I got don't stay on. Maybe I ordered the wrong kind, but they don't fit. Boo. Not much use for them now.


Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear the lids you ordered did not fir the containers. We recommend purchasing compatible item 128HDLDBULK, which can also be found in the "You May Need Section." Please contact our Customer Service team should you have any questions.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I love these containers! They are very good quality, and hold everything secure! The shipping was fast and everything was packaged very well! I will definitely continue to purchase these!


Handy to just have around. Perfect for storing a wide variety of foods from leftovers to giving things away to other people. Love these containers!


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