Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Clear Unwrapped Straw - 500/Box

Item #: 999UJ7TN

Add style to your beverage service with this Choice 7 3/4" jumbo clear unwrapped straw! Its classic clear appearance, combined with its 7 3/4" length, is sure to make this straw a staple item in your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. Thanks to its jumbo size, this straw is suitable for drinking large beverages including tall cocktails, cold coffee drinks, or any other refreshing beverages such as lemonade or iced tea.

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Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Clear Unwrapped Straw - 500/Box

4.9 stars from 102 reviews


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straws great straw price clear Quality unwrapped jumbo box cups
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    Really good qualyclear straw. For being a disposable straw they are well made. They do not bend or crack easy like some of the other cheap straws.
    Great for the price. We use these for all drink applications and are placed in a straw dispenser out our concessions counter. Case size is big for easy ordering.
    Good quality straws, basic ones, average size, very good price for 500 straws. Can't go wrong with these, it is just like the description says.
    Although the unwrapped option helps the environment by saving paper, we have found that customers prefer the wrapped straws for sanitary purposes. The size is nice for our 16oz cups.
    These straws are a good basic straw. They work well, are affordably priced, and come in solid packaging. The size is good for most uses, too.
    These are the best quality straws. I purchased them looking for an alternative because my supplier was so expensive and to my surprise these are a higher quality, the straws are evenly cut and nicely packaged.
    Its your standard plastic straw. Its perfect size for your 12 or 16 oz clear choice plastic cups. They work well for what they were intended for.
    Love how strong they are. They are sturdy enough to stir tall drinks with large ice cubes with out bending. I will be ordering these again.
    I bought these by mistake. I need to have wrapped straws. So I took them home and they are perfectly fine for drinking out of.
    Nothing special here, just exactly what you'd expect. Your basic clear straw. We use these in our vintage style straw holders and they look great.
    These clear unwrapped straws are exactly what you would expect in a straw, except their name implies that they are jumbo. They are what I would consider a standard size straw, so don't be fooled by the name. Other than not being "jumbo", they work great!
    The box on this straw makes a great holder since the top of the box easily tears away. I use this with a 12oz PET clear plastic cup and they go well together. Great price for the quality of the straw
    Just what we needed when we started serving beverages at intermission. lidded cups and straws. We like having no extra paper waste from the straws. now we just need a dispenser.
    Can't find anything bad to say about the straws function, I do wish I got eco friendly straws in hindsight, but these are doing the job, just know they will be washed up on the beaches before I know it...
    The best deal in straws! I would pay more than this for 100 straws at my local store and they wouldn't be wide enough fornshakes and smoothies. They are very thick and sturdy. This is another Webstauraunt example of price and quality colliding beautifully.
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    We used these straws in our Food Truck. They are perfect size and don't break easy like a lot of other straws. Would order again.
    Nothing can annoy you more than weak bendy straws that when bent will leak air and be useless. These straws are strong and durable for most drinks.
    These jumbo, clear, unwrapped straws are a great addition to a milkshake or smoothie bar. I do want to point out once again that they are jumbo and unwrapped.
    This choice brand clear straw is really good quality plastic and it's long enough for my serving drinks cup. It's 500 in box it's great affordable price.
    We love these straws for our shakes! As the product melts down, many customers want to slurp down that last little bit and the Choice 7 3/4" Unwrapped Straws fill that need!
    Very sturdy straws for such a low price! They come unwrapped for convenience and quick use of working in a bar or restaurant. Great product!
    The large quantity that this comes in is great. It is very convenient to have so many straws at such easy access since you can go through many of them all in one day.
    Great jumbo clear straws by Choice. These are perfect for thicker beverages as well as any cold drink. Good length for most cups, clear design, and unwrapped for easy refill of dispensers.
    Great value for a huge box of straws. They are a nice thick material so they will not crack rendering them useless. Wish they were wrapped but can’t complain for the the price!
    A wonderfully boxed set, this group of unwrapped straws is translucent. The length is 7.75 inches and the diameter is under 1/4 inch. 500 are in the box.
    Straws are just as described and work great. We use them for smoothies, green juices, and sodas in a collins glass. Would consider the wrapped version next time.
    This Choice 7 3/4" jumbo clear unwrapped straw is a decent product. I like that they come unwrapped so I don't have to waste time unwrapping and can simple pop in my cup. The only downfall about this straw is I wish it were a bit taller when using with a larger cold cup.
    These clear straws were just what I was Looking for. It was difficult to Find the right size And so happy I did And didn't have to sacrifice Quality
    These are great straws that come unwrapped so you can grab one and go very quickly and easily. I use these for drinking cans of soda as I hate puttint my mouth directly onto the can!
    That’s 500 pack of jumbo clear on wrapped straws are fantastic they’re very easy to dispense out you just pour a into the machine and you push a button and they pop right now they fit in all of my machines
    The choice 7 3/4 inch jumbo clear unwrapped straws are great for medium to large drink cups. the are strong and you don't have to worry about it cracking when jamming into the straw hole in your cup lid.
    The Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Clear Unwrapped Straws fit perfectly in my straw dispenser. The quality is pretty good for straws, especially for the low price. I would definitely recommend and purchase again if needed.
    exactly as described. I used to order all my straws from our distributor until i found that they have the same quality and much cheaper. I always ordered them cases and will continue to purchase them.
    We bought these to be served at our wedding, we had 200 guests and one box was able to accommodate everyone. Simple, great price, and served their purpose.
    Perfectly sized! I use these with the 10oz and 24oz clear cups and lids for Webstaurant. The 240z cups are tall and skinny so I was a little worred but i have a good 2 inches or so of straw left when the straw is all the way inside. I really like the diameter of these. Not too big, not too small!
    This is an amazing price for this quantity of quality straws. These are perfect for refilling your straw dispensers. They are just the right length to drink comfortably.
    You can't beat the price of this pack of straws. They will last you a long time, especially if you're only using these for home.
    I prefer these to the white straws, but the black straws are the best. The height of these is good for pint glasses, but nothing shorter.
    A great quality clear straw that is perfect for our iced coffees and lattes. They straws are very durable and fit perfectly into our straw dispenser.
    These straws are a great value, I love not having to clean up wrappers & they look great in our vintage style straw holder. They also hold up to our iced coffee cups and the ice inside.
    The straws are just what I wanted perfect size got worried cuz they said jumbo but they are regular clear straws going to use for cocktails they are perfect super happy will order more.
    Such an amazing price for these straws. They come packaged in a small box and doesn't split down the sides like some straws do. You'd be crazy to not purchase these if your needing straws.
    These are great jumbo straws. They come in a box of 500 unwrapped. They are great length but do bend easily so careful not to bend may break.
    For the low price i got 500 straws. You would bee silly to purchase straws anywhere but here. They came neatly packaged in a small box.
    AMAZING deal! Good quality! We will be using these for our wedding. I love that they come unwrapped as it will save on waste. They shipped fast.
    5 Star product! Great quality and reasonable price. Quality exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend. They work well with the acrylic straw dispenser that is available. Very happy with purchase.
    I used these for a classroom activity that needed A LOT of straws. It was so much more economical to order from here and will keep me supplied for awhile!
    These straws are strong and durable. They don't split like some we have bought before from other places. The price and quality can't be beaten.
    These are great draws can't go wrong with them and you can't beat the price great jumbo clear on wrapped straws I recommend getting a case
    Jumbo clear straws. A good straw for the price! 500 straws in the box, good for any kind of drink. These would even be good for smoothies.
    Perfect for straw dispensers as these are nit wrapped. They will dispense easily as the straws will not get stuck because of paper. These ones are the clear option.
    All I can say is wow amazing price for all these straws quality straws at such a great value I highly recommend it to everyone
    These straws worked nicely for iced coffee drinks but we found them to be a bit too small in diameter for our frozen drinks that may have had smaller ice chunks.
    Great straws. Thicker and sturdier than the cheapo pack of straws you can buy at the store where you usually get about 100 of them for a buck or two. These are great for the amount, the quality and the price. And they also don't float in your drink which can be very annoying.
    Nice straws. Not really anything else to say. A straw is a straw. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the low price and I will buy it again when I run out.
    Great straws, good pricing. Somewhat hard to get out of box, easier if you place them in a different container with a lid to keep them clean.
    Product was shipped fully packed and worked well, we had no issues with using the equipment for our venue that we attend this past week. Thanks again
    Great price for the amount you get! These straws are pretty firm. I wasn't sure how they would arrive, but they come packed in a box that makes it easy to store them.
    Great value for these products. The box they come in is easy to use, has a pull tab to remove the top and far enough down the side to make getting them very easy but still in a nice compact box.
    The box that these straws come in is pretty flimsy; the slightest amount of pressure can pop it open. Still, the straws contained inside are of good quality. I just make sure to store the boxes carefully.
    Just a regular old straw, but Webstaurantstore always seems to have great prices, and we continue ordering from here for all things like this that we need!
    Very good quality straw. Product as described on this site. they are not easily bendable and just the right size. Very satisfied, will reorder again.
    These straws were ordered to serve with our Root Beer Floats. They were perfect and economical and arrived very promptly. Excellent customer service and online chat.
    They are straws and they do what straws so. So why the 5 star rating? Answer: the price and the awesome service from webstaurants store.
    Very nice straws considering the fact that they are already unwrapped! For the low-cost you cant beat the quality (strength) of the straws no the quantity.
    Extremely well priced. Love these straws. Nice and clear and look great with our cups that we serve iced coffee in at our events. Love them!
    Love these! Price was very affordable and quality was top notch! Took me a while to find unwrapped straws and so glad I tripped on this web site! Will continue to purchase!!
    This is a big box of straws for the price. Since I am using them at home, I like the fact that they weren't individually wrapped. I deducted one star because these are described as 'jumbo' straws and they appear to be no different than an average sized straw...I assumed they would have a slightly larger diameter. But all in all, I can't complain--It's a good value for the cost.
    Your pretty standard straw at a great bargain and large quantity. The box it comes in is great for storage too. 500 goes a long way!
    Basic straws for drinks. Good quality for the price. We've since found that the bendy straws work better for our needs, but it's not due to the quality of these straws. These are good for every day basic use.
    Standard straw you will see in every restaurant everywhere, perfect size for highball drinks. The price is one of the best around so we're not stingy with them.
    I like to use this jumbo straw in milkshakes because it has a very wide circumference and allows a maximum amount of liquid to be sucked up.
    S straw is a straw. These are very cost effective and we love them. Have been using them for years. They work perfect for our Libby Gibraltar 12oz Mixed Drink glasses, and also for our slightly taller highball glasses.
    A straw is a straw, but the price of these for how many you get is amazing. Great for home use because they come unwrapped.
    Using the Choice 7 3/4" - 500 / Box Jumbo Unwrapped Straw to drink Temple of Heaven Green tea, which is also sold by Webstaurant. The size is perfect for nice long sips.
    These straws are great for cold and hot beverages alike. They do not bend easily and thus do not break easily. Very light weight and great price for 500 of them.
    Perfect for the dispenser that i bought, and really a good price. They are a little week if you buy a very strong lid for them.
    We use these in our old fashioned sodas and soda floats in our drink trailer. The are great quality, not flimsy, and sturdy enough to handle the ice cream in the floats. Great quality for the price!
    Why would you ever go wrapped again. Unwrapped is the way to go. Way cheaper and more convenient and they never get soggy on a wet servers tray.
    These clear drinking straws are great. They fit comfortably into most drinking glasses and are not a distracting color, so they don't clash with the actual drink color itself.
    A great value on straws. The price beats the local restaurant supply house when combined with other items. We make sure to keep a few boxes on hand as these go fast around here. No complaints at all!
    Nice straws, a bit on the weak side. We needed some sturdier straws to poke through the tough holes on the to-go cups. But for the price I really can't complain.
    I looked everywhere for unwrapped straws to buy and these were by far the best value! Perfect size! I will buy again! If you are needing bulk you can buy the 12,000 case which is an even better value!
    These straws work so well with smoothies or milkshakes because they have a nice width that allows a thicker beverage to suck through without much effort. Well-priced!
    Great straws. These straws are very sturdy and durable. Great price for the number of straws that come per case. They are strong enough to use to stir your drink.
    These straws are awesome, they are pretty good quality for the price, look just like any competitors, come in all different quantities and work great, will definitely buy more
    Very handy to use, faster than trying to unwrap a straw when you are in a hurry to get out the door. Just the right length, and very neat appearance
    these straws great value , great qulity ,I would highly recommend buying didn't worry about it. This product is worth buying. Just pick it up in your cart.
    I purchased these straws to go inside the glass canister from this site and they are just what I wanted at a much better price than I could find anywhere else.
    these straws do the job, they are a great price for what they are on other website, I would highly recommend buying the, amazing value.
    These straws do everything they are designed to. Good product. I would definitely recommend buying in bulk as it saves you a lot of money.
    Standard run of the mill straws. Very value when you buy these in bulk. A fraction of the cost I've seen on other web sites.
    Best bargain online for straws hands down!!! Great for buying in bulk! Good for sit down drinks as well as filling up straw dispensers for to go soft drinks too!!
    We use these straws for our 32 oz and higher soft drink cups. They work great and are a perfect fit. Nice height out of cup.
    I priced straws locally and online- these are the best deal around.I wish I had found them here a long time ago- some straws are 5 times more expensive...but why?
    love the straw-love the price. these are perfect for our cold drinks "to go" business this summer! love that they come in a 12k case instead of our old 6k case.

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