Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Neon Unwrapped Soda Straw - 250/Box

Item #: 999STRAWUNN

Add a splash of color to your beverage service with this Choice 7 3/4" jumbo neon unwrapped soda straw! For both the young and the young-at-heart, this fluorescent colored straw is sure to create a fun, exciting presentation for all of your drink concoctions. Perfect for your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar, this straw's versatility makes it a great addition to any establishment.

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Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Neon Unwrapped Soda Straw - 250/Box

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straws colors Love fun great neon jumbo kids perfect straw
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    Nice looking sturdy staw. The neon goes great with the clear cup and lids I paired them with. Not sure I'd call the diameter "jumbo" but it is perfect for standard liquids I'm serving.

    from Comfort Cusine Posted on

    Love having Multi color soda straws. These are fun neon colors And you get so Many in a box. I Would absolutely reccomemd keeping these on hand

    Posted on

    I got these straws for my kids...they like drinking out of straws. Much cheaper here than buying 50 at a time from the stores. Quality is good, just like at a diner or restaurant.

    Posted on

    These jumbo unwrapped neon soda straws are awesome they make the kids happy because of all the fun neon colors and they’re really strong and sturdy and inexpensive so I like him too

    from REGARDLESS Posted on


    The Choice 7 3/4" jumbo neon straws fit perfectly in my straw dispenser. The quality is pretty good for straws, especially for the low price. I would definitely recommend and purchase again if needed. I really like the color assortment.

    Posted on

    Perfect fit for my Coke cups. Nice color assortment.

    These jumbo neon wrapped soda straws are perfect use for any drink. They're colors are fun and perfect for kids and adults. They're durable and don't break easily when bent and allow lots of liquid to pass through easily.

    Posted on

    The straws 7 3/4" size make them perfect to fit any size cup. They're durable, come in fun colors, and have a smooth flow!

    These straws are such pretty colors!!! We have customers able to tell which drink is theirs just off the drinking straw! I don't know what we would do without these!

    from Legacy Nutrition Posted on

    These straws are so fun and bright! They are unwrapped so they are easy to use. They go great with fruity drinks and frozen cocktails.

    from CMV Posted on

    The 7.75 inch jumbo neon straws are unwrapped and easy to access straight of of the box they came in. You can't get anymore eye catching than these fun neon colors. They are a good size for large drink cups.

    Posted on

    Fun colors!

    The red and blue colors look nice, but the other colors look obnoxiously bright. They're fine for a sports bar, but they'e a little too casual for pretty much anything else.

    Posted on

    The red color looks good, but the other ones are a little brighter looking.

    I tend to bite my straws causing them to look crappy, these are wider & sturdier than regular fast food restaurant straws, very vibrant colors! Will buy the full case for better deal next time!

    Posted on

    Great product great colors

    These strwas are actually a pretty good size, i use them for when i sell my vintage sodas and people love the fun colors in their glasses.

    from Primitive Choice Posted on

    good colors and actually pretty heavy duty

    A great quality jumbo straw that are neon colored making them perfect for our tropical mixed drinks. The straws are great for daiquiris and are well made.

    Posted on

    These are very fun straws for tropical drinks. Each color is so beautiful. They do not crack as easily as some straws and wide enough to not get clogged with frozen drinks.

    Posted on

    For the price, these straws aren’t too bad. I wished I would have gotten the wrapped straws (my fault) but these will do fine. I’m giving it 3 stars because the straws are not that “jumbo”. They are pretty much standard size. I would’ve assumed they would’ve been the larger size perfect for milkshakes. These are only good for sodas, juice, etc.

    Posted on

    Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Neon Unwrapped Soda Straw - 250/Box

    These straws are so cheap for 250. I can't believe it at all. I will definitely buy straws from this website for the rest of my life

    from Foxland market Posted on

    Kids love these fun colored straws. They are jumbo and work great. Great for slurpes or tall drinks. They don't bend super easy and the hole is large enough for frozen beverages.

    Posted on


    Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Neon Unwrapped Soda Straw - 250/Box are cute and vibrant, love the colors and so do customers especially children, wish the bend though..

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    What vibrant colors! Very durable, and a great size. These brighten up any drink and make a great addition to your drink ware. Would definitely recommend!

    from Alice Posted on

    My picky kids love these! They make drinking anything fun - even "too healthy" things they likely wouldn't put up with otherwise. Try on your kid and see if it helps! They are brightly colored and I like that they come unwrapped for quick access. I just keep them in a bin in the kitchen. They are pretty, functional, and inexpensive.

    Posted on

    These neon straws are fun and bright, I bought these because our lights in the lounge are dimmed at 9pm. these straws can still be seen saves on drink spilling great product.

    from Millie's Tavern Posted on

    These straws are fantastic! What a wonderful assortment of colors! I love how bright all of the colors are. I would definitely buy these again!

    Posted on

    I wasn't sure if jumbo meant the straws would be thick, but once I received them they were perfect. My kids loved the colors. They use them on their favorite drinks, and avoiding a dirty face is a big plus :)

    Posted on

    The neon straws are a crowd pleaser. The colors are great for the kids and add a wonderful touch for any wanting some added energy to their occasion. A product you can't go wrong with.

    from Flip Flop Burgers Posted on

    Bought these in two sizes. They work great and everybody loves them. Just make sure you measure your cup so you order the right size.

    from Pretty Odd Wieners Posted on

    The Choice 7 3/4" Jumbo Neon Straws are great! The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I would definitely purchase again. Highly recommend!

    Posted on

    these jumbo straws are really great the width of the straws make it really easy for the little ones to suck The colors are so vivid and fun

    from sweetart Posted on

    These straws are perfect for all the users eith children. These straws dont have the flexible head like some others, but functional nonetheless and a terrific product.

    Posted on

    vibrant colors really fun for drinks or crafts! These are fairy flexible and sturdy though when stepped on they do split, ,which we discovered by accident ;) They are really bright colors and reflect the colors on the glass you drink out of. Great idea for a party or any special occasion or kid's drinks at a resturant. easy to drink through

    Posted on

    I ordered these straws to use as supports in my tiered cakes. These were very durable and the perfect width. I have used them in a 4 tier cake with no problem. My only regret was not ordering more.

    from Elite Sweets Posted on

    Love these assorted neon colours. Great length and thickness. Good bargain for your money and arrived as described. Will definitely recommend to others and re-order when needed.

    Posted on

    Perfect size. These jumbo neon straws are perfect for drinking your smoothies. The smoothie doesn't get stuck 8 the straw like they do the smaller size. Spend a tiny bit more to choose these over the standard size. The colors are true to the picture. Nice vibrant fun colors to add to any beverage.

    Posted on

    These are a very good value. They look good and there are SO MANY. You don't realize how many 250 are until you open the box. I'd order them again if I ever ran out. Just home use for us so this is a lifetime supply I think.

    Posted on

    We a straw family. My gf loves these straws so much. We get 10 times the amount of straws for the same price at eh grocery store

    Posted on

    I really like these straws are so many uses not just for drinking from crafts to cake supports their great I highly recommend them to everyone

    from Sweet treats Posted on

    I work in senior building and we use these in our Memory care for the residents that need them. They like the bright color to choice from.

    from Cannon Falls Senior LLC Barry Roeber Posted on

    The straws were great colors, very vibrant. Sometimes in straw cases, there seem to be a bunch of duds, but so far all of the straws work well in this case.

    Posted on

    These straws are eye catching but also cheap. We prefer wrapped straws, but if you have a straw dispenser of the correct size, these will be perfect.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    We are not using them in a traditional way... We were looking for a way to put hole in our soap for hand-roped one. Everything we tried didn't work. Most straw were bending while in contact with the hot lye solution but not these one! They kept their shape and were even re-usable after the first time! Don't need to seek for a good quality straw anymore, we found it. And at this price? What a nice surprise.

    from Buzzsoaps Posted on

    fantastic product, lots of colors for the kids to pick from and bright enough that they get excited picking out their favorite one, I don't have any complaints about them

    Posted on

    Thought I would bring some fun colored straws in for the little kids and for the big kids two thirds 30 just like my other straws are and they were not abide bye

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    These colorful straws are perfect for grab and go. The environmental impact is lowered with the elimination of paper or plastic wrapping. Kids love choosing a color.

    from Fair Fern Food Posted on

    These straws area wonderful addition to our bakery and cafe. Love the colors. Very convenient for our customers and the kids love themvery much also

    Posted on

    Excellent price. Very durable and sturdy. We used these straws with our snowballs. The kids loved them. The colors are very vibrant. Big hit. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    These straws work great for the milk shakes and smoothies we make at our restaurant - they are thick enough for the ice cream to flow through and the multi colors are nice to have to give to kids.

    Posted on

    Love these straws! The colors are so fun. I think the quality is decent, and the amount you get for the price is fantastic. Worth buying.

    Posted on

    The word Jumbo is totally inaccurate in this description. I ordered these straws to use in my cakes for support, but they are the tiniest straws I've ever seen other than a coffee stirrer...

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Lori! For your convenience, we include the product dimensions on our items. For a straw that may better suit your uses, try these Choice 8 1/2" Colossal Neon Unwrapped Straws.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These straws are the best! You dont have to worry about them cracking because they don't bend. They're fun colors and they are so cheap! Great product.

    Posted on

    This is a great product and it goes very well with my smoothies. It doesn't break in the middle like some other straws. The color combos are very cool.

    from Raheem PREPARES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES Posted on

    These are so fun for the kids! They love picking which color to drink from. Colors are very bright and vibrant. Straws work great as well.

    from Kent Turner Posted on

    These neon straws bring the fun to any party or bar scene. The kids especially love them with soft drinks or smoothies. A great bargain!

    Posted on

    Perfect straws with bright vibrant colors. These are going to work so well for serving margaritas at my wedding! Affordable and great in appearance. Love these!

    Posted on

    Very cute assortment of straws that fit perfectly in our smoothies when we have friends and family over for the evening. They come neatly packaged in a small box and are easy to pull out, use and then dispose of.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    We love these fun colored straws. We have a gourmet lemonade business that features several flavors of lemonade so fun colored straws are a must for presentations sake.

    from lemonade house mobile 1 Posted on

    We love these straws! They are very bright and colorful, which matches with the theme of our business. Our customers love them as well! Will repurchase these again

    from the ice island Posted on

    I love the bright colors of these straws! And the various colors help the kids remember which drink is theirs base on the color of the straw.

    Posted on

    we use these neon straws for parties or when kids are in the restaurant. They are like Normal straws they come in five different colors.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Using the Choice 7 3/4" - 250 / Box Jumbo Unwrapped Neon Soda Straw to drink Tropical China Black tea, which is also sold by Webstaurant. The straw is so festive.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    These jumbo neon straws turned out to be great hit at a family event. Both children and adults enjoyed using them. The colors are super fun!

    Posted on

    Awesome unwrapped straws at a great price.We looked many other place for these and they are very hard to find. We buy 5 cases at a time and will be ordering more soon!

    Posted on

    These turned out to be the perfect size for us. They are long enough for a medium sized cup and a great value for the price. We would buy these again.

    from Lemon Fix Posted on

    These are great jumbo neon soda straws. They don't crack easily, like some cheap straws, and the colors are bright, and vibrant, just like the picture.

    Posted on

    This is my first time ordering these and think my customers will love them too! They are always looking something different and I think this will be it!

    from Lemon Squeezers Beverage Co. Posted on

    We were extremely disappointed in the size of the straws, just like another person had said. Granted, we should have measured before hand, but I feel like "Jumbo" would have been enough classification. Choice makes a great product and they are colorful, just disappointed that we are now going to have to re-order more straws. Please take time to ensure right measurement before ordering. These will now be delegated to the back of the stock room to collect dust.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Even though I was expecting a straw a bit larger with the 'jumpo' description, I am still pleased with the straws. The colors are bright and truly neon!

    from Julia Skellie Posted on

    Did I hear JUMBO!!! Perfect for those thick, viscous drinks that my customers love so much in the summertime. Smoothies, malts, milkshakes-- the drink doesn't matter so long as my customers can slurp it up! Thanks!


    These drinking straws are colorful and fun to use... for both kids and adults! They are a convenient size and fits comfortably into most cups.

    Posted on

    I was disappointed in these straws, I thought they would be larger. I like to use extra large straws and these just were not large enough.

    from MR Consulting Posted on

    These are really quite attractive straws. There's just one thing: they really aren't very large (diameter). I wouldn't call them "Jumbo" for sure. What they are are durable, brightly colored, and long enough for small and medium drinks.

    from Zulu Co. Posted on

    The straws are exactly what they were described to be! Bright, flashy color that fits great with shave ice flower cups, I was a bit worried that they may be to narrow for slushes and shave ice but they work fine if you have a nice smooth slush with just flavor no solids. I would reorder!

    from Mount Slushmore Posted on

    I was surprised that these "jumbo" straws were so small!!! I really thought that they would be bigger in diameter. Next time I will order "giant" or "collosal" sized straws. but they work fine for any thin beverage like soda, but for smoothies they are just too narrow.

    from The Big Bun Bakery Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    They are indeed colors that are rarely seen in most food joints, none the less, they work great and are sold at a great price

    Posted on

    I use these straws for serving my juices, since they're a thinner consistency than smoothies. I've gotten great feedback about the color variety and how the straws work for the juices.

    Posted on

    These straws are just what you'd expect, nice neon drinking straws. They appear just as pictured. They are medium weight to they don't bend easily but aren't too bulky.

    Posted on

    Great straws for the kids. I always have to stock up on straws because my kids want them. These colors are fun for them and they are very cheap. Worth the buy! Make sure to order them with more items to cut down on shipping!

    Posted on

    We have found the straws to be excellent. It's fun to use colorful straws to add to our business. They are skinny, but we prefer that anyway. They are priced at a reasonable price.

    Posted on

    These straws are perfect

    these are perfect for a 6 year old's birthday party, as they work well with water and juice (probably soda too, but we don't drink soda) Bright colors and A LOT in the pack, so its worth it. If you're using only specific colors, you'd still save money because its less expensive than buying specific straws by the color.

    Posted on

    These multi colored straws work great for our lemon shakeups. Kids love the different colors. It really adds some personality to the drinks when we use these.

    from Bailey Enterprises Posted on

    For some reason, i thought JUMBO meant large straws. I ordered these for our milkshakes and they are far too small for them. I believe our SMALL soda straws are larger around than these. I love the colors and quality. They are great straws, but I did not feel they were JUMBO.

    from Farson Mercantile Posted on

    Thanks for reviewing this item! For a great price, these straws work well for drinks like soda, water and milk. If you are looking for a milkshake straw, the Choice 7 3/4" Giant Wrapped Straw with Red Stripe (485WG7WH) or the Solo D85AN 8.5" Colossal Neon Straw are great alternatives.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Ours came mostly with green colored ones but we just got to stock colorful straws for the summer. These do the job and stand up well.

    Posted on

    The colors are vibrant and the straws stand up to thick liquid. Great straws or smoothies and shakes as they are sturdy and do not bend easily.

    Posted on

    I really got a great assortment of colors in the box. I even got a darker blue color which very cool. I would probably order a 10" straw next time because I bought these to use with Dart Conex 32AC 32 oz. Clear PET Plastic Cold Cup 25 / Pack. They are a bit short, but for now, they'll work!

    Posted on

    I oredered these straws just because they were "cheap" but I have gotten so many responses about them. It's funny how a bright and colorful straw can make someones day brighter :)

    from Trolly Stop Hotdogs Posted on

    These straws are good for beverages. I like the fact that they are so bright and colourful. The price is so reasonable that I will continue to purchase this item.

    Posted on

    Really nice soda straws for retail. Our customers use these for the black-light parties. We love the value in this brand and strongly recommend this item.

    Posted on

    During the summer time we stock these colorful straws to make a splash with our younger customers. They always seem to enjoy them. Quality and price is good too.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These are quality and inexpensive straws that are very colorful and distict. Kids certianly prefer them over clear or white ones, I've seen it time after time.

    Posted on

    fun and colorful. The colors makes it exciting for kids. It's cheap to purchase and doesn't make a mess because there is no paper wrapper around it

    Posted on

    Fun, fun, fun! Our youngest customers loved these bright straws. I loved that they are unwrapped. Much less trash that way. We will order these again.

    from The Vintage Cafe Posted on

    We're always having parties at our house and everyone needs straws for the juice so it doesn't dye their teeth and everyone loves these bright fun colors, especially under the black light!

    Posted on

    The colors are nice. I use these for milkshakes, and no one has complained, but it would be better if they were a little bigger.

    from Market Street Ventures Posted on

    These strays are a great deal and are the right size to fit in the old fashioned metal and glass straw holders also available on this site.

    Posted on

    We love these straws! The bright colors are a fun, quick, easy way to brighten up a drink without a high price tag. The fact that they can also be bought in smaller quantities, which helps maximize storage for us, is a big plus.

    Posted on

    These jumbo drinking straws are a huge hit in our bar. the bright neon colors always impress our customers and they are less expensive than the clear straws we used to use.

    from Big Sky Business Supply Posted on

    This product is great for parties & catering, especially in the food establishment industries. People usually do not notice at straws because they are ordinary and plain but with using this neon color straw creates an youthful and fun way to drink. Goes well with fruity drinks & carbonated drink

    Posted on

    These neon straws are perfect for events and to brighten up the moods of your customers. They are wonderful for a younger crowd. I got mine to serve italian sodas.

    Posted on

    What a good price; penny/p.c. This product is perfect for smoothie. Its appealing colors are very attractive with customers. They all give comment to this type of straw.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

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