Choice 8" Super Jumbo Boldly-Colored Unwrapped Spoon Straw - 400/Box

Item #: 999SS8NN

Give your customers the best of both worlds with this Choice 8" super jumbo boldly-colored unwrapped spoon straw! This straw's open-ended design doubles as a spoon and is great for serving thick milkshakes, slushies, smoothies, and snow cones. Plus, with an eye-catching, bold color, it will create the perfect contrast against your sweet treats.

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Choice 8" Super Jumbo Boldly-Colored Unwrapped Spoon Straw - 400/Box

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straws great spoon colors love drinks smoothies Bright fun ice
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    4 out of 4 found this review helpful
    The colors actually looks brighter than shown in the photo and that's good. It does well which making Slurpees and other colorful drinks with or without alcohol.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    These are very sturdy and brightly colored straws! I have ordered these on multiple occasions and will definitely will be ordering again!!!! Great Value for the pricing!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    we use these really bright spoon straws for our milk shakes. the customers really seem to enjoy the colors. and they are super strong. we love them
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These are great for our blended drinks. Plus they come in cute bright colors. They really add a brightness to our beverages. They are a great product at a great price.
    Love the colors on these straws. We use these straws for smoothies and shakes. Great price for the quality of the straws. I would definitely recommend this product for everyone!
    Quality straws for a very great price . We serve every snow cone we make with one of these bright colored spoon/straws. I highly recommend them
    Very well made dependable plastic straws that allows everyone in the family pick their favorite colors. They are exactly like the straws you get from fast foot
    I love the bright colors, fits perfectly for our store! These will straws for our cake shakes, the wide spoon like bottom will be perfect for thick shakes
    While these didn't work out perfectly for me, they are great straws, for those that need the spoon aspect, i highly suggest them, if you don't though, go with a different straw
    These are what we used for our snowcones over the summer. Bright colors look great and the scoop spoon at the end is great to eat the ice with.
    These unwrapped neon colored spoons straws are perfect for the kids during summer when they have their snowcones and slushy‘s There’s a perfect length for any cup they are very strong and inexpensive
    Such an amazing product. comes with a variety of colors so you are able to switch it up a bit, not to small nor not to big. comes with a spoon on the end and its helpful to pick up some ice with some flavor at the same time.
    We have ordered these straws from Webstaurantstore several times and have been happy each time. They offer great prices, and the product arrives in great condition and is delivered very quickly. I will continue to buy from them for my business.
    These spoon straws are great! I use them for my frozen lemonade product. They are sturdy and durable unlike other brands that are always bending and cracking. My customers are pleased.
    I love these straws they are great for slushees and icees. They can be used for regular drinks to. I also love assorted colors. It's a big box to
    These straws are perfect for the frappes we prepare at the coffee shop. I ordered these fun colors for summer and my customers have noticed. We decided to use unwrapped straws because of less waste and it's easier for my clients, they get their drink and it's ready to enjoy immediately!
    These are awesome straws! They work great with parties! Kids love the different colors! They are great quality and don't break easily. Love them! 8" is a large straw!
    I wanted a way for our customers to enjoy the specialty coffee drinks we serve that have a delicious mound of flavored whip cream on top. This is it!
    I love these spoon straws they have great color. They are great for the snow cones and root beer flaots we sell they are a very good price too
    These are the best straws I have found for the money. They work great for our snocone stand. Great price and very fast shipping. My only suggestion which would be to the manufacturer is flip them around so the spoon is on the bottom in the box not the top.
    Wow what a big hit these were! They were enjoyed by children and adults! The color choices were an added plus. We will not need straws for a while but I could not pass up purchasing them. THE PRICE WAS AMAZING!
    This is a really nice 8 inch long super jumbo on wrapped neon colored spoon straw I'm very happy with my purchase there nice and strong spoons straws great for frozen cocktails
    I like to use these for fruit smoothies, malts and slushy type drinks. I especially like the little spoon to scoop up the little pieces of fruit left on the botton! The colors are fun & I'm glad they are unwrapped.
    Excellent color assortment, Kids absolutely love these as I give them to children with my Italian Ice, Spoon tip is a little small but makes it very easy for younger children to use.
    these jumbo spoon straws are really nice. the jumbo size is good for maximum enjoyment. the colors are really nice too. they're unwrapped so keep them covered.
    So much fun to use! Brings out the kid in everyone! I use these for the Hawaiian shaved ice I make for our guests in the summertime but I've also use them for homemade milkshakes and root beer floats as well. They're perfect for all of those uses and they are of a substantial weight and do not bend or crack easily. Highly recommend using them! Too fun!
    I really like these drawers I love that they have a scoop on the bottom so they're perfect for thick milkshakes snow cones and slushies
    These straws are great for blended drinks! We would never go without! They work for 16-24 oz cups but do not fit over 24 oz dome lids (only flat lids) We purchased them for years! Love the spoon feature!
    Great straws nice and bright colors these straws are very sturdy and are great for milkshakes and sodas. They worked out great for our event and plan on ordering more
    Always been awesome. Great price and a good product. Easier than cash and carry for straws. I have reordered this product a couple times and used about 6 cases of these the last couple years. good purchase.
    Good quality straws with attractive colors. We are planning to order them again in the future for all party needs. Ideal for slushee drinks and sturdy.
    Straws are colorful and nice, but little bit too thin, flimsy. Good with soft drinks, smoothies, but doesn't work very good with thick milk shakes
    These are our favorite spoon straw. We use them in all our iced treats. i like the different colors. Webstaurant has the best price that i could find on the web. Amazingly quick and economical shipping.
    Be certain to read the dimensions on these, of course that is my own fault. But if you have a pop top smoothie lid, these will be too short.
    These jumbo straws are super! They come in an assortment of fun colors and the spoon thingy at the end is great for our smoothies and milkshakes.
    Neon colored, very colorful, kids have fund with them. These straws are great for smoothies and thick milkshakes. The quality is very good. No complaints.
    0 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Wish the sell there wrapped for sanitation. Had to return them and order the wrapped ones that only come in red. If they had these mixed colors wrapped I would've give it five stars.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These jumbo spoon straws are so much fun! I love using these whenever I make smoothies. They're pretty sturdy, and the price is good too.
    The scoop on the end of the straw is great for thick malts and shakes; prevents even a drop of ice cream from going to waste. The variety of colors is a plus!
    These Jumbo Spoon Straws are the best for our Snowballs! The colors are very bright and the straws are strong enough to stand up to being used as "spoons" as well as for drinking. Our customers have commented on how much they like them because they are better than straws used at other stands. We will continue using them every year.
    Fantastic deal. If you are going to have a snow cone bar, these are a must-have. They are a great length, great color, great value.
    This is a good straw. The BRIGHT colors are really vibrant and will go well with our snow cones. Love to see the faces of all the children when they get a snow cone, these bright colored straws will just add to their excitement.
    The spoon straws work really well for our chunky milkshakes. We do cookies and cream and brownie shakes and its nice to have the spoon at the bottom. Bright colors make it fun and our customers haven't complained.
    We are having an ice cream social and offering ice cream floats. These straws make the perfect tool to scoop out the ice cream and sip on the float all in one.
    When we opened our cafe, I wanted to sell milkshakes. I knew we would need some spoon straws. I ordered these and we love them. We sel 15-20 milkshakes a day and use alot of these.
    love these neon color spoon straws come in different color the 8" inc is good enough to put in 16 oz cup great one use awesome neon colors
    Very vibrant and attractive colors to make my customers mouth water for Smoothies, Bubble teas and Slushes and Even Snow Cones and Kids can request a matching or contrasting color for their snow cone!
    The straws are well packed, it came as it was described on the web site and I like that the box can be use as a dispenser.
    I ordered these for snow cones and they are the perfect fit. The straws have a large opening and the spoon part is actually big enough to use. The colors are bright like the picture shows and the children love them. Thanks!
    We use these at events. Easy, fast, nothing extra needed. The kids love them. They love the colors. They are the perfect addition to our snow cone.
    Love these bright colored spoon straws. They are a hit with my snow cones. The kids love them and they hold up very well. Thank you !!
    My customers (especially the kids) love the bright colors of these straws. People love having different straw options rather than just having the same old borrowing white ones.
    These colorful straws are perfect for snow cones, rootbeer floats, etc. The kids love the bright colors. The spoon is big enough to hold a decent size bite of whatever you are serving. Takes the place of a spoon and straw.
    These straws are the way to top off your snow cone! We used them for a birthday party and all the kids loved these straws. They were great quality.
    I was a little worried that these would not be sturdy enough for the Shaved ice and the spoon part but everything came out just fine. I love the option of different colors because the same ol' boring red gets tiring after a while, and with a Shaved ice business it goes well with the tropical effect! It came in a sturdy box when I received it and you can either leave it in there or place them in a appropriate container as you see fit. Next time I will purchase the bigger box because these go fast.
    Absolutely perfect! The colours are great, and the design is ideal--definitely and substantially better than the cheaper ones you can find in the discount places.
    I love all of the colors & the quality is great, really sturdy and doesn't easily break. Great quality and cheap price, what else could you ask for.
    Really great! Really sturdy and don't break easily. The colors are really bright and fun and would add a great touch to any shave ice or snow cone stand!
    These boldly colored straws are a giant hit at our ice cream stand. People love the colors and end up taking them home with them. Very attractive addition to the stand!!!
    We have used these with snow cones for a birthday party as well as for a snow-cone stand. Kids love the bright and fun colors.
    These straws are perfect for smoothies because of the small cutout spoon on the bottom. Adds a nice touch when making drinks look special, when compared to narrow straws, and are easier for drinking thicker drinks like milkshakes and smoothies.
    Great spoon straw. Love them for thicker smoothies and slushies. Surprised about the other reviews about the spoon part being small when they are the same size as the Slurpie store's.
    Bright colors to match the drinks. the kids enjoy picking their own colored straws. The spoon straws are pretty sturdy and does not snap or crack
    I like the bright colors of these straws and they seem to work well for children, but the spoon is so small and flimsy that adults request a spoon as well.
    These are very fun colored straws, The so called spoon part is very small and thin. A straw and spoon works better for our use,but the kids love the color.
    These colored spoon straws are great for kids and adults. They act as a spoon and if you have a thicker drink like a smoothie or slushy you can use the small spoon end.
    I love these spoon straws. They are so colourful and attractive. We use them for our slushies and our twisters. Just the right length and easy to hold. Cant beat the price.
    The 8' boldly Colored Spoon Straws 10,000 / CS are great. We use them when serving our slushies, and milkshakes.The customers love them. They come in Bold colors.The price can't be beat.
    These are great party straws! They are good for frozen margaritas or other alcoholic drinks! Very bright and easy to find in the dark! Nice basic straw too!!
    My kids love these straws for their snow cones, slushies, smoothies, milk shakes and other frozen drinks. They're brightly-colored, thick enough to use for an icy drink, and economical enough to use for any occasion.
    these spoon straws are great. the colors aren't really flourescent or neon, but they are indeed bright and colorful :) the kids love em. they are perfect for our italian shaved ice. the kids get to pick their own colors. defintely a winner.. comparing to the boring traditional regular white spoons. price cannot be beat :)
    We make milkshakes at our ice cream shop, and everyone goes nuts over these bright colored and fun straws. We're actually known for our straws now.
    These straws are so much fun. Ideally, we were going to use these only for milkshakes, but kids started asking for them for their sodas too.
    Great straw for a Great Price!! We have been serving ice cream for about three years now and have always just given a normal straw with them, but now we can give these and it looks much more appetizing for the kids. They are very colorful and the built in spoon is great for our tornados and shakes/malts.
    these are excellent for kids and for smoothies or milkshakes. also great for icees and other frozen beverages. i really like the bright and fun colors.
    I love how bright and colorful these straws are, kids love them. They are the perfect straw for Icee's and other frozen sugary kid drinks.
    Great for snow cones, smoothies, great length, color, quality. We love the box, tear off the top and they are ready to use. 5 *****
    The colors on these straws are nice. But, they actual spoon part is a little flimsy. We use them for floats, but we have still been giving people a separate spoon as well.
    We ordered these for our smoothies to make them stand out more. Love the colors and the spoon on the bottom. The hole is skinnier than I thought it would be but no customers have said anything and the straws don't clog with a thick smoothie.
    Item was exactly as described. It works really well for shave ice deserts and shave ice bowls. Some bubble tea customers ask for them also.
    We try to make our ice cream store as colorful as possible! These spoon straws definitely help us achieve that goal! They are fun and a great length!
    These straws are amazing. Customers love the neon straws and also use them for things such as fundraiser's, concessions stands etc. Love the case price on this item.
    Great spoon straws! They are strong to scoop shaved ice. They are not sharp, so they do not cut your mouth on the spoon side. Great vibrant colors! They do not have the 'plastic' smell, that many straws purchased in bulk have.
    These straws are great. Eye-popping colorful, durable, and easy to suck through. We started using them for our smoothies and I liked them so much, I started buying them for my house for my kids smoothies.
    These neon spoon straws have such exciting colors. Great for shaved ice, slurpees, smoothies and other drinks. You can even match your with the color of the straw.
    These great spoon straws are a must for a party. Not only are they functional, but they also look great and enhance the appearance of the desserts. Kids love these ones rather than clear or white ones, because they are great.
    These NEON Spoon straws are the "cherry on top" in completing the colorful presentation of our Hawaiian Shave Ice! The Bright colors of the straws are the perfect complement to the fruity colors on our shave ice! Sometimes we let the kids pick the color they want--that's so fun for them. We tried offering spoons instead-NO WAY-Our customers want the SPOON STRAWS!!!
    I own a Hawaiian Shaved Ice Stand. My customers love these straws. They are very bright and fun, and are good quality. The price on this item can't be beat....believe me, I've looked all over the internet. I re-order from webstaurant store every year to stock up for the summer.

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