Dart Conex PL4N Clear Plastic Souffle / Cup Lid - 125/Pack

Item #: 999PL4N

These Dart Conex PL4N secure fitting clear souffle / cup lids, made of PET plastic, are specially designed to safely transport side sauces such as ranch dressing, marinara, salsa, and more.

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Dart Conex PL4N Clear Plastic Souffle / Cup Lid - 125/Pack

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lids cups fit great cup Dart lid souffle Nice perfect
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    Tight fitting clear plastic lids for souffle/portion cups. We use them for our to go salad dressing, but they could be used for several liquid items. No leaks.

    from Sig Services Posted on

    Great fit.

    The lids fit the corresponding souffle cups tightly to prevent spills. Also, they are perfectly clear so it is easy to see what is inside.

    Posted on

    The Dart lids fit my containers perfectly. They have a good seal, the quality is excellent. They are much cheaper than our local restaurant supply store. I would definitely recommend these lids.

    Posted on

    Perfect fit for my container.

    Great lid to fit the 4 ounce souffle cup, lid snaps on tight ensuring a good seal and keeping the product inside nice and fresh.

    from Krave Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shoppe Posted on

    These are great lids for portion cups. They seal tightly and fit really well. They are exactly what you'd expect and are affordable for the value.

    Posted on

    These lids are beyond excellent. They have exceeded my expectations as far as durability, quality, and value go. They are so affordable and very clear.

    from Bb Posted on

    Great lids

    These soufflé cups work just as well as the bottom. Nice and sturdy and do not come off when tossed around. Perfect fit! Love it!

    from Personal Posted on

    Works just as you would expect it to. Fits the coordinating cups well and we have never had a problem with one leaking. We've used many of these with no problem.

    from Joe N' Throw Co-Op LLC Posted on

    These are a necessary accompaniment for the corresponding cups! Use all the time and would highly recommend them for similar applications. Sturdy and stay snapped in place.

    from Jubilee Catering Posted on

    These lids are very sturdy and stay on very well. Let don't leak even with liquid is turned upside down. We have used over 100 of them without any breaking or splitting on installation.

    Posted on

    These lids hold tight without being too hard to snap on, which is great for when you're in a hurry! That they come in such a large quantity is a lifesaver as well!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    These lids fit securely on the 5.5 oz souffle cups. We used them to sell homemade sorbet and they were great for that application. No cracks even after they were frozen

    from Coffee Snob Posted on

    Bought these lids to accompany soufflé cups that were purchased. They were great for securing small mixed fruit cups that were prepared for church luncheon. J. C. Williams

    Posted on

    perfect fit for the portion size cup. the Dart product is sturdy and hold up to hot and cold items. they are also cheaper here than anywhere else

    Posted on

    lids fit on 3.25 ounce portion cups as described. Seal is strong and does not come off , break or bend at all during shipping

    Posted on

    Great cover, fits tightly on the 4oz Dart Solo shuffle. Does not leak and are sturdy A must to get , will definitely be ordering again.

    from Susan Chiocchio Posted on

    These caps fit securely on the matching Dart Solo Conex 4 ounce cups. No spills happened, even when containers were drop from a short distance.

    Posted on

    Great product, especially for the price. We picked up 2 ounce and 4 ounce souffle cups and the lids fit snugly without any worries about leakage.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    These are the lids for the 5.5 oz. cups and they work very well. They lock into place so you don't have to worry about losing product if the cup happens to be tipped over. Quality product that is worth the price. Customers are able to see what they are about to enjoy because of the clear top so it helps with presentation too.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Great lids. I buy a lot of Dart Solo products for my food business and always have a great experience with them. It's nice that your food can be seen through the clear plastic too.

    Posted on

    I got these to go along with the 4 oz cups.Shipping was really fast and I have not had any problems with them leaking, lids fit nice and tight.

    Posted on

    I purchase these Dart Clear Plastic Souffle lids along with the 4 oz. Dart Soufflé cups. They fit great and are good quality and keeps food from leaking out.

    Posted on

    lid does what it is meant for .. won't fit on other products with the same size cup. only good for dart containers but works well with them

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    These covers are excellent quality. No cracks nor chips! They covered the compatible souffle containers with a secure snap, and were excellent value for my money!!

    from SHARON Posted on

    It is what it is and you will get what you seeing , good take away cup for dipping or else , spices or samplers

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    Awesome product at a great price! I can buy from Webstaurant Store at a fraction of the cost from any of my national food providers!

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    These fit perfectly on the 5.5 oz plastic containers. They stack nicely and take up minimal space. Available at a fantastic price for a relatively small amount.

    Posted on

    Nice portion cup lid with reasonable price. It seals well. I put pickles in cup and put this lid. It does not leak. Good item.

    Posted on

    These portion cup lids work well with dart solo cups but won't fit other brands. Make sure they are compatible with your cup before ordering. Good quality for the price.

    Posted on

    Work great and fit the containers as expected. We will continue to use these lids in the future for use with our sauces and dressings.

    from Barefoot Bar & Grill Posted on

    Product works as it is intended. Lid is markable for labeling. Thin liquids may leak. I suggest keeping them level if filling with dressings or thin sauces

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    Awesome lids. They completely seal with a nice little click when you put them on. So far after using quite a few of them we haven't had a single leak.

    Posted on

    These fit perfectly on the plastic soufflé cups we purchased. They are the perfect size to throw a snack in for the kids or myself. And with the kids it makes it much easier to carry on the go

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    How do you review a lid? Not that complex, right? Well, the one and only thing that really matters is... does it fit? And happily, this one did, every single time. Fussing with ill-fitting lids when you have a line of people at a food truck window is NOT a good time so consistently hearing that 'snap' when you're jamming through dozens at a time is a totally worth five stars. No wonder Dart is still around after all these years.

    from October Catering Posted on

    I have used other brands of lids and some are a pain to snap on. These snap on very easily and hold tight. Very pleased

    Posted on

    These worked well with the related container, but wish they were sold in the same size pack with the bottoms. Makes it much easier to keep track of.

    Posted on

    This top fits the Dart Solo Conex 4 oz perfectly. I never have any leaks or spills with this container. It's great and I plan to reorder.

    from Sanis Catering Posted on

    These lids create a great seal when used with the 4 oz containers. We like to put dressing in our containers and this keeps it in there!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Love these, I bought them to go with souffle cups. Nice tight secure fit and durable seal that’s doesn’t give up with jostling. I will definitely keep purchasing these for my kids lunches.

    Posted on

    These lids work great, snap when closed and do fine with high heat items. I love the dart brand and plan on never changing portion cups or lids.

    from Freddy T's Restaurant Posted on

    Home use: I love having these on hand for school lunches, snacks, or dipping sauces. Much better quality than those found in party stores in our area.

    Posted on

    Affordable, tight fitting lids for condiment cups. The clear lid allows for clear presentation of product. The available condiment cup sizes are compact and easy to fit inside other plastic containers.

    Posted on

    We use these Lids along with the Cups (550PC 5,5 oz Souffle/Portion Cup) to make mini desserts that can be finished at the event. We can make desserts at home, Place lid on for travel and when ready to serve , remove lid and top off with whipped cream. We also use the lids on fruit cups. Love it.

    Posted on

    Snaps on nice and tight and forms a great seal on the 4 oz portion cups. I have no worries that any liquid items will leak.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    These lids are good. They hold on to the portion cup pretty well and do not let the liquids out. It would be great though if these are sold as combo with the cup.

    Posted on

    These lids are essential go-alongs with the 4 ounce cups that they fit. The lids are super affordable, and very tight-fitting on the cups. Great for keeping sauces and condiments fresh, as well as storing odd bits of paint and other craft mediums.

    Posted on

    Fit 4 oz cups as advertised, they work perfect ! Thanks and will be ordering again. The small cups and lids make sending lunched to school easy !

    Posted on

    These lids are perfect for the Dart 4oz souffle cups and they fit snugly without leaking. They're perfect for catering or take-out. The price is reasonable (like most things on WS). Like any lids, these can sometimes stick to one another and you have to separate them but that's alright.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    They does what it supposed to do,Definitely !!! Stays on and doesn't spill. Will definitely reorder. Thanks webstraunt, I appreciate your service. 2 thumbs up.

    from Tamaria's Care Posted on

    Good product at a good price. The only drawback is you cannot microwave the product. Seals really well so you don't have to worry about leakage

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these lids because they are locking, easy to put on, and are pretty much airtight. I use these containers and lids on a daily basis and have no issues!

    from Dog Gone Good Time Posted on

    Great quality lids. Love the way they just snap on and are so secure! For the price you really can't beat it. They snap right on!

    from Just Juice 4 Life Posted on

    We like the portion cups and the prices are really good. Be sure to order the correct cups for this lid as different brands don't always fit.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    The worlds leader in plastic drinking products and WR has them priced very good, these lids fit very nicely and you don't have to worry about spills.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    We got these lids to use on cups that we are using for slaw on yo go orders. They are the perfect size, very good quality.

    from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe Posted on

    I bought these to use for samples at our local farmer's market. I use them for samples of pies and cookies. They are perfect purchased with the 4 oz portion cups to maintain a safe non-contaminated sample!!

    from Birdsell Bakes Posted on

    Good fit for the cups I bought here! Even though I don't know how well it prevents sauce from leaking, it looks okay so far!

    Posted on

    Its nice to have this dart solo clear plastic lid 4oz to cover my portion cup 4 oz. great quantity good plastic well made too

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    These kids are great! The fit tight and have just enough room to fit a round sticker on top with your logo. Perfect addition to my wedding shows

    Posted on

    It goes without saying that this lid is a must with it's mate the soufflé cup. I have used these so much. I packed a salad to go with my extras on the side- worked great! Made small portions for freezing - worked perfect! I have even put small Dino's in them for my grandson. A million uses.

    from Home use Posted on

    I needed lids for my cups, so I bought these! The dart lids are a much higher quality and in my eyes worth the higher price. No issue with sticking, breaking or leaking

    Posted on

    These lids fit the 3.3-5.5 ounce solo cups, very snug, they snap into place and hold dry and liquid contents with ease. These lids are not microwave safe. They are not top rack dish washer safe either.

    from Raid My Pantry Posted on

    I pair these lids with my 3.25 ox containers and they go together beautifully! Our customers love that the lid is clear so you can see the contents inside. The lids fit very snug onto our containers!

    from CakeBox Posted on

    Looks nice, works as expected. Seals very tight, so no spills, but snaps on and removes easily. Purchased here for half the cost of our local supplier!

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    These Dart soufflé cup lids are of good quality and hit nicely over their cups. Sometimes they can be a little difficult to snap on but at least I know that when it's on it will stay on.

    Posted on

    These lids fit perfectly on the Dart 5.5 ounce portion cups. The lids are easy to snap on and take off, which is perfect for little hands. They have a good seal, and keep your product fresh.

    Posted on

    I use these for parfait or dessert cups and they are great. Sturdy great quality and the price is right. I will definitely purchase these again.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    I bought these lids with the 5.5 souffle container to hold my homemade icecream. I also use them to put snack for my kids. Easy to use and reuseable.

    Posted on

    Nice lid. fits well. i use this for snacks, arts and crafts, candies, favors etc. Thousands of use for this solo cup and lid. I will purchase more.

    Posted on

    We use these with the black four ounce Solo portion cups and have had good luck with them so far. We used a different brand prior and had issues at times with the lids not fitting the cups properly. We haven't had that problem with these.

    from Cafe Xpresso Posted on

    The perfect companion to the little 4oz cups that were used at our Anniversary BBQ. I used them for Dessert minis and the display was a hit. No serving, scooping, cutting... and they were the perfect size for the kids (and the growns) to grab and go to satisfy that sweet tooth.

    Posted on

    We use these lids for hot cheese at a concession stand. Have had no issues and make it very nice when plating our nachos. No worries about children dumping it on themselves or the floor.

    from Crossroads Christian Church Posted on

    This is my 2nd purchase of these, along with the 3.25 ounce cups and I could not be happier with them. They fit tightly and you can hear a "pop" when you know it's on secure and safe. I've had NO spillage with these lids (compared to other lids I've tried elsewhere). I'll be back for more and more!

    from Sunet Grill Posted on

    I use these lids for multiple purposes, often when I am baking or cooking I will prep before and the Souffle cup they fit is large enough for some of the ingredients I need. The lid makes it possible to do this in advance, either storing my ingredients in the fridge or countertop. Then there are the desserts I prepare in advance and use the lid to keep them fresh. They work well in the freezer as well. They are sturdy and easy to put on the container.

    Posted on

    Ok. Not much to say because you have to get the lid for the 4 ounce container but it is really sturdy and doesn't pop off.

    from Legends Restaurant Posted on

    Great product must purchase both the cups and the lids great for anything! storing small item in the kitchen as well as dessert cups for the summer cookout! Lids make it neat clean and easier... must buy!!

    Posted on

    Desserts on the go! Love the lid option

    I use these with the small bowls to put left overs that are small amounts of things that are hard to make or making small portions of various sauces / or candy for kids /or taking to work & a snack on the go .

    Posted on

    These portion cup lids have worked very well for us. They secure nicely onto the portion cup and we don't worry about leaks. We would recommend.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    I love the fact that these lids can be used for the different sized soufflé cups... My cafe is small so any space I can save on inventory is valuable

    from E and c cafe Posted on

    Great little tight fitting lids. We use these cups and lids for sauces, salad dressings, and to give out samples of our home made chicken salad and pimento cheese.

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    I was happy to find out that these fit my 4oz. cups and 5oz. cups too! These are perfect for liquids and other food items!

    Posted on

    these fit the 4ozs cups nicely and make a nice seal. We use these for dressings and salsa and we rarely have leaks. (sometime italian dressing will)

    from Lisa's Lunchbox Posted on

    This lid is very high quality lids that stay firmly closed and don't leak. I would definately use these again for my snack cups and dressings.

    Posted on

    Black Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup lid is perfect for closing the portion cup. It fits snugly on top of the cup with no danger of coming loose.

    from Primitive Gardens Posted on

    These go with the Dart PC cups. It is very impotant to use matching cups and lids as they are NOT interchangeable. I feel Dart are the best value.

    from Hen and Hog LLC Posted on

    Tops work very well to cover our cranberry sauce and cabbage salad. Never had a complaint about leakage. Super product! We are very please with the products that you offer.

    from onesville Methodist Church Posted on

    I made a mistake and did not order the covers with the cups. Once I received the lids I was surprised when the lids with-stood the ruff delivery ride.

    from Ms. Geneva's 50/50 Restaurant Posted on

    Great lids to use with different sized portion cups. They lock tight for no spillage. Webstaurant has the best prices and they are awesome to deal with

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Nice tight fitting lid for my souffle cups. Great for when I'm toting around cupcakes and mixes from Farmer's Market to Farmer's Market. Will definitely buy again!

    from Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church Posted on

    I love that this size can fit cups of varying sizes. I ordered more of these and was able to order two different portion cups and it fit them both well.

    Posted on

    Great little covers that coordinate with the 4oz portion cups, also sold here. I love the smaller pack sizes which helps maximize space in our kitchen.

    Posted on

    Good product, good prices. No cut rate damaged cartons or spoiled packages. You can count on Webstaurant for first quality at the best price. Why pay 30% more?

    Posted on

    Great souffle cup lid that makes a very pretty presentation of whatever you dish out in it. We use it for coleslaw and sauces for fried items

    from Calamitys Posted on

    We use these lids for our 4 oz portion cups. They are strong enough to stack and store the filled portion cups without bending. Fit tight and don't leak.

    Posted on

    These lids are of good quality and construction. They work perfectly with the corresponding cups. The cups can be used for just about anything and the lids make them even more versatile. This website is great! The quality and quick service are wonderful. Thank you, we will order from you again.

    Posted on

    The lids are a great add-on for those who use the souffle cups for sauces or dips, etc. that throw them in to-go bags, etc. Super affordable, and hold on tight to the container, so no seepage.

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

    I used these with the 4oz Aluminum Foil Portion Cups and they fit perfectly. If you want to give away samples or sell portions, these are a great way to do it, especially if you want to promote your business at the same time. Just put a round sticker with your business info and you'll have customers coming left and right!

    Posted on

    This lid fits the black portion cups I use all of the time. It snaps on quickly and stays secure. A great value for the price.

    Posted on

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