Bulk Matchbooks - 50/Box

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Easily light your tabletop candles, food warmers and more with this book of matches! Matchbooks are a necessity for virtually any establishment to have in stock. Whether you're a restaurant that needs to light tabletop candles for ambiance, a hotel lighting aromatic candles in the lobby, or a chef lighting the pilot light of a stovetop, this box of matches will serve a variety of needs. This book of matches is also an ideal, hospitable option for guests who smoke. Supply them at your outdoor bar or in a designated smoking area.

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Bulk Matchbooks - 50/Box

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    I am so glad I bought this. Its great for any bar or hotel. Cheap and bulk! Came with 50 match books which is more then enough.
    These are nice match books. I like that they are very inexpensive. You get 50 sets per order. They can easily be customizable and be used to promote business.
    Great matches, large pack that’s great to keep behind the bar for customers. We’ve bought this several times and the quality is actually good for the price
    We carry matches for customers as a courtesy even though there is no smoking in restaurants. These are a great value and people don't steal our lighters anymore!
    The bulk matchbooks are awesome and great for making our boy scouts camping kits. A nice quality matchbook and a great buy and works nicely.
    I am constantly impressed with the prices and variety of products that webstaurant is able to provide. They have everything, even something as small and simple as matches. I was just going to go to the grocery store to buy matches but I happened to be placing and order and decided to check. Of course they have matches, they have everything!
    An economical buy, these bulk matchbooks come fifty to a box, and they are great for businesses with many customers. Each book contains 20 matches, and the covers are glossy, too.
    These marches generally light the first time. We have used them for camping mostly, but also around the house for candles and the grill. They work great!
    We sell a lot of cigars and some guests prefer to light using matches. These were an inexpensive solution to that request. There are so many matches in this case I chuckle every now and again when I see the 3/4 full case sitting in the back. It will be years before we get through them. They are not the poorly made ones where the tips strip off or smear. We are a higher end facility and I have no issue handing this product to a guest for their use. If i ever run out...lol. I will buy another case.
    Sir Clean recommended this product Bulk Matchbooks - 2000/Case, it's perfect to use in restaurant, hotels etc. Good price and quality! Perfect size, we like it
    Great product for a great value. You will not find matchbooks for a cheaper price than this. Must have in every home. Daily use matchbooks and never had bad experience.
    Great matches for a wonderful price. I hate cheap matches so it’s nice to be able to purchase these quality matches in bulk. I will be purchasing more!
    This is an awesome value for 50 matchbooks. Great to keep in your business as they are not branded. Also great for home for emergencies or everyday use.
    This order comes with 50 matchbooks that are plain white on the outside cover, allowing you to stamp with your own logo if you desire. These are very affordable and always important to have on hand for customers.
    These are just matches but it's a pack of 50 and they strike on the first time they're a great alternative to handing out your lighter!
    These are awesome! Bulk matchbooks in a pack of 50. Great for customers who need them. Leave on your counter and they now know where to find them.
    all in all these are really great matches. the books / packaging are super plain but the matches themselves are really easy to light and the price for the pack is a great deat
    These matches work great and are easy to light. They are cheap and I go through them a lot as I am a caterer and need to light flames often. For me it's easier than carrying a lighter.
    this is a box of matchbooks. I believe there are around 50 books in the package, they all come with matches and strikers. They are plain and have no pattern,.
    I really like the packaging these come in and the fact that they're made in america. Perfect for lighting candles around the house (without that butane lighter smell.)
    I bought these by accident not paying attention that these aren’t the loose matchsticks I thought they were. They come in matchbooks, which is ok too. At least I don’t need containers to store them and I can leave them wherever for emergency needs. They also make cute accessories when you gift someone candles (the matchbooks are plain so you can write, stamp, or decorate them however).
    I used these on a cigarillo bar. They served their purpose & for the price, they cant be beat. They are plain jane, but that is what i wanted & doesn't effect quality. My only complaint is a few of the packs had worn off/missing pieces from the lighting strip, but it was only a handful in 2 boxes. As far as i know, they all lit easily on the first strike. Great choice!
    The bulk matchbooks are perfect, they have no advertising on them and work well. They are exactly what they are supposed to be. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality matchbook.
    These little matchbooks were good to have strewn about at my recent party venue. They were used to light the various candles around the room and at the price, I did not care that there were hardly any left after guests had cleared out.
    These are great cardboard matchbooks. The matches are easy to light and the quality is great especially for the price. Can't find a better price for these!
    These are normal everyday white match books. The matches light on the first time everytime which is great and the price is cheap for 50 matchbooks. Will buy again
    Not much to say about a box of matches. They come 50 to a box, all of the matches tried so far work. Cant beat the price for what you get.
    I always need matches, especially in the summer when we get the fire pit going or when we barbeque, and usually have a few packs laying around in restrooms "just in case."
    I love being able to rapid reorder these matches. Cute design and very functional. I will order more for home and would highly recommend these matches!!
    This pack of 50 matchbook is perfect for restaurants that use a candle lit decor in the evening or even weddings that need candles lit
    This is a great way to get matches for cheap! They come in packs so make sure that you don't think they are bunch of individual matches!
    The box of matches definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality is great and the price is very reasonable. I would purchase again and highly recommend this product.
    I absolutely love this product! These book of matches work great! These matches are perfect for camping or just when you need to light a fire!
    Your basic set of boxed matches. Lights well and is cheap and non-descript. You can offer it to customers without caring about the price, which is nice!
    These matches are excellent for the quality and price. Besides, I hadn't a clue as to where I can find them? Found it from here, the Webstaurant Store!
    Tons of matches for a great price! I like having matches around for my emergency packs. They are nice for quick lighting of a candle or gas burner when the pilot light isn't working (and I can't find my lighters with the extended neck). Something nostalgic about a book of matches!
    Great matches from a good company. they work as they should, and have many uses. 50 books for a low price, great flame and they light when damp sometimes.
    There are so many matches for a very cheap price! I added a sticker to then and gave them out. Its a great way to promote a bar
    These matches are a great value for the price. They come in handy. 50 packs lasts a long time too. Definitely a good choice in purchase.
    Simple nice Box of matches. Nothing ow my just a basic pack of matches that come with 50 of the books. These are great and if you need to light candles or a grill easy to have an toss in your pocket
    Great deal for a box of matches. We often give candles with birthday cupcakes and these are nice to have on hand in case a lighter is unavailable.
    Got these to use in my house in case I want out of lighters they were very cheap price and a very good match the white very easily
    Basic 50 books of matches to give away to people who ask you for a lighter they work good didn't have any problem with lighting it
    These matches are a steal! They work perfectly all the time despite the cheap price. They are extremely well made. They matches are perfect for your guests!
    Good old fashioned matches, for lighting candles around my house. I never liked the fumes from automatic butane lighters.. I packed some away in my emergency kit along with candles in case of power outages.
    These matchbooks are an unbelievable price here. You definitely get a bang for your buck. They also work well. I like that you can store them in a small area since they are already boxed compactly.
    While there's not a lot you can say about a book of matches, what I really liked about these was how very white they were. And no extra markings. So I was able to use a white sticker to create wedding favors for my daughter. Came out nice! And they did seem to be well put together, no torn edges or sloppy construction. I did find it strange that they have to ship separately from the rest of my order though. I guess because they were flammable.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how well these matches worked. I was really worried that they would be too cheap feeling or that they wouldn't spark up well, but they have held up to my demands.
    It is very difficult to find unlabeled matchbooks that aren't hugely overpriced, and most sites are interested in printing custom logos on the box to upsell you. No matter where you buy your matches, odds are that these are the style, as they come from one of the last match factories in the USA. High quality, great price. Thank you!
    A decent book of matches that gets the job done. We often burn brush around our home and they are a great, cheap fire starter. Not to mention, 50 matches will last us a long time. I highly recommend keeping them from moisture or they will become stale and unusable.
    These matches do not work half of the time. I can often get half of the match book to strike and just throw the remaining half away. But they are so cheap I guess it's not a cost issue - just an inconvenience.
    Small convenient packs are easy grab and go products for guests and bar patrons who need a quick light. Great value for the quantity and quality received.
    The Book of Matches - 50 / Pack is easy to open. Use your left hand thumb and pointer finger to hold the match and your right hand thumb and pointer finger to push the lid back. It opens so easily. It opens so easily. Great value for the money
    These are good matches for the price. I've been meaning to keep a bunch around for candles in case of emergencies, and these seem like they will suit that purpose well.
    You're going to be hard pressed to find a better deal than these for match books. They light easily and don't feel cheap. Personally I really like having a large number of books to stash around the house and in our cars. You never know when you will need a light.
    Great matches. They are very easy to light. I ordered these for residential use, mainly for lighting grills, and they get the job done. This book will last me probably a year, and the price is unbeatable. I will definitely order these again.
    i bought the book of matches and i am happy with it . its a good price .you can not find this price in the other stores.i will buy it again.
    I searched high and low for match books that were plain white at a decent price. Even with the additional shipping charge, these a re a clear low price winner. Quality is what you would expect from a book of matches. Great for a wedding, or a business that wants to put a label or stamp on them to brand themselves without the high cost of custom printed matchbooks.
    This pack of matches is super inexpensive. You get 50 books of matches. Great for camping, travel, owning a bar, etc. If you need a lot of match books, this is a great value.
    Perfect for camping, because they work even if they get a lightly rained on. Also good for keeping around the house in case you have to light birthday candles, etc. you never know when you'll need them!! They're a good price too
    This is a wonderful value! So far, I have not been able to find cheaper matches anywhere on the internet. Also, these are very easy to cut if you just want the match heads for a project.
    Box of 50 packs of Matches, are a must have for camping, placing on the counter for people that need a pack, and lighting most anything. We keep 200 to 500 on hand at all times in a water tight bag so moister does not get to them and ruin them. At this price we can afford to keep even more on hand.
    These matchbooks are pretty nice to have. They make for a convenient light and customers really enjoy them too. Best of all is the great price they come at!
    still work if damp. very nice matches, easy light great for a bomfire when having one. and are very safe to use. at a low buy.
    These are great matches that light easily when struck against back of book or even a rock! Nice for starting a campfire when camping! Awesome price!!!!
    Quality stuff and webstaurant always delivers a quality product at fractions of the cost and this is no different. Whenever I need something for our restaurant I always check here first
    strike if damp. burn good in wind. great price. fast shipping. great supplier WEBstaurant. how can i save on shipping on my next order. thank you. clouse farms

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