Choice 10 to 20 oz. White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid - 100/Pack

Item #: 999L1020W

Provide your customers with a reliable to-go option with this Choice white hot paper cup travel lid! Designed to fit compatible 10 - 20 oz. Choice and Dart Solo paper cups, this one versatile lid helps reduce your lid inventory while taking the guesswork out of lid /cup compatibility! The sipping hole accepts stirrers and straws, while the cut-out design allows for comfortable, easy use. Additionally, a tiny air hole near the back of the lid improves flow for a smoother sip!

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Choice 10 to 20 oz. White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid - 100/Pack

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    Out of all the products I have bought through webstaurant, this has been the only product that I did not like. I think the tops are too flimsy and do not stay on that tight. I don't trust them so I won't let my customers use them.
    Thank you for the review, Dylan! We are sorry this lid has not suited you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you right away.
    These lid are awesome didn’t have to worry about any leakage and they held in the heat. I would order these again and I highly recommended them
    This cups need to be removed from listing, as the owner of the coffee shop, the lids liner become wider after we pour hot drink into cup make it so dangerous to drink from the cup cause It will spill and leak from the sides, lid price it’s ok but quality need to be reviewed by websturant again
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These plastic lids are very solid, and fit perfectly with Choice branded hot cups. As you can see in the picture, sometimes the quality isn't the best, but for the most part they are fine. While they are not as heavyweight as the Solo brand, I have not experienced any issues in terms of tears/breaks. After buying both the white and black lids, I have to say I do prefer the black.
    Excellent lids. Never had an issue with the lids themselves, only cup rims. Keeps beverages contained and warm. They also nest and store together very well.
    These lids by Choice are what i was speaking of as the perfect fil for the cup in all sizes. The price is also a no-brainer.
    Some of the packs have a weird plastic after taste to it. The eco-friendly ones work well even for the regular white plastic ones. Cheaper but spending more may be better.
    We use these for both coffee and soups. The hole is not too big and customers like that they do not spill. They can handle the hottest cups without melting out of shape.
    No-nonsense lids that snap down sure and true every time, at a price that’s within everyone’s budget. I like the hole for sipping; it provides optimal hot beverage flow.
    Great price for hot paper cups. This is easy to drink from and very lightweight. The white looks very clean and nice versus the black one.
    These lids fit really well on all the Choice cups. Hardly ever have a flawed one. They seal tightly with no leaks and the bright white looks great with our lid stickers!
    The lids are durable, holds the cup nice. I like how it fits to all sizes of cups that we use. It fits into our 10oz and 16oz paper cups.
    We use all white cups with these lids and I love the clean way it makes everything look especially with using our custom kraft coffee sleeves that we got from this site.
    lids are perfect for what we need them for, pricing was great as well. shipped fast. ive only found 2 defective in the whole case thus far
    These lids work great! Well built and you can't beat the price either. We use these for hot coffee at our coffee cart. Looks nice and clean.
    Perfect to combo with my 12 oz coffee cups. The lid "clips" on around the rim of the cup and you can feel it when it locks. I love how easy they are to put on and I do not have any issues with them breaking.
    We received these along with a box of black ones that we didn't order. I returned the ones that were sent to me by mistake just before I moved. They are perfect for the choice cups and fit well. I will keep buying these as they work great in our restaurant and concession stand. It's nice not having to order a lid for every size, but maintaining a good fit on them all!
    Purchased this lid for the choice 16oz poly paper hot cup and it works great. As I was placing the lid on it seemed like it wasn’t stable . You won’t hear a snap, so I was so unsure of this. But it actually worked . It hasn’t given me or my kids any problems . It held up again kids so I think it’s a winner .
    These 8oz - 20oz hot lids work perfectly for all the sizes of our hot cups. They complete the look we were going for and the simple sip hole makes easy to drink without spills
    This lid is spil proof in the sense of the flat lids that you would peel back the small piece and then is splashing all over. My customers love these lids and these will be the only lids I will be purchasing.
    We use these on the 12 oz cups and they fit perfect! We were concerned about poor fit and spills but there is no concern with these.
    Found works best with 12 ounce cups, fits perfectly. Nice sturdy material that stays on and won’t come off. Not flimsy but easy to maneuver.
    Just like any other coffee lid, we have all seen this type of lids everywhere and if it works for those places it works for yours too.
    I was very disappointed with this product. I have 10 oz. cups from Webstaurant and bought these lids to use on them. They fit tight initially but after about 10 seconds of having hot coffee in them the lid expands and comes off with barely a nudge. This past weekend I had a customer spill coffee all over himself because the lid came off when he went to drink it. Now I have to figure out where I can buy my lids elsewhere.
    Thank you for your review, Jacinthe! We are sorry this Choice 8 oz. Squat to 20 oz. White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid - 1000/Case has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    These lids are perfect! They fit our 12 oz cups without a fight, and hold their seal well on the cups. I feel confident handing someone a hot beverage that there won't be any leakage.
    These Lids are amazing. I love them because they are not hinged lids. These Lids go on most cups with ease and the fact that they fit so many size cups is excellent.
    The lid is nicely made, closes well and fits the cups I ordered. I am happy with my purchase with this brand. All lids were cleaned and not damaged. Item came in a timely manner and packaged well. Will order again.
    Unlike the clear plastic line for cold drinks by choice, these lids only fit the 8oz cup. They are a snug fit and do not come off easily.
    These are pretty good lids for the price. You have to be careful because the liquid comes out the hole pretty easily. They fit a variety of cups which is nice.
    I use the white lids for certain events with my business and I think there a goodbye for the price. They’re not the highest grade plastic, but for the price I think it’s great. I would recommend these.
    These lids snap on tight tight. Never had any problems with them popping off. I do have some the cracked edges, but I think it's do to shipping. But we use them all the time.
    They work great with the Choice 10 oz coffee cups. just as good quality as the name brand and at a much better price I order about 2 cases a month
    i side to think that a lid was just a lid. But then i realized that there are lids that snap in place and stay and ones that pretend to be in place and cause big problem later. These lids work well with our cups and we have not had any accidents!
    When used with the Choice brand hot cups, this is by far the best lid/cup combo out there. Seals well and looks very nice and professional when paired with the white cup.
    Choice lids are fine. They work as expected. We have not had any issues or defects with these lids. I'm glad we can buy one set of lids that can fit different cup volumes. It makes purchasing and organizing much easier.
    These trave lids fit perfectly on the choice paper cups. They don’t leak at all. I used to take my morning coffee in a travel mug but cleaning it everyday was annoying. Now I just use the paper cups with these lids. Much happier
    These lids work fine with smaller sized cups, but when it comes to 20 oz cups it can be quite a stretch sometimes to get them on. Overall, it's generally worth it even for the 20 oz because the price point is so reasonable, but just be aware.
    Great value for cup lids. These are just like the ones from your favorite donut shop or coffee shop. They are spill proof and easy to drink from.
    These coffee lids are great for sipping hot beverages without fear of them spilling out of your cup and onto your skin. They come in the color white, which looks great against a printed coffee cup
    These lids are awesome. They click on solidly and won’t come loose. We say buy a case or two and the matching Choice cups and lids. Don’t forget sleeves, carriers and stirrers too.
    These clean, simple white lids look nice on our to-go coffee cups. Customers like them, they hold up well, and are a good price point for us.
    These lids are wonderful! In the past I've used lids that don't stay on or crack when you try to put them on the cup; these lids have been sturdy and easy to put on without getting your hands all over a customer's drink.
    The hole could be a bit bigger, but overall the cover seems to be working pretty good. packaging: box wasn't dented and the sleeves are sealed.
    This cute white travel lid is perect to put on coffee cups. As an added bonus, it traps in the steam so that you can enjoy that hot coffee longer!
    Very impressed with these lids. They are not flimsy at all They fit well and they fit several different sizes of cups,making them very efficient when we are busy.
    These are good, basic hot paper cup travel lids that fit on Choice paper cups. They snap on easily with one hand, which is really convenient for customers and baristas, and have a good seal that does not leak.
    These are a good quality lid. They fit 4 sizes of cup, which is extremely convenient and saves space. They snap on tight, and we have had no problem with leaks whatsoever.
    These lids snap onto paper cups fairly easily. We use them together with the Choice paper cups also offered at the Webstaurant Store. Shipment was fast.
    This is a great kid. It sticks on to any cup and dosent come back off. The white is a nice change from the black.
    THis is a good sturdy lid that goes on easily it stays on too a sure way to ensure a safe coffee drinking experience without any spills
    these are an awesome all around white lid. they are super versatile because they work with a bunch of different sized cups. these are our go to accent lids, very solid.
    really nice hot paper cup lid, i don't know this brand choice before, but they also provide the better cup lip and hot cup than other company, we recommend it.
    Excellent cup lid for the hot cups ranging from 10-20 oz. These are extremely economical, and the best part is that they are compatible with 4 different sized cups, allowing you to streamline and simplify your products!
    It's nice that these lids fit multiple cup sizes. I have had some leakage at times near the seam of the cups while using these lids.
    This late is just a basic standard hot cup lid however I really like the fact that it fits all 3 of our cup sizes.
    this lid actually fits really well! we had problems with lids before, and having the lids fit to the cup. but this lid fits great on the choice or solo cups. Quality is good and we have not experienced any problems with the lid
    Good lids for the cups that I have purchased through webstaurant. Fits both sizes very well. These lids are a bargain through webstaurant! I recommend!
    Great cup travel lids! Look good with both white and custom order coffee cups to go different sizes, thus there is no need to order a lot. Definitely will order more when needed.
    Great lids for the cups that pair with them. They do, sometimes, want to not fit, but it doesn't happen too often. We always keep these in stock, they are our main brand of choice!
    I am not sure but sometimes this lid fall too easiliy and customer can spill their drink.. it may be the cup but I think its the lid..
    Great lids to match white cups. Smooth texture and an overall great value for the price. The stir & plug stick fit really well in them.
    Purchased the choice white paper cup travel lids to go along with the choice 16 oz coffee hot cups, they fit nice and tight without them popping off or leaking.
    I have tried other lids and these are by far my favorite. They fit nicely and my customers do not have a problem with them popping off.
    These lids are so-so. We have had multiple issues where a batch of them would be defective and not properly seal on the cups. This was not an ideal situation because our customers would have hot drinks spill on them because the lids wouldn't stay on. Webstaurant did replace the defective lids, but if possible, I would suggest you pay a little extra for Solo or another name brand of lids.
    Bought the choice cups so had to buy the lids to go with them. They fit snug on the cups. no problems so far. Plan on buying more on next order. Thanks
    These lids are hard to put on the cups. We have had people think the lids were on and they weren't and the lids pop off when they go to get a drink. We wouldn't buy these lids and cups again. Once on, the lids have been fine.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I chose to get this lids instead of the cheaper flat top lids. They are worth the extra price and my customers agree with me
    Good lids with accurate descriptions but some cases I've recieved have not fit as well as others and pop off. 80% success rate among cases of lids.
    I am very particular about the lids I use. Another vendors lids split and crack too easily because they are thin. Choice brand is great. I have never had a leaking cup.
    These lids fit perfectly on our ten ounce hot cups. I would recommend these lids for your cups. They are a great price as well.
    I bought these to go along with the 12 oz all white coffee cups. The lid's that we have tried so far have all fit snug and no pop offs. Excellent price and fast shipping!
    These lids fit perfectly onto our 10oz cups. We keep them next to our waiting room Keurig for anyone that wants to take their coffee or tea to go. So far we have not had any complaints about them popping off.
    These lids do not fit tightly on the 12 or 16 oz cups. As I'm sitting here trying to get it on it is actually falling off by itself. Way too flimsy. I wouldn't dare use these things. Going to try returning them. Hopefully there is a lid at the local supply store that fits because I have purchased both the 12 and 16 oz cups. Awful awful.
    Thank you for the review, Jacob! We're sorry these were defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly!
    These lids work great, I like that I can use these for both my 20oz cups and my 12oz cups. Great value, and nice they have the caution that its hot on the lid.
    We combined these with the 10 oz. White Poly Paper Hot Cups. The lids fit the cups well and prevented lots of spills at our event.
    These hot cup lids are great. I have had other brands where the tops develop a split or a crack easily while you try to apply the lid (or especially try to remove and reapply the lid) to the cup. That has only happened with one of these tops out of the 50 I have used so far.
    The key to a lid is that it fits snugly and easily to the corresponding cup. This lid works well in the sense that it is consistent and it fit snugly. You need to take care to get it on fully and once it's on, it's secure. I like it.
    Super strong did not leak fit the cup perfectly . I am impressed they are so nice looking as well. I think the adults at my babys bday party will love their coffee looking so adult looking. Especially at a kids party
    Had excellent luck with these lids fitting properly and not breaking. Works perfectly with the choice hot paper cup. We have not found a expensive alternative works this well.
    These lids are great! they snap on nice and snug and are easy to drink through. And because they fit tightly, it helps reduce spilling if accidentally knocked over.
    These lids are very flimsy and pop off very easily if the cup is even slightly squeezed. I'm afraid to use them thinking it could pop off and burn a customer. So they are not being put to use.
    Thank you for the review, Adam. We're sorry these cups were not working for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly.
    These lids work perfectly with the choice cups I bought with them. I'm almost through the entire pack and I have not had one crack, leak, or pop off yet!
    These lids fit on the cups perfectly and snug. They don't leak and can be popped off and back on with no problem. They are great.
    I purchased these lids from Because I needed one lid that could fit all of my hot cups. Great choice! Awesome lids that I can use.
    Perfect fit for my 10, 12 and 16 Oz cups for coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Eliminates having to have different size lids for all the sizes I offer.
    Lids do not sit very tight on paper cups. Had problems specially with customers using it in the car. Multiple spills happened to my customers. Do yourself a favor if you do not want to loose customers and pay a little more for a better product.
    We appreciate your review, Lars. We are truly sorry that these lids have given you problems. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this.
    cheap, flimsy, breakable. I bought a case of these hoping for the best, and ended up throwing out most of them. They are very cheap and flimsy, and never would I serve a hot beverage to a customer with a top like this on it. They are dangerous and a hazard.
    Thank you for the review, Michael. We wish these lids would have worked out better for you! For a tighter fit, we recommend trying these Dart Solo TLP316-0007 Traveler White Dome Hot Cup Lids paired with their compatible Dart Solo cups instead.
    I've received the items in a unbelievable fast shipping which I greatly appreciate BUT... I'm not using this lids for my shop . I'm standing by SOLO brands and their quality. These lids or NOT made with quality , Something told me to test these lids durability and they failed. The lids DO NOT grip the lip of the cup so it only takes a simple squeeze of the cup and it pops right off. NOT something you want happening when you are serving a hot beverage to a customer. Buying bulk is something NOT worth it. Contact SOLO and order the lids from them. Quality matters. Thank you
    Thank you for the review, Cesar. We are sorry these did not work with your cups. Please note that these are best suited to fit their compatible Choice cups. Check out these Dart Solo TLP316-0007 Traveler White Dome Hot Cup Lids with Sip Holes for a great option for their compatible cups.
    These lids fit the disposable white travel cups perfectly. Nothing drips out like with others that I've purchased...I will definitely repurchase. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the lids come in packs of 100 and the coordinating packs of cups come in packs of 50...
    great companion for my 12 oz paper cup this Choice 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz. White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid - 100 / Pack nice very well made lid
    This lids works with any size cups I love I don't have to get different sizes , they are very secure on the cup no worries !!!
    I bought these for the paper hot white 16oz cups, and they work well together. The reason I am giving a 4/5 star rating is because some of them came in the package bent and a little defective. Also it can be a little tricky to get them on at first because they don't "click" onto the cup, but they stay on well and I will be purchasing this product again.
    these lids are such a great weight. we use them in our shop but we also take them home and use them for our coffee when we travel. sturdy and highly recommended, i have never had one of these lids come off.
    These travel lids work for a variety of cup sizes. They keep beverages warm longer and prevent spills and burns. These are great for business, workplace, banquet or even home use.
    These lids are easy to snap on and work great. They are easy to drink out of and look of good quality especially for the price.
    These lids sometimes have issues fitting with the Choice cups...I haven't had issues with using it on other brands of cups so I'm guessing the defect is with the cups.
    Great price for standard plastic lid. Occasionally, a batch will be a bit loose fitting for the cups, but it doesn't happen more often than when I used to use Solo brand.
    Must have lids for the hot beverage containers.they fit on to the cup very snug and secure. We always make sure to tell our customers about the snug fit.
    These white lids provide a great clean look for my brand. They snap into place with ease and are very "drinkable." Will order these choice lids again!
    These are only acceptable if you haven't used superior lids in the past for your business. We typically buy International Paper cups/lids from Restaurant Depot, but in an effort to avoid visiting there (my most consistently least favorite shopping experience ever), we ordered Choice cups/lids from webstaurant. I will save my cups review for later, but I have to say, both are really lacking in quality in comparison. These lids are flimsy, thin plastic as compared to a thicker, matte plastic with the International Paper equivalent. They also refuse to stack without toppling over (unlike the others mentioned). This is a big deal if you own a cafe/restaurant as we do. The coffee area gets much messier, much more quickly with these lids. They also just feel cheap in comparison. We spend a huge amount of effort to serve locally roasted, fair trade, organic coffee/espresso drinks, and that these cups really dampen the quality association. We even have regular customers asking when we are going to return to the old lids. I will send a separate email, but I would be immensely grateful if webstaurant would stock the International Paper equivalent of these lids and cups. Read Less Read More
    Thank you for your review, Vanessa. We are sorry you did not like the lids. They are an excellent value for the price. We recommend these Dart Solo Traveler White Dome Hot Cup Lids with their compatible Dart Solo cups for a pairing that might better suit your needs.
    Not a fan of these lids. They don't fit the 10oz Choice brand cups well at all. They come off easily which causes spills and burns. Any recommendations for paper cups and lids that fit better together? Choice doesn't seem to be the way to go.
    Thank you for your review, Matt! We regret to hear that you do not like these travel lids. They are a great value for an economical price. We recommend Dart Solo's Traveler White Dome Hot Cup Lid for a tighter fitting lid that will reduce spilling. See the companion items on the lid's item page for compatible Dart Solo cups that will work well for your application.
    We had a problem with a loose fitting lid previously and these seemed to do the trick much better for the choice 12 and 16 oz cups. You do not want to hear of guests having coffee lids coming off and scalding them and ruining days.
    These 10, 12, 16 and 20 oz ,lids work very well. We use those together with coffee cups of 12 oz and they fit pretty well.
    I have ordered a different brand of lids but now I am very convinced that this is the brand I live, its easier to cover the cup and they do not come off like some do.
    I bought the 10 oz cup to go with this lid. So disappointed because lid is loose. This is unsafe especially for hot beverage as the lid is loose
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the lids you purchased. For a tighter fit, try Dart Solo's Hot Cup Lids with the compatible Dart Solo cups.
    These lids are terrible! I went to re-order my regular lids and it said the item was no longer available. So I viewed the cups I always buy to look at their "companion" lids that this website displays. I just started using them in my shop today and I have had multiple complaints that they pop off the 12oz cups as soon as they were picked up. I threw away 3 lids in a row because they would not stay on the cup. They seemed to fit the 16oz a little better, but overall, they were terrible. Do not waste your money or risk your customers spilling hot coffee all over themselves!
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the travel lids you purchased did not work out. For a tighter fit, we suggest these Dart Solo Traveler Lids paired with their compatible Dart Solo cups.
    I purchased these for a craft project. The lids seem to fit well . . . the only issue we had was with the first cup in the bag -- the lip had gotten a little crushed but the other 49 in the package were fine. I also drank my coffee from one of them just to use them because of some of the previous reviews. I had no issues with them.
    I initially liked these lids because of the ease with which they go on the cups. Fast forward a month and my customers are letting me know that they are popping off in the car when they go to pick their cup out of the cup holder. Not sure what to do with the two cases I have left as I will order different, more secure lids for the safety (and happiness) of my customers.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry that you are having issues with the lids you purchased staying on the cups. For a tighter fit, we suggest these Dart Solo White Hot Cup Lids paired with their Dart Solo cup options.
    I like how this lids fits multiple size cups. The lids usually go on cups easy and have a tight fit that helps reduce spills.
    They fit the cups very well and have a nice premium feel. They are solid. It's a good nuy and pretty cheap too. No worries
    I have used at least 3 different types of lids for my hot cups and I really don't like these. They may have been purchased because they looked less expensive. But many are too loose for an initial seal - they don't snap when they are on. They also seem to stretch out if they get taken off (for adding sugar or something like that) and then they don't reseal. Some of my customers have also had them pop off when they picked the cup up too high. Not the best choice as you will throw a lot out.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear these lids didn't work for you. Your account has been credited for the defective lids.
    Snaps into place and keeps liquids in the matching cup. We're yet to have problems and enjoy these lids for their clean, white, and simple form.
    We purchased these lids to go along with our 16oz white hot paper cups. The lids fit snug and stay on while you enjoy your beverage! We will be placing an order for these lids again!
    These are lids for the 10-ounce hot coffee cups we also bought from Webrestaurant. They fit perfectly. We are happy about this purchase. Will need to purchase more soon.
    Good product but every so often we get a pack that doesn't fit the cups for some reason. That doesn't happen often, but none the less, has happened.
    Every shop has to use these plastic or paper cups and lids, these are very good quality and carry a very good price. I will order these again.
    We highly recommend these lids for the Choice" paper cups they fit. For quite some time, we resisted changing from the styro cups we were using, because our styro cup lids fit tightly to the styro cups, and didn't allow coffee to slop onto our customer's laps. THis was an important consideration, when most of our customers drive 18-wheelers weighing 100,000 pounds carrying logs to and from local paper mills. We were completely surprised and very impressed at how tightly these lids fit the cups. We are very impressed by this product and the matching cups, and will continue to use them for years.
    Good lid. Tight fit. Easy to put on the cup. Easy to drink out of. We are happy with the Choice brand for hot cups and lids.
    We use these cups with the Eco Products Evolution World PCF 12, 16, and 20oz. Hot Cups and have been very pleased. They are cheaper than the Eco Products brand lids, but work just as well. They are sturdy and have a snug fit on the cups.
    Great lids that actually stay on the cups. Even when very hot you can actually get away with picking the cup up by the lid. Will buy these again!
    These lids are a nice lid for the price. The only down fall is that we must buy them separately to the cup and some of them do not always fit well to the cup.
    We paired this lid with the Choice 16 ounce hot paper cups. They fit nice and snugly. Please note that these lids do not fit the Choice 8 oz. hot paper cups.
    Coffee lids work great. We serve to-go coffee and hot chocolate with a seccure lid that works everytime. Great lid and great price. Thank you.
    Such a great lid and fits perfectly with the cups I ordered with it. I am so glad that I found this company and website. I am obsessed with this website
    These travel lids are great for our field guys. They stop by the office in the morning for their coffee grab a cup and a lid and go. Stay on tight and the price is great.
    Love it! I can't tell the difference between solo and this choice product. The price is right and the quality is really a bang for your buck!
    Lids will crack and will not stay on. After customers use them, half the time they crack the other half it will start tearing in the rim if the cup.
    Thanks for your review! We hope that your replacement lids serve you well.
    Awesome lids for the matching cups for espresso beverages and coffee... They have lots of room for the whipped cream! These are much cheaper price than my local food service delivery. I buy these often for my cafe.
    this lid is perfect for the matching cup that I ordered. The price can't be beat and they fit several different sized cups. I'll continue to order.
    These lids fit my hot drink cups very nicely, snug. And they are very easy to drink from, unlike some other lids I have tried that you have to rip a piece of the lid off. And the coffee does not spill out unless your really tip it over, nice product.
    Lids fit great and look attractive. No spills or slips with this lid - they fit nice and tight on our 10oz and 16oz coffee cups.
    As another reviewer said, the little drip catcher is what makes these lids better than the ones with the foldable plastic piece. I have found the quality of these lids to be impeccable.
    great lid with a great price! these have turned into our favorites with the 'drip' indention for the 'shaky' drinker before the caffeine high calms them down!
    Was looking for a lid that would fit any size cup , 12 - 16 - 20 oz. this lid was just was just what i was looking for. bright white makes the cup stand out. Delivery of these lids came on time as they said it would
    We love that these lids fit all our cup sizes since space is at a premium. Price is great, just wish they had "buttons" to press down signifying skim, sugarfree, etc
    great product! least expensive that I could find online, and the product fits all the beverages that we serve at our cafe. I recommend this product.
    As a whole these lids do a great job for us. They are simple and are universal for all the cups we carry. We have had some issues with cracking and tearing when putting them on the cups but this has not dissuaded me from purchasing them in the future.
    These lids fit our solo cups so that helps but they are somewhat thinner and more prone to tear or crack in pressed on to hard
    The lids fit a variety of sizes which in turn saves money, they work well and fit tightly to the cups. Saves money works good. I will continue to buy these.
    Snug fit, clean lines, easy stacking. These fit our standard white coffee cups, and go on almost every cup out the door. The dome leaves just enough room for a little shot of whipped cream.
    I like how these lids are flexible enough to fit a variety of cup sizes. They fit the cups tightly, no dribbling out the sides.
    This lid worked for both size cups that I purchased. It doesn't leak and has a snug fit. I am completely satisfied with this purchase.
    It's great that this lid can use with different size cups, very cost efficient. It fits with both 16oz and 32oz cups perfectly.I highly recommend.
    This lid fits the recommend cup very snug with no problems or leaking. A child can even put it on with ease. The cost is so cheap, but the quality is good, that it is a no brainer.

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