ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice

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Take the mess-work out of adding lemon flavor to your favorite dishes and drinks with ReaLemon 100% lemon juice. This juice makes it easy to add delicious lemon accents to marinades, dipping sauces, or even sodas or juice without slicing and squeezing fresh lemons. Great for storing in your high volume restaurant or bar, ReaLemon juice provides a consistent lemon taste from each 48 oz. bottle to the next. Consistent and convenient, this lemon juice is ready to use and does not need to be refrigerated until after opening.

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ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice

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    4 out of 6 found this review helpful
    This is the best price available for this product anywhere I've searched. We thought we were getting a deal at other retailers but this FAR surpasses that. This product is a must for most any kitchen. It can sit unopened at room temp for an extremely long shelf life, and once opened, it stores in the fridge for a very long shelf life too. I use it for flavor in my from-scratch lemon cake, which is divine. I don't even use the rind recommended because ReaLemon does the trick and then some. We use this for cocktails, marinades, salad dressings, and all kinds of confections. It blends easily, and the flavor is smooth and, of course, lemony. Additionally, this is in high demand to make non-dairy substitutes for buttermilk, sweetened condensed milk, etc. so it is more and more popular in kitchens making healthier foods. As Webstaurant discloses under the blurb about 100% juice, this is a product that is made from concentrate, and has sulfite preservatives. Of course, being made from concentrate is pretty common, and that shows it is still natural. However, the sulfites added to preserve it, are what allow it to keep in your pantry or fridge for as long as you need it. And most people do not burn through lemon juice. Sulfites can be processed out of your system with natural nutrition supplements, so they are not the end of the world, even for a purist. Read Less Read More
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    My restaurant used to buy this from Costco all the time, now we have switched to buying it from Webstaurant Store because it is the exact same item and we are saving over half the cost!
    RealLemon is the real deal. The easy-pour bottle makes it perfect for use in all types of recipes and dishes. The perfect condiment for many fish dishes and has a much longer shelf life than real lemons. Plus, it makes the most amazing lemonade. Perfect for restaurant or home use, this is a great deal.
    We go through TONS of lemon juice at the bar. It is used in just about everything now we are saving money buying this in bulk from Webstaurantstore .
    We buy the real lemon lemon juice by the case. we have been using this for years for lemon aid, my daughter uses this for her lemon aid stand in the Summer, and we keep it well stocked in the home for the kids as well. my son absolutely loves lemon aid. sometimes we add sugar to it but most of the time he just adds it to a bottle of water alone. very good. very sour.
    The best lemon juice on the market hands down. Why waste your time exrtacting lemon juice from an actual lemon when you have this real 100% juice
    I did not care for this lemon juice. It had an artificial taste to it due to some additives. I ended up throwing most of the bottle away.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This is an unbeatable price. I love having it on hand for either when I bake or for adding a little lemon to my drinks.
    Hands down the best bottled lemon juice on the market for sure, it may be from concentrate but they all are. Real strong lemon taste
    This product is just as expected and arrived packaged very well with no leaking. It is your normal ReaLemon in 48 oz. I did find the big box store had the same exact product for a few cents more in price without having to pay shipping and comes in a two bottle package.
    This big lemon juice comes in very hand around my house. We eat a lot of fish and like to put lemon juice on it. I also like to use it for marinades.
    Love this lemon juice! It is one hundred percent made from lemon juice. It is best used for cooking. It adds the perfect taste to a variety of your dishes.
    This is the only brand of lemon juice I purchase. It can be used as a direct substitute for fresh squeezed lemons without any chemical aftertaste.
    We use this 100% Reallemon juice just for cleaning our griddle everyday. It makes a huge difference getting it clean when using this. The price was better than any body else’s. We highly recommend this product for getting metal to shine like new. Hope this helps
    I have always loved the real lemon bread and lemon juice. It always tastes as if it is freshly squeezed. These bottles are also very large so the two will last me quite a while.
    We like this real lemon 100% real lemon juice. We use it to substitute fresh lemon juice when we don’t have it on hand. It’s made from real lemon so the taste is as great. We use it in a lot of things. Like for macerating pear slices to make pear-ginger pie. We love it.
    This lemon juice is perfect for adding a little flavor to beverages, or using in cooking meals. I use it with chicken for a zesty lemon chicken dish.
    The RealLemon 100% lemon juice is a great tasting product. The juice is just like fresh squeezed and is perfect for making lemon curd. The bottle is sturdy and stores well in our fridge.
    This is a great alternative when fresh squeezed lemons aren't available. The flavor is great and the price here is awesome for this size bottle.
    Realemon is perfect for the recipes that we need it for. It definitely has the natural real lemon juice taste that we need to use it for.
    The ReaLemon 48 oz. 100% Lemon Juice is great for lemonade, add ins for sauces and for health and beauty. It is very inexpensive here on Webstaurant!
    The convenience of having lemon juice squeezed and in bottle fork saves so much time. It's great to add into your drinks or baked items that call for lemon juice. You can't go wrong with this brand.
    We love keeping the ReaLemon on hand for any recipe that needs a little zing. I find it's much easier to have this in the fridge than to make sure that I always have lemon on hand. Great taste, easy to use and store. Great price!
    ReaLemon juice is the best I have ever had. The juice is really great for making our lemon curd. The juice is so fresh and taste great. A must have for our household.
    Great product! Love keeping it in the fridge and adding it to my water, and any other dish that i would usually add lemon to. Convenient and easier than buying perishable lemons every time I need them! Great taste.
    0 out of 2 found this review helpful
    If you need multiple jugs of ReaLemon then this is the buy for you. The eight count case is perfect for distributing the jugs to each bar you have located at your establishment. The juice is of top notch quality and the flavor is so fresh. We are long time fans of ReaLemon.
    love the lemon juice in the large bottle...perfect for all our cooking needs at the diner. better price then we have been able to find .
    If you work in the food industry and go through a lot of lemon juice this is more convenient to have stocked than real lemons and these bottles don't spoil near as fast.
    This lemon juice does not taste anything like real lemon. I suppose if you just needed acidity this would do the trick but it's got an odd odor to it that I'm not fond of.
    This lemon juice is great for cooking. I wouldn't substitute it in baking recipes where strong lemon flavor is desired because this juice is pretty mild. I just like it for the acidity.
    Overall this Lemon Juice is great quality, and a wonderful value. The scent and flavor is a little bit on the sweet side, however it does come off as natural and not candy like or similar to any cleaning products. (Which is fantastic, I was relieved once it arrived.) We simply no longer use it in our products, or else I would reorder. Would recommend for the quality and value.
    0 out of 1 found this review helpful
    ReaLemon, the industry standard when it comes to lemon juice, And now at discounted price, product comes in resealable squeeze bottle like shown. This will be an item I buy here again
    I use lemon juice in a lot of my foods and even sometimes to clean. Having such a large bottle that still has a easy pour spout is great.
    This real 100% lemon juice is fantastic what a fantastic price quick shipping to it's delicious and it works great you can use it for food order cleaning stuff
    Fresh lemon juice. We use this to make lemon cupcakes. Very large bottle and sense it's such a large bottle it last a long time.
    This lemon juice is good it's Great. Has good flavor I have not heard any complaints from any customer and is rich and taste very good
    This product is great for adding real lemon taste. It's also good within many recipes. It also is a necessary product when making vegan buttermilk for vegan recipes.
    This Lemon juice is Good in Flavor and some dishes call for Lemon in baking a must in my house to make Frozen drinks. I keep it on hand.
    ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice - 48 oz. Bottle #999JUICLEMON i like it in my seltzer with a touch of sugar we also use it in our preseasoning wash
    love this real lemon juice. We are using this product for our restaurant for years. It is inexpensive compares to other products in the market.
    I use this for making lemonade. Great price through webstaurant's website. The flavor is fantastic and makes mixing up drinks easy. Also great for cooking and baking.
    WE just received our shipment of ReaLemon Juice this afternoon and already put it to test making a lemon cream cake. Its as authentic of a lemon juice taste as you will find and it is not extremely acidic.
    Real Lemon juice is so handy to have when you need lemon juice for quick dishes or flavoring! The bottle is large and can last a long time. I use it on fish, for and quick lemonade drinks.
    a must have for restaurant with griddles clean the grease and burnt right off. spend less time scrubbing while using this product. Great Results in no time
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    Great Juice. My family and I love lemon Juice. The bottles were bigger than I would buy in an ordinary super market. The price was bad either. Great buy. I will definitely purchase again. I couldn't make a better purchase locally.
    0 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I love to buy fresh lemons all summer long to make lemon curd, add to smoothies, salad dressing, etc. but harder to find good price and lemons in the in winter so this is the next best thing.
    0 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Real lemon, real thing! Great for cooking or cocktails. Use as a side with seafood and no one would know it wasn't fresh squeezed lemon.
    ReaLemon has a fresh lemon taste that works well in any recipe or beverage. We use it daily to make a wonderful Ice Tea! Also makes a great Italian Lemon Ice! This 48oz bottle contains as mush juice as 24 lemons. Where we live in the Midwest, lemons cost as much as a dollar each. This is a great value!
    Very inexpensive when compared to how many lemons it would take to get this much juice. I always keep this in my fridge at home for all cooking and drink making needs. Has a good shelf life too. Just need to shake very well as it separates a lot.
    ReaLemon is a great product with pleasant fresh lemon tasting and an unbeatable price. Not just for lemonade, splashing a little to soy bean sauce makes an excellent dipping sauce.
    Realemon is a great way to get lemon flavor in all of your dishes without having to spend all the time and labor on juicing them. It really tastes like a whole lemon juiced.
    I really enjoy this product, it is a great quality and fresh tasting lemon juice for a great price. I use it mostly in sauces for a nice citrus kick.
    It's always a pain to juice lemon but this product has just top off one of the trouble task in the kitchen. It's cheap to purchase too
    This stuff is awesome. You can't beat the price. On this site it's so much cheaper than juicing actual lemons! It works just as good too.
    This brand of lemon juice is great, it's very flavorful and bright and tastes almost like fresh lemons, we use it in our marinades to add a bit of zest.
    Great bargain! Can not beat the price! Excellent lemon juice for a multitude of applications in the kitchen! Takes the hassle out of juicing lemons!

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