24 Compartment Clear Hinged Lid Mini Cupcake Container - 11/Pack

Item #: 999IP224

Protect the frosting and decorations on your cupcakes with this 24 compartment mini cupcake container! Featuring 24 individual compartments, you can store 2 dozen of your most delectable mini cupcakes or muffins. Great for bakeries, grocery stores, and catering businesses looking to transport desserts to their events, this larger container makes it easy to keep your desserts safe and secure. Boasting a 1-piece design to keep lids and containers attached, this container minimizes lid confusion and saves space in your storage area.

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24 Compartment Clear Hinged Lid Mini Cupcake Container - 11/Pack

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cupcakes mini containers love cupcake great sturdy container perfect easy
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    I use the mini cupcake containers to for samples packs and they work out perfectly. There is enough headroom to add all my cupcake toppings without touching the lid.
    These work out perfect for what I need! I love that they hold the 24 mini cupcakes instead of just 12.. because I like to use these for Cake Tastings to be able to give customers enough options to choose from when ordering a cake. Also, I love using them for holiday cupcakes with multiple icing designs, looks adorable, and customers love them!
    Not just a mini muffin/cupcake container! I use these for cookie truffles and they present a professional look and feel for my business. They are a strong, sleek plastic; not the cheaper, thin plastic that is loud and squeaky. I have stacked up to 6 tall and never had any even look like they might collapse. Presentation sells and this product provides a perfect presentation! Since I started using these containers my sales have increased dramatically.
    These containers are perfect for mini muffins, cupcakes and other desserts. The box has a one-piece hinged design that is very convenient. I would buy these again.
    These cupcake holders are a repeat purchase and will be again. I love how they hold 2 dozen cupcakes at once which makes my life so much easier.
    Love this 24 standard cupcake plastic holder. We generally like to use box, but this container presents the cupcakes much better and fits double than would in a paper box. i like the quality and how high the dome it. I haven't had any issues with my cupcakes touching the top of this container.
    These are very nice mini cupcake holders.... the only thing I did notice that once packaged the container can be just a little flimsy if not supported well underneath... other than that we love these!
    These are the best containers for my mini cupcakes! They are very sturdy and close so easily. Love how affordable they are. great product overall.
    Love love love these! They are tall enough that you can frost a mini cupcake with a good amount of icing and still close the box!
    These containers are sturdy, looks great and keep your minis secure. The minis baked from wilton mini pan fir nicely but a tad loose. The minis baked from 24 Cup Aluminized Steel 1.75 oz. Mini Muffin Pan fits snugly but if you over fill your pan with batter the minis wont fits properly. the containers are a bit shallow which leaves not much room for a nice tall ball of icing. They do stack nicely.
    These are great! The containers themselves are bit bulky, but does not interfere with the performance. Makes icing mini cupcakes easy. I will be buying again
    We use these for Mini Cupcakes but also the Cake Balls- they fit both perfectly. Since we sell our Minis in increments of 2 dozen these are perfect for customers for pick up!
    These are the best mini cupcake holder! Very sturdy plastic & easy to handle. Pricing very good, shipped so fast and again customer service is the best!
    I only wish that they were a little stiffer and provided more support. Nonetheless, it was what I expected and the perfect height for minis. Will definitely reorder.
    This container is very sturdy. You can stack them without any worries. They will not bend in your hand when you move them. I wish they were a little taller.
    I love these mini cupcake containers. I ordered the 11 pack to test them out and they are perfect. I also love how they stack on top of each other and they are very sturdy. I will order the bigger pack next.
    Amazing products. Fast shipping and great communication with the company. Quality at its best. I will be ordering here for all future needs. My order delivered flawlessly thanks to great packaing.
    These cupcake carriers are perfect. I like that they're high hinged so they accommodate decorated cupcakes well without ruining the icing. It's nice to have a container that will hold a lot of cupcakes as well.. I prefer these over using boxes and inserts.
    Great price and great quality I use them with my mini cupcakes and freeze them in my freezer case in my small town bakery. Hard to find item
    Great for mini cupcakes, easy to put them in and take them out. Very sturdy and you can even stack them on top of each other if needed. Plenty of room for icing that won't get smashed.
    I needed there to deliver and setup mini cupcakes for a wedding. They were sturdy and stackable and also looked very professional. I made the cupcakes, let the cool, then placed them in the containers. I decorated with buttercream while they were in the container. The inside is high enough to not touch or mess up any of the buttercream decoration. Perfect containers for delivering mini cupcakes.
    I love these cupcake boxes! The high dome makes it great for piping frosting and not having to worry about it getting squished. They are sturdy when stacked as well.
    These are great quality containers. Using these makes transporting mini cupcakes and tartlets very easy. The price is excellent when purchasing a case. I highly recommend.
    The trays are made of good quality and the lid easily snaps secure without much effort. Cupcakes are held in place when transporting. The tray makes a good display tray.
    These containers are nice and sturdy. They snap close easily and I am able to put mini shot glasses filled with cheesecakes in them instead of cupcakes .
    These are some of the best mini cupcake containers available. They make transporting cupcakes easy. They also keep mini cupcakes fresher than standard cupcake boxes.
    These 24 compartment mini cup cakes container is very sturdy and very nice looking container. Gives my bakes good additional appeal for customers. I highly recommend'
    These work really well for my cupcakes and mini cheesecakes, very sturdy and durable. I was scared to order initially but they are great not flimsy. I got them quickly
    These containers work wonderfully for my mini cupcakes. They hold them snugly and close easily. Plenty of room for icing and easy to get the little cakes in and out of. Also, the price is nice.
    A 24 compartment for mini cupcakes like this one is a must have because sometimes a dozen MINIS just wont cut it. This container is perfect for holding the minis. It has ample space between each cupcake so that picking them up or placing them inside is not too difficult. They are also very sturdy for traveling. Great value too.
    Mini cupcakes are huge right now. These hold 2 dozen, which is nice if you have a large order. They also hold candies, strawberries, truffles, cake pops, lots of things!
    This mini cupcake container is great. I don't sell too many mini cupcakes, but it is a great product. I would highly recommend this product.
    Before buying these containers I had the 12 count ones and they were a pain too many containers for my customers to carry. These are simple and sturdy
    When I received these I was beating myself up for not just ordering the larger pack. I ordered the 11 pack to test out the product and I love it. The look nice and sleek for a professional finish to my mini cupcakes.
    These containers are the perfect size for our delicious mini cupcakes as well as our cake balls. They fix perfectly in the cavities! Love this product
    These are great mini containers for storing and/or carrying those mini muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and so much more. They are sturdy and work very well.
    These are nice carriers and work well for mini cupcakes or muffins. I would give it five stars but some of them are a bit difficult to connect. I found that I had to align everything very carefully before it would close.
    I love these cupcake containers! They are more expensive but the look of them and the dome shape are so much nicer. I highly recommend these even though they are more expensive.
    Perfect size and the mini cupcakes sit snuggly. While this may not be a benefit for most, for me, the plastic is just slight enough that I can use a finger to push in the bottom and not worry about damaging the icing.
    Holds my cupcakes great for transporting or take out. Keeps it fresh while in closed container. Fits more than usual and that is great. !!
    This is a very well constructed container which I found easy to encase my decorated cupcakes into without messing up the frosting. They are easy to close and open with the tabs in place. The price is definitely right. I love them!!!
    This 24 Compartment Clear Hinged Lid Mini Cupcake Container - 11 / Pack is nice a durable to transport mini cupcake or cheesecake. I will buy again.
    We use these clamshells for our deliveries many times each week and they're great. They stack easily, our cupcakes fit nicely into each groove perfectly, and they are sturdy and durable during transportation.
    I had purchased these in a smaller quantity because I was afraid I wouldn't like them. The only issue I have with them is that sometimes i feel there isn't enough space on top to put icing and a decoration, IF you are using a tall mini cupcake liner like I do. But I've been selling mini cupcakes so often that its really worth it to have the bulk package of them.
    I love these cupcake boxes! They are stylish and look great and have enough room that the icing does not get smooshed. These are my favorite ones so far!
    I ordered the small pack of these because I wasn't sure I would like them, and was pleasantly surprised. Before, I always used the 12 count containers. These are my go-to now for all mini cupcakes. They are high domed and fabulous!!
    Although we like how sturdy these are. The clasp doesn't seem to work correctly Unless you support them at the bottom. The.container pops open. This makes it really tricky.to get in and out of our paper bags.
    I liked that they were not flimsy.. they held up very well. Good for stacking and everything . I Will definitely be purchasing these containers again
    I use these for my cupcake minis and mini muffins... They get the job done, and do not disappoint! very reliable and sturdy product. and the hinges stay closed
    These containers are a wonderful display for your mini cupcakes. Be sure to carry with a supporting hand underneath. Other than that its a great product.
    I had too make over 200 cupcakes and could not have done it without these trays. They are perfect, even with a little height on the frosting. I froze them in November and they are still good in February.
    I love these cupcake containers, especially because of the high dome, since I typically pipe my icing pretty high or add cupcake toppers. Best price I have found and I will continue to order
    Perfect for packing and delivering mini cupcakes orders! Enough room for a nice swirl of frosting and a small topper on most cupcakes. Close tightly and are sturdy. Will order again.
    I love these for use with my mini cupcakes and also love that they come in an 11/pack! My one caution would be that the top is very smooth and slippery - beware stacking several one top of each other. They have a tendency to slip and slide when holding a stack.
    Love these containers. Made from a highly quality plastic, that can withstand repeated opening and closing. They also stack well with finished product inside without worry of collapsing down.
    Great professional looking containers. The space the holds the cupcakes is a little bigger than the liners i used so they did not fit snug, but that isnt a big deal for me. Will order again.
    I used these for my Holiday Sampler packs and they were perfect! I love the design of these, they are different then anything I've seen before. I was able to put 8 each of 3 different flavors for my holiday trios. I would recommend these to anyone that loves to do mini cupcakes!
    I love love love these cupcake containers, especially because of the high dome, since I typically pipe my icing pretty high. This is the best price I have found and I have ordered them multiple times!
    It has been my experience that transporting mini cupcakes is difficult. It's not the mini cupcake's fault. Apparently, we're not suppose to transport mini cupcakes as their aren't sufficient carriers for them, like there are for standard cupcakes. I've also found it difficult to even find places that sell plastic containers for mini cupcakes like this product here. It's for these reasons that I was super stoked when I came across these 24 Compartment Hinged Lid Clear Mini Cupcake Containers! I purchased the case because it's so difficult to find this type of container, but I am not a restaurant so these will probably last me quite a long time. I of course waited to the last second when I ordered them but they shipped very quickly and I received them in ample time - just another reason to order from Webstaurant Store. These Mini Cupcake Containers hold 24 mini cupcakes as listed. The plastic is durable and they seal easily and beautifully. I had zero problems with closing and keeping these containers closed. With that being said, they are easy enough to reopen as well. These containers also don't mess up your frosting and really keep your mini cupcakes safe from being mangled during transport. They are PERFECT for transporting mini cupcakes, which is what I specifically purchased them for. There is also ample room between the cupcake and the lid, so you don't have to worry about crushing the frosting on the tops of your mini cupcakes. The only downside and the reason I subtracted a star from my rating is that I found it somewhat difficult to remove my mini cupcakes without putting a finger in the frosting. They aren't exactly easy to get out. For most people this probably isn't a big deal since you are just removing them to eat. For me it is a bit of a bummer because I am using them to travel my mini cupcakes to different locations and then they are removed and put on display - the removing is difficult. Still, I don't think this is a problem specific to these mini containers, but more just a problem using plastic containers such as this in this manner. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and would strongly recommend this product for your mini cupcakes! I would purchase again...if I ever need more. :) Read Less Read More
    These containers are great! The cupcakes don't shift or slide during transport, and you can easily stack the filled cases on each other for easy delivery. I also really love that there is plenty of clearance for frosting and decorations without having to worry about it getting squished.
    LOVE these containers! They hold our mini cupcakes perfectly and are strong enough to stack containers on top of each other in a bag. Definitely a good alternative to expensive boxes.
    The mini cupcake containers were roomy enough for cupcakes even with significant icing. Though not entirely airtight, they did a great job of keeping everything fresh. Will continue to use.
    I love Webstaurantstore! I ordered the 24 compartment mini cupcake containers and they was awesome! They hold and sack very well! I will definitely order from here again for more baking supplies!
    It is easy to retrieve decorated cupcakes from the individual compartments. They stack nicely in my cart for transport and delivery to the locations. My customers like that they can see the product without having to open the container.
    We were in the market for a mini cupcakes container solution. We are raving fans of the 6 count and 12 count standard sized holders already, so we purchased the mini containers to match. The quality of the plastic is great. The minis fit perfect. All appears as expected. The disappointment with this product is that the containers do not stay closed. They pop open causing issues with flavor absorption and product drying out. I'm unsure if this was a faulty case of product, or if this will be consistent with this product.
    These cupcake containers are very sturdy. The lid closes well and keeps the cupcakes fresh. I will re-order these again. This is a highly recommended product
    Nice sturdy container that closes tight. The lid is high enough for cupcake and icing but cannot add any extra toys or rings. Would order again.
    They are so great , the quality is grand , the plastic isn't too thick or too thin and it closes with ease yet doesn't open on any light tug
    We were very impressed with the quality of these containers. They are prefect for our mini cupcakes and mini donuts. We will definitely purchase them again.
    love this mini cupcake takeout container. it hold 2 dozen cupcakes and is very nice. it is a good product and for a great price.

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