Eco-gecko Disposable Wooden Taster Spoon Heavy Weight - 100/Pack

Item #: 999GWP401

A great alternative to plastic taster spoons, this renewable wooden spoon is an environmentally friendly choice for your ice cream shop, candy shop, bakery, gourmet shop, or supermarket! Its petite curved end functions just like a full size spoon for easy scooping, yet is small enough for sample-size portions.

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Eco-gecko Disposable Wooden Taster Spoon Heavy Weight - 100/Pack

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spoons great Perfect wooden little love spoon small cute cream
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    Love these wooden disposable spoons. Multiple uses. I use them for sampling bath and body items during a craft fair. I also use them around the house and in the kitchen. Great multiuse product. High,y recommend for crafty individuals.

    from Desert Moon Bath & Body Posted on

    I use these for sampling lotion during craft fairs. They work perfect for my needs and are much better than plastic.

    We use the spoons,when handing out sample cups of frozen yogurt, perfect size for bite size samplings. Nice looking product that meets our exact needs.

    from Krave Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shoppe Posted on

    I love these spoons for sampling. They are perfect for holding bite size pieces of food. Because they are eco friendly I don't feel bad using disposables.

    Posted on

    How adorable are these?! I really can't get over how cute they look. They will make great sampling spoons and will catch everyone's eye!

    Posted on

    So, funny story, I didn't plan to buy these. I intended to buy regular spoons and didn't read the description then these showed up on my door. Besides not needing them, they are so cute and would be perfect for any event. I ended up using them at my bridal shower for parfait cups and they were a hit. Palm leaf products are awesome!

    Posted on

    This is a great disposable spoon. it is very sturdy in my opinion. I would buy this again I use it for ice cream and custards

    Posted on

    Eco-gecko disposable wooden taster spoon heavy weight in a package of 100. These are cute spoons. Very tiny good for trying out product. A great idea!

    Posted on

    Tiny tasting spoons

    A little small and the spoon part is ont really a spoon. It's like a little paddle that could scoop up frozen yogurt not hard ice cream.

    from Do Me A Favor NYC Posted on

    Nothing looks cuter or more natural than wooden flatware. This would be perfect for spreading condiments onto sandwiches at a picnic or for mini desserts. I love them.

    from Bb Posted on

    These taster spoons are great. We use them everyday at our ice cream shop. They are sturdy and work well with our natural and environmentally friendly brand.

    from Wicked Scoops, LLC Posted on

    Great sample spoon we use in our ice cream business. The wood makes it feel a bit more high end and environmental friendly than the plastic. Also make a good spoon for "kid" size servings.

    Posted on

    I love this brands line of flatware. The edges are surprisingly smooth and don't splinter which is nice since most people will probably be eating with them.

    Posted on

    Trying to be sustainable while offering sample tastes of our products, we find most customers like the spoon. Maybe 1% say they don't like the "taste of wood". We'd rather save the planet by not using plastic than worry about one possible lost sale when almost everyone else appreciates our environmental concern.

    from Can-Do Real Food Posted on

    These spoons have been great for our needs as an ice cream shop! Customers love the overt eco-friendly choice for taster spoons. These also require no washing since they are single use unlike the other eco-friendly option on metal spoons.

    from Gorge Kitchen Posted on

    I tried out these spoons at first in a small amount, i must say they were finished very quickly!! I use them for hot chocolate squares that are held with these spoons they are also adorable when tied on to glass jars with mousse

    from sweetart Posted on

    Great for these chocolate squares

    Fantastic material- not splintery or rough it's soft and pliable but also sturdy wood and no bad aftertaste at all just clean and economical and eco friendly for samples or appetizers that are messier or small portion desserts!

    Posted on

    nice little tiny spoon for tasting or small things

    A nice environmentally friendly alternative to plastic spoons. The bowl of the spoon is fairly flat so it won't hold a lot, but otherwise works well.

    from Simmons Sugarworks Posted on

    Purchased these for our catering company to serve with a multitude of small appetizers. They work great, plus we love that they're not plastic. They add an elegance to every professional display that plastic just can't provide.

    from AZ Catering & Event Planning Posted on

    I love these little tasting spoons. They work great for taste testing as well as stirring/ scooping small things. The wood is nice and smooth, so no worries about splintering.

    from Tangled Hearts Bakery Posted on

    Used these wooden spoons for homemade sorbet. They were higher quality than we expected! Perfect size for that application. We will definitely reorder more of these!

    from Coffee Snob Posted on

    Very cute little wooden spoons! I use them attached to jam jars and they look very cute and beautiful. Excellent for crafts. I will order them again in the future.

    Posted on

    This hundred pack of wooden taster spoons is really nice works great for giving out samples of ice cream to the kids before they get a whole screen

    from N/A Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for small desserts or stirring spoons. They have a cool wood look and are eco friendly, win-win! Will order these again in the future!

    from Joy Addict Posted on

    Great product for many uses. I use them for customer samples of our sauces, dips, desserts, etc. They are also great for ice cream and other small desserts,

    Posted on

    We use these as take-away spoons at our ice cream shop. The don't splinter and are very sturdy. Customers seem to enjoy them over plastic. A little pricey but worth it!

    from CSSC Posted on

    These taster spoons are great. We use them in our bakery to let our customers try the different salads and that helps them choose which one they would like. Great product!

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    One of my most popular items! Works great for picnics, wedding and birthday. It's ever great to have just when you don't feel like washing the dishes

    from The Baker's Bin Posted on

    Great for offering customers samples of a product and the best part is these are eco friendly so you don't have to worry about all that plastic.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    The Eco-gecko Heavy Weight Disposable Wooden Taster Spoon is a great alternative to traditional disposable flatware. We use these to offer samples to our customers of Ice Cream and Gelato.

    Posted on

    These are so nice and can be used in so many different ways. Can be just for taste testing or you can decorate them. or attach them to a jar of something you just made.

    from Sweet Candy Finds Posted on

    We got these for a tasting event. They are really beautiful and bring in a nice natural element to plating. They are definitely tasting spoon size and are best for things that don't require a lot of spoon space because the head is small.

    Posted on

    We use these spoons for sampling our product. They are a perfect size and we get lots of comments on how we use a more sustainable material than plastic.

    from Alpendough Posted on

    These Eco friendly wooden spoons are more like spades that are perfect for eating our artesian ice creams. Customers love the fact that their spoons will simply decompose and not sit in a land fill. We are pleased that 99% of our waste is either compostable or biodegradable!

    from LUV Ice Cream Posted on

    Cutest little spoons! I used them attached to a baby food jar filled with rice pudding for my daughter's birthday. People love them so much they took them home as a memento!

    Posted on

    Super happy with these little spoons!

    I have purchased these multiple times for my business and personal use. I use them with scrubs and more. Getting ready to order another pack!

    Posted on

    Tough little suckers! Bought these to give to my kids in their lunches and they are great. Perfect size and durable. I will buy these again on a regular basis.

    Posted on

    Great little tasting spoons. Love that they are good for the environment, as we go through many tasting spoons. They hold up well for ice cream, though we wouldn't use them for our prepackaged ice creams as an eager customer that didn't let the ice cream soften for a minute or two would likely break the spoon. But they are perfect for scooped ice cream. And they make the serving sizes seem much larger ;)

    Posted on

    These are so cute and little! We use them for samples of ice cream. They scoop out all but the hardest of our ice creams.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    These little appoints are just wonderful for packaging my sugar scrubs and body products! Last a long time, great design and a quality product- highly recommend!

    Posted on

    I used these with my hummus and other dips. They are perfect size and people really appreciated them. They are biodegradable and great for the earth.

    from Oh sweet treat Posted on

    We love to put out salt cellars on the tables. The issue we had was with spoons, the metal ones corroded, the wooden ones were expensive and badly balanced. These hit the spot

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    our table top with a salt cellar and the wooden spoon

    Loved that these are great for the environment vs using plastic ware. These are a great size for small desserts such as gelato which is what we mainly use them for.

    from Wedding Dreamer Posted on

    We like these spoons for ice cream because they are bio-degradable and the perfect size for savoring small bites of ice cream. Much better than plastic.

    from Little Lion Ice Cream Posted on

    We needed small spoons for espresso. The small metal ones were disappearing (either being stolen or accidentally thrown away). We didn't feel good about serving an expensive cup of espresso with a plastic taster spoon, so this is a more attractive and environmentally-friendly option.

    from Cod & Capers Seafood Posted on

    Customers have been loving our wooden tasting spoons - they fit well with our eco-friendly brand image as well - we also use them to package small sampler boxes.

    Posted on

    Wooden taster spoons stamped to match our holiday sampler jars

    Stamped & ready for small treats

    Great with our mason jars. We attach them to our mousse and pair jars and our customers love them. They are mini and super cute!

    Posted on

    Cheesecake mason jars

    I adore these taster spoons! I use them for individual desserts--I tie them to mini pies or serve with single serving strawberry shortcakes in a mason jars. The price is much better here than other places.

    Posted on

    Perfect size for sample or dessert spoon. It's also great to use for condiments on tables. Great that it's disposable and made from renewable resource. Has many uses.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    I use these tiny tasters to go with my hand and foot scrubs so dirty fingers aren't going back into the product, this way no germs or bacteria are transferred. Love these!

    Posted on

    I bought this product because it is earth friendly and I feel good using them. When I first took them out from the bag they have wooden smell but it went away after a day. They are well-made and good quality. This is perfect for serving ice cream for kids.

    Posted on

    Perfect little spoon! Love these taster spoons. Perfect finish to any dessert. Great quality and price. Will be reordering this product over and over again. Must have!

    from Cupcake'd Posted on

    I was seeing all these cute spoons online. people were stamping them with a small heart, or writing their birthday boy's name on them, or wrapping the handles in novelty duct tape or printed tape. Then they were selling them in packs of 20 for like six dollars. Buy these and do it yourself! I got stamps and now I can stamp up my own whenever I want. Cannot beat the low prices at webstaurant.

    Posted on

    Just wrap them in some funky duct tape!

    Super cute spoons. They are tester spoons, but they work really well with ice cream in small quantities too. It makes the food so enjoyable to eat.

    Posted on

    fits right in with the theme of the ice cream.

    We love these tiny tasting spoons! We use them for offering customers ice cream samples, and they look a lot better than the plastic options.

    Posted on

    These disposable wooden taster spoons are very convenient. Not only are they handy when handling food products but they are wonderful when testing products like lotions and body scrubs.

    from Lindvall's Posted on

    Thought these were going to be bigger based on "tester" spoons Ive gotten from other places. Should have measured these out, cause they are tiny. Good spoons just too small for my use.

    from Henchman's Ice Cream Posted on

    I recently opened a mason jar mobile bakery in Charleston, SC. All desserts are served in 4 oz Ball mason jars - it's very Southern. As cute as this is - getting dessert out of the jar can be a challenge without a spoon. As I really wanted to drive home the idea that mine is a higher end product - I couldn't use any ole spoon. The entire presentation from dessert, to our rocking vintage camper we serve desserts from to even the smallest thing like the spoon had to be cute and something folks (and especially brides) would remember. These spoons fit the bill. They aren't too small. Aren't too big. And they're biodegradable which both my customers and I like. price I've found so far has been here. LOVE them!

    from Sweet Lulu's Bakery on Wheels Posted on

    An assortment of Sweet Lulu's Bakery On Wheels in Charleston, SC custom spoons

    Brides love when Sweet Lulu's Bakery On Wheels in Charleston, SC customizes our labels and spoons

    Sweet Lulu's Bakery On Wheels in Charleston, SC even customizes these fab birchwood spoons with glitter

    I planned on using these tester spoons to attach to my jars or jams and cookie butters. Because they are wooden and eco-grade, they may not be the best of use for heavy items such as really stiff ice cream or yogurts. I would only recommend them solely for taste testing.

    Posted on

    These wooden spoons are so cute and the quality is excellent. I put them in my cupcakes that I bake in souffle cups. I highly reccommend these spoons! Will be buying more.

    Posted on

    We try in our small farmers' market to use degradable products and no plastics if at all possible. We provide many items our vendors need to keep their costs down and to support our values. These spoons are a favorite with everyone for sampling all sorts of goodies they sell. The market will also use them as part of our ice cream social coming up soon.

    from NSM Farmers' Market Posted on

    Attach these to a nicely packaged homemade cupcake with baker's twine for gift giving and that little detail really makes it extra special -- a spoon is practical! But a wooden spoon? Gorgeous with packaging. I expected them to be too big for what I needed them to do…but they are PERFECT and I am more than pleased!

    Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for samples or smaller desserts like mini parfaits. Hoping these spoons go well with a new frozen dessert being added to our menu.

    from Jazzy Petite Treats, LLC Posted on

    When using them in my parfait I had to make sure not to pack the crumbs at the bottom or else the spoon's leverage had a breaking point. That was something I had to correct. I love these spoons and that they are recyclable.

    from Colie's Cakes & Pastries Posted on

    my great grandmothers Blueberry topper

    Great little taster spoons! They are stout enough to dip into hard ice cream but small enough to still be "disposable." My customers always comment on how much they love this little wooden spoon an often opt out of receiving a larger plastic spoon once I've scooped their ice cream.

    from Mammoth Fun Shop Posted on

    I love these wooden spoons! They are so much better for the environment than plastic and they are way less tacky. Our customers love to use them. They are so pretty and eco friendly!

    from Los Gatos Cupcake Posted on

    These are perfect for passes apps that require a small utensil. Much nicer than plastic spoons and customers love that they are Eco friendly, as do I!

    Posted on

    These spoons are really nice and sturdy. You can do so much to them they are durable and a good option if you don't want the plastic look.

    Posted on

    Excellent green spoons. They are strong and no splinters. Long enough to reach the bottom of most jars. A bit pricey compared to plastic, but very classy.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    Wanted these for when I have company and want to serve small dishes with tasting sppons nearby. This way if someone wants to try a dish before putting it on their plate they may.

    Posted on

    awesome little spoon. great for sampling our products in the shop. And we love the fact that it's made of sustainable bamboo. Looking forward to ordering more from this line

    Posted on

    We used these at our Grand Opening to serve food samples. The wood was nice and sturdy and looked great at our display table !

    Posted on

    Perfect for parties and pastry tastings. Feels luxurious and adds depth to all products. I think it's perfectly sized also and will buy more of them.

    from Lena's bakery Posted on

    These little guys are perfect (little bigger than traditional plastic tasters) they add a little something special to your sampling display. We have even taken a stamper with our company name an placed it on the handles of the spoons. Great to personalize for an event or party. Very sturdy, great for cold or hot foods. Smooth texture not rough or flemsy in any way.

    from Apfel Farms Posted on

    Great product! Love that it is environmentally friendly and definitely classier than plastic - added a great touch to the tasting portions at our town's "Taste of" event.

    from Capers in Richmond Posted on

    These spoons are used in our skincare line for body scrubs and butters. They are small but durable and attach well to our 8 oz. jars.

    from The Glass Jar Natural Skincare Posted on

    Spoon attached to 8 oz. jar.

    I love these spoons and all my clients do as well. They are the perfect size to send out with orders as well as allowing people to taste test a little before purchase.

    from nom nom nom fudge Posted on

    I love these little spoons, they are so cute and perfect to go along with a variety of items! I use them with large lotion orders (in 17 ounce containers) and for my espresso fudge! They add just enough to the items and work great! I will be ordering them again!

    from Amyke Design Posted on

    I love these cute ice cream spoons! They go great with the vintage ice cream cups I sell in my store! My customers have been using them for their weddings on the dessert buffet! I love the fact that the size of the spoons are perfect for the size of my ice cream cups!

    from Paper Treats Posted on

    Wooden spoons with washi tape.

    Wooden ice cream spoons

    These spoons are great for tasting ice cream all day. So much better than your employees sticking their grimy paws in the butter cream. The price can't be beat.

    Posted on

    These spoons are great for many things and fit my style perfectly. I use them for cupcakes, ice cream, and many more things. They are sturdy and work well.

    Posted on

    These are so fantastic, just started a new business on Etsy, I had originally planned on starting a whole party kit website, but i am so busy with cutlery orders that I can barely keep up! Best prices around and fast shipping makes it great for this typoe of business. i will definitely be orering more as the orders come in! thanks!!

    from Tulle & Twig Posted on

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