Fabri-Kal Greenware GPC200 2 oz. Compostable Clear Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup - 200/Pack

Item #: 999GPC200

This Greenware GPC200 2 oz. crystal-clear PLA corn plastic souffle / portion cup offers complete product visibility and features a rolled rim for a leak-resistant, snap-fit lid application.

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Fabri-Kal Greenware GPC200 2 oz. Compostable Clear Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup - 200/Pack

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cups Great portion Dressings sauces perfect salad lids condiments clear
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    Fabri Kal is a nice brand! This soufflé is no exception! We serve condiments with these containers! Does the job nicely! 200 per pack and nicely priced!
    Love these cups for cold items- they will melt if you use for hot items. Customers love how our items are compostable and can't even tell!
    Nice to-go containers for homemade dressings and sauces. Stack well which helps with portioning and storing. The clear look is better than frosted, gives a cleaner view of the sauce.
    First time purchasing this Green-ware brand and I was pleasantly surprised on how sturdy this little cups were. They didn’t give upon any weight.... especially when snapping the lids on.
    for the cost the quality is right up there with the others I used to get from my marketplace. I will be re ordering them in the future
    Great product. Perfectly clear and proving to be durable. Great portion size for sampling. The best part is they are sustainably made from non-corn based plants and they are biodegradable!
    These 2 oz. portion cups are the perfect size for condiments such as mayo or ketchup. The price is reasonable compared to buying individual packets of condiments.
    These portion cups are great for food prep. They are high quality and work well with the matching lids we ordered. It's wonderful to be able to have ingredients prepared ahead of time to make the service faster for our customers.
    I use these 2oz portion cups for icing for my simple boxes. I like the idea that they are compostable yet they are still very sturdy.
    The cups & lids are great for sauces condiments. It's a good size & perfect portion. It's pretty sturdy and holds well without the lid coming off.
    I give these 3 stars because they do not stand any heat whatsoever. Do not put anything thats warm as these will warp and totally melt on you. That aside, these are extremely crisp and clear so if youre just using them for condiments then these are perfect! Stinks that you cant use them for other things. Also the lids that match these are ALWAYS warped and rarely fit correctly so be ready to dispose of a few.
    We appreciate your review! We do not recommend using this product with any food that exceeds 105 degrees. If you are looking for a different product to better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These portion cups are a great way to be able to keep things like salsa individually portioned and ready to go. It saves on portion control!
    These fabri-kal greenware portion cups are a great eco-friendly option for any restaurant. These cups are available in various size and with matching lids. Perfect for dressings, dips or condiments.
    No complaints here. We use it for when customers ask for sides of sauce or something similar. Holds up well and doesn't crack easily! Good stuff!
    Love the idea of Greenware, and it's a solid cup, but these really don't hold thin liquids in that well. Not to mention you really cannot put anything warm in here--so follow their temp guidelines!
    These 2oz cups are just what I needed to provide my customers with the exact amount of sauces and jams for dipping. I will be stocking up on these little babies soon. Great job, guys!
    Sturdy and good quality plastic material. We use these small cups for cake and granola samples and at catering events for individual portions. They work well with or without lids.
    These compostable cups are our go-to "zero-waste" honey tasting option! They store well, so we can get 2000 at a time and put them away no problem. It is a little difficult to snap on some of the lids..
    These portion cups are very handy for samples of products we sell. Both liquids and solids hold up well in them The lid seals easily and securely giving us and the customer the confidence to use them.
    We love the look of these containers verses the translucent ones. We have a barbecue platter that includes 4 different sauces and it looks much better with the clear containers.
    Love these potion cups. I use them for condiments like ranch, ketchup and hummus that go with the carrots. It's tight shut and doesn't spill at all. Pretty sturdy.
    LOVE these greenware portion cups! We're all for environmentally friendly products, but sometimes eco friendly products don't hold well, but these do not disappoint. We portion our our cream cheese and they work great!
    These 2oz cups are excellent at making sure that we have lots of prepackaged dressings for people. I'd use them as a great compostable option!
    I love these portion cups. They are the perfect size to give out samples or for salad dressings and sauces. They are very clear too.
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    Cannot be used with anything remotely hot, which defeats it's purpose for us since we use it for melted cheese. Otherwise normal souffle cup, with the added benefit of being compostable.
    We appreciate your review! We do not recommend using this product with any food that exceeds 105 degrees. If you are looking for a different product to better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I like these because of the small portion it holds . Its just the right amount needed. for salads and other items used. There perfect for liquid and dry ingredients and also for ketchup and hot sauce , including salad dressings.
    High quality at a great price. I use them for the family's lunch boxes to send condiments. They stay closed when used with a lid and are the perfect size for salad dressing.
    These are great quality portion cups. This brands variety are very clear. I mean VERY clear which I why I think they're worth a higher price tag. These are perfect for sides of condiments.
    These 2 Oz Cups Are PERFECT For Serving Salad Dressings on All Of Our orders. The matching lids fit tightly and prevent leaking onto the food.
    I initially bought these cups to serve sides but quickly realized that 2 oz is really only appropriate for serving condiments. Well made cups though!
    i use the Fabri-Kal 2 oz plastic souffle portion cup for condiments like ketchup for fries and dipping sauces. I keep some in the house as well as the RV.
    Good price. Shipping isn't ideal. Packages come opened (likely due to poor sealing) and many are warped either by means of being crushed or heated in transport. That said, those that are not damaged work fine. We use them for sauces and dressings and customers appreciate that they are compostable.
    We are sorry your items arrived damaged, our Customer Solutions team will be contacting you shortly!
    This is my favorite cup to serve samples in. It's generous enough without giving away too much. I love these. And they are so clear.
    Saw these cups at a food show last year. Love the concept as we are pushing to use more and more "green" products. Cup looks nice and seems sturdy and lid fits snug. Only warning is DO NOT put hot stuff in it. Melts instantly. But does say cold use only so no surprise there but had to see for myself.
    These just the right size to hold salad dressing to go with an individual salad, and I was surprised by how sturdy they are for a compostable product.
    The 2 oz cups are the perfect size for a small side of dressing or other condiment. These cups are a nice crystal clear so your customers can see the contents. Compostable too!
    Great 2 oz. size to serve my samples in. They are crystal clear and it allows the customer to be able to see the contents perfectly. I give these two thumbs up
    We love these little 2oz souffle cups! We use them daily for to go power shots or for juice or smoothie tastings! We even use them to package our mini raw treats! Highly recommend!
    Great quality portion cup,the clarity is really good and you can tell by holding them that they are a step up from the typical plastic. We opted for these over other brands because of the Biodegradeable factor. We use a lot of these for multiple things so we wanted to make sure if clients were tossing in the trash, they we were having a low impact on the environment.
    I love this cups to bring portions of different ingredients for lunch, like salad dressings, nuts, hemp seeds, and I also use it for dipping sauces. It's a good size, good quality and good prices, what else do you need?
    Great cups! Perfect to use for to-go food for sauces or dressings. Nice plastic that holds liquids well. Recommend for sure for any take out business!
    These are great! We use them in the deli for salad dressings and to give customer soup samples. They handle the cold and the heat without a problem.
    These were the perfect size for my needs. I used them at the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in NYC, where they require us to use eco-friendly/compostable disposables, and this fit the bill perfectly. They're the perfect size for a small portion of whatever you're sampling out - I find if the cup you use is too small, your sample can look quite stingy. These however look great with just the perfect amount of something to taste.
    My small cookie company started using these cups at the request of our city's recycling department. Our city operates a city-wide composting program and they asked if we would use compostable sample cups. These cups work great. They look and feel just like plastic. The cups are slightly more expensive than the plastic cups we were using, but not by much. And the publicity the city's recycling department gives us for using these cups more than makes up for the additional cost.
    I like that these are nice and clear. The ones that are usually semi transparent can look a little cheap. This is nicer than those and on par with the black ones.
    perfect size and quality for samples, condiments, shots - a high quality and earth friendly product - highly recommended - and will continue to purchase
    These are a good size for a little amount of food or a quick swig of a beverage We actually used them to sample our lemonade. I think if you were sampling a drink, you could get away with even going smaller.
    This plastic souffle is good quality. I like the plastic one more than paper one. I use it for putting sauces like soy sauce, ketchup. Cheap and good quality!!!
    Will not be going back to the standard plastic portion cups. They look better, show off your product better and great for the environment! The price is amazing and won't kill your wallet or the earth.
    With an ever increasing delivery and to go business, these green alternatives are priced competitively and are a well made product. We prefer to be green!
    Like these little guys. Perfect size for so manyou stinken things. And with the tight fit of the lids I don't have to worry about the customer coming back and asking me to pay to clean his car seat.
    awesome portion cups we use them for take out sprinkles and toppings and frostings for various products that we sell. the lids fits nicely and do not pop off.
    I liked the price for these 2oz compostable souffle cups but quite a few of them were severely warped on arrival. Maybe there was excessive heat in delivery. Had to throw away many.
    These are great for salad dressing on the side. Look great and are durable. No bending, breaking, or warping. Love that they are compostable as well.
    These are great for salad dressings and jello or pudding shots! Yes, I said it- jello or pudding shots! Summertime fun in Florida on the beaches and boats!
    Bought these along with the lids to use to add condiments to my plate lunches. They work really well and take up a small amount of space. I highly recommend these for extra condiments and jello-shots! Would definately buy them again!
    Fantastic little cups. These were used for everything from quick dipping cups to storing dressings to holding small quantities of ingredients for cooking. Love the fact that they're compostable and BPA-Free. The clarity is amazing. Really great product!
    It is shocking how often we use these little things. Not only are they useful we can feel pretty good about using them. They do the job just as well as the plastic ones.
    These are perfect with their lids for the perfect little scoop of frosting for a cinnamon roll. It's nice to keep them separate so customers can heat up their rolls and then spread the icing on top.
    This product is the perfect size for what we intend to use them for. They're not too big and not too small, but just right. The quality is great as well!
    This is a Great disposable cup. Perfect size for salad dressing and sauce. Easy to fill and fits into most to go containers to occupant other items.
    These compostable clear plastic soufflé portion cup is great for putting salad dressing and dip in them. These 2 oz. size are great portion control.
    simple product that provides a solution for take out and sos customers. Very sturdy and stackable to simple organization. We use these for salad dressing while providing our customers with eco friendly packaging.
    Very nice to find a compostable to go ramekin. I have avoided buying this type of product for a long time because I could not find any that were biodegradable - these are flexible and strong as well.
    We use the souffle cups to hold salad dressings, salsa, and sour cream and they hold up really well. No complaints at all, we will continue to use!
    These are a great product. Made from compostable materials, crystal clear, strong, yet flexible enough to not crack as easy as some of the large brand manufacturers of similar products. I couldn't ask for anything more and I'm very happy I can buy a case and save some money too.
    I use Fabri-Kal Greenware GPC200 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup to pack my sauces and pastes. They are 100% compostable and BPA-free so it fits my eco-friendly business philosophy very well. Crystal clear look shines my sauces. Great price by Webstaurantstore so I wouldn't use others!
    These green cups are great overall, just be sure not to put anything hot in them. They melt immediately. Otherwise, they are very clear and strong and the lids fit good.
    These containers have so many uses. I use them at home to hold condiments for meals, to refrigerate small portion leftovers, and to pack little items in the kids' lunches. They are sturdy and crystal-clear.
    These soufflé cups are perfect to put salad dressings and sauces in them. They fit perfectly paired with my meals and are so inexpensive. I absolutely love them!
    These portion cups are great! I love the clarity of the plastic, and because they are biodegradable, they are great for many of the zero waste events that I exhibit at.
    The best thing about this product is that it is compostable. We try to use compostable packaging exclusively and I was very happy to find these! I chose The WEB Restaurant Store as my supplier because they have so many eco- friendly products, even down to the smallest things. Aside from that, they are crystal clear and the lids snap shut tightly preventing leaks. Great for our salad dressings and for small sides, like my roasted peppers seen here!
    These 2oz. Plastic cups are great. We use them for our shot of aloe for our customers. They go great with the GXL250PC Clear Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup Lid. But I will say while you get 200 cuos you only get 125 lids. should be the same??
    These are the best they store with out spill and are great for small sauces..I have found I use these allot for pancake syrup they travel and hold enough to keep everyone happy.
    These just don't fit with the Fabri-Kal GXL250PC lids they say they're supposed to fit. The lids are too small and I am unable to use this product
    We are sorry to hear about this problem. The compatible lids may be found in the companion items section of this page. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you about the lids not fitting correctly.
    These plastic portion cups are perfect for mise en plasing ingredients for a recipe or for holding small portions or condiments because they hold 2 ounces.
    These are great 2 ounce portion cups that can work nicely for offering side sauces and even sending dressings out in to go orders! Nice bulk item!!!
    these are very good protion cups. they dont leak. are stackable and store very well. a very good product for a very good price. worth it.
    I can never have enough of these souffle cups. We fly through them while doing in store demos and/or tastings. Make sure to order more than you think you will need, because we are always reordering the following week ;).
    We used these cups as one-time-use Alabama Slammer shot glasses. Since they are eco-friendly, you will be sure to have a super durable, earth-friendly souffle cup good for just about any purpose.
    I bought these cups for use in my bead store. I found these cups to be a perfect way to display beads for sale. They are small so I can use many per table, and they are crystal clear so they work well to show off the colors of the beads. Perfect and very reasonably prices!!
    I make jewelry and I am so happy I found the Webstaurant Store. I had previously been buying containers to store my beads in at retail stores. I can't believe the money I saved by using the portion cups I purchased from The Webstaurant Store. My order was shipped to me faster than I expected. A nice company to do business with.
    Love these for dips, jello , pudding anything really. They make great snack cups. These have made our school lunch program more economical for the kids. We buy dip and sauces in bulk and repacksge it saving money for our kids and parents. Thanks
    This is great portion cup, it is just right not too small not too large. It is great way to save money on many types of sauce and dressing. I love it.

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