D&W Fine Pack G40-1 10" 2-3 Layer Cake Display Container with Clear Dome Lid - 10/Pack

Item #: 999G401

Stock your bakery with this dependable D&W Fine Pack G40-1 10" 2-3 layer cake display container! It includes a large, black tray and a secure, snap-on dome lid that's tall enough to accommodate 2 to 3 layer cakes up to 10" in diameter. Not only does the clear lid provide superior product visibility and fast identification, it will also help to boost impulse sales of your colorful, skillfully-crafted cakes on display.

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D&W Fine Pack G40-1 10" 2-3 Layer Cake Display Container with Clear Dome Lid - 10/Pack

4.9 stars from 130 reviews


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cake cakes Great containers LOVE container layer sturdy clear perfect
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    The D&W Fine Pack G40-1 10" 2-3 Layer Cake Display Container with Clear Dome Lid is great for packaging and displaying cakes. The secure snap on lid keeps cakes fresher than the standard cake box.

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    Great for transporting and keeping cakes fresh

    Great presentation for cakes

    Great quality product! They are nice and sturdy containers. They give all baked goods a more professional look. They keep baked goods nice and fresh for longer shelf life. Oh, please don't let me forget about the price! I really love the prices here at Webstaurant! They are well stocked with all products to suit my wide variety of baking needs. They have great products. Their delivery is always quick! If you have any issues they are quick too at resolving those issues.

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    These cake "box" are great. They lend that professional look to my cakes and I love the fact that they are see through. Remeber to order a size larger than 5he cake you will put in it to have room for frostings

    from Kandi's Kitchen Sweet Treats Posted on

    Makes cakes look professional

    My aunt is my baker at my restaurant. She LOVES these cake containers. She say that they hold the prepared iced cake perfectly. The cake does not slide

    from Big Chris Catering Posted on

    I have enjoyed seeing my cakes in this box and the price was great. I'm thankful to have found this website I will be ordering more just wish the shipping wasn't so high

    from Purple Orchid catering Posted on

    I love these containers. I use them to ship my pound cakes all over the country. Keeps my cakes fresh when either shipping them or delivering them locally. This is one product I can't live without.

    from Crazy Daisy's Sweets and Treats Posted on

    Perfect size and excellent material I like it a lot !!! The cake Looks exelent and cute, beautiful and clear at first watch amazing !

    Posted on

    My cakes looks beautifull!!!!!

    Have been ordering these trays for past 3 years, excellent for our retail business. they are very durable and provide highly visible surface for our products at a reasonable cost.

    from Frostbites Posted on

    Absolutely the best!! These containers are great. The clear dome gives you the visibility to show off your masterpieces. The size is a perfect fit for the eight or nine inch cakes. I love them.

    Posted on

    Perfect presentation and display of your baked goods. It is more convenient than cake boxes. The quality of the product is sturdy. I will recommend this product

    from Lezlee's Cakery Posted on

    This cake containers are very easy and convenient to use for layered cake. I normally bake 3 layer cakes and there is plenty of room inside so the cake doesn't touch the sides of the container. This carrier also make the cakes look professional.

    from Angela's Catering Posted on

    Love this container! worked PERFECTLY! securely holds cake and keeps it fresh. very durable and great for transporting cakes with out them getting messed up! definitely will be ordering more.

    Posted on

    Great Cake Dome!

    This clear cake container is very sturdy and perfect to show your cakes off with. Also keeps cakes/cupcakes and other desserts fresh. I love the clear look!

    Posted on

    These are more than I expected! They're very sturdy, and kept my cakes moist, even with a bit of rough handling. I will definitely buy again.

    from The Sweetest Things, LLC Posted on

    Love these cake containers. The high dome is perfect for 3 layered cakes. They close securely and are easy to open. Will definitely reorder in the future.

    from Andi Cakes Posted on

    Hennessy Bundt Cake by AndiCakes

    Holds a 9" cake on a 10" board. Would not recommend using for a 10" cakes. The sides will touch. But it's wonderfully tall and seals very well

    from Blues Baking Co. Posted on

    This product is reasonably durable. It can be a little difficult to close/open at times, but I would say that i am satisfied overall with this cake container.

    Posted on

    Works for smaller cakes as well


    Posted on

    perfect perfect, for my 3 layer cakes and my cakes looks so good with this see through container, our company will be ordering more, because soon holidays will be here

    from Eason's KraZy Cakes & More Posted on

    These cake containers are firm and safely keep my cakes fresh and sealed. I do recommend you use the cake circles with these. I ordered those from here as well.

    Posted on

    I really like this high cake container. I've made high blueberry chiffon cake and used this container to give it to my sister. This container is very sturdy and well made.

    Posted on

    very clear and sturdy

    I purchased these to use for selling cakes at farmer's markets/vendor fairs. Love how customers can see what they're buying without having to open a box.

    from Bite of Joy Posted on


    from Ambiance Affairs llc Posted on


    I have had ordering this size for a couple of years now, and they always arrive on time and never any delays, but for the product itself, there is noting on the market today that comes close to the satisfaction I get from using G40-1 10" Cake Display.

    Posted on

    I love these cake containers they stack very well and keep the cakes moist. I have ordered these many times and will continue to do so I use 8in two layer cake for these

    Posted on

    Holds a two layer 8in cake perfectly

    I bought this because it has a clear dome. I like to use it for tall birthday cakes, and tall cupcakes with sugar cookie toppers. Great presentation.

    Posted on

    Love these! It seals in freshness, presents our sweet treats perfectly. We deal with a lot refrigerated items and these containers hold up nicely in the refrigerator.

    Posted on

    The domes allow so must room for detail and height. Displays product perfectly!

    These containers are a great option for dessert cakes. The clear dome allows for clear viewing of the product and seals well to protect the item inside.

    Posted on

    Layered dessert cake.

    These containers do work great for cheesecakes with tall toppings. However, I do wish the clear plastic lid wouldn't crack so easily. I have to be very careful removing it.

    Posted on

    When I'm preparing more than a three-layer cake, these containers are wonderful for carrying and displaying the items. I also use for layered desserts and salads. J. W. Williams

    Posted on

    Crystal clear cover is perfect to display your work. The size is great for many different type layer cakes...sturdy container, but also easy to open and re-close. I will definitely reorder!

    Posted on

    These D&W Fine Pack G40-1 10" 2-3 Layer Cake Display Container with Clear Dome Lid - 10/Pack are easy to use and make your cakes stand out. Great price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Strawberry Shortcake

    I can buy these in case of 80 or packs of 10 the right size for any need big or small good value will buy again

    from Emmas Cakes Posted on

    These display containers make displaying our cakes and pies easy! They are also useful for transporting cakes and pies! They are sturdy enough for even the densest cakes!

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    Easter orders out the door!

    LOVE, LOVE these cake containers!!! Very sturdy, sufficient, presentable, and good for travel. No more buying those flimsy cardboard cake boxes from the other store.

    Posted on

    Best cake displays ever. My customers love these and it keeps cake soft and most. Cakes travel well without being broken or crumbed. Will purchase again.

    from Toy's Sweet Posted on

    Love thses containers!! They reall show off our homemade pound cakes. Our customers comment on our packaging all the time!! Thank you fir all your great products !!!

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    Our bakery loves these containers. Great for displaying our beautiful cakes and baked goods. Keeps cake fresh and ready to eat. These are our go-to container.

    from Whitecomb's Farm Market Posted on

    Me encantan estos moldes para poner mis pasteles de 8' o gelatinas , se mantienen fresacas y el material no están resistente pero es muy versátil

    Posted on

    I chose this size because it works perfectly no matter what cake height I use, be it a 2 layer or 3..... and even works well with decorations on top! No need to purchase several sizes this way. Still fits in the fridge. a dab of icing on bottom keeps things from sliding. The only tricky thing is it's easy to mix up the bottom (I have so done that and had to flip it when I had cake done.... be careful) would help if they put something for us bakers in a hurry that was idiot proof, lol


    These are very difficult to get. I was soo happy to see them here on webstaurantstore.com and the price is perfect. I can now display my beautiful cheese cakes in this display

    Posted on

    These cake containers are very welled made. You can put your heavy cake in. Carry with confidence & ease. It in returns gives your cake that final touch of perfect presentation. Price is fair.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    Out of cupcake containers. Use a cake container for transportation

    Absolutely love the cake container. I successfully was able transport these cakes in style. Great quality. Wasn't too flimsy very sturdy . Made my cake look professional rather then homemade.

    Posted on

    Love the thickness of these display containers. They do not break after being opened for the first time. Allows the decorations to be shown on each cake

    from Fabulous Cakes by Bernice Posted on

    Great price the the quantity which is very competitive. They packaged these to eliminate any damage and it worked, i received mine in good conditions. They are high enough for my layer cakes. Love theses will re- order.

    Posted on

    These cake containers were used to transport several cakes I baked for church as well, they can be reused and the price of them was very affordable.

    Posted on

    Just received shipment today and I'm very happy with this item. Just the right height and very sturdy and the right fit for my product. Will definitely reorder again.

    from Sweet treats4 baby Posted on

    I am so glad I have come across your web site I just love it!!! I love these products for my home made goodies so much easier to use and delivered really quick!!! Thank you for making my life easier!!!!!

    Posted on

    I love this container and it fits the 10inch board snuggly, so there is no sliding. I will warn of 2 things, getting the lid off after putting it on is hard! and 2 use a 10 inch board no matter what cake size or else use tape to hold it down.

    Posted on

    These are the best trays to transport cakes. The secure lip on the bottom if the tray keeps it from sliding around and messing up the decorated side of the cake.

    from Mouth of the South Gourmet Treats Posted on

    This a so great for cakes i buy it and i so greatful with this product and this web page when i get a cjange i order this cake container are my favorite product for my clients

    from SUSANA'S CAKES Posted on

    Great cake dome haven't used the new shipment yet but they look sturdy enough to keep my cakes safe!!!!?? I wanted a taller one to make sure frosting would not get damage.

    Posted on

    When I first opened my package I said no way you can get 10" cake on these, Surprise, love them for my 3 layer cakes.looking forward to ordering more and 9" as well

    from Tributes Posted on

    Theses 10 inch Cake containers are great, nice and sturdy. A little high for what I needed at the time, there 5 1/2 inch tall. But I still used them

    from Cakes by Choice Posted on

    I must say, I like these containers. This website seems to be a lifesaver because I have been wondering where to get certain products that I've found on here, definitely 2 thumbs up!

    Posted on

    I have searched high and low for a plastic dome with an inside height to accommodate my 3 layer cakes. This is perfect as it gives me enough space so my decorated tops are not destroyed.

    from Senful Sweets Posted on

    This are the best for me I can use it in cakes and desserts with out have to worry about the product I really love it. My costumers are happy because they can carry easily and the presentation of my products are awesome.

    from Dulces Antojos Los Arcos Posted on

    These are great for cheesecakes and also for smash cakes for kids. Makes transporting both a breeze with the clear top. Also the lid locks on TIGHT!

    Posted on

    This item is as described. I purchased it in conjuction with the gold corrugated cake circles. I would highly recommend this item to others looking for a good cake bottom.

    from Hinsdale Foods Posted on

    This dome fits Securely. It allows your baked goods to have a Professional finish. I am so happy with this purchase. Great Product Webstaurant Store.

    from The Back Door Posted on

    These cake containers are great. They fit a cake that is a little over 5 inches tall. They are very sturdy and we will be buying again.

    Posted on

    Good container for some of our grab and go cakes! They are decent quality for the price and protect the cake from the outside elements.

    Posted on

    I love this cake carrier for my 9 or 10inch decorated cakes. There is no slipping of the cake and the lid fits snug for care free transport.

    from Molly Mae's LLC Posted on

    i use these for my 8" cakes. It makes it easier for me if there is extra buttercream work on the sides of the cake that I want to ensure isn't smudged.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    Perfect fit for 10" corrugated cake circles. Has fit every cake I've put in it, probably up to about 6" high. Keeps things nice and airtight in the fridge, easy for transport. Very professional.

    Posted on

    This product is exactly what I needed to be able to package my cakes. The dome fits tightly to keep the cakes fresh. A few were damaged when delivered (cracked along the edges). It can be difficult to separate each dome from the others, but considering everything, it's a great product!

    from Pound Cake Passion Posted on

    Love these disposable cake trays. Can't find them anywhere else. They fit our 9" 3-layer cakes perfectly - without a cake board. They look professional too and allow customers to see what's inside. In my opinion, they are even better than cardboard cake boxes because you can see through them. Love them and will continue to buy them from the Webstaurant Store!

    Posted on

    I love that there's no assembly and it's super sturdy. Just pop the lid in place and it stay's put without even using a cake board with it!

    from Berry's Home Bakes Posted on

    I have a small home based cake business and it's nice to have an option to buy just 10/pack case. Very nice looking and sturdy containers. Help me to present the cakes to my customers professionally. Keeps the cakes fresh and secure. I am returning happy customer of The Webstaurantstore.

    Posted on

    Love these dome cake containers with lids. Perfect for church bake sales or school functions. They are perfect and hold up very well. Thank you !!

    Posted on

    This cake tray is surprisingly very sturdy. I used to deliver a two-layer 8 inch cake. The clear lid displays the cake well. I also appreciated the fact that the cake did not slid. All the frosting remained intact!

    Posted on

    love these containers they hold my cakes an pies for freshness 2-3 days when using the boxes they dry out quicker, so that's way I use theses .

    from DXPE ENTERPRISES Posted on

    These are great for my tall cakes. Since I operate a small home bakery business I also like that you can order the containers ten at a time instead of a whole case since I do not have a lot of room to store containers.

    Posted on

    The cake trays have been great for my business. With a cake board inside, the cake will fit perfectly in the tray without messing up icing. The are also nice to have on display in the bakery case while keeping the product moist.

    from Southern Slice Posted on

    This product is excellent. The honeycomb base provides excellent structure for carrying, especially when cakes are filled or heavier. The high lid provides plenty of space for decorations. I was having a small problem with cake circles sliding on it, but I found that getting a non-slip, non-adhesive shelf liner, and cutting a little 2" square bit, to put onto the cake board - the cake will hold rock steady after.

    from Sunshine and Carbs Posted on

    This is my second order of these. They work great. When I sale a cake, that securely fit and has enough room, for the cake to breath, makes me happy!

    from Granny's D's Cakes and more Posted on

    I absolutely love being abe to order this item at such a great price and fast shipping. It's a great product. I am a returning customer.

    Posted on

    These cake domes were fabulous, after searching, and searching we found them to be the most affordable and very durable. ..love them will definitely order again!

    from Kingdom Church Int'l Posted on

    Ordered minimum order to be sure of quality before I ordered more. Received items, quality is great! Will be placing larger order. Perfect, beautiful display for my "gift " cakes. Items were packaged carefully and shipped promptly!

    Posted on

    These containers are so easy to use for over sized cake easy to carry the cake stay in place, you can use a board or just place the cake on the tray.

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    I really enjoy using the 10" cake tray because it is a high quality container and it fits well with the 8" cakes I make. It also works well with my own decorations that I add to make the cakes look like a gift for my customers.

    Posted on

    These are a perfect size and just what we needed to ship our cheesecakes. They keep them protected and provide a extra layer of security during shipping.

    from Skylar's Homemade Cheesecakes Posted on

    Sturdy and attractive. We sell our ice cream cakes in them. The quality is very good. We will buy more for sure, probably in a large quantity to save money.

    from Polished Brass Enterprises Posted on

    I absolutely loved the quality of these containers!! They worked out great for my Christmas Bake Sale!! Keep the cakes moist and my customers loved them too!!

    from Southern Girl's Sweet Confections Posted on

    My cakes are larger than normal, but this cake container worked perfectly. It allows for the cake to travel well during delivery as well as make your cake be seen without people having to open a box.. very essential for your bakery.

    from DessertsforU Bakery Posted on

    I bought these to make sure i had enough room for a 3 layer cake and plenty of frosting/decoration. Depending on how much frosting you use, I typically use a 2 layer cake instead, just so i don't damage the top of the cake.

    Posted on

    I really do love this product. All of my cakes are 4-layers and there's still about an 1/2 inch from top after closing. Thank you for carrying this product

    Posted on

    These containers are great for transporting my cakes. They keep the cakes fresher than cake boxes, and allow the customers to see their cakes without opening the containers. Very durable.

    Posted on

    The 10 inch cake tray and with lid is sturdy and held up well while I made deliveries. I used it for a 9 inch cake with 3 layers and it fit perfectly.

    Posted on

    9inch strawberry short cake

    I love these containers! They are very good quality and help keep the cakes fresh and secure. My customers love them and often reuse them!

    from Sweets By Margo Posted on

    Ordered these for use at our church bake sale ... they work beautifully with the 10" rounds. They're perfect for take away orders on our 9" layer cakes. Very pleased with their durability and the price.

    from Trinity Lutheran Church Posted on

    This cake tray and lid display is the best way for us to display our ready made cakes in the case to prevent them from going stale, but allow customers to see the cake completely.

    from Peaches Cakery, LLC Posted on

    These containers are sturdy and the lid is crystal clear for displaying our beautiful cakes. A 3-layer cake fits perfectly in this container on a 9" cardboard round.

    from Flour Child Bakery Posted on

    The first pan I received was not molded properly and leaked. Webstaurant quickly replaced it. The replacement pan works great. Very impressive customer service! Thank you.

    Posted on

    Every week, I drove across town to purchase cake trays. My friend told me about this Webrestaruant site. After visiting the Webrestaurant, I immediately noticed the cost was totally different at least half the amount I paid in the store. I am please with the product and stability. My cakes always looks professional and fresh.

    from E-cakes Posted on

    Lemon Sour cream pound cake

    OMG! I wish I found these earlier. They are great and cakes fit perfectly. They are very sturdy and the price is unbeatable. THANK YOU!

    Posted on

    I bought these for my Baking Center a few months back and I use these for my traditional cakes. There great!! Sturdy and absolutely handy.. A must have

    from Shavonna's Yummy Treats & Creations Posted on

    The domes are the right size for a 9" bundt or decorative round cake! The material is just a bit thinner than I'd like, but overall, they worked fine for packaging my cakes.

    from TCC-PoPMiCo., LLC Posted on

    Love these! We couldn't do business without them. It is THE container that we trust our scratch-baked triple layered cakes to ship across the country.

    from Dessert.net Cafe Posted on

    I use these to sell an occasional cake and also for bakesales at our church. It makes a very professional look at a reasonable price.

    Posted on

    When I bring a cake I've made in one of these containers, everyone asks if I bought it. Not because it LOOKS that good, but the packaging takes it up a notch. And no need to worry about getting a Rubbermaid (and expensive) cake carrier back. Though, if I've just brought a cake to the office in this, I've taken them back home and washed it and gotten another use or two out of it. Very sturdy, protects the cake beautifully. Just a lovely presentation.

    Posted on

    Love these 10" containers. I take them to events with me, so when somebody buys a full cake I use these instead of my fancy cake boxes! a 9" cake fits perfectly and locks tightly.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    This product is ok for certain types of cakes, a little flimsy and you have to be careful not to break it. I do still use it for certain types of cakes though.

    from land of oz cakes Posted on

    I think these trays are awesome for picnics or outtings where you want to protect your cake. It makes it easy for adults and kid to remove and replace the cover.

    Posted on

    These cake containers are priced lower than buying individual ones from the local GFS. The 10" tray is the perfect size for pound and layer cakes.

    from Something Special by Sherri Posted on

    These containers are awesome and are perfect packaging for my decorated sugar cookies that I do. They hold up so well and hold a lot of cookies, my last order was 5 dozen and they all fit inside the holder with room to spare.

    Posted on

    I love this container. It holda a three layer cake great and it holds up very well. It is a great price. Wouldn't go no where else to get this.

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    I love being able to see the cake I am presenting. These containers are sturdy and travel very well. The height is great for those Three layer cakes with thick frosting!

    from Judy at Little White Boxes Posted on

    They were perfect. I was able to make cakes for different occasions and i did not have to worry about when I would get my cake plates returnned to me.

    Posted on

    I purchased these cake containers to replace the previous cake boxes that I used. They are very economical and it allows your customers to see their product. Very happy with these.

    Posted on

    I have ordered the cake display containers with lids in the past. I will be making a future order for the upcomming holiday season that will include this product.

    from Lizzie T's Coffee House Posted on

    These containers have been very helpful. They allow us to better display our cakes and are easy to use. It does take extra storage space but it's worth it.

    from Sweet & Savory Bakery & Deli Posted on

    I prefer these to cake boxes because they keep your baked goods fresh longer especially if you have to keep them longer than a day.

    Posted on

    These 10 inch cake display containers are amazing. i simple love them, great for transporting and displaying two and three layer cakes. Must have product!

    Posted on

    These cake trays/containers are great for transporting cakes or even for storing them without fear that they will get ruined! Great price and very sturdy containers!

    Posted on

    I love this product. I have been purchasing similar items from my local grocery stores but sometimes they can't be sold. I love using these containers for displaying cakes and other desserts I make. I so glad I found this product online.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these containers. I use them for my cupcakes and tall cakes. The are very light and they are easy to pack. I highly recommend this product! They display your baked goods with class.

    from Its N The Cake Posted on

    I had been looking for a cake holder that would hold and display my larger (3 layer) cakes without messing up the frosting. The cover and bottom are very sturdy. This was perfect!

    from Cakes and Desserts By Judy Posted on

    The Wilkinson 10" Cake Tray/Lid Display Container is perfect for products with 2-3 layers. Customers are able to see the product without contamination issues and thanks to the closure of the container my products do not dry out as quickly as in many other containers...VERY GOOD THING!!

    from Memories By Taste Posted on

    I ordered these containers very late on a Friday night, and they arrived at my door by the following Wednesday! My cakes looked great and were very easy to transport. I'll definitely reorder.

    Posted on

    I was so happy my purchase I will buy again this is my new favarite web site I am a home baker and now my cakes look so much nicer to show

    from L,Witherspoon Posted on

    makes a great display for cakes, no need to worry about crushing or frosting getting smeared. Easy for customers to handle cake when purchasing and good for storage at home

    from C & P Farms Posted on

    Perfect way to give the gift of a delicious cake! I used to purchase these cake containers at party stores until I found these at WEBstaurant. I enjoy the convenience, and the price is much less than I used to pay.

    Posted on

    Just what I Needed. They are the right size and I received them in good time. The customer likes them it bets plastic wrap. Great Job.

    Posted on

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