Dart C53PST1 5 3/8" x 5 1/4" x 2 5/8" ClearSeal Clear Hinged Lid Plastic Container - 125/Pack

Item #: 999C53PST1

Lock in freshness with this clamshell Dart C53PST1, a ClearSeal's product with perimeter seal designed to maximize product freshness and reduce leaks. Bar-locks provide a snap-tight secure closure while easily accessible gripper tabs simplify opening.

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Dart C53PST1 5 3/8" x 5 1/4" x 2 5/8" ClearSeal Clear Hinged Lid Plastic Container - 125/Pack

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containers great cake size perfect slices container nice small cakes
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    I have used the Dart Solo container for over a year now for the individual bundt cakes that I make. They fit perfectly in the hinged container and do no collapse under the weight of three layers when I pack them to deliver.

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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    These are great for a variety of treats! I've used them for cookies, chocolate covered strawberries & peanut butter truffles. It's the final touch to your desserts!

    Posted on

    My peanut butter truffles look great in this container!

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    This is a perfect product for my small business at the local farmers market. I use these for single slices of cake as well as jumbo cinnamon rolls. Customers love that they can see the product clearly and I can display my business label on the top as well. Will defiantly order this product again.

    from Grammycakes Desserts Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These containers are great for displaying my baked goods and I also love that they close SECURELY. Trust me, I've shopped around and containers like these aren't always closed when you think they are. Order these ones, you won't regret it.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    These clear plastic containers are the best. I bought them for my wedding for guest to take cookies home. Everyone loved them and I even have extras which I continue to use and take things to work. Quality is great and price is cheap!

    Posted on

    Used for guest to take cookies home from my wedding.

    These are nice take out containers for appetizers, sides, and small salads. The hinged design saves you from stocking separate lids, and they are a tight seal. Great product by Dart.

    from Sig Services Posted on

    Hinged containers.

    They work absolutely great. You close them, and they stay closed- NEVER popping open! We use them primarily for side salads (they hold a 2 oz. dressing cup in there, even when crammed full of lettuce!), but also use them for small sandwiches and cold pie slices. Will definitely re-order.

    from Mattie B’s Posted on

    I misjudged the size of these and they were a little small for our caramel rolls but works really well for a piece of cake or pie.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    These disposable containers really came in handy at a recent bake sale. It makes serving and transporting baked goods a snap. I will buy other sizes.

    Posted on

    This unit is made of a tough plastic yet it is still tough enough to hold its form when stacked or under pressure. Its clear design beautifully displays product and the locking system keeps the seal tight.

    from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. Posted on

    My grand daughter loves using these in her SHOP presentation at school each year. The containers display her items and holds just the amount she needs.

    from Kristians Kreations Posted on

    My small bakery, Pie First Bakery, specializes in pies (of course!), along with 4-inch tarts. I use these hinged plastic containers for the tarts and they are perfect! They fit the 4-inch tarts so well that customers sometimes as if I special-ordered them for my tarts! They are durable yet light weight, and the clear plastic is so much more aesthetically pleasing than styrofoam.

    from Pie First Bakery Posted on

    This plastic container has been perfect way to display our baked goods for sale. Easy to use, are quite sturdy and lock securely. Great product!

    from lisa@flour-and-oats.com Posted on

    These containers are perfect for carrying out desserts or other foods. When we bbq people can put their desserts in these containers and the price is economical.

    Posted on

    A nice small plastic container that is easy to seal. The containers are great for packing our chicken salad croissant. They stack well and are very stylish in the deli case.

    Posted on

    These are great little containers, the best part is that they stay shut once closed. They do not open by themselves. I use them for small salads

    Posted on

    These containers are perfect for our baked goods to be stored and displayed. The size works well for all types of products. They stack well, and make transportation easy and convenient.

    from Marie and Twannette's Bakery and Cafe Posted on

    Presentation and transportation are easy with these containers

    These containers are awesome! They are a great size to offer a good sized slice of cake and still have room for toppings like whipped cream and strawberry sauce. They also seal well enough that if you knock one over it keeps the contents from spilling out.

    from Msquared Cakes & Catering Posted on

    These containers are awesome! They are a great size to offer a good sized slice of cake and still have room for toppings like whipped cream and strawberry sauce. They also seal well enough that if you knock one over it keeps the contents from spilling out.

    Wonderful product you can use for a lot things salad, cake slice, pies, jello and etc...Easy to see the thing you put on the product is not necessary opening....Great.

    from Daisy Posted on

    Sturdy little take out or leftover container. Seals seem tight and hinge is convenient for extra room inside container. Would prefer eco friendly containers but this is recyclable and serves its purpose.

    from Hofer's Coffee Posted on

    Sturdy take out container.

    This product is perfect for that one cinnamon roll that my customer love to eat. Hinges work perfectly and no worries about it popping open on you. very secure!

    Posted on

    Containers are good quality and no problems with them, they were just smaller than I allowed for. I like that they lock on the front lip and around the back of the package.

    Posted on

    I have been very please with my Dart Solo plastic containers. They are not heavy but they are strong. These are very useful for decorated items.

    from Mountain Flower Bakery. Posted on

    Very helpful to sell cupcakes to parents who do not want their kids to eat their cupcakes immediately!

    We use these often as to go boxes when people need smaller sizes and to hold smaller amounts of strawberries. They seal well and look nice.

    from New Deli Posted on

    Love love love these containers! We sell desserts at a community market in our city. They are the perfect size allowing the food to be seen. Great, affordable product!

    Posted on

    Red Velvet Dessert

    These containers work well for packaging baked goods in our bakery and at farmers markets. The lids stay snapped shut but the plastic can crack if there is too much stacked on top of them.

    from Great Harvest Bread Co Posted on

    These clear containers are great for a variety of uses. I've used them for cake, cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches and more. They always come in handy.

    Posted on

    These containers are awesome!!! I make egg frittatas each week and package them in these containers! They are super easy to store also! I would definitely order them again!

    Posted on

    This clear container is a great way to display fresh desserts and treats to your customers. We primarily use this container for our baked goods, in particular slices of cake. We put our label on the top of them so customers can see the brand from our company and can see the slice of heaven on the inside. The hinges lock into place so you won't have to worry about the container popping open and they stack too! Dart is a reliable brand so you can depend on a consistent result whenever you order these.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These containers are the Perfect size for salads, fruits, tuna, chicken salad and even snacks. They are very secure and will not pop open on their own which is great!

    from No Temptations by Ty Posted on

    This is a great product for so many food items. Love to use it to show off pastas, cake, anything to show your customers the full view of your food.

    Posted on

    Great little containers! We use these primarily for or deserts to go and our small salads. These are the perfect size for slices of cheesecake, The best part is that they stay shut once closed. They do not open by themselves, this is very important with any to go packaging.

    from Sparks Stony Brook Farm Posted on

    We use these to package our cinnamon rolls at the Farmers Markets, a great and sturdy product. Snaps and opens nicely. Great price as well!

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    excellent package

    We bought these to put baked goods in at our coffee shop but in the end need something a little taller- it doesnt fit our large muffins without squishing them.

    from Cornerstone Coffee Posted on

    I use it often to my new cakes or gelatins, size is perfect and very durable, I have bought 2 times and have had very good experience

    Posted on

    These hinged plastic containers are excellent. I use these for many things in my bakery. They are very sturdy and they catch and close as expected.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    I use these for small sandwiches, cookies, brownies and potato candy. 2 regular size cupcakes fit well in these also. Sturdy, and snap together securely.

    from Sugar Fix Now Posted on


    We use these for our lemon bars, pecan bars and cinnamon rolls. We add our custom logo sticker to the top and are pleased with the branding and overall look.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    Perfect for pastries or small food items. Do not put liquids in these containers, they will leak out. The snaps secure tightly on the container. Not great for hot food.

    from purple diamond catering Posted on

    We purchased these containers for displaying and selling our PUPkin balls, as well as our coconut oil based flea fighting treats. Once we received them, we realized they can be used for many other things, up to and including storing additional ingredients in the fridge until time to use them. We are very pleased with our purchase and will be making more in the future.

    from The Barking Cat Posted on

    Love these small containers. We use them for many of our products: mini bundt cakes, mini cups cakes, flan, empanadas...food stays fresh, shows well and stack neatly.

    from Rum Cake Lady Posted on

    Rum cake bites stay fresh in these containers. Goodies show well and they are stackable.

    These containers are great for packaging small items for customers to take on the go. I will most likely look for a size that is just a bit deeper next time, as I use these for cupcakes. Overall they are great!

    Posted on

    These clear hinged lid containers are ideal for bakery items. They are a good quality product at an unbeatable price. We definitely recommend these containers. Great buy!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These containers are made of very sturdy plastic material. Excellent for "on the go" orders. We use them for homemade desserts and are great to stack them up and deliver (no leaks!)

    Posted on

    I actually thought these containers would be bigger than what they were, nonetheless I like them and they will be put to great use! Nice

    Posted on

    Perfect would be a understatement ! I totally love the tamperproof contruction of the container. The clear color makes the display of my food wonderful. All my customers love it and so do I. Very cost effective and you cant beat it.

    from No Temptations by Ty Posted on

    Awesome for pie or cake slices at my small bakery. Allows the customer to see their slice to choose their favorite, unlike the styro boxes which require opening and closing, permitting exposure to germs.

    from Sweet 1603 Posted on

    I use these containers for chocolate covered strawberries and the product is absolutely amazing. It's the perfect size for the amount of strawberries that I use..

    from Sweet Temptation Posted on

    We use these for our pie and cheesecake slices to go. Fits perfectly and container stays closed so no accidents. Also works really well for small fruit salads. We've use them for watermelon and cantaloupe, no leaks.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    These are great general use containers. We use them for cakes, cookies and large brownies. These containers do stack well and protect the product from damage.

    from Curious Tongue Posted on

    We use tons of these for side dishes and pancakes, served from our food truck. They freeze and refrigerate well, hold up in our warmer, and are pretty airtight. They also stack great which is nice when carrying them.

    Posted on

    Nice little clamshells. Great size for a small side salad and they look nice. The clarity of the plastic is good so you can see the whole item within.

    from The Fig Tree Cafe Posted on

    these are great for my cinnamon rolls that I sell at the farmers market. My customers thought they were very nice looking. Very durable and I will definitely purchase again

    from Pippin's gluten free pastries Posted on

    so many compliments on my goodies. The health department commented on how great these are and how nice the look. My farmer's market customers love the look too

    Love these containers. Make for a professional appearance. Easy to show customers the food since they are see through. Easy transportation since they are stackable.

    from The Pie Hole Posted on

    Excellent product! I use these for my coffee cake slices and individual bundt cakes. They stack well, seal well, keep the product fresh all while the consumer can see what they are purchasing.

    from Off The Wheaten Path Posted on

    These containers are well made and because of that, we get SO many different uses from them! We cut everything so they fit into these containers. They are easy to open and close and keep the product safe but visible.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Great product. Make note of the size, though. It is not large enough for a salad as I had hoped but perfect for deserts, for example.

    from Brewed Expressions Posted on

    These are great sturdy small containers. We use them as an alternate size than the large for our salad bar in our cafe. It is the same product as in the local store, but actually less expensive and more reliable to buy it on Webstaurantstore.com.

    from CoJo Unlimited Catering, Inc Posted on

    These clear seal clear hinged lid plastic container makes a good presentation with a small salad and cake slices. The product is nice and the price is great.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    "These containers were the perfect size and quality for our bake sale fundraiser last year. I will be ordering these again in the near future."

    from national grid Posted on

    This by far is the best product I have used. I'm a self employed baker and have been using this product for over 20 years. Highly recommended! And the price offered by Web restaurant store is the best I have found to date! This product can be used for anything from cupcakes, cake slices to petit fours. Very versatile

    from Cakes by Wanda Posted on

    Great for food storage! Hinges really stay closed! I also use this for for storage for scented wax decorations I use for my candles keeps them fresh and holds their scent in really well!

    from kross kreek Posted on

    We LOVE these containers! They are the perfect size to fit just about any small item. We use them for mini pies, muffins, cream puffs, and quiche to name a few! They are very sturdy and stack really well on each other. It provides a good seal and they hold up great in low freezer temperatures. This is a fantastic product.

    from Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery Posted on

    Great quality container! I had my Coffeecake squares in these containers at a Farmer's Market booth recently in Nebraska and a huge gust of wind blew through my tent taking 4 pieces flying through the market. I retrieved my baked goods and the containers hadn't cracked or even popped OPEN!!

    from Honey House Nebraska Posted on

    Individual coffee cake squares fit perfectly and the containers are sturdy.

    very good clear container. you can use them for multiple things, mainly used for cold or normal items, like salads deseert, can't be used for hot item at all, very good price

    from ERA Posted on

    These are perfect for cookies, for brownies, for someone just ordering two cupcakes at a time or even just one. I would highly recommend these containers!!

    from Haleigh-Claire's Cupcakery Posted on

    At first I thought that I would not be able to do anything with these containers, but they turned out to be the perfect mini bundt containers.

    from DessertsforU Bakery Posted on

    Nicely sized. I use these containers to put all sorts of deserts in them. Whether I'm using them for cookies, cupcakes, our cake slices these containers works well with them all.

    from BATTLE ASSOCIATES Posted on

    Nice size cake portions are allowed in each container. Tall enough to add fruit on top as well.

    This product is exactly as described, the order was received quickly and packaged very well. Product will fit my needs perfectly, and I will definitely be a return customer.

    from MK Creations Posted on

    We use these containers for to-go items and to place part of our daily lunch box meal. Anything from rice, salads, fruits and things of that sort - it's perfect!

    from Kitchen Club Posted on

    We use these small hinged containers for our cupcakery. They perfectly hold 2 cupcakes. But equally as important, your price on these cannot be beat and believe me I search for the best prices out there.

    from Candies N Cupcakes Posted on

    These containers are a must if you want your desserts to look professional and appealing to your customers and not to mention the price is not bad either

    from A SLAB AND MORE Posted on

    These boxes are amazing. we bought them for a wedding and they were perfect to fit all the sweets and cakes for the guest so they could take them home

    from home Posted on

    I LOVE these containers! They fit together perfectly and stack really well. Perfect for storage, display and transport. They snap closed to seal in freshness. I also love the clarity of the containers. They show off my product beautifully!

    Posted on

    Perfect for our desserts to go. Cupcakes, candies, fudge, etc. They are attractive looking little containers that really show off your desserts. Make deserts look very appetizing

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    This container really works great for my use. It's easy to open and close. And I like the fact that you can see what's inside. I really like it and would order it again and recommend it to family and friends.

    Posted on

    WE use these in our carryout restaurant for side salads and individual desserts. They make a nice presention and also cake, pie etc... can be portioned out and still look nice sitting on a cake plate in this container.

    from Lisa's Lunchbox Posted on

    Love the size of these containers for a slice of cake or a couple of 3x3 dessert squares to go! They close & open easily!

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    I ordered these containers for the sale of cakes and candy for my store.They are the perfect size and a great price! I will be purchasing more today!

    from Blair Products and More Posted on

    Good quality, thicker than I expected for this price. We use these for side salads and some to go desserts. They look nicer than styrofoam boxes, too

    from Italian Grill Posted on

    Great container to sell you prepared foods. Perfect size for sandwiches and salads. Price point is dead on and can not be beat. I recommend this product.

    from Tristan's Entertainment Services Posted on

    The product works great and provide an excellent way to showcase my cakes. I'm very pleased and would definitely purchase these again in the future.

    Posted on

    This Dart container is a great size for pound or loaf cake slices with a label on top and a doilie inside for added decoration.

    from Something Special by Sherri Posted on

    These work perfectly for to go bakery items. Instead of using colored boxes - we chose these so that it will tempt the passers by seeing them to come and visit as well.

    from Taste & See Coffee House Posted on

    These work great for just about any food. The food inside stays fresh and the clear container lets you see the food is still fresh.

    Posted on

    I use these for my cake slices they are wonderful keeps them fresh and intact. My customers can see my product without openning the lid. I will be ordering more

    from sweet wonders Posted on

    These containers snaps shut to keep food fresh. I use these to place slices of cake or other one serving items to deliver to the stores. They are sturdy although you need to make sure they are snapped shut.

    from Days Bakery Posted on

    The Dart 3/8"x5 1/4"x2 3/4" Showtime Clear hinged Lid Plastic Container 500/cs.We us these for our small salads to go the air tight seal works perfect.Great price.Keeps thing's fresh.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    These are perfect to hold my mini bundt cakes, as well as cookies that I do not want to store in plastic bags. Thank you!

    from Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church Posted on

    great product was very easy to work with, no busted, cracked or broken containers as I have had from other purchases from other venders. excellent

    Posted on

    este producto es buenisimo tanto como para rebanadas de pastel como para empanadas panesitos es un medida perfecta para si deseas usarla para cualquiera de estas cosas

    Posted on

    For my customers, I wanted to give them an option to have more than one mini cupcake, without having to buy a whole dozen. This container is the perfect size for my bite-size cupcakes!

    from Intoxicating Confections Inc. Posted on

    These containers are very sturdy and reasonably priced!! I am needing to purchase clear single cupcake containers I wish you would stock them!!Thank You Joanne's Gluten Free Goodies

    from Joanne's Gluten Free Goodies Posted on

    These containers are very high quality, nearly airtight, easy to open and close, and look great with our products! I just wish they came in more sizes, because I love the quality!

    Posted on

    These containers are sturdy and durable. They are great for giving baked goods to friends and family. Also the perfect size for a sandwich or snack.

    Posted on

    I have no complaints against these containers. They snap closed fine, and the plastic is crystal clear for excellent display of products. And the price is reasonable.

    Posted on

    These items are fabulous for sandwiches, cupcakes, cake, salads, etc. They are a great value for my business and an item that I will continue to reorder.

    from The Pampered Chef Posted on

    Using for a wedding for left over cake. printed wedding stickers with the bride and grooms name and date on them and then attached them to the containers. Had stretch ribbon that wrapped aroung the box, which made it look like a lot a work was put into it when there wasn't.

    Posted on

    These are great! Perfect size for individual slices of cake or pie. Product was sturdy and a great price. Definitely will purchase more & recommend.

    from Personal Baker Posted on

    I like the idea of being able to see what's inside without having to peek. They are the perfect size for a cake serving. I've used them at church functions for cake, salad, and sandwiches....no clean up!!

    Posted on

    i used this for a wedding reception for the cake favors guests loved it and easy to view cake and carry home and affordable recommend it

    Posted on

    perfect for larger pastries. We sell a lot of cakes and big muffins. These are perfect for dessert on the go. I will reorder soon.

    Posted on

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