8" Cake Circle Gold Laminated Corrugated - 25/Pack

Item #: 9998GCC

This 8" single-wall, corrugated cake circle is gold laminated for a gorgeous, shimmering platform for your cakes to sit on, giving them a regal, high-class air. It has a scalloped outer edge. This cake circle can also be cut in half and used in half-round cake containers.

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8" Cake Circle Gold Laminated Corrugated - 25/Pack

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Cake cakes great gold boards circles inch price sturdy nice
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    Love these cake circles. Make your cakes look amazing and they are very sturdy. I uses these for three layer cakes that have loads of designs. So I need a sturdy board and these are perfect.

    from Andi Cakes Posted on

    Caged Chocolate Cake by Andi Cakes

    Is a very nice color and it came fast, also good for my cakes they look so nice and cute and I love it !

    Posted on

    Very nice boards

    These are nice boards I do wish I could also order silver rather than just gold. But they present well and are grease resistant. They add a nice touch to cakes

    Posted on

    6” cake on the board

    These gold cake circles are absolutely gorgeous when you receive them. I use them for our 5” and 6” cakes and they are so much more prettier than the plain white circles.

    from D•lish by Trish Posted on

    Smash cake being used on the 8” gold laminated cake circle

    Yo necesitaba un producto que fuera económico y a la vez llamativo. Este es uno de los mejores cake board en el mercado. Ordenare mas desde k c termine lo k compre.

    Posted on

    Smash cake

    These boards are great. They are thick and strong enough to even hold a small tiered cake. And the gold coating is not just beautiful, but keeps the board from absorbing oil and getting soft.

    from Crust Vegan Bakery Posted on

    6" and 4" tiered cake on the 8" board

    Great value for a great price. These are sturdy and hold up well to what I put my cakes through. Plus they look great for final service!

    Posted on

    These work great for during the process of working on the cakes or for final presentation.

    This is an amazing cake circle for small cakes with golden details or accents. I use them a lot for small unicorn cakes and it's very elegant.

    Posted on

    I love the elegant look that gives to my cakes.

    These gold cake boards are perfect for 6 inch cakes. They make my mini cakes look great. They are sturdy and keep your cakes safe in their boxes.

    Posted on

    These cake circles hold up very well and don't get limp or soggy. Quick and easy way to dress up your cakes! I highly recommend.

    from Cains Creative Cakes Posted on

    Great gold board, to go along with our fantastic gold chocolate cake!

    These gold cardboard cake rounds are really great. They hold super heavy cakes with no problem and are sturdy and look great. Will continue to use them for all my future cake orders.

    from nana's creative cafe LLC Posted on

    Perfect sized cake round.

    I use these 8" gold cake boards under our cupcakes & cakes. They will definitely brighten up the display & is much more attractive than a plain paper cake mat. We use these on our 6" cakes & it fits perfectly.

    from Sin City Cupcakes Posted on

    6" cake on top of the gold cake mat. Piped edges included.

    Perfect size for 6" cakes. I like the look of the gold laminate. It's also grease proof which is great. The side does show corrugated material and the back is plain and not laminated. Sturdy and can withstand the weight of a standard 2-3 layer cake.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Angel Food Cake on 8" Gold Cake Circle

    These boards are thick and sturdy. Grease proof. Nice gold color and cut and right size fit for my 8 in cake. Will definitely buy again.

    Posted on

    Great to have more of a wholesale option for these cake boards! LIke the fact I can add these to my order and shipping costs really don't change.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    These 8 inch circles are very nice. I like the edges, it gives an extra decorative touch to a cake. Word to the wise -- they are a little small for an 8 inch cake.

    Posted on

    You cannot beat this price anywhere & these are the real deal. The shipping price always bums me out but it's definitely worth it! These cake boards are amazing & great quality.

    from Sunshine + Sugar Bakery Posted on

    Smash cake on 8" cake board

    I love love love this cake board. It's so elegant and adds extra flair to my baked treats . It is also easy to clean for a neat presentation

    from The Cakery TT Posted on

    Love the board

    Very classy

    A much better alternative to standard paper cake boards. I find that these boards to not show any grease and maintain a nice, clean look.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    No grease

    I use these cake boards for my small 6 inch cakes, they are perfect! The gold and the shape gives the cake another touch of elegance, plus you can not beat the price anywhere else!!!

    Posted on

    These 8 inch gold cake circles are great! They are strong enough to hold a cake they are pretty enough to display the cake the laminate helps that the cake board does not get greasy and as usual the price cannot be beat

    from sweetart Posted on

    These boards are strong and sturdy with a nice gold color. Easily wiped off so the final presentation appears clean and neat without any hassle.

    from Absolutely Cake Posted on

    Gold laminated cake circles add a special extra presentation to cakes and desserts. The 8 inch size displays 6 inch cakes very well. They have a sturdy construction and you can't beat this price!

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    I love these gold cake circles because they give cakes a great finish. I use them for my six inch cakes when I use extra frosting.

    Posted on

    Great board for simple frosted cakes. The gold gives it that extra special feel. Great price and a great product. I will definitely be buying again.

    Posted on

    The gold brim gives our baked goods a polish touch. Fits perfectly with Southern Champion Window Cake boxes!!! Great for start up businesses on a minimum budget.

    from Stella Bistro Posted on

    Love these. Very economical, good quality, no complaints. Makes any desserts looking wonderful. The size is perfect for 6 inch cake with lots of icing.

    Posted on

    This are just the perfect finishing touch for displaying your finished product. They are very elegant and just as sturdy to support whatever cake you want to display.

    Posted on

    This is a very useful and good looking cake board. I use it for 6 inch cakes - it allows the perfect amount of space for decorating.

    Posted on

    I got these to go with my 6 in cakes. They are great! They don't absorb moisture and very easy to clean so I can decorate my cake straight on the board. They look very elegant and people compliment how professional they make my cakes look.

    Posted on

    We used these with 6" mini cakes. I've used white cake circles/rectangels before, but these definitely gave a more elegant look to the cakes. Excellent price as well.

    Posted on

    I love this company. Any the gold circles really add a great touch to th cake. Thanks so much for all you provide to your customers.

    from From Scratch by Tasha Posted on

    A 1st Birthday Pumpkin Cake!!!

    this cake board is worth every penny 8" Cake Circle Gold Laminated Corrugated - 200/Case. a most have for any cake decorator. easy to wipe out

    from lolita's bakery Posted on

    Lovely cake circles! These really make a difference when serving cakes for special occasions. They are glossy and really look nice on dessert tables or for wedding cakes.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    A finished cake on the 8" gold cake circle!

    Love this gold cake board! And it has very nice price. It makes my mousse cake look much fancier and beautiful. The quality of board is great!

    Posted on

    Nice gold cake circle for mousse cake

    Cakes are not a big part of our business and we are NOT into the decorating, so this board really makes the presentation easier for us. It just makes the cake look finished.......

    from Moon Rocks, Inc. Posted on

    Choc. Cake with Choc. Chip Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

    These cake circles are beautiful and come at a great price! I love the beautiful ruffled edge peeking out from under my cakes! Will definitely be reordering.

    from Sugar and Spice Bakery Posted on

    The 8" Cake Circle in Gold is of excellent quality and thickness! The boards are a very attractive alternative to having to cover plain boards...quick and ready to use. These boards won't buckle under the weight of large cakes. Impress your customers with these beautiful cake boards. They wont feel the need to place the cakes on a serving plate.

    from Carans Creations & Confections Posted on

    Love these eight inch rounds, very strong and great for my smash cakes and 1st anniversary cakes too. On my reorder list for sure. Prices are wonderful!

    Posted on

    This is a great price for 25 cake boards. They have a nice scalloped edge and the gold adds a little sparkle to the finished cake. I would definitely purchase these here over other stores...Much better value at WEB.

    Posted on

    WE just love these gold cake boards, they always make our cakes and specialty desserts shine, literally the light bounces off the gold and makes all our creations look like a million dollars!

    Posted on

    The 8" gold circle cake board it sturdy to support the weight of my 6" double cakes and can wipe it all clean, to make product neat and presentable.

    Posted on

    These 8" circles are the most commonly used product in our shop. Our 6" cakes fit perfectly on them, as well as fitting perfectly into an 8" box.

    Posted on

    I use these rounds very frequently and am pleased with how sturdy they are and flash of gold they add to my cakes. They fit well into the boxes of similar sizes.

    This cake board was really useful for my baking need. Good for the size of 8-9-6 inch cake too can beat it the price and awesome!!!

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    These are the perfect size for small cakes and you get so many in the package! I've had to run out to buy a pack of 5 from the store and they were more expensive than these ones and they weren't even as sturdy, so definitely a great deal!

    Posted on

    I love this boards! They are excelent and complement my cakes so nice with just the right price, Definetly going to keep on buying more!

    from Rosys Cakes LLC Posted on

    These cake circles are so cute and modern. We bake a 6" round cake and they looks so great on these boards! Perfect for a smash cake!

    from Red Dessert Dive Posted on

    I've ordered these boards a few times, they are great I loves the gold and scalloped edges. The look adds to presentation and makes it much classier!

    Posted on

    Sock monkey first birthday smash cake

    I use these cake circles under all of my cakes and cheesecakes. They are sturdy enough that slicing doesn't damage them. Also, makes transporting much easier. The gold is a nice classy color.

    Posted on

    Go to boards for my smash cakes! They hold a six inch cake perfectly! The gold laminate saves so much time because I don't have to cover them in foil!

    Posted on

    These fit perfect with the G21 7" cake display container. The pricing here is always better than anywhere else I've looked. the scalloped edge is a nice touch. I use them for everyday 6" cakes.

    from Kali Kakes Posted on

    These were perfect for my 6 inch cakes. Very sturdy & pretty, the gold is a nice touch. And the best part is that they are grease proof!

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    We have been loving these cake circles since delivery. They look much nicer than the white corrugated circled we had and they are more sturdy and don't show any stains and any stray frosting can be wiped off if need be.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    We use the 8 inch for 6 inch cakes so there's a bit of wiggle room for the cake and bottom border.

    these are very pretty and very sturdy and with the cheap price that Webstaurant gives you--why would you just serve a cake on a plain white board? these are very pretty for your presentation of anything you serve up on them..

    Posted on

    excellent price for these. Used with a 6 inch cake, for decoration purposes. Also used underneath cupcakes for displaying on a cupcake stand. a 25 pack will come in great use.

    Posted on

    This cake circle works well with the Wilkinson 9" dome and the 10" cake tray. I use it frequently and it is a good quality for the price.

    Posted on

    My Vanilla Mille Cake looks very nice on this gold cake circle. Very love!

    I have purchased the 8" gold laminated cake circles numerous times. They are a good quality and are very sturdy for my cakes. I highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    These gold cake boards are very nice and the price is right! They add a touch of elegance to our cakes and enhance the presentation quite nicely.

    from Taste by Spellbound Posted on

    Our fabulous chocolate/peanut butter ganache cake

    I use these cake boards very often. I make both cakes and cupcakes but specialize more on cupcakes. Because of this, I don't make huge cakes very often which allows me to use these boards. I love that they are gold as opposed to just white. I especially love that they are grease proof.

    from Karess's Kreations Posted on

    A 6" pink buttercream ruffle cake supported with a 8" gold cake circle

    A smash "cupcake cake" using a 8" gold cake circle as its base

    These are the just the perfect kind of baords that make simple and plain cakes, come to life!! I used these for all my smaller cakes. A MUST BUY!!!!

    from Shavonna's Yummy Treats & Creations Posted on

    Theses cake circles are great for my round cakes! They look very professional and are thick and sturdy. They will not soak up the grease from my buttercream frosting and keep my cakes from sliding around!

    Posted on

    We are a gluten free bakery and love these. Sturdier than many on the market and make our cakes look great. We highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    Perfect fit for a 1 lb. cookie tray. Much nicer and more professional looking than the basic white corrugated cake circles. Would definately order again.

    from MommaZinga Catering Posted on

    These 8 inch cake circles are great to have when making a small cake such as a 6 inch cake. I use them all the time.

    Posted on

    Coconut entremet on an 8-inch gold cake circle

    I was uncertain as whether to buy the an 8" circle for a 6 inch cake. I'm so glad I did! The 8" circle is the perfect size for 6 inch cakes. The gold color is beautiful, the price is right and I'm happy!

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    What a wonderful cake circle!! Good for small sized cakes!! Gold laminate makes cakes shine!! Good Price! Works well to lift pie/tart doughs as well!!!

    Posted on

    So glad i brought these, first it's a great deal. They bring a great look to your cakes and make for a wonderful display!!I will continue to order more!

    Posted on

    Great size disc.Nicely covered. Uniform in color . Nice and sturdy. Better price than anywhere I have looked. Extremely fast shipping. Great service.Will order again.Thank you.

    Posted on

    These cake circles look great and are cost effective. They are really sturdy-our cakes are ice cream or frozen yogurt and can be quite heavy and we havent had any issues with staining.

    from Main Street Treats Posted on

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