Choice 1/2 Size Foil Deep Steam Table Pan - 20/Pack

Item #: 999613245

Step up your superior service, and present a variety of foods in this Choice 1/2 size foil steam table pan! Great for any banquet of catered event, this pan offers durability and features a full curl rim. The Choice 1/2 size foil steam table pan is freezer safe and oven safe, meaning that you can prepare and store your dishes in the freezer, cook, and serve all in the same pan. It can hold up to 120 oz. of your signature sides, appetizers, or main dishes, and once your meal service is finished, you can simply dispose of the pan for fast and easy clean up.

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Choice 1/2 Size Foil Deep Steam Table Pan - 20/Pack

4.7 stars from 128 reviews


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pans great food pan size steam foil price sturdy table
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    Bought these to package and transport food to family events without having the hassle of heavy containers and cleanup. Easy to reheat food using the oven, great size and great price.

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    Half size foil pan for easy cleanup

    I love the depth and weight to these pans. They are much more sturdy than the ones I buy from the supermarket and the quantity is great for the price. Would definitely recommend and repurchase these.

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    I use these all the time and I can't say enough great things about them! You will go through them quickly, so I do recommend ordering several!

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    Love these! These are so conventient for when I want to take food somewhere and not worry about bringing home the container. Also clean up is easy!

    from Gina's Cookie Company Posted on

    Good sturdy quality

    These pans are wonderful for steam tables. But they are also handy for prepping large amounts of food. They make cleanup a breeze. You would be hard-pressed to find a better value.

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    These are great for food, and for containing messy finger painting projects with the kids!

    These pans are sturdy and durable especially when transporting food back and forth for catering events. Great quality and no leaking. We will purchase again.

    from Johnny Roger's BBQ & Burgers Posted on

    These pans are great! I do wish they were a little sturdier as sometimes I have to double up on the pan, to make sure it holds the weight.

    Posted on

    Sturdy pans, fast delivery and excellent heat conducive product. Used them for both hot and cold items and am very satisfied with the quality of them

    from Teri & Co Catering Services Posted on

    We use these for to go casserole orders. They are study enough for most items, up to a few pounds at least. Over 5 pounds we do use a second one to steady it. No leakage problems.

    from Switzerland Cafe Posted on

    These foil pans work perfectly for what we need them for (delivery/drop off catering). They are a touch thicker tin than "normal" which keeps them from folding on you during transport. Highly reccommended.

    Posted on

    You can not get a better product for the price. I am so happy to have found this one this site. I will be reordering these every time I need them.

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    Used these aluminum pans on the steam table for an event. The pans were actually more sturdy than we originally expected and were able to hold a good amount of food without bending or folding. Would purchase again.

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    This 1/2 size steam table pan is made of heavy duty aluminum foil, and works great to heat or keep warm food on a steam table. Baking in these pans also works great, and adding a foil lid helps you transport or store them easily.

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    cinnamon rolls baked in 1/2 size steam table pan

    Great pan for us! We use these for catering and it keeps our food hot or cold for our customers. Pretty solid so it won’t leak or break easily either. Definitely would recommend getting!

    from M Eleven LLC Posted on

    Pretty durable half size steam table pan. I've never had a problem with them being flimsy or unsteady. I would recommend them to other chefs and caterers

    from DelishNOLA Catering LLC Posted on

    The foil pans that I purchased last year for my catering business are perfect and just the right size. However I wish they were more heavy. I have to use two pans when delivering them to clients.

    from ineffable delights & catering Posted on

    Garlic Lemon Pepper Parmesan Party Wings in the Half Size Foil Deep Pans

    I use these so much it's hard to keep them in stock. Heavy duty and practical. They look great paired with the foil lid. Very classy.

    Posted on

    1 lb pasta and meatballs

    Strong, sturdy and chep, what else could you ask for. We go through so many of these a month. They are lightweight yet very strong.

    from Country Dog Posted on


    Great pans to place prepared food that is to be transported with the accompanying lids. I place my food in them, put the lid on add a label so I know exactly what is in the pan, when I've prepared multiple dishes that are to transported.

    Posted on

    We used these at our wedding. They were thick, good quality, and priced right! They kept our food hot and unlike other pans that you buy from the dollar store didn't bend and fold when you pick them up. Great for an event or everyday use!

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    Another very good Choice product! This is what I use for salad as it has a nice depth to hold lettuce. Very durable and sturdy!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    Very durable and affordable foil pans!

    I like these aluminum pan they are liteweight and very handy while cooking and preparing different meals. The pans are thin and the way they were package that were crushed together. They are not to sturdy unless you double them up but they were a great price.

    from The s& l company Posted on

    This pack of 1/2 size steam pans comes in packs of 20. We also have purchased the 100 pack because we love these so much. They can be used for many different things in the kitchen and for catering gigs. They also fit inside a steam table if you are using for hot food. We highly suggest owning a few of these pans as they make some tasks very easy clean up.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Use Choice brand foil to cover contents. Be sure not to put too much weight in these pans. They can bend and break if contents are too heavy.

    Easily cover your contents with Choice brand heavy duty foil.

    We use this Choice foil steam table pan in multiple applications including as a serving platter. It is incredibly convenient because you can use this for either hot or cold foods. And it is disposable so clean up is so fast and easy. This has a half size capacity and can carry almost about 4 quarts of food.

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    Highly recommended steam table pan

    These half-size foil buffet band are great value product. Ideal for buffets or potlucks, these disposable pans are sturdy enough for most foods. Nice product for the price.

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    Half-size foil pans

    These half sized pans served my purposes well but they are definitely a little bit more flimsy than I has anticipated. The first order came with a pack that was all bent out of shape (certainly due in part to poor packing), but the company was kind enough to mail me a replacement pack. I then shipped that pack oversees for my party and it held up nicely with the 100 other items that I shipped. May need doubling up for heavier foods.

    Posted on

    These foil pans are perfect to use for meat or any other warm foods you would like to serve. They hold liquid and heat very well.

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    These containers are great we have a lot of people ordering large barbecue platters for pick up. They can take the weight of what we put in them which is usually pulled pork, sliced brisket, racks of ribs or 2 quarts of sides. We also use them for drop off catering events, I have purchased these twice in the last month and will be ordering a lot more for our future catering events.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    8 quarts of coleslaw for a pick up order and with the lids they didn't smash or spill.

    I give these half pans 5 stars!!! I used to purchase from other stores but they increase number of pans in pack but lowered the quality. THANKS WEBSTAURANT FOR SELLING QUALITY ITEMS!!!

    from Big Chris Catering Posted on

    Quality just ok

    I make huge breakfeat casseroles which I freeze in these pans. They are fabulous for Lasagna, Stuffed Shells, Broccoli Chicken Casserole. I freeze months of food at a time and they are always Great!

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    These were perfect for bulk brownies made for a wedding. Very easy to transport to the destination too with the matching lids I also purchased.

    Posted on

    Great product for the cost of the item. They cost less herw than our normal supply house. Thanks for providing quality products at affora le prices

    from Wood, Stock, and Grill Posted on

    I must admit that the flimsiness of these foil steam pans were a bit of a disappointment. After a few tries I was able to make up for it by using at least two at a time. If you’re moving anything with any real weight you’ll certainly want to double up. After it’s all said and done these foil pans are still a great deal, just not the most trustworthy carrying mechanisms for anything over a couple of pounds.

    from Posted on

    Thank you for the review! They are meant to be a great value for an everyday low price!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We were very happy with the quality and price of this foil pans they work great at our catering events and the size is perfect for our buffet dinners at the clubhouse and church.

    Posted on

    I do not regret buying, very good for the price. The quality is good, however, depending on what you use it for, you might need to double it. Thank you.

    Posted on

    We bought these steam table pans to place our cooked chicken wings in after cooking for our Super Bowl party. They work with almost any food and keep the food insulated. They do not bend and crater easily. Another great product from CHOICE.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Great to cook with, but can use for cookouts to hold light weight foods as well!

    These staem pans are great! They are strong and hold up to all kinds of food. They are also cheaper then pans you would find at Walmart or the supermarket.I use them for Lasagna, grilling and casseroles. I would recommend them

    Posted on

    I love the convenience of ordering these pans off line .. I also love the fact I can order a little or a lot of these items depending on my needs and wants and the cost is reasonable

    from Ambiance Affairs llc Posted on


    These are great foil pans at a great price. They are thick foil and so are strong enough to use without always worrying about supporting the bottom. Use them all the time as disposable cooking pans. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    we use these 1/2 pans to set up our turkey day buffet dinner, they made everything look so nice and beautiful and I will purchase them again.

    Posted on

    These pans are rather flimsy, and you have to be careful if you are going to stack product before it is frozen, but for the price, I will continue to use them.

    from St Anne Orthodox Church Posted on

    I am very disappointed in this product the foil pans are very flimsy not great for stacking on top of each other with food especially if you're a caterer

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry you did not like this product. Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you have questions or if you would like product recommendations.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Two of these can be used in place of one full size pan. These are high quality and a great pan. Very sturdy and a better option when carrying a heavy item such as meatballs is needed

    Posted on

    These pans are a little flimsy. I would purchase but purchase these again. Would like a pan that can withhold cooking and serving without bending.

    from WMC Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very durable and a much better price than the big box stores. Held up well in the chafer stand under two heat sources, this is a great buy.

    from jobabyllc Posted on

    Bought these for the convenience even though they are choice quality. They are pretty sturdy for not being heavy duty and I can see myself buying more, and possibly ordering this size in the larger case.

    from Aviands Posted on

    These were great quality. They are priced more than favorable, and held up nicely, even full of food. We recommend these for any event you need to keep things hot for!

    from NERS Posted on

    This is a very inexpensive and sturdy pan to use. I purchased these pans along with a full size pan, stand and fuels for a catering event. We also purchased lids to keep the food warm. Everything worked very well together

    from Litosny Posted on

    These were ok, a little flimsy and a lot of them came messed up a bit and bent, probably because of how they were packaged in the box with the rest of my order. I've had to double-up these trays a few times. But the price is hard to beat.

    Posted on

    These steams pans are perfect for your chafer. You put water in them to create steam to keep your food warm. The other aluminum pans fit perfectly into the steam pan.

    Posted on

    This is your standard half hotel steam table pan. They are thick enough that you may be able to reuse them a couple of times, but we that's up to you. Good price.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    Affordable and simple, functional foil steam table pans! These will help to keep food warm, when also used on a chaffer with a heater, like a sterno pot, or, great to hold any time of cold or room temperature for a BBQ or catering event.

    Posted on

    This is a great product. Great price! I would recommend this product to anyone. Holds up well in the oven, however i suggest doubling the pan with heavier foods.

    from White Caps Catering Posted on

    It is so convenient to have disposable steam pans. We actually use these inside of the chafers, so that instead of refilling the chafers, we can simply replace the pans with new clean presentation ones.

    Posted on

    These foil pans are good quality, sturdy, and easy to use. We use them for take out orders and we don't have to worry about them falling apart. Great buy!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Great price and very sturdy. I use this for making cobblers and casseroles. They .also work well under my food warmer. In addition I use one over stove to keep used cooking utensils.

    from Thesaurus Enterprises Posted on

    We ordered this pan bases on recommendation, and you can not go wrong, Choice brand has proven to be great quality time and time again.

    from The Smokin' Burrito Posted on

    Great pans I use them when I have and event to cater. Along do the the kids that got with them, they are good when you have to travel with food.

    from Toy's sweets Posted on

    These pans are essential to a caterer. They stand up to any food we use them for, they are made from an excellent quality material. Would never buy anywhere else.

    from Rudys Posted on

    We use this half pan which is almost a 9x13 for our large casseroles. We also use the matching lid and they are great for freezing and reheating.

    from Meacham Hams Inc Posted on

    Cheapest price i have ever seen for these catering pans anywhere, even with the shipping! But unfortunately it's not that sturdy to carry a bit heavy filling inside like the full size pans I bought from webstaurant

    from Delicious delights Posted on

    These work wonderful for catering orders. When used with the flat lid, they can be stacked in bags to make them easier to transport. They are strong and durable. One small downfall is that if you need to cut whatever is in the pan, you can easily cut through the pan but that would happen with any foil pan.

    from The Gingham Cafe Posted on

    In the past, I have bought these at the local store for home use, but the price is so much better here! Not only do I use them to freeze extra casseroles or when I need to take food to a party, I also use them as trays for transporting cake pops and cup cakes. Very versatile item!

    Posted on

    Best price ive seen for these catering trays anywhere, even with the shipping! Perfect for on or off premise catering, not flimsy like other brands!

    from Das Biergarten Posted on

    Great product! Our BBQ customer uses these for their meats. Seals in flavor and heat. Strong, holds whole racks of ribs without giving. Great for reheating and catering! love these!

    from Your First Source For Supplies Posted on

    These pans are something we use all the time. We are happy with the quality of these and the price is great. This is an item we always add to our order

    Posted on

    Ideal for half pan use. The quality is good for lighter items like salad, vegetables, stir-fries, etc. The quality is a bit light so for heavier items, we would suggest double pans, just to ensure there is no spillage.

    from Spice Ladle Posted on

    Disappointing is the word that I am using that best describes these pans. This was the first item that I have ever purchased from Webstaurant that I was displeased with. I found the pans to be flimsy and not sturdy as described. It was surprising to me that so many reviewers spoke highly of the pans. Usually, we purchase the 1/2 size Foil Steam Table Pans from elsewhere for our catering business for just a fraction of a higher price. We decided to purchase the 20 pack from Webstaurant with the possibility of purchasing in larger quantities later. We attempted to place mashed potatoes in one of the pans and the pan began to fold with only a few large spoonfuls of potatoes so we had to double the pans. This helped but still was not much better. So, we decided that we would only use the pans to fill with salad that only consisted of mixed greens, cucumber slices and grated carrots. The pans were still flimsy. We were disappointed and unfortunately are unable to recommend this product to others.

    from Jes Catering Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Lisa! We are sorry that these pans did not work for your usage. Try these Durable Packaging 4255-100 Half Size Heavy Duty Foil Steam Table Pans instead for a sturdier alternative.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I ordered these 1/2 size trays and to my surprise, they arrived just in time to fulfill a job this Saturday. I could not be more pleased with the space and appearance they offer. Everyone involved with and at the WebstaurantStore, I commend "all" of you on your choice to provide outstanding products! Well done!

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    These steam table pans were perfect for our purposes or serving a buffet-style dinner. They are very strong and with the water bath, they kept all our dishes hot and read to serve for over 2 hours.

    Posted on

    This are great when time is an issue. Could also line with tin foil and reuse but a great item to use on really messes recipes and the throw out

    Posted on

    Another GREAT buy from the Webstaurantstore! You make my life so much easier! I will never buy anywhere else for my cooking or baking needs!!!

    Posted on

    I use a lot of these pans because customers ask me to cater different events with different products and these pans are really durable. These pans actually hold a lot more than what I thought they did and they get the job done thank you

    Posted on

    Trying to find Deep half pans is Hard. These are just amazing! No more overflowing pans. They are a must have for those that cater or cook on a large scale

    from Fragrances on the run Posted on

    These foil pans are great. I first bought them for use with chafing dishes at a large party I was hosting. They worked great. I don't think that they are flimsy and they really held up nicely for that use. Now I buy them for parties but also to use at home when I'm making dishes to freeze and bake at a later time and also for rushed nights when I know I won't have a lot of time to clean up regular dishes.

    Posted on

    I use these pans to carry my home-cooked foods to reunions and the families of deceased loved ones in my family, community, and church. The pans work great for cook and carry then dispose!

    Posted on

    We use these pans for all of our catering orders along with the 1/3 size foil pans and they are well made and hold up well during the event. They are an excellent value for the price.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    Thes half steam table pan its work perfect for me mostly for preaping food that u can store on yoyr fridge and for your orders too. The foil fare for the price

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    These pans are very sturdy they don't bend in the middle of the pans. we used them alot on special occasions so that the worker don't have to stay late to wash pans and my wife love them for home.

    from Wes & Nita Kitchen. Co Posted on

    These pans are a great size for casseroles for a crowd- from the oven directly to my chafing set! However be aware that you will need to support the bottom if the casserole has any weight.

    Posted on

    Great pans for cold foods like salads as well as hot foods. Pans are able to withstand the heat, can go straight from the oven to a your catered parties. Pans are also sturdy.

    from Some Good Food Posted on

    A must have if you do any baking or cooking or grilling..heavy duty pans and work great for small batches of anything..,i use on smoker

    from Bullett's BBQ Posted on

    We use a lot of these in our fundraising events and thought we were saving money buying small packs elsewhere. These are durable and it is so very nice to have enough on hand for big events!

    from Amelia Toy Fund Posted on

    these 1/2 size foil pans are a awesome product to have on hand. they are really strong and hold heat or cold very well. and best part no clean up after.

    Posted on

    These small pans made it easy to make a line of mac and cheese for our family picnic. They worked great for all the foods we tried in them. Good price.

    Posted on

    These are to be used with a wire chafer stand, fuel source, full size steam pan and 1/2 size lid. We used this system for an outside wedding and it worked great because we had no power source.

    Posted on

    great foil pans easy & convenient to use we use these for pasta chicken and salads our customers loves them & our staff likes using them.

    from tonys restaurant Posted on

    I stock these on a regular basis. My current supplier charges twice as much. This is one of the best deals, I have ever seen!

    from Stewarts Catering Posted on

    This is a nice size for making and freezing a decent size lasagna. The pan is deep enough to accommodate at least three layers. I would recommend.

    Posted on

    These half size steam table trays are perfect. They are a whole lot better than some of the others out there for sale and way cheaper.

    from Antonino's Catering Posted on

    I was surprised that these pans were so cheesy. I have very high expectations of the products from this website. The quality of the products usually exceed my expectations. These pans are soooo thin. The pans need to be doubled to be of any use. What a waste of money. I will not order these again.

    from Simply Divine Posted on

    Thank you for your review! These foil steam table pans are a great value. For a more heavy-duty pan, try our item number 6125132.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very convenient for concession stands and is the exact size of the regular 1/2 size pan. I am pleased with them. I would order again, even in other sizes, if available.

    Posted on

    light weight non stick pan I spay the pan before using they are great for take out family meals I like having something I can recycle

    from sweets Posted on

    As a caterer, these pans are indispensible. Even if you use hotel pans to serve, these are great for cooking and reheating. If they are full off a heavy product like meatballs, I double them up just to be safe, but have not had one buckle. Make sure to get the lids, they work much better than aluminum foil.

    Posted on

    This pan is perfect for steam table and I also used them for take out cassoroles or dinner. I usually cook dinner for other peoples and this pan is the perfect sizes.

    from Kay's Homemade Goodies Posted on

    Pans are a little thin if you are going to use them for transporting food, but if you are using them just in your home or kitchen they work just fine

    Posted on

    Any caterer or one who has events alot should definitely have these because it serves as a good food storage for events before placing them in chafers or you can even serve from these if you run out of chafers.

    from Makd's catering Posted on

    These pans are very sturdy they don't bend in the middle of the pans. we used them alot on special occasions so that the worker don't have to stay late to wash pans.

    from Coffee County Board of Education Posted on

    These are ok quality. I have to say that you have to treat them like bread at the checkout counter. They go on TOP of the package, not the bottom. ;) I will use them, but will have to double them up.

    Posted on

    I love these pans. They always do the trick. When making baked pasta dishes for events I really don't like using casseroll dishes so these pans always come in handy. A Must But Deal and Great Price

    from Shavonna's Yummy Treats & Creations Posted on

    These pans were a great price. They were a little soft and we had to double up on them for heavy foods. I was happy with the purchase but they were a little soft for me and i will be trying to get sturdier ones in the future..

    Posted on

    This pan is great for making casseroles and freezing them ahead of time, using the 1/2 size foil lid, also available on this site. The pan and lid are good quality.

    from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain Posted on

    These do the job they are meant to do and are very shiny to boot. They are not very sturdy, though--get a different gauge or double them up if you want strength. Good for lightweight items.

    from Rochelle Myers Catering Posted on

    Really good, sturdy and durable tins! We use these for all of our catering events. They dont bend too easily which makes it a lot easier to handle.

    Posted on

    These steam table pans are really useful for catering events in which one would be making large amounts of food. I also use it for my triple layer vegetable lasagna.

    Posted on

    These tins are great for catering and small parties! Use it for baked ziti and don't worry about scrubbing caked on food debris! Just throw it out when your done! Good price.

    Posted on

    Very nice and quality aluminum half pan. We use these often for our catering and on our buffet. These pans hold up well and can hold our heaviest pastas, no problem

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    Love These!! We use them every spring/summer when "Cookout" season begins. We're constantly having huge parties/cookouts where we have to have chafers to keep the food warm and these are the perfect depth for everything we make. Very sturdy & haven't had problem yet with them over the last several years. =) We buy at WEBstaurant since you can't find prices this good around where I'm at. =)

    Posted on

    Steam table pans are perfect for my needs at home and in the office. They fit perfectly over the sterno pans and are easy to carry.

    Posted on

    I use these a lot to transport food to many events. They are very durable and surprisingly with the lid on they keep the food warm.

    Posted on

    We had ordered these trays to hold food for parties. The trays are made of thick material and are very sturdy. Excellent product - I would recommend these.

    Posted on

    I keep a supply of these pans in my pantry at all times. They are wonderful for taking food to church fellowships or family dinners and I don't have to worry about bringing them home. Just discard. So easy. Good quality.

    Posted on

    these pans are a must for my bizz i do a lot of take out and catering, i was buying at local stores but finding them here sure as saved me a ton of money thanks:)

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    Used to buy these at the local store, however I saved so much money by purchasing them from webstaurantstore, Use for all my baking & grilling

    Posted on

    These pans work perfect for my business. When I have large meal deliveries. I use these containers, which the clients reheats in the oven. Such as chicken or beef skewers, enchilada's, or lasagne. They are very strong and look very professional wit the lids.

    from The Art of Cuisine Posted on

    Perfect size, and perfect depth, doesn't colapse .. its not to shallow or not too deep for serving food at the parties, i would recommend it to everyone.

    Posted on

    The 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pans that are 2 9/16" Deep are the best product I have ever purchased through the WEBstaurant Store. I use them for everything. They are the perfect side for baking, broiling, and steaming. Two pans fit side by side in the oven so I can double up and save time. Thank you for a great value and a great product.

    Posted on

    These are a necessity around here. It is definitely worth the money to simplify clean up of chafing dishes. We use them for our yearly bbq.

    Posted on

    These half pans are perfect for smaller orders and especially when serving very heavy or dense items that might make carrying a full size pan too awkward and the price is great.

    from Big League BBQ Posted on

    We will be using these to shorten clean-up time and to change out trays more quickly. Conveniently packaged in 10s and a much better value (even after shipping) than any of the big box stores in our area!

    Posted on

    Great delivery time and price. It was exactly the size I needed. I use this size in my personal chef business. Yours is a great product.

    from Margaret's Posted on

    I use these foil pans almost every day and am very pleased with their performance. They are perfect for casseroles, are strong and durable, and seal off perfectly with the metal lids also purchased from WEBstaurant. Extremely pleasing in every aspect.

    Posted on

    These aluminum foil pans are perfect for warming. Although the pans are sturdy, the depth is such that a dense casserole which fills the pan will tax the pan's strength. I used them for lighter-weight casseroles, and loose cooked foods, such as french fries. A good buy at a very competitive price.

    Posted on

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