6" White Uncoated Paper Plate - 100/Pack

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Perfect for serving your signature pie, salty French fries or sweet onion rings, the 6" uncoated 100% paper plate gives you the no-frills option you need at the price your budget wants. The white plate is 6" in diameter with a textured rim for a traditional look.

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6" White Uncoated Paper Plate - 100/Pack

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plates paper great small plate perfect price size economy little
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    love these little plates for snack time. they are durable and easy to use and clean up. very inexpensive as well so we were happy about that!
    it's a little smaller than I expected, it's great, cheap, but not very sturdy. if you put heavier food item on it, the plate will bend a little, so you might want to stack 2 plates for sturdiness. but overall, im happy with what I got for the price
    Standard pizza serving plate. Reccomend for one use only. Would not suggest serving soggy or wet foods on this item as it is untreated and will fall apart. Good for serving dry foods such as pizza, burgers, or hot dogs.
    Great Size, Great for small items ! Perfect size for Fortune cookie for serving at our restaurant , Also for cookie . Inexpensive and indispensable. I recommend this product.
    Its definitely on the thin side but you can use another layer of deli paper for greasy food and snacks. I like using these for a quick snack like corn dogs.
    Great, easy, cheap, affordable product. My only real concern was that these paper plates are very flimsy, and so serving in them can be hard to do.
    These work really well for what we use them for but may not work well for other items. We use these plates for small pastry items, i.e. baked donuts, cookies, cupcakes. They are a great price for the amount that you get but we would note that they are quite flimsy so may not be great for heavier food items.
    Amazing product. I love these 10 inch paper plates. Or use them for my catering business. They are very durable. I highly recommend this product.
    We bought these for our daughter's wedding and they were so nice looking and affordable. Thanks to this website, we got complimented on everything. I would definitely use this store again and suggest it to others.
    These paper plates you really do get a value for your money. I love to keep them on hand for my kids and do not feel bad about going through them quickly
    These are the perfect size for over easy eggs or a two egg omelet. The plate has a bowl like curve to it so if you put cherry tomatoes on it they will not roll off the side.
    These plates are the perfect size for small appetizers or desserts. This is an economy pack, but they're decent quality – great for passing out slices of cake at a party.
    To serve 100 people, these 6 inch paper plates are a great buy. They are white, with a fluted edge. The portion size should be small.
    I give these snack size paper plates a 5 rating. They are the perfect size for cookies, potato chips or carrots! They are durable and sturdy enough to feed my kids snacks and small meals!
    Not a bad product for what I needed it for. The only thing I have an issue with is when I serve a caramel roll on this plate I need to double or triple it up to have it sturdy enough. For my bread slices and muffins it works great!
    This is a decent economy paper plate. They are not heavy duty bu are good for smaller servings such as appetizers or deserts. You can’t beat the price
    These 6” paper plates are to small for meals but they are perfect for appetizers. I plan on using these for parties. They come in a pack of 100
    Great pack of economy plates for the price. Basic size and white color but quality is better than expected. Overall I highly recommend these plates.
    I purchased this 6" White Economy Paper Plate - 100/Pack and it's not my to go to paper plate as it's very hard to hold the product.
    Thank you for your feedback, Maria! We are sorry you did not prefer this product, try this EcoChoice Biodegradable, Compostable Sugarcane / Bagasse 6" Plate instead!
    These small plates are perfect for snacks or appetizers, even desserts. Not good for anything with to must moister or weight as it may soak through.
    I like to buy in bulk so these small plates will work great for everyday use. very happy with product and price. thank you so much
    These are really flimsy so it is best to double them up if you have anything heavier than a dinner roll but you can't beat the price.
    I bought these for my cats. They're perfect little feeding dishes for wet food. I have three cats that I feed three times a day - so this saves me SO MUCH time in having to wash out cat dishes. They even sell 7" pie dishes, here, which are perfect to hold these 6" paper plates. Just throw away the paper and give the pie dish a wipe with a paper towel. Cat lovers will find this combination GENIUS!
    The one hundred pack of six inch white economy paper plates has met all of my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at their strength, and that they do not feel flimsy at all even with heavier foods like baked beans and chicken legs. I would definitely order them again and hope for additional sizes in the future.
    These paper plates are a little too much on the small side, and they're very flimsy. You would have to double them up if you wanted to use them for a hot dog or burger. You should probably stick to chips or cookies.
    This small paper plate is great for serving small food items! Price and quality is good! And it holds up pretty well! We give 4 stars!
    These are perfect for a BBQ or a kids party. Easily disposable and cheaper than dirt. We used them for slices of cake and pie, and they held up to moisture very well. Now I am using the leftover plates for leftovers!
    a little smaller than I realized but no smaller than a saucer plate, they are more sturdy than I thought they'd be and don't need to use 2-3 when serving, which is nice and less waste
    The classic look and feel of a paper plate. Great value on these for the price. Perfect for weeknight dinners with no cleanup needed after!
    Perfect plates for donuts, empanadas, cakes and small treats. It's quite thin and I used two of these for stability. Price is great so I will purchase them again in the future.
    Another great product for it's price and for our daycare! In the daycare, we always celebrate birthdays that means "cake anyone?" It's small and fits our need.
    We use this for our desserts at Bingo. It is the perfect size for that purpose. We have ordered them twice and will be ordering more soon.
    I ordered these plates for a wedding and they re great for desert are appetizers. The quality for the price is amazing, I feel like i'm getting paid to get these!
    I absolutely love this product! These 6" paper plates are perfect for fruit or hot dogs or cookies or cake! Basically it's big enough for one item!
    These economical plates are fine for small, dry snack foods. Heavier foods or wet items would be better with a coated paper plated. This one is uncoated but fine if you're looking for an economical choice for plates.
    You really can't go wrong with the price of the 6 inch wide economy paper with the hundred back got it from giving out samples of food in my restaurant
    Basic paper plates. For what they are, it's an easy five stars, but there are better plates on the site that you may find to be more to your liking.
    I purchased these 6" white paper plates for feeding my cats. They're perfect, great quality and a great price. I had been purchasing them locally and was paying a lot more.
    These plates are a great product. I use them in my bakery for a single small item. If I had one complaint it would be in the packaging. I think its a waste to individually wrap 100 plates.
    Why oh why didn't I order a larger qty. The price is awesome for the plates, I knew I should have gotten more, need to get my order together and get some. Pefect!
    We purchased these plates and we really like them. We use them at home and we use them to feed our cats. One of them has allergies and we feed them on these plates. We do not use them for heave duty usage, we use them for light meals or snacks. They're not heavy duty, but they get the job done!
    perfect plates for doughnuts, cakes, cookies or small treats. Very thin and most of us use two or three plates at a time for stability.
    6" White Economy Paper Plate - 1000 / Case - great product. kinda flimsy. but works well with bagels and cookies. will reorder larger size.
    I ordered several pack of these plates. They are good for the price that you pay. They are a good size and easy to use.
    These 6" white economy plates are a great value. 1000 paper plates in a narrow box takes up little space, so storage is not a problem. The plates are thin, but hold up well with lots of things (such as chips--even with cheese on them--and moist cakes, with ice-cream on top).
    good plate for handout - for sharing a sandwich or a snack - good for one time use - small size perfect for children sizes
    These paper plates are perfect! They are very small (perfect for a single cookie), but sturdy enough to hold their shape. No need to double them up. They hold a good deal of weight and don't rip if they get a little soggy. For the price, these are the best deal I have found anywhere. I will buy again!
    Not an overly huge fan as the slightest liquid seeps through these plates in no time. Ours kids are slow eaters and if they barely use a fork to cut something liquidly the plate rips. I understand there are other plate packs, but I did not think these would disintegrate in not time.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry you did not like this product. Please contact our Customer Solutions team if you have questions or if you would like product recommendations.
    I purchased these for our annual spaghetti dinner to use as dessert plates for brownies. The plates were the perfect size and looked nice. We will buy again.
    Average quality but could not expect any more for the price. Sometimes I order based on the picture and forget to measure. They are very small, can be used for a small dessert or tiny piece of cake.
    These paper plates are what we use for family meal in our restaurant. They are disposable so all our staff can eat and clean up after themselves.
    Decent, cheap, white plate. Will not hold up to heavy meals, but for a quick snack plate or use in crafts it's fine. You get what you pay for - this serves the need for a cheap, white plate! They do stick together, so time is needed to peal them apart from each other.
    These are pretty much what you would be expecting. The cheap paper plates that you would want to double up on if you have anything moist.
    These plates are perfect for our church's soup-kitchen, for serving breads, rolls or desserts. Inexpensive,clean, and bio-degradable. The ordering process is quick and easy, and delivery was quick!
    This is your normal paper plate. Not great, not bad. Average. Good size for snacks or desserts. Not flimsy but a very decent small plate. Great value!
    These are great plates for appetizers, O'dourves, or finger foods. The quality is very good a single plate does not bend under the weight of the food.
    The 6" White Economy Paper Plate 100 / Pack works great for holding cut up Jumbo hot dogs for the little ones. Glad I can throw away when done, but strong enough that it can be used to get seconds, thirds and so on.
    we bought these for morning pastries - we couldnt be happier. These smaller plates are a great size for covering things in the microwave oven
    What can a person say about paper plates they are economy and they work ok for the product I put on them and the price was nice.
    High quality small plates. Perfect for desserts or a medium sized snack. You don't have to double up on them, like most paper plates, either!
    I order these plates almost every month. They work well in all of our break rooms and I will continue to order them in the future.
    These are by far the best value than anywhere I have seen. Big box stores can't even come close to this price, even with shipping. They come prewrapped in packages of 100 and that makes it really nice to grab what I need for that particular weekend event. They aren't super strong, but strong enough (I wasn't looking for strong, just something to serve rolls on) and work great. I use them for work and at home with my kids for snacks as well.
    These are my quick sandwich plates. We go thru many, many PB&J's around here. Along with a variety of other quick sandwich's and other snacks these are a quick and inexpensive plate for these purposes. They ultimately save me quite a bit in electricity and water by conserving those extra loads of the dishwasher.
    These sturdy plates hold a good size slice of cake. They are great to use with small toddlers for crafts, art projects, munchies you name it. You get a lot for your dollar.
    Great for what they are. They're the standard flimsy white paper plates. Definitely "economy" style as the title says. They will make excellent cake plates for high volume.
    Great value! These plates are nearly a quarter the price I was paying for styrofoam plates at the local big box store. Best hand-separated before using--some stick together. If you use styrofoam and are concerned that paper is too flimsy, don't worry. These plates are plenty sturdy and work great for our bagels.
    These plates are economy priced for an economy quality paper plate. They are thin, but get the job done for serving small portions at a cheap price.
    These plates are strong and durable. We use them for our fellowship time at church. They are large enough to hold snacks, but small enough so that people don't overload on the goodies.
    Perfect plates for desserts or hors d'ovres..and it's much cheaper than our local market offers them. Our grand kids love the small plates for snacks, chips, nuts , cookies and even to use as disposable coasters under beverages to prevent drips!
    These little paper plates are great for serving pie by the slice. They are the perfect size to fit one or two small slices of pie. I will be re-ordering soon!
    The paper plate is gorgeous! You cannot get anywhere with this price. It is great for kids for small activities or snack. I will order again.
    These did the job perfect. Even though these are paper plates, nothing seeped through such as oils or grease from food leaving clean, oil free hands.
    We use these at the church nursery school (Little Lambs in Ridge, NY) so they are more often part of a craft project than food service, but they are great and far more reasonably priced than the canning jars I was using previously. I recommend them to everyone for dyes and food storage and all sorts of things.
    The 6" paper plate is the perfect size for serving desserts. They are also handy for a snack. Their price is right for anyone who is budget conscious.
    I used to buy these at the supermarket. Prices were higher than here and the quality the same. Love the convenience of having them delivered!
    I bought these plates for our payday "treats". It's handy to have the small plates to eat the little goodies that everyone brings in on those days!
    We use these for almost all of the social gatherings at the church. They are great for our Brown Bag Lunches, when we only need a little plate for desserts.
    The basic paper plate, it's cheap to purchase and can be an efficient way to save money. The product is not as flimsy as i thought
    We use these for our tastings, and they are hard to come apart, but they work if you are a budget and dont care what the plate looks like.
    A great item for the price. These paper plates are the perfect size for our students snack and we really like that they are easier on the environment than styrofoam.
    The sunday school uses these plates. They are great for the kids, easy to handle. They also use them for different craft items they make.
    great small plates for anything... I use them for potato or cheese knishes... They are great to put a bagel/ sandwich on these plates and use some saran wrap to wrap it up to go!
    I bought these to use in a concession stand that I run for a non-profit organization. They are good quality, and cheaply priced. I'll be buying more soon.

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