Polar Pak 5" High Dome Clear Hinged Slice Container - 20/Pack

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Showcase every layer of your bakery, restaurant, or grocery store's cakes and pies with this Polar Pak 5 3/8" x 4 3/8" x 4 3/16" clear plastic hinged container. This container's high dome lid is great for slices of mile-high pies, meringue pies with a heavy layer of whipped toppings, and layer cakes. Use this container's crystal clear lid to set up eye-catching displays. Then use its efficient design to enable your bakery or grocery store's customers to select containers and carry them home with ease.

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Polar Pak 5" High Dome Clear Hinged Slice Container - 20/Pack

4.9 stars from 42 reviews


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cake pie slice slices containers container perfect Great high hold
    These were great. We used them to send slices of cake home to party guests. They were very sturdy and could be easily stacked. I would buy again.
    I really loved it has good height Closes so easy and stays sealed, it's amazing for double slices. Very strong, I recommend it 100 percent
    I love these slice containers! They are the perfect solution when I have cheesecake and cake slice sales. My slices with toppings can sometime be extremely tall and these do the trick!
    I use these for single slices of cheesecake and they are PERFECT! Easy to use and everyone loves them. Can easily stack these without the worry of them falling all over. All around great producy. Will be on my rapid reorder list for sure!
    These containers are ideal for cake slices to go! They are lightweight, easy to store, the right size and helps with presentation of a cake slice.
    Very sturdy and high quality. I used these to put piece of my pies and cakes in them to sell at a church bake sale. they showed off the pieces perfectly and kept them safe from the outside elements. Absolutely worth the money.
    If you want to ensure your displayed pie or cheesecake slices look the same then these are the containers for you. They are sturdy easy to use and keeps me from messing up my decorated tops.
    Height, height & more height with these containers. My 3” high Cheesecake slices fit perfectly and there was STILL room to add more Mascarpone frosting.
    This is a very good product. I use it for my cheesecake slices. It y’all enough for toppings and just presents very well. It also has space to put business sticker on the top.
    I purchased for German chocolate cake sales. The high dome protects the frosting which I love however I wouldnt suggest for prolonged storage as they dont seal tightly.
    These are great just about for anything. Parties, events, church gathering, or just a sweet treat for me. These are high domed so you can get a 2 or 3 layer cake slice or single pie serving.
    These high dome containers are perfect. The fact there are so high made us fall in love with them. It catches the eye and the great thing about its height is that our toppings arent crushed like when using lower containers. Great buy!
    These are the best containers for individual cake and pie slices. We cut 12 inch cakes into 10 slices which fit these containers perfectly. Would highly recommend.
    Too small for us. Good product but we couldn't use them and couldn't return them. Make sure you know how big the slice is before you order.
    We love how versatile these are! You can use them for short slices of pie or for tall slices of cake. The lids stays nicely shut, too.
    Great container to display treats in. They stack well and easily fit our large slices of New York Cheesecake. We use them to have slices prepackaged and ready to grab for customers.
    My favorite clam shells perfect for many bakery items not just cake or pie very durable and keeps items fresh and safe for customers. Great product
    I ordered a case to see if it was going to fit a piece of cake. It fits very high cakes which is great if you make high cakes, I ordered the medium dome and those are perfect for cheesecake slices & two layered cakes
    Your cake will look delicious in this container. I use this container to sell cakes at my annual cake sale. Customers love the containers! I will definitely order again!
    Purchased this 20 pack to try and use it for my cake slices and they were kept super moist in these container. They are so easy to close and open and love that you can see through them.
    The polar pak sinfle slice pie/ cake containers with the high dome lids are nice for all sorts of pies and cakes. No worries about the piece not fitting or icing getting smushed against the lid. Very stury and nice closure.
    These single slice pie/cake container are perfect for my cake samples. I like to top my cakes with lots of goodies, so these containers work well because they have a high dome. These containers make my life a lot easier and my customer's cakes don't get ruin. I love them. :)
    This product is exactly what I needed! I forgot how many times I have ordered it already. Great quality, sturdy enough to store my 3 leches cake slices which are a success at my bakery. I will keep buying it over and over again because it is that good.
    I offer cake by the slice. These containers will hold an 1\8 of a cake. They are high enough for up to three layers. I can also package 13 bite size cookies. I love that I can purchase smaller quantities of theses containers.
    Very Durable Carrying container. Would definitely order again. Would recommend to others as well. Thank you for your quality products. :- ) Shipping was fast and easy.
    Perfect, they hold everything good in the world perfectly! From cheesecake to cake slices, and definitely pie slices! Best presentation as well clear and easily closed
    We loved these pie containers. They worked well for our sweet potato pie and for our cheesecakes with topping at our vending event. The price was great and overall we were pleased. Needed the high dome lid for the cheesecake but not for the pie. Will have to get something smaller for the pie slices for next time.
    I really love these containers! They are the perfect fit to our new york cheesecake, red velvets, any kind of cake slice- you name it! It's perfect!
    These containers lock securely and are pretty easy to open. They are pretty sturdy as well. My 3 layer cake fits but it does smash the top down just a little.
    We like to keep a slice of pie in the display case and then have a bunch ready to go all packed up. These allow us to do that and have them stacked up for when needed.
    Very nice container for cakes, pies and flans. It holds pretty good, it's sturdy and super clear. Very happy with them and the appearance it gives to my products.
    True to description! Dome is very high on this container and can easily accommodate a cake like that is over 4 inches high. Great for displaying slices of baked good, packaged and ready for purchase.
    This is a nice clear single slice pie tray. These are great for anyone that needs to sell there pieces individually but don't want it to look nice!
    we really love these single slice pie and cake containers with the high dome lid. perfect for cake slices that have thick layers. product stays fresh for days
    I order these too for my cousin too for her cakes. She sales her cakes but never had anything nice to put them in. With this product you can see what kind of cake slices you are getting.
    I use these for nice cake slices as well as mini donuts and other little pastries. It has a great depth, so its good for a variety of treats. The container snaps together well and has a great look.
    buying more and more and more and maybe more from this one, helped me alot, perfect fit for two layers carrot cake the large one
    Our larger wedge slice container for the generous size cake and items like cheese cake. We arrange them in our reach in cooler and are able to stack 3 high with no problems.
    The best option for placing thick cheesecakes slices in. They are big enough & can hold the weight of the slice. This will always be my go to container.
    These are the perfect size for us to sell our individual pie and cake slices they seal well and hold the slice perfectly in place
    Very Sturdy containers. A little too tall for me but would be perfect for a tall cake slice or a slice of lemon meringue pie.
    Finally a plastic box where my cakes still look pretty and do not get smooched for carry out. They are lovely for the single slice.

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