Choice 12" x 12" Black Check Deli Sandwich Wrap Paper - 1000/Pack

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Give your take out snacks or combo platters an attention-grabbing kick with this Choice 12" x 12" black checkered deli sandwich wrap paper. Grease resistant and microwavable, this checkered deli sandwich wrap paper is perfect for wrapping sandwiches or for lining serving baskets before filling them with your guests' favorite sides! It features a fun black and white checkered pattern that's sure to complement any restaurant's personality.

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Choice 12" x 12" Black Check Deli Sandwich Wrap Paper - 1000/Pack

4.9 stars from 88 reviews


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great paper love wrap baskets sandwiches deli food checkered sandwich
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    This paper is a perfect surface to place food on, it looks great and does not tear super easily like other products. Holds up very well, we love it!
    Very good prouduct for placing food on or lining disposable baskets for service. Easy for customers to dispose of and the black dye does not leak from the paper. Comes in loosely packed cellophane so sometimes they blow around the kitchen when it gets windy.
    Really Great Product!! i love the way my food looks with this its amazing, the bright the color and the ideal wax, i love it good quality!!
    Really high quality grease resistant paper wrap. Good size for different applications. We folded into cones for the churros and use it as sandwich wraps as well
    These Deli papers give off a great plate presentation to our sandwiches or burgers. The fit perfectly into a basket and do not show grease stains from fried foods.
    The best Sandwich Wrap paper we found for our restaurant needs. We use it in our baskets for French Fries, Sandwiches and Burgers and they hold very well. We highly recommend it
    this is great wax paper for any lining of plates or items that you'd use to serve products. we fold them for our baskets that are smaller so you dont need to buy two sizes.
    These papers come in very handy on extremely busy nights. They do not soak up grease like other papers do. They look great in the American Metalcraft Baskets!
    Absolutely a get deal on a great plate liner. We love these and they are the right price to not drive your costs thru the roof.
    Good price. A little hefty on the shipping. Colors do not run. We use quite a lot of oils and sauces. Color still stay vibrant. Recommend.
    These are my favorite way to send food out the window. Not only are they durable but they match the vinyl flooring in our place so it looks cool.
    LOVE these!!! They are the perfect size and they line our container perfectly to bring a great image of our product to our customers. Worth the price!
    We love the look of our checkered paper. We use them to display our beer queso, pretzels, and artichoke jalapeno spread. They're easy to use and easy to throw away.
    We used these to line our red food baskets. They worked well with all of our greasy 'Diner' foods! I wish there was a smaller quantity option but for the price you can't afford not to get these. I have enough to last me a lifetime... but I guess that just means I can plan more parties!
    These are great for wrapping sandwiches and wraps. My daughter doesn't like her cheese on the sandwich, so I wrap it in these. There the perfect size
    These papers are perfect for lining bakery boxes as well as our food service platters and plates in our new cafe! They look fantastic and are a great price!
    This warp paper it very nice an have the perfect size for use it in a basket for wing, french fries, hamburgues tacos etc. and is very good quality
    These deli papers are great to line plastic baskets with. This size is also big enough to wrap sandwiches, wraps, and burgers in. You can't beat the price either, especially if you order a case.
    Great Product. This deli wrap paper is very economical and easy to use. It remains tightly wrapped and doesn't spring out like some other products. The 5000 sheets seem to last forever.
    What a classic! Grease resistant, a great size for wrapping and adding some color to your take out food. I love that these can be microwaved tomake it easier for customers to heat up their leftovers!
    The 12x12 deli wrap paper is perfect size. We use the same sheet in 3 different size trays, just folding it differently. We will definitely continue to buy!
    This product is great. I love the look of them as the food lays on it. They are definitely a keeper for the business. The price and the quantity is great.
    We recently added a lunch menu to our cafe, and we were thrilled to find many helpful items through Webstraunt. This sandwich wrap paper is not only attractive, but it also is great for serving sandwiches and wraps, for dine in or carry out orders.
    These wraps are very good. They are very unique . They are high quality and I have gotten good response by customers on the nice designs
    This deli paper works great for us and we use a lot of them. This is a very good price compared to our local wholesaler.
    This is an excellent product at a great price. The package of 5000 outbeats any other distributors pricing. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.
    These black check deli sheets are a great touch to a basket of fries or sandwich tray! They give the food an extra spunk and I love them!
    This deli wrap is a must have for burgers and sandwiches. Definatly worth the money, we use the black an white but their are many colors to choose from that all good.
    We decided this there would go great in our sports themed bar and grille. They of great quality and they shipped extra fast. They are working out great I will be ordering again
    I love the old fashioned deli look of this sandwhich wrap paper! I use this to serve hotdogs at outdoor family barbeques and it's always a hit!
    We changed to these papers in our black baskets and the overall look is great. We are very pleased with the impact they had on our food presentation.
    Presentation makes such a difference wether serving to the public or just to family and friends. These wrap papers are so versitle. They are great to use flat in the plastic oval baskets or to wrap up sandwiches to take on a picnic or to feed help out in the field. They are reasonably priced and beat using tinfoil or plastic Wrap. For added looks use the fancy toothpicks for sandwiches and it looks just like the deli made it!
    I use these to line a fry basket to put a hamburger on and fries. Great for chili cheese fries. Go great for a 50s theme party , bbq,.
    These have added a touch of 50's to our diner. Not to mention the ease of clean up when used with the baskets have cut labor costs.
    We use these in our deli, we put them in a basket and serve our sandwiches in them, saves us needing plates and it is an easy clean up.
    This wrap is not just stylish its the perfect size for sandwiches. Its easy to fold without needing any tape. It doesn't come in a box so you need a dispenser.
    These are nice liners and come in several colors. they add a pop to any container and are very durable and don't easily get water logged
    Great black and white checkered deli paper. We use it all the time in our business and the quality is excellent. The sheets are consistent in color and pattern and goes well with the theme of our catering and food truck. Cheers!
    These were less expensive than my local store, even with the shipping included! They work great in my bar, look great and are easily cleaned.
    I am pleased with this wrap. I use them for tray liners, wrappings, and decorations. I have even cut them into quarter sheets to serve donuts/pastries on.
    Black checked paper liners are a great accent to our black baskets , we served fish fry to burger platters also we use this checkered liner under our pizzas. great product
    The Choice Black 12x12 Deli Sandwich Wrap paper is perfect for our French Fries and hot dog combo! They look great and offer a great presentation as they match our sandwich shops colors! Thanks
    These papers are perfect! I use them to wrap Up Crepes. They are strong and stand up to the juices that come from the crepe. Just what I was looking for.... !!!
    great deli wrap paper looks great for our appetizers and the price as always at the webstaurant store is great happy customers since 2010 no regrets on purchases here the customer service is awesome
    This paper is very durable and does not rip. It withholds and greasy or wet foods that is put on it. We use it in our place and it makes the food stand out. Its doesnt not look like the regular boring paper but it adds to the appeal of the food on the plate. We have been using this for the past 3 years and are very happy with it
    I love these papers, they perfectly match my diner style checkered floor! They look great used as liners in our baskets and make our food presentation seem nostalgic!
    I really like these checkered Deli Paper & so do my customers, it adds a little fun. The 12"x12" is a good size for 6" subs. Will buy again when needed.
    These 12" * 12" deli sandwhich deli papers can be used to wrap just about every sandwhich we serve in our food truck. At this price you can't go wrong!!!
    Absolutely adore these sandwich wraps! I actually use them more for liners of the baskets. Keeps the mess to a minimum, clean ups a breeze and they look fantastic. Reminds me of the old drive-in restaurant food. Classic look that makes your food a classic. Makes me smile when I use them and I get the same reaction from my family.
    Love these liners. And so much cheaper than our local supplier even with shipping. Thanks again Webstaurant for exceeding our expectations again. We have never had an issue with your site.
    I have bought the blue and the black checkered sandwich wrap paper and they make a great liner or wrap, highly recommend this product They are also good for basket liners.
    This wrapper works great for lining plate or boats to hold sandwiches and wraps. The variety of colors is useful when using for different type of wraps-they can be color coded
    I didn't realize how many wrappers i was going to get, i don't think i will have to buy these again for a year. Great value and good looking wrappers. Very pleased with this item.
    Our goal is to be eco friendly. These wrappers are great. They function perfectly while still maintaining that goal and wrapping up or burgers and wraps with style.
    Seems different then what I was getting a few months ago. Back to Handy Whacks for us. Sauce tends to drip through these. Likely decent for sandwiches but not for our wings.
    We appreciate your review, Mathew! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We love the look of this checkered sandwich wrap paper. We like how it is packaged, which makes it easy to grab one piece at a time. Would recommend.
    We now use this paper for all of our Panini and wraps! Paper is heavy enough to withstand the sandwiches. The checker board design adds to the appearance
    Love these! Great addition to our casual lunch plates for sandwiches and for our pub menu. We also use them to wrap fries in cones - great retro look!
    our restaurant only uses your's great!!! Thank you for always making sure that our orders get to us as soon as possible! time to reorder
    We really like this checkered deli wrap. A lot of our customer area floor is black and white checkered tiles and these fit right in.
    These are so great!! I love using them to wrap a sandwich they are simply amazing and very cute too! If your looking for some wrap paper consider these.
    LOVE these! We use them for wraping tortilla bread, lining bread baskets, and sub baskets. They add a lot of character, and they are a good deal at this price. Recommend!!
    This is the nicest checkered deli paper I have ever purchased. Every sheet comes crisp out of the box with that classic black and white design.
    These wraps are great for any sandwich shop or small business! I bought them for my house and the kids love them! The price is great for the amount you get!
    I got these to line my red and yellow plastic food baskets for my 50s diner themed engagement party and they worked wonderfully! They held up to hamburgers/ hot dogs and french fries and didnt tare or get weak with ketchup or any sauces put directly on the paper. They were delivered faster then i thought they would. I have a ton of left over sheets but they are great for wraping sandwiches for our every day lunch and saves us on ziplocks or deli paper. Definitley a great deal!
    These are so modern and retro. We use these for not just our sandwhichs but to line the baskets and to make our dishes look better! Such a good buy!!
    We love these checked deli papers! They give our food more of a custom look without adding a lot of cost. They dispense easily and don't stick together like other papers.
    What a simple product that adds so much to deli sandwiches and wraps! Easy to store and dispense as needed!! Black check design is different and always a plus!!!
    love the checkered paper! it really adds so much to a sandwich, we get so many comments on "oh I love your paper" because it is different!
    Great product! I use these with Webstaurant's oval plastic food baskets for cookouts. Just take the burgers off the grill, toast the buns and wrap the finished product - keeps them fresh and critter-free!
    we tried these for our sub station and have gotten great feedback from our customers who love the design and ease of wrapping up their favorite sub sandwiches.
    these are perfect for wrapping our made rights, good size, and excellent quality, worked great for our needs and exceeds expectations, Thanks. Fun Food Concepts find us on facebook
    Checkered deli papers make a smart presentation when used with serving baskets. Sheets are sturdy and do not tear when condiments are spilled. Makes cleanup easier. Ideal when wrapping several sizes of sandwiches. food baskets
    This is a great option for ready to order to-go sandwiches. I use it for paninis and the customer's love it. Helps that it goes with my color scheme and theme. Nice alternative to solids.
    Love these! They totally dress our sandwiches and completely match our decor! We also use them when we want to showcase some of our homemade items. They are fantastic!
    We sell funnel cakes etc. and love using these deli sheets. Make our products look great. We change our color to blue and white to match our color scheme. I am so happy with this product that I have given your website to a friend who is opening a bakery. Thanks
    These are great for a colorful and practical use for putting in baskets. As always fast shipper and good shipping prices. I recommend webstaurant every chance I get.
    This is very appealing sandwich wrap paper. It make the food very attractive. The price is great, I love to use this one 6-8" wrap sub. I will buy more
    These tissue papers are a good weight. The colors/patterns help with the eye-appeal we seek when serving our food. I use these for presenting single-sliced pizza, paninis, subs, chips, sandwiches and chicken nuggets. I place them in a red basket for contrast. It also helps me stay a little "greener" since I only disposing of the paper and not a plate.
    This checked paper adds a little visual excitement to our cafeteria snack bar line. Combine this with a little food basket and it makes a nice presentation.
    I looked for these on many websites and Webstaurant had the best price. They are exactly what I was looking for. Good price, Good product.
    these are great! would buy them again! i use these with the oval baskets and they are great for outdoors! i will buy more later!
    I am pleased to have saved a lot of money and time by buying here. Fast service and super fast delivery. Gotta love it! Thank you.

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