Cafe Delight 12 oz. Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer Canister

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Heighten the coffee drinking experience for your customers, and sweeten any beverage with this Cafe Delight non-dairy powdered coffee creamer! It makes a perfect addition to any self-serve coffee station in your lobby, reception area, hotel breakfast bar, or employee break room. Easy to use, this shaker-style canister ensures consistent pouring for your popular hot drinks. Additionally, this economic creamer will save you money without sacrificing quality!

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Cafe Delight 12 oz. Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer Canister

4.8 stars from 63 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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creamer dairy coffee great powdered price Shaker taste flavored flavor

this is the best deal I have found, and the creamer tastes great for coffee. I am thankful to have the best price around for my customers!

from paper service company on

I like this creamer. I actually mix it with my cocoa mix to give it a little creaminess. I like the flavor it adds and would buy it again.

from Erin's Street Bistro on

This Non-dairy powered creamer in canisters makes a perfect addition to self-serve beverage stations at we have at our hotel. It is easy to use with its streamline cylinder design and resealable shaker-style top for consistent pouring, just for right amount of creamer to be dispensed ...

from DS2 Hospitality & Management LLC on

My cafe delight non dairy creamer just arrived in the mail couple of days ago its pretty good and its a real good price on

from Meals on wheels on

Flavored Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer is much cheaper than comparable name brands. However, that's where the differences end. This creamer dissolves easily in hot beverages and has a creamy smooth taste. Once it's in my coffee, I couldn't tell the difference between this and the more expensive name brand. I recommend this product.

from Silver Birch on

This non-dairy powdered creamer shaker is great for small offices without fridge. It really helps us out, because we all love coffee! The price is very nice and quality is good. Recommend.


myself not being a coffee drinker I couldn't tell how good the flavor is. but being the owner of the business I love the price and I have never had any complaints. we have free coffee at my bait shop so I try to keep the cost as low as possible.

from Paula's Bait Shop on

Great non dairy coffee creamer will definitely order again in the future nothing bad to say about my purchase I’m a very happy satisfied customer.


I am Jewish. Therefore, it is very important for me that at home should be only Kosher things. I have been looking for a similar shaker for a long time, which would be kosher. But only here I finally found it. Excellent shaker, and most importantly kosher


The flavor is good, I prefer a creamer flavor I think it’s more milky then creamy but for this price it does well, I haven’t had any complaints by anyone so for me that’s what really matters.


this is your standard shelf stable non dairy powdered creamer. it tastes good and the price is great as always. i would definitely buy again


If you are looking the best and least expensive coffee creamer you have found it. This stuff is insanely cheap! But on the other hand for the price it is is pretty good.


Great price for these canisters! They stack well for storage and the flavor blends in well into our frozens. Opens easily and pours great, we never have an issue with it.

from Billy Goat on

A nice no flavor powdered creamer that is great for our events. No refrigeration required and excellent for our coffee station. The case has 24 shakers is a terrific value.

from Oak Ridge Planation on

I like this creamer bc it doesn’t clump, it’s fine and dislikes instantly. It’s definitely a product I would purchase again and again. I really recommend it!


We've found that this creamer has a good taste and is affordable. We order it often for our office. We like the ease of ordering and having it shipped too.

from ReCon management on

Good flavored non-dairy creamer to have at a coffee station. Good shaker and it provides a good, creamy appearance and taste to your coffee in the morning!


I drink a lot of my teas and coffees with almond milk being that I’m lactose intolerant. This powdered creamer gives the drink the same boldness that you would have with regular milk.

from RoeMarie Cakes on

This creamer has rich texture and good flavor for my coffee. This creamer is good for last long and smells good this creamer is great to mixing with coffee , tea or hot chocolate.

from Paradise shaved ice on

This nondairy creamer is very convenient to keep in your cabinet in case you ever run out of milk. The canister makes it nice and easy to pour


The flavored non-dairy powdered creamer is a great buy and perfect for our diner. The case allows for bulk buying the quality is great and the price is unbeatable.

from Price Proudce on

A flavored great non-diary powdered creamer in a very cool shaker canister. The price is great and they work great for our office break room.


I like to have this non dairy creamer on hand all the time for all my coffee drinkers it's a middle of the road creamer every one seems to like.


This creamer is pretty run of the mill. It will work to replace your everyday creamer and definitely helps when you cannot have dairy but it's nothing special.


A great quality non-dairy powdered creamer shaker that is perfect for concession stands and coffee stations. The creamer dissolves easily to the coffee and is a great value.


I was very surprised by how good this non-dairy creamer tasted. There is no substitute for the real thing, but if you're lactose intolerant, it's a solid alternative.


This twelve ounce Flavored Non-dairy Powdered Creamer Shaker was delivered quickly and I appreciate the ability for rapid reordering!! Easy to use and store, and at such a great price. I would definitely reorder this creamer shaker.


Great non-dairy powdered creamer which can be available to all since it is safe for those who can't have dairy. It also stores well and has a pour spout so people can decide how much of it they would like to use. it does come out of the spout quickly so be aware of that


This non dairy powdered creamer is one of the best options for lactose intolerant people, it has the same taste as cream and is very easy on the stomach. A very well made product.


Great tasting non dairy creamer for those who can't have dairy or have refrigeration issues. Has a much longer shelf like than milk so its great to keep some on hand


Delicious flavor, excellent price, excellent service! A winning combination! This creamer is a customer favorite and will be a staple for us in the future.


This flavored non dairy powdered creamer is so handy to have at my coffee bar. No need to spoon out your creamer just pour directly into you cup and grab a coffee stirrer. It has a nice flavor but not to strong. Very convenient.


I purchased this creamer for the business to have the customers try and see if they would want to add that in the lobby and for a preferred creamer it was good i got a 4 of 5 that enjoyed it. Good for the price

from Java Corner on

The absolute best prt about this creamer is that it is the powdered version and basically lasts about 4 times as long as the liquid version.


A great, highly affordable solution for those of us who are lactose intolerant, but still want a creamy taste to our hot beverages. Easy to pour, easy to store. Works for me.


Taste is as good as or better than the leading non-dairy creamer. Came packaged nicely as well. The top was taped shut and bubble wrapped.

from The Vermont Soap Barn on

This is a great deal. One of the lower prices I have found for powdered creamer. Easy to set out for customers to put in their coffee.

from Grocery/Deli on

A wonderful, non-dairy product that dissolves quickly and doesn't offer a nasty after taste. It tastes very much plain and original, but offers great consistency in blending well.

from Dream Thread LLC on

Non-dairy creamer at a better price. It tastes like the more expensive brands. Don't put it in very hot just that second made coffee, if possible, to avoid clumping.


This is pretty decent but it does clump. Taste wise, it tastes just like other non dairy powdered creamers I've had. No complaints for me.

from 3 Leaf Tea on

We like to keep product like this on hand for when we run out of creamer, webstaurant has the best price, as always on this item.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

Flavored Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer Shaker 12 oz. is convenience and easy to use. Also it has a great flavor. i have have tired a lot of creamers before and this one is the best. The customers like this creamer also! Cant beat a good deal!

from baked Kakes on

Cafe Delight nondairy creamer guess what I have tried this before at local cafes and bars it is not a rear item around these parts. But I made sure to taste mine with some coffee yesterday and like always it did not disappoint, very rich and full flavor on the tongue being that I'm more a savory kind of guy I tend to judge sweet things more harsh but this worked out for its value, one of the items I will be using to add mix my more expencive creamers

from PowerQuee Media on

Tastes just like the much more expensive national brand. Beware that it has the same textural issue - lots of clumping. I fill the cup 1/4 of the way, add the creamer, beat the tar out of it, then fill to the top. I rarely find clumps with this method.


I ordered this for my babys bday party. So when people are fixing their coffee they can just pour. Great size as well. Nice design


This is a good tasting powdered creamer in a large size container with great shelf life we use it in our tea as well it's a great product


This non dairy creamer is perfect for our guests who have a lactose intolerance. It has all the same taste as regular milk, with out any dairy.

from Jack & Alice LLC. on

This item is as described. The creamer was very smooth and creamy when mixed with the hot coffee. Would highly recommend this product for purchase.

from Hinsdale Foods on

The Flavored Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer Shaker 12 oz. is a great buy for the price. We use this all the time for not only coffee, but also to make creamy curries.


This is a great product in my office. Everyone uses it every day. It is a great value and an amazing product. You definitely should buy this one if you need something like it


I'm lactose intolerant and look or dairy free options like this when I'm trying to cut out dairy. the creamer powder dissolves nicely in hot liquids but doesn't work well at all in cold beverages.

from Furniture Forager on

A nice flavored non-dairy creamer. We have even dissolved this in warm water, chilled and put in a pitcher on tables for a nice substitute for cream when people ask for non dairy. We feel the liquid form is more pleasing than a powdered shaker container. We actually think the taste changes a little and gives a fine flavor to coffee..

from Floral Creations on

This 12 ounce flavored Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer Shaker was an easy and convenient way to transport and serve creamer. The canister was also very attractive.

from Innovations Unlimited on

we use these for our bubble teas. We usually use milk or condensed milk but we use the non-dairy creamer for our customers who are lactose. tastes great and they can't even taste the difference


I haven't been thrilled with these. The ones I got had a blue label and didn't look like this one. They whole case is covered in a powder. I don't know if that's typical for these or not. Doubt I will buy again.

from on

Thank you for your review, Michelle. We are sorry that this creamer did not suit your preferences. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have updated the images to reflect the new manufacturer packaging.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great price compared to the name brands. Shelf stable so you can stock up. So much easier than buying creamer that you need to refrigerate. Can even be used in cooking.

from Other on

Dissolves well. We use it for our personal coffee maker. The flavor is not as rich as some from the grocery store but it gets the job done.

from Sbarro Pizzeria on

These powdered creamer shakers are great for establishments that dont have space to store coffee condiments in a fridge! Great for travel as well! Nice price!!!


This stuff is really good for office break rooms, or hospital waiting rooms. anywhere where there isnt going to be a refrigerator. really good price too.


This is a very good coffee creamer, I keep it in the office area for employees. Not bad flavor, and it seems to last a very long time. Great price, very comparable to the expensive name brand creamers.

from The new haven cafe on

Every year our homeschool group holds a Christmas craft day where the students get together and make crafts to give as presents. I have used this creamer in the cappuccino mix that they can make. The taste is very creamy and produces an excellent mix. The low prices help to heep the cost very economical.


Since we no longer have a coffee vending machine, we now need to purchase creamer for our office coffee pot area. This was the least expensive after checking all my vendors.


I bought these to use at work as well as a concession stand I run. They are just the right size, and priced better than I could get them from local coffee supply stores.


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