10" Cake Circle Gold Laminated Corrugated - 25/Pack

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This 10" single-wall, corrugated cake circle is gold laminated to give your cakes a gorgeous, shimmering platform to rest on, with them a regal, high-class air. They have a scalloped outer edge.

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10" Cake Circle Gold Laminated Corrugated - 25/Pack

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    Such a beautiful look and finish to every cake. The customers really love the extra effort n affect it presents. I enjoy the compliments as well. Definitely a keeper on my list to repeat ordering.

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    I love the clean and polished look this board gives to my final product. Very sturdy and fit my 6in frosted cakes perfectly!! Will be reordering!!

    from Cutesy Cakes by Jenn Posted on

    Perfect fit for a 6in Cake

    These 10” gold cake boards are perfect for 6” or 8” cakes. Super easy to clean and look very elegant. They make simple cakes look very classy.

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    These gold cake boards look very elegant!!

    These are the best product!!! I would recommend this to any business or home bakery. I always order these from this website. Love love love them!

    from From Scratch by Tasha Posted on

    I love what I do!

    Love these cake boards. That are perfect for packaging my custom cakes and tarts. I love the pricing here on webstaurant!!! can't believe how much I save buying them here!

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    I really like these gold boards. Nice enough to use for special occasion cakes! They look professional and are sturdy. They are also grease proof.

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    6” smash cake on the board.

    I love these gold boards! They are completely grease proof. Strong and sturdy. And just a hint of class and upgrade from the plain white boards!

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Great gold cake board! Completely grease proof!

    Beautiful cake boards that are strong and sturdy. They are also coated so no oil seeps into the cake board unlike some other kinds we have tried.

    from Crust Vegan Bakery Posted on

    9" cake on the board.

    I love these gold boards because they are so much more nicer and fancier looking them the white ones. The are also helpful with decorating, they don’t stain and the icing wipes off easily with the swipe of a spatula!

    from BakeZilla Posted on

    I looked everywhere for a cheap source for these. These are great! They work well and are sturdy. Best of all they look great for service.

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    I use these gold circles as the base for my cakes and they are very sturdy and adds a nice touch to the appearance of the cake.

    from Angela's Catering Posted on

    Love this cake circle. Mostly used for my small cakes with golden accents to match the decorations, especially my unicorn cakes since it matches the horn. Super recommended.

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    Love the golden color... Makes my unicorn cakes look sooo perfect.

    i bought these cake boards for the first time and couldn't be happier! They are sturdy and keep my cakes perfectly snugg in their boxes.

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    These cake circles hold up very well and don't get limp or soggy. Quick and easy way to dress up your cakes! I highly recommend.

    from Cains Creative Cakes Posted on

    The gold boards give the look I need.

    Well made and exactly the same product that I pay at least thirty percent more from other distributor. They don’t separate and will hold up when wet.

    from Silva's Patisserie Posted on

    These cake circles are made of sturdy material that accent any cake! Have really enjoyed these and recommend them as well! Perfect for any occasion

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    I love these. They make all my cakes look professional and beautiful. They really class up special bakery orders and holiday pies. Love.

    from nana's creative cafe LLC Posted on

    Holds a hugggge heavy cake with no issues!

    These cake circles are great-- sturdy and very pretty. And it is easy to clean up small misses with the frostings! The gold scallops add an extra level of beauty to my presentations. Love them.

    from The Beachery Posted on

    Rum cake on the gold scalloped cake circle.

    The gold laminated cake circles really dress up the final cake product. They seem to be a little more sturdy than the plan white circles and the edge is easily wiped clean if frosting gets on it

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    These 10 inch round gold cake boards are the perfect accent to your typical dessert cake. Gives a great look for presentation of the dessert atop of it.

    from GG's Sweet Magnolias Posted on

    Absolutely love these. They are fancy but don't break the bank and make our desserts that we sell to people look very nice for display.

    from Tabatha Family Tree Posted on

    Lids are sturdier than I thought they would be. Did not have issues with them separating or bending once a heavy cake was applied to it. Even used with a 4 layer cake. No issues at all. Buying more.

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    Holds a heavy Brown Sugar Toffee Pecan pound cake

    These cake circles are the best. I've been using wilton cake circles but these are better than wilton. It's thicker and its gold color makes my caker prettier.

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    Gold cake circles. Perfect.

    This helps make my cake look like it came from a bakery!!! Great price for a twenty five pack!!! The board is pretty sturdy! I will definitely buy again!

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    Perfect size for my homemade tinkerbell cake!

    A much better cake board than the generic white cake board often used. Grease does not show through on these and they hold an 8 inch cake with room for a bottom border.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Nice and golden

    these 10 inch gold cake boards are really great they are sturdy and pretty i like the fact that i only have to use one board to decorate and serve

    from sweetart Posted on

    Pretty board

    Very sturdy boards

    These save so much time on wrapping boards. We use them for most of our single layer 8" cakes and they hold up pretty well. Definitely not sturdy enough for tiered cakes though and they're not thick enough to set a dowel in.

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    Ordered these because I orderd the 8" gold circles before, and I wanted a larger size. Excellent value. You can see the corrugation (it's not a solid/filled look) if you look from the side, but not a deal breaker.

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    Beautifully made. These cake boards are sturdy, grease resistant & just wonderful quality. They add such a lovely pop my cakes & I know my customers love the added touch.

    from Sunshine + Sugar Bakery Posted on

    8" cake on 10" cake board.

    The quality is good for up to two layer cakes. I would recommend if you are doing three layers you double the board for more support otherwise I was pleased with the product

    from Lezlee's Cakery Posted on

    best cake boards ever,sturdy,beautiful and just makes for a nicer presentation when delivering to customers what they want, pair these boards with the craft paper boxes add a ribbon and its a pleaser

    from drizzle bakery Posted on

    Sturdy decorative cake board. Works well for 8 in and 9 in cakes. They don't absorb moisture so you can defrost cake directly on them.

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    9 in Chocolate Cake on board

    These cake boards are great quality and so much less on Web Restaurant! We use them every day! They easily support a double layer cake's weight.

    from Nellie B's Bakery LLC Posted on

    I love these circle. They give a beautiful and elegant presentation. They are very easy to clean. They are sturdy. Great price and i highly recommended

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    I love these gold cake circles because they give cakes a great finish. I use them for my eight inch cakes especially when I use extra frosting.

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    As advertised. A sturdy product. The best part is, it really doesn't stain! Which makes for a nicer presentation. I'll definitely buy more of these.

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    Gold cake circles are great for adding a little extra touch to presentation cakes. I use the 10" circle for my 8"inch cakes and it allows me plenty of room to add a decorative frosting border on the cake edge. This is a great price and a great sturdy cake board to have in addition to the white cake boards.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    This 10 inch cake circle looks very elegant. The gold lining is only on the top and not on the sides and bottom, they are just cardboard.

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    The gold foil really makes your cakes pop in the case. Since purchasing these our sales have gone up. They present nicely and in this business that matters. Great item.

    from Sally's Piece-a-Cake Posted on

    Same ones that we get from our vendor at the same price, works great for our cakes. Item arrives quickly and we are always pleased with the quality

    from Bakery Posted on

    Love these for when I don't need a thick cake board. They are very sturdy and have a bit a of glam to them because of the gold foil color. Will buy again.

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    These are a beautiful addition to my cake! It Looks fantastic, beautifully gold, and the price was even more amazing! Another great product from webstarantstore!

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    These thick, grease proof boards. Not only they keep your cake safe, secure & easy to move around. They give that final touch of eloquent beautiful. They price is fair.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    Perfect ??

    Good cake board, mostly sturdy unless it gets wet or icing gets on the edges and then thth layers begin to seperate. Definitely not for beginning decorators, but does the job for us.

    from The Windmill Bakery and Coffee Shop, LLP Posted on

    I love these cake circles. Look very elegant for my cakes. Perfect size for the cake boxes.it can withstand moisture and grease well. Will recommend to buy.

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    Love the elegant hgold look. Great price for the Amount. Ordered at the last minute and the arrived early. I would definitely be ordering more.

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    These cake circles are made well, the fancy gold foil layer does a great job by keeping the moisture to get in to the cake circle. I would definitely buy again. I wish they have silver color, i would buy them also

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    These cake circles look very elegant. They are easy to clean up and do not get grease stains with the buttercream frosting like the cardboard circles because they are laminated.

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    I use these gold cake circles anytime i bake a cake for an event. They are sturdy and allow me to transport my cakes easily.

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    Absolutely love the gold laminated corrugated circles. Makes the cakes look great and no messy grease stains coming through the boards/boxes etc. This is a great item!

    from Fabulous Cakes by Bernice Posted on

    I use this for my cakes. It makes it looks more presentable. Great value for the price. I will for sure order more and in different sizes too.

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    I am really enjoying these gold laminated cake circles, they improve the appearance of my cakes by making them look more fancy. Nonetheless, at an incredible price!

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    These gold cake boards are great! They are sturdy and can hold a heavy cake. They also look great and are easy to wipe clean. Very affordable compared to similar products

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    this gold laminated cake board give my cake a sophisticated look! love the price too! i make cakes just for my family and friends and this one makes my cake looks expensive and they thought i just bought the cake from the store!

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    love this cake plates they make my cake look very elegant and expensive. it's worth-ted to spent the extra money. easy to clean.I love them

    from lolita's bakery Posted on

    these gold cake circles are very nice. what a great price for a great amount. so much cheaper than buying these individually at the local supply store

    from Cakes by Design Posted on

    These were a lot larger than expected. The fluting on the sides creates a much larger space for a cake rather than using a cake board that is just a circle. Otherwise they are great and very strong.

    from On A Stick Creations Posted on

    I love how my cakes look on these boards cake, I love the color and super strong for my cakes, I highly recommend it :)

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    These gold cake board are study, adds a professional look to your cakes and cost efficient. Do not have to cover my boards in foil again, they are super easy to clean . best cake board

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    These are very sturdy. I haven't had one even attempt to bend. There's plenty of room and more for the average size round cake. The color is a nice gold. It looks professional yet not too decorative.

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    The gold color is beautiful. These cake circles make transferring cakes so much easier. They are a must for bakers! I highly recommend going with these.

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    Love these circles they are fancy and bring the presentation of any cake to the next level. You can always buy the cheaper white circles but they don't make your cake pop like these.

    from Cold Stone Creamery Posted on

    Love this gold cake board! And it has very nice price. It makes my mousse cake look much fancier and beautiful. The quality of board is great.

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    Beautiful gold cake circle

    These work great for the cakes we bake. They make the presentation of the cakes look good. Great price, I will definitely only be ordering from Webstaurant.

    from The Harvest House Ministries Posted on

    A very nice product that gives my home baking a very professional touch. I was very pleased with the quality and the price of this item.

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    Awesome way to add a bit of class to my cakes. This circle gives the perfect amount of space to work with for 9in cake pans. It works very well with the 10in box, and it is super sturdy. Love it!

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    I probably should have gone for a bigger size with theses because if you put a nine inch cake on it, the cake almost looks too big for it. But in general, these are really great to have around for any baker. I have even used them to display cupcakes

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    These cake circles work very well. I love the gold color, it adds an elegant touch to the finished product. I also love that it comes in different sizes.

    from Sugar and Spice Bakery Posted on

    These are perfect for when you don't want to cover the board. Not only are they sturdy and saves time, they are decorative as well.

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    Another great product love the look and how strong these are. Fast shipment & wonderful customer service always! Love this company have never been disappointed!

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    Love the gold boards! They work great and look classy when you need a dressy option but don't want to use a foil cake drum.


    Our valentine cake on the gold boards

    These gold cake circles are a great value for the money. The gold has a nice sparkle and the scalloped edge is a nice decorative touch.

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    This truly takes the display of your cakes to the next level with the gold laminated cake Circle. I tried to use these for special occasions such as birthdays any retirements or any type of celebration that you have going on in your family. You will need to use this in a 12 x 12 boxes it is a ten inch circle.


    iI love these gold laminated cake circles they make my cakes look even more prettier and delicious just by the presentation. This is my third order of these gold cake circles.

    from ROZZ INC Posted on

    This item is as described. I purchased it in conjunction with the cake container below. Very pleased with it and would highly recommend this product.

    from Hinsdale Foods Posted on

    These bases add quite a touch of elegance to any cake. They have become a standard in all my cakes and bring up presentation another notch.

    from Nexdine/Cardinal Spellman Posted on

    I love these sturdy, gold circles and use them for all my 8" round cakes. They fit perfectly into 10" boxes and complement my cakes beautifully.

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    Great to use when you need another color cake board that's not white. They're grease resistant and fit into my cake containers easily and securely.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    Being someone that does small scale baking for sale these are wonderful. Heavy weight Cardboard that holds up to just about any type cake. They come in different sizes for you needs

    from Fragrances on the run Posted on

    These are some really sturdy boards. I like the gold coloring as well. It's really shiny and make for an easy clean-up before making presentations.

    from SWEET POSSIBILITIES Posted on

    Fantastic cake boards. They look classy for paper and are waxed so your frosting doesn't bleed through. No greasy looking cake boards. I have them in all sizes and shapes.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Great buying nice and elegant cake boarder u can use for 9 inc 8 inch prepared cake good start for your baking need !!! buy more save more and fast shipping !!1 in just 1 day !!!

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    The cake circles are high quality. They are greaseproof and make my cakes look more professional. I recommend these if you don't want the extra cost in covering white cake circles with gold foil.

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    I use the gold cake circles for all of my cakes!

    Great item! I have been buying this item for many years. The best quality for the best price. Will buy this item again for sure!

    from Miss Dottie's Pound Cake Posted on

    I really like these cake boards. They are way less expensive than those found in other stores. The gold adds elegance without taking away from the cake itself. They are very sturdy. I even used it on a tres leches cake and it supported it throughout transportation.

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    I'm excited about using this item. I love the vibrant gold color. This will add attention to my fabulous cakes and make me stand out.

    from Just B'cuz Wedding Posted on

    these cake board are sturdy and strong to support cakes, I love the non grease feature, easy to clean the edges for a clean look and presentation.

    from Angel's Bake Shop Posted on

    I have a home based cake business and I'm happy to find one place for shopping all necessary things for it. I use 10'' cake circles for my 9'' and less cakes. Fits great, very sturdy and looks nice.

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    I use these forl my cookie platters their gold their sturdythey look nice and they match my ribbons I will definitely purchase more in the future

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    The 10" gold laminated cake circle is a great product. They are corrugated cardboard, covered with a smooth metallic gold layer that does not show grease.

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    These are great for a nine inch cake or an eight inch cake with a lot of frosting and/or decoration. They fit perfectly in a ten inch box.

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    A 9" cake in the process of being built on a 10" gold cake circle

    Love this boards really steady and easy to clean an excelent presentation for your cakes!!! Love it! Love it! Awesome product and very economical price!!

    from Rosys Cakes LLC Posted on

    Love the boards! Fancy look at a very low price, you do not go wrong with this!!

    We've been purchasing the 12" cake circles for a few years, and then we decided to order the smaller size (our old circles were white) now that they match with the larger ones it creates more uniformity.

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    All our cakes look great on these cake cake boards.

    Very good quality Cake Boards! The Gold is very shiny and holds up well under moist conditions. I like to use the 10" Cake Boards for 8" cakes, a long with the the 12" Cake boxes also sold here on WEBstaurantStore.com!

    Posted on

    These cake circles are not only sturdy, but they also make your baked goods look extra special. I use them most often for my 8" cakes, but they could also be used as small cookie trays, wrapped in cellophane. Highly recommended!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    Love these cake boards! I use them for my everyday cakes. They are versatile and decorative adding that special touch to my cakes . They are also very sturdy and affordable.

    from CupCake Luna LLC Posted on

    What a nice presentation do you have with the corrugated cake circles. They fit great in the cakes boxes and simply add a nice touch.

    Posted on

    I love these! Makes for an excellent presentation! They are grease proof & very sturdy for 3-4 layer cakes. And the price is right compared to other stores.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    elegant for cakes

    I use these cake boards for my 8 inch cakes, they're perfect! Sturdy and easy to wipe excess iving off if need be. No more time wasted wrapping boards in foil for me!

    Posted on

    This is a great look cake board for cakes and pastries. It has a smooth shiny finish that complement my cakes. I recommend this to anyone that sell cakes.

    Posted on

    Love these Gold Laminated Cake Circles. They hold up very well & do not get greasy. I use the gold cake boards on my allergy cakes so I can distinguish them from the regular cakes. Great quality, will buy more!

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    Great cake circles! They make a cake shine with or without a doily and the gold covering doesn't show moisture stains like the plain white circles do.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    I couldn't believe the price on these cake circles! cheap--but they are pretty and they are not flimsy-very sturdy-I will be back for more--they make your presentation awesome.

    Posted on

    I love these boards, they bring an elegance that's better than a plain cardboard one. An 8'' cake fits well with a piped border of buttercream. Very affordable too, yay!

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    Beautiful display for all of my cakes. Nice construction, sturdy, never shows grease. Scalloped edge nice added touch to cake. Gold shine is a nice color, goes well with all cakes.

    from Bright Eyes Bakery Posted on

    8 inch green tea cake, 10 inch cake circle.

    Birthday cake with gold cake circle.

    Great product cheap but very good quality It looks great and fancy I would buy this product again and recommend it too!!!! Great deal!!!!buy it...

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    These foil cake round always look neat professional--no grease spots here--and the price is right. I also like that they are sturdy enough to stand up to heavy cakes (3-7 lbs).

    from Cakes With A Conscience Posted on

    These cake circles are ideal for occasion cakes and a wide variety desserts. They are sturdy in construction while still looking elegant. They are moisture proof which is an added bonus. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    These gold cake boards are just perfect! It is a great quality, pretty attraction for my cakes, and at an unbelievable price! Will be ordering a larger amount.

    from Special Creations by Sharon... Posted on

    I just started my own small business featuring 9-9.5 in cheesecakes. I wanted place them on something sturdy and representable. These cake circles are just that!! Love the look and quality, I will def keep ordering.

    Posted on

    The gold foil look really made my cakes pop!! They whip off very easy if you make a mistake or have drizzle. They round can really stand a good amount of weight without folding or bending.

    from Southern Girl's Sweet Confections Posted on

    This cake circle is nice and sturdy! It holds my smaller cakes (6" cakes with four layers of cake and 3 layers of filling)! Love th scalloped edges!

    Posted on

    This fancy-looking cake circle helps with that extra touch of class. Its durable construction is great for transferring cakes and cheesecakes from the decorating wheel to the box.

    from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria Posted on

    This circle gold ls gorgeous... just simple like that... is gorgeous ... size is perfect.. it looks so perfect making decorated your cake table perfect. 5 stars to this product.. WebRestaurant is a GREAT COMPANY.... all my products are perfect!

    from Massiel Rangel Posted on

    This definitely adds a splash of color to the cake, and will make it appear a lot more attractive and fancy. The corrugated display is quite sturdy, and will provide sufficient support!

    Posted on

    I love this. It is cheap. I am so happy, I do not Know where this website was before hahaha The product is Excellent. I used it for 6" & 8" cakes.

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    I use these so when my cakes are cut into they don't cut into my everyday plastic take along cake pans. It saves from getting them scratched up from the knives.

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    I thought this was going to be one of those silly purchases I wouldn't use very often, but it makes decorating so much easier, not to mention you don't damage your cake carrier when you cut the cake. I tend to make more cupcakes than cake so this amount is perfect for me. I use with 9 inch rounds and it has the perfect amount of overhang on the sides, and fits in my carrier nicely.

    Posted on

    Very good quality/easy to handle; and the fanciness make product look even more professional along with my decorations. Thank you for carrying the quality that you have.

    Posted on

    These circles fit into the 10 inch cake trays/lids very well. The color and shape make these much more appealing to the customer than a standard white cake circle.

    Posted on

    This metallic gold definitely shine vibrant. Pops off of the reflection of my cakes and seems to be a eye catcher to my customers. Very sturdy too.

    from Chef TJ Dubs Culinary Arts Posted on

    These boards are perfect! They are sturdy, look great and better priced than any where else I have found. I use them for our cakes everyday.

    Posted on

    10" board

    Every baker or crafts person should keep these on hand. I am a baker on the side, but I use these for the cakes I have to transport, but also for building cupcake towers for my bake sales. If you glue two together, you have a very sturdy base. And they can be reused!

    Posted on

    These are the perfect size for a standard decorated 9'' cake. The beautiful gleaming gold brings a touch of class to any baked good. Love these to dress up an ordinary cake making it or so special.

    from WINDY CORNER Posted on

    This cake boards are very good. They are very good quality and stand heavy cakes. I will be ordering different sizes for all my cakes.

    Posted on

    Now my cakes look as professional as the fancy shops and it is so nice to fins a cake circle that is sturdy and can really hold a 3-4 layer cake!

    from Po's Pastries Posted on

    Sturdy cake circles. They are grease resistant so they hold quite heavy cakes very well. The gold also adds a little elegance. Fit perfectly with the 10x10x5 cake boxes also from webstaurantstore.com.

    Posted on

    These cake circles are very good quality. They are hard enough to hold a heavy cake. Good for 7" - 9" cakes. I'm buying them all the time.

    Posted on

    This board make a beautiful presentation of any item. Use it for a 9 inch round cake and you will get a nice edge reveal. These are perfect to use with the 10x10 box. Nice weight adds to the preformance of this product.

    from Apfel Farms Posted on

    These cake baords are great and are a good investment for any small bakery or even cupcake shop. They give your dessert beautiful presentation and memory to lat forever for your customers.

    from Shavonna's Yummy Treats & Creations Posted on

    Best price either in supply store or on the internet. Super strong heavy duty quality. Adds an extra bit of glamour to your pie boxes and cake displays.

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    I recently started a catering business and needed these for my cakes. They fit perfectly in the boxes I ordered and makes for a great presentation.

    from A Bite on the Side Posted on

    These 10" Gold CIrcles are perfect not only for cakes and cheesecakes, but small cookie trays as well. We wrap trayed cookies in cling wrap and then cello wrap them and tie with curling ribbon.

    Posted on

    These cake rounds are very sturdy and professional looking. They give a great look to our cakes. We use them in our displays as well.

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic cake circle! The gold looks really nice with anything and the round edges can really accentuate and beautiful cake design you put on it.

    Posted on

    We love to use the Gold Laminated Corrugated Cake Boards! They look professional, neat, and give a nice finished appearance! They can be used with or without transferring to a serving plate or stand. Our customers love the look! They are strong and hold up to our heaviest cakes! Wiping off icing residue before boxing is easy with the foil laminate.

    from Carans Creations & Confections Posted on

    A great item to have in your bake shop. Whether its a cake or some other piece of work it gives a nice elegant look towards the product

    Posted on

    These these ten inch gold laminated cake circles are great. Very sturdy and tuff for heavier cakes and the gold color adds a bit of beauty and elegance.

    Posted on

    These gold laminated and corrugated cake circles add a little class to every cake or bakery product. It is really useful to have these in your bake shop.

    Posted on

    Add elegance to your cakes and easy transport after decorating! They are sturdy and durable! Get these cake circles for your small business! You won't be sorry!

    Posted on

    Great cake circle. Can handle any weight cake or entremet. The edges give the cake a fancy flair. I've used it for all types of celebrations.

    Posted on

    "Baby shower" on a gold cake circle.

    I think these cake circles are gorgeous! They look so pretty under my cakes. It adds a classy touch, unlike the regular white cake circles.

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    I think I used to think these were an extravagance or not really necessary. Gosh, I've put cakes on dinner plates for 100 years. (Well, not really 100. . .). Then I bought these and I have changed my mind. Not only are they just beautiful to behold, they make a cake look very professional, and they protect my cake stands from knife marks (ah, cake stands, another obsession). And if you are giving the cake to someone or taking it to an event, there's no worry about getting your plate back. Love these. Will always have a package handy.

    Posted on

    These 10" gold laminated cake boards (circles) are very sturdy and hold extremely heavy cakes. Our Pumpkin Carrot Cake is fully loaded with delicious indredients and is extremely heavy for a 9" cake that fits perfectly on these boards

    from Nana's Sweets, Catering, & Crafts Posted on

    The cake pads are very sturdy and look very professional. I have ordered them numerous times in various sizes and I would highly recommend them.

    from MommaZinga Catering Posted on

    Sturdy. Did not get grease stains. These served their purpose and held up well. We are still using them and customers are happy with the gold coloring.

    from Pine Line Cafe Posted on

    We use these 10"cake circles for cakes, pies and for our small cookie platters. They are grease resistant, sturdy and look great in a cake dome.

    from Eat Sweet Posted on

    small cookie platter

    These cake boards were pretty sturdy boards for my needs as I usually only do single layer carrot cakes and though they are a dense and moist cake, about 2 pounds total, and they are at a great price. I will definitely reorder from here for these and other size boards.

    from Carrot Cakes by Cindy Posted on

    Go great with the matching lids and bases. Will dress up a plain cake or cookies to make them even better looking, cost is very good for the product at hand.

    from JONABELLA CATERING Posted on

    These gold cake circles make such a beautiful presentation for your cakes. At first I thought the gold would be 'too much' but after having used several, I think they elevate the presentation to a new level. Also, cakes do not stick to the gold surface. I will definitely re-order when I run out.

    Posted on

    These added a touch of beauty to my cakes. Along with the Cake Containers, they worked great. I didn't need the little lace doillies with to make them a little upscale.

    Posted on

    i learned to use and love these cake circle in my pastry labs. all the final and finished cakes would go on them and looks great

    Posted on

    I love these cake circles. They are time savers. I was bent on covering my cake boards myself the tradtional way, but these really gives me back that extra time needed with high volume baking.

    Posted on

    Based on reviews for this product, I ordered for presentational and sturdiness purposes for our bake sale. Complimented the beauty of our cakes! So STURDY!

    Posted on

    We love these grease proof cake circles. We decorate our simple cakes right on the board. They fit nicely inside of the 10 inch box that we reviewed earlier. Great value.

    from Sweet Spot Posted on

    These gold laminated corrugated circles make the cake presentation nicer. These work real well with the 10" high dome cake covers. Will purchase again when stock is low.

    from Finley United Pentecostal Church Posted on

    Use these for my 9 inch cheesecakes, they are very sturdy and they make a beautiful product really shine, would not use any other supplier for this product.

    from Taylor Made Cakes Posted on

    Love these cake circles. They are strong enough to hold a two layer cake and look beautiful when served. They hold up nicely when the cake is cut.

    from Edible Experience Posted on

    I had been looking for foil cake circles that were pretty and sturdy. This cake circle does both very well. They are easy to wipe clean of any frosting that may spill on it, so no need for wax paper to protect it when decorating. I highly recommend these.

    from Cakes and Desserts by Judy Posted on

    As a retired bakery owner, I like to present my cakes in a professional and attractive manner. These cake circles were same same ones I used in bakery.

    Posted on

    This makes the perfect base for your holiday creations. The gold adds a special touch to your cakes, and the product can be used for small cookie trays.

    Posted on

    These 10 inch cake circles are perfect for an 8 or 9 inch cake. They are very strong and hold up to many layers. I will definitely order them again.

    Posted on

    love these, does not absorb grease plus they are attractive , would like to see other metallic colors like silver or copper. will repurchase when I get close to running out

    Posted on

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