Great Western 35 oz. Season-It Buttery Popcorn Salt

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Popcorn is a staple for any movie-going experience-whether showing a romantic comedy, an action flick, or a big summer blockbuster, Great Western Season-It buttery popcorn salt is sure to provide the delicious buttery flavor to enhance every movie-goer's experience. This convenient seasoning is highly refined and concentrated, meaning you only need a small amount for the perfect blend of butter flavoring in every batch of popcorn. Season-It popcorn salt has the taste, aroma, and golden coloring that popcorn-lovers expect, without the trans-fat! This popcorn salt will tantalize your customers' taste buds, helping to increase both your sales and your profits!

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Great Western 35 oz. Season-It Buttery Popcorn Salt

4.9 stars from 46 reviews


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    This is the best popcorn salt. It’s so nice to have that movie theater at home at anytime. It’s very fine which is a good thing. It really is delicious!

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    This buttery salt is great to add an extra kick to your popcorn. I was really surprised at how long a bag lasted me. Good quality and good price.

    from Sweet Peach's Candy and Confections Posted on

    We use this great western buttery popcorn salt on all of the popcorn that we sell. It really makes the popcorn taste that much better!

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    This is a great tasting buttery popcorn salt. You don’t need to add much to flavor the popcorn so I recommended adding it slowly somyou dont over salt it.

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    Tastes great

    This is a wonderful product to get movie theater flavored popcorn. It has minimal calories and is dairy-free. I like to combine it with the popcorn butter flavored coconut oil for the full experience but on its own, it is great too.

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    The season-it butterfly popcorn salt should be the only seasoning at your popcorn stand. it is great and the customers love it. It is the best there is.

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    I have used Great Western thirty-five ounce bag of Season-It Buttery Popcorn Salt in the past and it continues to meet my expectations. It comes in very handy to take on the go, for a popcorn picnic, at the office or any movie night. I like how easy it is to order and will continue to do so. The fast shipping and quantity discounts are a huge plus.

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    I purchased the Great Western 35oz season it buttery popcorn salt in a case of 12 for the unbelievable value. I use it at the concession stand at my daughters volleyball games and at home in our popcorn machine. But I must say there are so many other uses for this product. It is delicious on baked potatoes and French fries. Delicious buttery flavor without the oil and fat of butter. A must have product for all the popcorn lovers out there.

    from Special Forces Automotive Posted on

    I purchased a dozen of the Great Western 35oz Season it Buttery Popcorn Salt from the Webstaurant Store for home use.we love using our theatre style popcorn popper and watching movies with neighbors in our outdoor theater. The flavor is buttery and salty just like being at the movie theater. Then one Day we tried it on French fries and baked potatoes and it was amazing. This product is so inexpensive for the amount that you receive it’s a no brainer. A must have.

    I love popcorn from the movie theatre but don't go to the movies very much. I ordered this salt and I love it. It adds buttery flavor at home. I have also used it to add flavor when cooking. Tastes great on corn on the cob!

    from Marsha Martin Posted on

    This season salt is amazing!! All of the customers love the flavor. I recommend this for anyone who serves popcorn. Works wonderfully in a popcorn popper. Wendy B - Just Imagine Catering

    from Just Imagine Catering LLC Posted on

    this is a great product. I bought it for a big sale and was serving popcorn, everyone loved the taste of the popcorn. I would buy this product again. thank you.

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    Perfectly super-fine grain salt for adding to popcorn. I really don't taste any added butter flavor though, so you're still better off drizzling melted butter on top afterwards.

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    SUPER fine grain salt, just the way it needs to be.

    That's great western battery seasoning for your popcorn is delicious. I can't wait to make a big batch of popcorn, sit on the couch and watch a movie with it.

    from N/A Posted on

    The great western season it buttery popcorn salt is the perfect addition to the pantry. High quality product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good salt.

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    This seasoning is perfect for those who wish to have a saltier more buttery flavored popcorn. You can sprinkle over popped corn or add in to your kernel popper.

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    The season-it buttery popcorn salt has a great buttery flavor. The salt is a super fine powder so it sticks to the popcorn instead of falling to the bottom of your bag or bowl.

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    Super fine powder sticks your popcorn with a great salty buttery flavor.

    I read somewhere that the material in the microwave popcorn bags is carcinogenic (isn’t everything these days?). So, we switched to making our own at home. The bland flavor of air popped popcorn wasn’t well received in this house, lol. Hence, the need to add some flavor. I saw that others added it to their popcorn oil, but since we do air popped, I just use a powdered sugar shaker (Webstaurant sells one Item #: 672B2405) to add a touch of flavor to ours. I’m not after the movie theater style where it’s all greasy and over-powering - just something to make it less bland. I’m so happy that Webstaurant offers fun products at a great price that I can also feel confident about giving to my family.

    from j4jcline Posted on

    I read somewhere that the material in the microwave popcorn bags is carcinogenic (isn’t everything these days?). So, we switched to making our own at home. The bland flavor of air popped popcorn wasn’t well received in this house, lol. Hence, the need to add some flavor. I saw that others added it to their popcorn oil, but since we do air popped, I just use a powdered sugar shaker (Webstaurant sells one Item #: 672B2405) to add a touch of flavor to ours. I’m not after the movie theater style where it’s all greasy and over-powering - just something to make it less bland. I’m so happy that Webstaurant offers fun products at a great price that I can also feel confident about giving to my family.

    This helps make homemade popcorn taste like you're at the movie theater. I put it in the pan with the oil I'm popping the corn in and it gets mixed with the popcorn as it pops. I still usually add a little melted butter to my popcorn, but this really takes like theater popcorn so the rest of the family is fine with this salt alone.

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    We've used another brand of popcorn salt for several years. Saw that Webstaurant offered this one and decided to add it to an order that I recently placed. LOVE it, and the price!! Plus, a little goes a looooong way. Will definitely order again.

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    This seasoning adds the perfect flavor to popcorn. We use this regularly in the popcorn machine. The beauty of this product is it does not have an overpowering flavor like some of the competition.

    from Scarbrough Industries Posted on

    The Season It buttery popcorn salt it a very nice season ...just like the movies. 35ozs is a good size bag for lots of popcorn.

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    Price: This is far cheaper than the alternatives you find at a store. For comparison purposes you can buy Kernel's Seasoning for roughly 3.50, for 2.85oz. That is 1.22 dollars per oz. Meanwhile this is .055 cents per oz using the price I bought it( 1.99). Texture/Grain Size: Perfect salt size for popcorn. Obviously much finer than regular table salt. There are a few clumped or larger pieces but overall its very good Taste: Unfortunately i think this is where the downfall is. The butter taste is either too light or almost non-existent. I was hoping for a far stronger buttery taste. Color: I feel that they added more food coloring than butter flavoring. Granted, it gets diluted with a light coating and when added to oil(which popcorn oil is also at times colored). Rating: Its not bad, but it could be much better. Price wise, it is excellent for popcorn salt. Taste and additive wise, I was disappointed by the flavor and amount of food coloring used.

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    We appreciate your feedback, Patrick! If you ever have any questions about the product you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

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    Great salty butter taste. Used it to mix in with oil and popcorn and came out fantastic. Does make clean up a small amount more work, but not to bad. Also have this in a shaker to add to the popcorn after popping. Cant go wrong with this.

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    Allows for a nice buttery and salted popcorn taste all in one mix. Works according to direction. The popcorn mixes well with it in a machine.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    My son is a popcorn fiend. We have a microwave popper that he uses every night. A little oil, popcorn kernels, and this popcorn salt make a perfect batch every time.

    Posted on

    This stuff is great! At first I thought the smell was overwhelming, but after learning the right amount it is great on popcorn. It really gives it the perfect type of artificial flavor you get from a carnival or movie theater. Lately I have been using this salt in all of my baking or cooking that would benefit from a buttery flavor. It kicks things up a notch!

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    BAM Party uses Carnival King popping kits for popcorn machine rentals, but we we run concession stands we use the bulk kernels, oils and salts. This is our butter salt of choice.

    from BAM Party, LLC Posted on

    This popcorn salt has great flavor and is at a perfect price. Our residents love this brand and it tastes great. We will be purchasing again.

    from Sterling Ridge Posted on

    This stuff is the bomb! It's so good! I use it with the butter flavored coconut oil on homemade popcorn and it's always a big hit!

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    Oh my goodness, this stuff is yummy! Sometimes we use the Season-It with the Butter Flavored Coconut Oil and sometimes by itself. Great flavor that everyone loves so it's definitely a win!

    from SimplyLeanne Posted on

    This seasoning has amazing flavor! I ordered more than I needed, as I was surprised by how little it really took! I've had more expensive popcorn salts that seem to take so much more! I paired this with the Carnival King popcorn kernels and butter flavored coconut oil also found on this site.

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    This was the ideal flavor to the popcorn. Customer kept asking for more. its tasty buttery flavor was all that was needed to make the popcorn a bit hit.

    from pashays Posted on

    The salt is flavorful and it smells like the movies. when cooked with popcorn. My customers love it, saying it tastes just like movie theater popcorn. Be careful not to use too much, it can easily make your popcorn too salty, but when used in moderation it creates an awesome tasting, buttery, movie-theater style snack.

    from KickVids Posted on

    Great tasting popcorn salt easy to use but as others have said a little goes a long way remember this is salt. But it does give your popcorn that movie theater taste.

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    Thanks i have this for falvorung my popcorn great buttery flavor good enough to salt your popcorn easy to use good Directions on the bag great item

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    This has a buttery salty flavor without any other off flavors in it. Overall great product if you want to season your popcorn easily without too much trouble.

    from Walpole Valley Farms Posted on

    I was thrilled when I received this product as I have been looking for a way to improve the way we make our popcorn. I saw an alternative to this product but it was very expensive so I decided to try this out. It is excellent and along with some coconut oil gives our popcorn that fresh movie theatre butter taste. You also cannot beat the price. An unbelievable value. Thank you Webstaurant Store, so glad I discovered you.

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    I got this product in an effort to make popcorn have that taste of a movie theater. Well I am happy to say it works great. I use the 8oz Carnival King popper bought from this site to pop the corn but I know this could be used with any popcorn. The Buttery-It popcorn salt adds that extra taste and flavor which makes popcorn taste perfect. I use the popper at a school carnival and I only need to add about 1/2 of a teaspoon per batch. Only using such a small amount this large bag will last a long time.

    from Makes popcorn great Posted on

    This popcorn salt is great. Taste just like the movies popcorn. It is very salty though a little goes a long way. But we like salty everything so it works out

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    This is the singular best product sold on the internet. For the price you get it here it will provide you with an incredible number of enjoyable popcorn snacks. Order a lot!

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    Buttery taste and a very fine salt make for really enhancing the popcorn experience. This makes homemade popcorn taste very similar to movie theater popcorn. Combine this with coconut oil, and you are set!

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    I give this product 5 stars! This popcorn salt has the perfect flavoring! Everyone kept coming back for more! The directions were simple and there is a lot of salt in this bag. Will definitely last a while.

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    This is a good quality popcorn salt at a great price. It has a nice buttery taste. It is very fine and adheres to the popcorn properly.

    Posted on

    We've been searching for a way to reproduce the taste of a local movie theater's popcorn, and this comes closest! It's a real fine salt, and sprinkled onto a bag of microwave popcorn does wonders. I haven't tried adding it to oil and popping kernels on a stove, but I bet that will be even better.

    Posted on

    We are always looking for great tasting popcorn, sometimes we make kettle, sometimes we make plain, But most of all we make butter popcorn. This seasoning is really easy to use, Just add a scoop or two to the kettle while cooking or use a salt shaker and spread it on.

    from Flour City Popcorn Company Posted on

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