Polar Pak 9513 12 Compartment Clear Hinged PET Cupcake Take Out Container - 5/Pack

Item #: 99909513

Perfect for birthday parties, school functions, or office celebrations, this Polar Pak 9513 clear cupcake take out container can hold up to 12 cupcakes! Whether you choose one dozen of the same flavor, or mix and match popular flavors, its crystal clear appearance allows you to set up eye-catching displays that customers can select and carry home with ease.

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Polar Pak 9513 12 Compartment Clear Hinged PET Cupcake Take Out Container - 5/Pack

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cupcakes containers great price cupcake love Perfect container sturdy more
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    We have ordered many cupcake containers over the years, and I accidentally ordered these this time. I'm so glad I did! They are my favorite of any I've ever ordered.

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    I have purchases this brand in a smaller quanity to make sure I like them, and they're perfect for traveling with cupcakes. Cupcakes fit snug. but ot tight, are easy to get out of the container, and there is a nice amount of room for icing.

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This product is a great buy for my small hobby/home business. I purchased the 5 pack at a great price as a starter to make sure they worked for me. I love them and have reordered several more packs. This is the best price I've come across for a product like this and the price is in no way a compromise for the quality. These are durable, easy to open and close and fit the cupcakes perfectly! I will continue to order these!

    from The Cupcake Diet Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    SLIPPERY WHEN STACKED, BE CAREFUL! The quality and clarity of the box is impressive, however, if your customers purchase more than one dozen they do not stack well, Not only do they not set or lock into place when stacked, they actually literally slide ride off each other. For since use purchases they are fine, but if you sell more than one dozen at a time, I would suggest purchasing a different product. There are other containers sold on Webstaurantstore that do stack nicely.

    from Cupcake Cafe Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Perfect size container, shows off the Cupcakes and they travel very well. I will order again and great price! Consider ordering they are fast at shipping as well!

    from Faith Cakes Posted on

    I made the Cupcakes a bit bigger and they fit perfectly and the Frosting did not touch nor mess up. I really liked it.

    I am very satisfied with my purchase of these cupcake Clear containers. They are fabulous for packaging my yummy cupcakes and also because they are clear containers they display my cupcakes quite nicely.

    Posted on

    These cupcake containers are super convenient to package my delicious cupcakes. They securely hold my cupcakes and display them beautifully.

    I am VERY impressed with the design and functionality of my cupcake holders! They even have indents around each cupcake for easy access to the cupcakes without getting your fingers in them.

    from Cakes by Julia Posted on

    Clean look from above

    Cupcakes are held together tightly; I'm not worried about them rolling around and getting messed up

    We use this Polar Pak cupcake container when storing or transporting cupcakes. No more smashed up cupcakes. The plastic is strong and sturdy and it is clear so presentation is a plus. And it has a hinge so opening and closing the package is easy.

    Posted on

    great, secure way to store and trasport cupcakes for customers and for private party set up! we do a lot fo wedding cupcakes and these are the best way to get them there safely.

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    I am in love with these containers! They hold the cupcakes in place so nicely. I never have to worry about them in the back of my SUV or when one of the kids wants to help carry the cupcakes. They close tightly but are still easy to open. And the price cannot be beat.

    Posted on

    Nice and snug, heading to a happy birthday

    These cupcake holders were the best option when I needed to deliver 200 cupcakes to a wedding. After the cupcakes cooled I placed them in the containers. The next day I added the buttercream frosting while they were in the container. I had no issues getting the cupcakes out of the containers and onto the dessert table. Great purchase, defiantly beat any other options I could think of to transport the cupcakes. They also stacked well in the refrigerator, 4 containers stacked with no issues.

    from San Jose Macarons Posted on

    This take out plastic is extremely nice with the finger features! I would only buy this style, the space for your fingertips prevents undoing your icing and decorations. I recommend this

    from BKE Posted on

    Perfect for my cupcakes and best price around. I did a lot of shopping around before I opened my home business and cupcake containers are one of my biggest needs. I found these to be the best price and a good quality as well!

    Posted on

    These 12 cupcake containers are really amazing! They are exactly what i need for my decorated cupcakes the high dome ensures that nothing gets messed up the cones in between the cupcake slots ensure that the box doesnt get squished really a great product

    from sweetart Posted on

    Graduation cupcakes

    Amazing product

    You cant beat this! Sturdy cupcake containers with a low price! I am so happy that I found this website. As a Baker-one of the most annoying parts of the job is to run out of containers/boxes without realizing. These convenient packs are priced so well that you can order ahead and keep them on hand for all of your packing needs! I love these!

    Posted on

    The product is Absolutely perfect for packaging and displaying small baked goods like my mini cheese cakes and key lime pies. The price makes it a great buy.

    Posted on

    Mini cheese cakes and mini key lime pies

    I love these containers because they are cost effective and give my cupcakes a beautiful presentation value. The lid is the perfect height to pile on the frosting and additional toppings.

    from Tully's Cupcakes and Confections Posted on

    Cupcakes with the tall frosting and fruit topping and it still fits.

    The cupcakes are easier to talk out and they travel well in this container.

    We spend a lot of time on details and these containers display our product perfectly. The high dome allows plenty of room to top your cupcakes/muffins.

    Posted on

    I love these containers. They close well and stack well. They have high enough dome not to mess up frosting. I will order these again

    Posted on

    Carmel frosting

    These cupcake containers are the best I have come across in years and I won't use any other type! They have plenty of room for toppers/high icing, they are sturdy, and travel well. Everything about these containers is exactly what's needed!

    Posted on

    These containers are great because they stack into one another perfectly so while decorating the containers can all be linked up and then easily separated when you go to close/move them. I have been using these containers for years and have never had any issues!

    Perfect for transporting items . Good quality and durable.perfect size and spacing.. gives a good display of your baked goods. Highly recommend this product. Only wish more came to the case

    from Lezlee's Cakery Posted on

    Love these containers. I usually load my cupcakes with toppings and these containers work perfectly to keep them in place. Very strong and cupcakes pop right out clean and neat. Highly recommend

    Posted on

    High hinged great for garnished cupcakes

    Love these containers! The cupcakes fit securely and there is plenty of height to add icing and decorations without worry. Gives your treats a more professional look at a great price.

    Posted on

    I recently made the switch from boxes for a dozen cupcakes to these and let me tell ya, I won't go back! They're so much simpler to use! And look great also!

    from Bite of Joy Posted on

    Are a bit tight, the doam is spacious for the frosting. Worked out great. Specially the quality on this are amazing and cant beat the price.

    from OH POPS Posted on

    I have used these containers for a wedding and a graduation. They were perfect for both. The only thing that i don't like is they don't stack on each other very well making it hard to transport more than a couple.

    Posted on

    Containers are sturdy, and durable. I don't have to worry about the cupcakes getting smashed because itshe height is perfect. Will definitely order product again

    Posted on

    I got so many compliments how my cupcakes look beautiful even they are inside the container. The dome is good high enough which give me room for my fluffed buttercream.

    from 38 degree cakes Posted on

    These takeout cupcake containers are awesome. They have the right height without smashing your cupcake frosting they're well built been using these for a long time and I've never had any issues

    from Inspired by sweets Posted on

    The container was sturdy, and durable. My cupcakes fit perfectly and I didn't need to worry about them getting smashed, even when I stacked another container on top.

    from Ferris Wheel Desserts Posted on

    Great for taking cupcakes on the go without making a mess. These containers are the perfect fit for standard size cupcakes and keeps them fresh.

    Posted on

    I used these in my old shop and they worked wonders. They seal easily, carry a dozen perfectly topped cupcakes, and don't smash down the tops. They are great for standard size muffins as well.

    Posted on

    Love Love Love these help to keep my cupcakes in place when ppl drive crazy lol. plus the doams are high to fit all my toppings.

    from SweetsbyDiamond Posted on

    Love these they are sturdy plastic and they do a wonderful job keeping my cupcakes safe and they look very professional, my customers love them and i love the price

    from Cakes by Ashle Posted on

    We love these containers! Great price for a great product. They are very durable and make our cupcakes look professional. Plenty of room on top too.

    Posted on

    I love these containers. I always drive really far to get these or I end up paying triple. Very reasonable price and they're very sturdy.

    Posted on

    I bought these containers because I have been using the cardboard box and icing at the bottom method and I always ended up having tipped over cupcakes. These are sturdy and look great when given to the customer. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    from Ashman's Cupcake's & Treats Posted on

    These containers are exactly what I needed. I usually use the cardboard boxes but these containers are sturdy and holds the cupcakes in place during the bumpy ride.

    from Arion's catering Posted on

    These have become a staple item in my cottage based bakery. I ran out during the summer and just used what I could purchase at my local craft store: cardboard boxes with hole-punched inserts. I definitely prefer these. They keep my cupcakes fresh longer, and the cake can be seen from all angles. Also, in the unhappy event that a container gets knocked over, the mess is kept well contained by the snap down lid.

    from The Lemon Tree Cottage Bakery Posted on

    These Plastic Cupcake Containers are wonderful! They snap shut perfectly and stack well for easy carrying of multiple stacks of cupcakes! The lid is also high enough that my cupcakes with a lot of icing on top, has plenty of room! Excellent product!

    from Sweet Melissas Posted on

    I love these cupcake containers. The cupcakes fit great and stay intact during my journey. Great price for a great product. Would definitely buy again.

    Posted on

    I love these cupcake containers. They are perfect to display all of my cupcakes in and to let customers take the cupcakes home in a safe and clean container.

    Posted on

    These are the golden ticket of my business! lol I use so many of these for my cupcake dozens and they come thorugh everytime. These are great for my high topping cupcakes and my high icing cupcakes

    from Kays Cupcakes Posted on

    i purchased maybe 7 packs now. its light and durable. gives enough space for my frosting without the damage! this is the best price that I've seen! will order more in the near future lol

    Posted on

    Very big, not what I expected in size but I can make it work for what I needed it for. Very sturdy plastic. Can't wait to try out a new idea I have in mind.

    from Sweet Treats4 Baby Posted on

    These are such a convenience! The top of the box has a smooth appearance so it is easy to see and display the cupcakes inside. These are very durable and can be reused when cared for properly. Very happy with these and will continue to purchase these and the other sizes offered!

    Posted on

    Possibly the best price around that I have seen. I was in a pinch and needed boxes and just happened to notice these at such a great price and added them to my cart when I went to order.

    from D-Lish by Trish Posted on

    Cookies n' Cream Cupcakes

    great price for these containers, as someone who sells many cupcakes these are great containers! High quality and low cost. they are worth every penny!

    Posted on

    These are roomy and don't smash the tops of the cupcakes, even the tall frosted ones. They are sturdier than the average bakery and grocery store ones. II am also happy with the price.

    Posted on

    I did my research on cost benefit, and you can't beat Webstaurantstore on this type of storage. This container is sturdy, without being super thick. The indentations around each slot make it super safe and easy to load and unload. And a huge plus is having the cones on the lid, to protect the height, so you have more flexibility with the frosting and the toppers.

    Posted on

    I'm so glad I found these! They are perfect because the cupcakes nestle in perfectly, allow for varying portions of frosting, and allow you to see if they remain in tact.

    Posted on

    Made these for a wedding this weekend...loved that I was able to easily transport these to the venue an hour away and the all made it perfectly beautiful.

    The perfect cupcake holder. I wish I had ordered more (I will be for sure). The hinges lock nice and tight, and the height is perfect for basic cupcakes.

    from Yummvees Posted on

    I love these containers. I always purchase this container. My cupcakes look so pretty in thises container and the height of the lid is good for extra high frosting.

    from I Baked It MySelf Posted on

    This holder works great. It keep my cupcakes sturdy and also show the beauty of my cakes. This product is excellent for anybody who travels with thief cakes

    from A&K Kakes And Sweets Posted on

    I use these regularly with my home business. They are sturdy and stackable. I usually have clients secure the cupcakes with their seatbelt while traveling. The dome is pretty high which allows me to do some nice fondant work. Will continue to purchase.

    Posted on

    This cupcake container is great. It has great quality its not expensive and this size even helps save more money. I gives the cupcakes a special touch they don't look sloppy

    Posted on

    The tall lids on these cupcake containers make them perfect for cupcakes with toppings, tall frostings, or fondant decorations on top. I would recommend buying one of the larger quantities to get a better deal.

    from Sweet Art Bake Shop Posted on

    These clear containers are perfect for my cupcakes. I love that they are sturdy and are tall enough for the icing on my cupcakes. They are well worth the cost!

    Posted on

    These containers are perfect!

    I absolutely love these containers. They are super convenient and great quality. I have never had a problem with these. I keep them stocked at all times!

    from Cupcake Creations Posted on

    Thank you, Webstaurant Store, for these great containers!

    My cupcakes will not have survived without this containers! They are the best. They allow me to do high frostings & still add flair without ruining any designs I have made.

    from PK'S SWEETS Posted on

    The holder is not truly sturdy, but not extremely flimsy either.

    I ordered these for my small cupcake business. I ordered 2 packs of 5. Out of each pack, 2 of them were not usable (bottom two). It is clearly not a shipping error as the cupcake "holder" part is slanted. The customer service rep I contacted was great and sent out another pack of 5. When I received these, there were two in this pack that are not usable, clearly another manufacturing issue as the holder parts are slanted as well on these. They are supposed to send me another pack of 5, however I assume these will be messed up as well. Bummer because I really like the ones I can use but don't want to keep paying for products that I cannot use.

    Posted on

    I ordered these clear hinged cupcake takeout containers for an upcoming vendor show and they were the perfect fit for my displays when transporting from my storage unit to the display case. I am so glad I chose this product and I will re-order again very soon. Excellent choice and pricing.

    from Desserts by Densmore Posted on

    The 12 ct cupcake containers i brought is nice. I got 2 packs cause the price was good. I like how the top is squared off, cute design. Great product!

    Posted on

    These containers hold up very well, and are not super flimsy. I have stacked them and do not have to worry about the cupcakes on the bottom layer getting crushed or damaged. They transport very well. Will be purchasing more in the future.

    Posted on

    While a lot of people use these in a professional setting, I bought them for home use. I am often assigned to bring desserts to my kids' events and I generally make cupcakes. These containers are great because the cupcake frosting is protected and the container can be disposed of or recycled after...I don't have to worry about picking up a platter. I wish they had a taller version for cupcakes with lots of icing!

    Posted on

    These are a great quality cupcake container and I'm very happy to see that they come in a 5/pack. Sometimes you don't need to invest in 100! They snap closed and stay closed.

    Posted on

    This is my second time ordering these containers and they are great. The cupcakes fit snug so there is no worry of them shifting or falling over.

    from sweet jenn confections Posted on

    These are great for transporting a lot of cupcakes for events and parties. They lock tight and are easy to stack on top of each other. Would definitely recommend!

    from Dog Gone Good Time Posted on

    This is a better quality plastic than the 12 compartment mini ones. The plastic is much sturdier and you can open close repeatedly without worry of the lid separating from the base.

    from Northwest Cakes Posted on

    Perfect to transport a dozen cupcakes. Professional looking and higher than most so your cupcakes will not get smushed when transporting them! Highly recommended! I've reordered plenty of times!

    Posted on

    Love these!

    These containers work perfectly for me. I used them all for shipments and quick car transports and I haven't had any issues. They stack exactly how I hoped they would. I will definitely be reordering soon!!

    from Tastii Treats Posted on

    These are great take out containers I bought for taking holiday cupcakes to my friend's holiday party. It is s 3 hour drive and they will hold up well.

    Posted on

    Great containers, perfect for my baking needs. I will buy over and over again. Way cheaper than other online stores and the baking stores I shop at.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love these cupcake containers! Holds all my cupcakes perfectly! sturdy and have never had an issue! I traveled 300 miles with them and every single cupcake made the trip!

    Posted on

    Perfect! The plastic is not flimsy or cloudy and they close securely. The contents is protected and clearly visible. The height is great for my applications and because of the internal pillars the product can be stacked several high without fear of collapse or damage.

    from Gert's Goodies Posted on

    I really found the cupcake take out useful. This is the easiest way to display your cupcakes. The price is very economical compared to the prices in other establishments.

    Posted on

    I really like these cupcake containers. They are very light but also sturdy, they stack well and there is enough room under the cover when closed for all but the most crazy decorated cupcakes. I usually don't go higher than 1 inch over the top of the cake with icing so for me these work great.

    from Curious Tongue Creations Posted on

    I had bought two different types of high domed cupcake holder compartments - and although I tried out both - and would suggest either one - this is the one I used the most. It has lots of room for tall cupcakes *regular sized cupcakes but with lots of icing on top) - but although the other ones look a little more stylish, I liked these better because they were more square-ish and stacked very well and transported great. They are very sturdy too. They both have areas that you can easily get the cupcakes out of the compartment, but these seem to "fit" the cupcakes better.

    Posted on

    I love the height of these containers. it allows my to pipe icing on extra high and the lid still closing without ruining the product. I will surely be ordering these again.

    from SWEET POSSIBILITIES Posted on

    These containers are great! They are sturdy, appealing to the eye, look professional, and are tall enough for decorated cupcakes. They also snap close and stack well for easy transport.

    Posted on

    This container made for a nice presentation. It kept the cupcakes in place and they were easy to transport. I will order more in the future.

    from Just B'cuz Wedding Posted on

    Perfect size. Great support strength and exactly what our small business needed! Easy to order and reasonably priced! I am very happy with the shipping time also. Great job WebstaurantStore!

    from PennyKakes Posted on

    Love these containers for my cupcakes. I used to buy boxes, but I have switched to these so my customers can see their sweets without having to open. Lots of room for frosting.

    from Holy Sweetness Wylie Posted on

    I was so excited to find a 12 compartment cupcake holder that wasn't a box! I place the cupcakes in container then decorate them. So much easier & shows off cupcakes from all angles! Plus very sturdy & easy to stack

    Posted on

    Excellent Quality! Durable, and Wonderful Price. Cupcakes fit perfectly, very secure. No moving or falling over. Customers continue to voice their love of the containers; "keeps their cupcakes looking perfect"!

    from Cupcake'd Posted on

    Perfect for cupcakes and more! Best Hinged container I have used! No worries with transportation here.

    Even the biggest cupcakes fit nicely into this container. It closes nicely and it puts the product on display. Each cupcake has its own little cup to keep them from faqlling, slipping, or sliding on the way home!

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    These are my go to containers for my cupcakes! Sturdy material, don't bend or break easily... Perfect. Always really fond of the reasonable pricing provided on here.

    from Andi Cakes Posted on

    Switched from a box with inserts to these and so glad I did! Perfect for storing and transporting cupcakes. Being able to see the cupcakes is a big plus. Will buy again and again.

    Posted on

    These hinged cupcake containers are very nice. They are made of durable, glossy clear plastic. Good quality and good value. I would order these again.

    from Delane's Truck Brokerage Posted on

    I usually order the 10" x 14" x 4" bakery boxes with inserts for my cupcakes, but wanted to give these a try. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to purchase a small amount in case they didn't work out. Happy to say that I do like these containers! A standard cupcake fit beautifully in them. The only issue I had was that the cupcake pics I put on some of them stood a little tall and ended up being squished down into the cupcakes. Not a big problem though. I would order these again.

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    I prefer these plastic containers versus the paper boxes because there's no assembly required and you can see the entire cupcakes through the plastic. It's a sturdy plastic.

    Posted on

    Enough room around each cupcakes!

    Great cupcake containers, they're very sturdy and I don't have to worry about them collapsing or anything while transporting. If using them at home I will just wash and reuse another time and they're still good!

    Posted on

    Great take out cupcake carriers. They are great for school and church functions and hold up very well. I Would buy again and again !!

    Posted on

    I love these amazing boxes, they They store well, are easy to use, and make my cupcakes look oh so beautiful! I never have to worry about transporting them or having the fall over!

    from Sweet Blooms Cupcakes Posted on

    Beautiful snowflake cupcakes!

    These containers are great! I will be buying these again. They are way cheaper than the Wilton boxes i've been using and they look very professional. They are tall enough for cupcakes with tall decorations. They stack well too which is also a plus! These will be my go to containers from now on. The price on these is great!

    from The Zombie Unicorn Baker Posted on

    very happy with these containers! Deep enough for tall icing swirl.

    I ordered both the 12 and 6 containers from Par-Pak. I really liked this one and preferred it over the 6 count because it was easier to close. I also appreciated the height on these containers. They allowed me to do high decorations on my cupcakes. I will reorder these containers for my business.

    from Sani's Catering Posted on

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