Choice White Tall-Fold 6" x 13" Dispenser Napkin - 8000/Case

Item #: 966TALLFLDB

This Choice white tall-fold dispenser napkin is a perfect economical napkin option that will keep your patron's hands clean without breaking the budget! From office lunch rooms and school cafeterias to restaurants and take-out venues, this napkin will provide high-quality absorbency for guests to clean and dry their hands. Its 1-ply construction makes the napkin comfortable to the touch, while its white coloring adds a crisp, clean feeling to your ice cream parlor or food truck.

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Choice White Tall-Fold 6" x 13" Dispenser Napkin - 8000/Case

4.4 stars from 87 reviews

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napkins napkin Dispenser price great customers fold quality tall white
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As a napkin, these work well. In the tall fold stainless steel dispensers, not so well. They tend to pop out of the dispenser in the corner and look a bit sloppy.

from Al Mac's Diner on

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The Choice White Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkins are amazing! They are very easy to grab and the perfect size. I know our customers are pleased with the napkins, as am I.


These napkins are very thin. But for the most part they get the job done... after it spreads the mess around a little bit that is.

from Confections of a Ballpark Mom on

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Amazing deal, 8000 napkins!!! feels like I won't need to order napkins for a long time. Arrived perfectly! Not too hard, or too soft, pretty good!


Very cheap so I can't be that disappointed, but they do not dispense well from the Tall-Fold dispenser, the corners rip or you have to take out a big portion. They are thin so don't provide much cleanup.

from The Dogfather Hot Dogs & Catering on

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I use these napkins to pack for my To Go orders and they are great! They're thin and get the job done with cleaning your hands. You can give them as is, or put them in a dispenser. Either way, they are great quality for an inexpensive price!


I love these white tall fold dispenser napkins from choice. Price is pretty much worth it. Napkins are strong and holds up pretty well. Would definitely recommend


The 5 star rating isn't necessarily for the overall quality, but rather that it is equally as good as any other generic tall fold napkin we've ever purchased. Good deal as far as generic tall fold napkins are concerned.


These napkins are very thin and are not as white as they appear in the photo. I ordered them to fit in the napkin dispenser (that I also ordered) and it fit, but they were slightly too narrow and so they would sometimes bulge out of the dispenser on one side if you didn't center them perfectly. Of course the price is great and it worked for my event. I purchased them just to give my event a "diner" look and so they served their purpose for me.


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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

We ordered a case and bought caseloads of peace of mind!! All our dispensers are well stocked during this crucial time. You can never have enough napkins to substitute for tp and hand towels!

from Brenner Contracting Inc on

These tall fold dispenser napkins are a great simple inexpensive napkin. The napkins load into the dispensers extremely easy and are just as easy to dispense.


We’ve used these napkins for every event we’ve had with dispensers. Never had an issue with them and I highly recommend them for businesses of all kinds!

from Poppin’ Party Concessions & rentals on

Considering the number of napkins and their quality, I would say this is a good deal! For sure I will keep buying them if the price remains the same.

from ecco un poco on

Kind of on the thin side, but for the price you couldn't beat the value. We still have to wait to see if they hold up and customers don't grab 5-10 at a time to make up for the thickness.


Same issue with tri fold napkins too thin. Customers will waste a lot just to wipe their fingers. They are like issues. Make sure you order thicker napkins.

from Something Fishy on

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I’m not sure I can recommend these. They’re flimsy and not very good at their intended use although they do get the job done. I’d suggest other opinions

from RÄW on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These Choice White tall fold dispenser napkins are a money saver with 8000 in the box. You can fill up several table dispensers for a reasonable price.. The qualify is also very good.

from Preferred Paper & Supply, LLC. on

Make sure to get this for the right dispenser this is a great cheap option for the tall napkin dispenser, dispenses each napkin individually great for take out Restuarant.

from CnGL NYC on

I like this dispenser a lot. I have it on my fridge for quick dispensing of napkins/towels and it looks a little nicer than most of these type dispensers. I hate lugging bulky paper towel rolls home from the store, and even though I'm super good at tearing off sheets with one hand, I'd rather have folded towels shipped to me and use a dispenser like this. I do still keep a roll available for foolish guests to use.

from XTX on

Very pleased with the purchased, so much I purchased another one for a different room. I really like the slim design. Yes you’ll definitely need the slimfold paper towels but it’s worth it.


I was disappointed with the quality if these napkins. They were very thin and will tear when removing them from the holder even if they are lightly filled. I will not order them again.

from The Wild Rose on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These Choice dispenser napkins are like all the other Choice products, a great deal, we stock up on these tall folds and don't feel live going broke because they're so cheap.


You get your money's worth I ordered this to go with some napkin holder I also ordered from webstaurant and I am satisfying with this

from El super dragon on

For the price these Choice brand napkins are pretty good. I don’t neee something super high end or fancy just something cheap but doesn’t feel cheap.


Absolutely fantastic value. Perfect size compared to what I used to use. I have purchased this product continuously. This saves me quite a bit, clients have a habit of throwing out plenty of napkins.

from Daily Grind Coffee Ltd. on

Not too thick but you get what you pay for! To stay in this money range we will be recording these to use at our coffee shop


These fit perfect into our napkin holders. We purposely were picking a "cheaper" napkin so that guests aren't stealing them by the handful from our shop. These are perfect!

from Sippy & Opal on

These white multifold towels are an excellent value at 4000 pieces per case and the price is second-to-none believe it. The price compare to everywhere else is super low.

from Beke Cleaning and Supplies LLC on

I like these napkins because they are at a good value. I use a holder in my pizza shop so customers don't take too many.

from project pizza on

it's a napkin that everybody uses, it's a great deal on this website. i will continue buying these type of napkin. i would also recommend it to my business friends.

from 2 on

Real flimsy napkins. I guess you get what you pay for. I got this along with the dispenser and you cant hardly pull out a napkin without it tearing.

from Bourbon Street Ice on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These napkins are inexpensive and coupled with the 8k quantity makes them a definite price saver for our operating budget. They are perfect for carryout orders, and at our family diner we often use them to complement the larger dinner napkins (also purchased at webstaurant) that wrap the silverware.

from Arlene's Kountry Kitchen on

Choice Tallfold dispenser white napkins are great for the price it is pretty thick and absorbs liquids grease or anything that you need to wipe your hands and mouth with. I will order again


These bags are great for cookies, pastries, and muffins. I use them daily in my bakery for anything that does not require a container. The size fits about 12 smaller cookies.

from Linda's sweets on

These napkins are exactly what you are looking for. No one wants to pay for paper products, but we all do. These napkins are a great inexpensive choice!


Very functional. Two ply makes them easy to clean up messes with and load into napkin dispenser. Very nice feel. Extreme white color has gotten lots of compliments as opposed to the colorful napkins we have used in the past.

from Jninety Black on

Arrived just as described. Would order product again. has great prices, and awesome merchandise. Most of the time, even with them charging you shipping, it's still cheaper than Sam's or Walmart, and a few other competitors.

from Spirit Creek BBQ on

Just the right size for take out orders. The price is right as are the dispensers to hold them. Perfect size to use in limited space.

from Julia Butler on

We were purchasing these from another supplier and have now saved over $600 by switching to this product. They are the same quality as sam's napkins for a lot cheaper.


Great quality napkins for a very casual atmosphere. I would have given these napkins 5 stars, but they were packaged so tightly that they were warped a bit. Still usable, but wouldn't dispense that nicely.


These napkins work ok. You have to give the customer several napkins or they will be back for more. These tear easy. Ok for a cheap napkin.

from Metal Masters on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

These napkins work great they're white and they fit perfectly into the Spencer surprisingly soft. Top quality pulls easily from the dispenser. Good quality napkin

from ThousandIslands Winery on

Nice for what they are needed. Again and little bit on the cheaper side of things, but we are just using them on our dessert bar, so no major cleanup for these guys. Would recommend if you just need something simple.

from Rock Island Parks & Rec on

A must have. I bought a case over 5 months ago and still have about half a case left. Great use for pop up events and even large family dinners.


This product is the best for wiping things. i buy these napkins a Sam's Club and they are expensive. I bought them here and they where affordable.


we use these for all of our to go orders. they work perfectly. I do not have the dispenser for these, however they are great napkins


The napkins are very inexpensive (even more inexpensive if you buy them in large quantities), which is definitely their main draw. They work okay, but are a pretty thin and rough napkin. If you want the least expensive napkin that still works okay (and we all hate to overspend on consumables) , these are a good choice.

from Http:// on

These napkins look nice. They are pretty flimsy, but for the low cost, you can't complain. We use them at our coffee parlor, and they help us keep our costs low!

from Amateur Coffee on

The five hundred pack of Choice white Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkins met all of my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at their absorbency compared to a name brand paper towel. The white is a very clean white that looks great on any linen tablecloth. I would definitely order them again and would highly recommend.


nice paper napkins, at a very nice price!!! these napkins are just as described -- for measurements, and tall-fold. they're an economical alternative to paper napkins offered at local retail stores. thank you, webstaurantstore!


These napkins are great value and serve their purpose well. We use them at our coffee and tea shop and are very happy with them.

from 5 Points Coffee & Tea on

These are great napkins and a very absorbent. I also purchased a dispenser so that I could bring them outside when we are eating outdoors. Overall I'm very pleased with the napkins


Purchased these for our restaurant and will not be reordering. They are very thin and several must be used to get the job done. I ordered them due to being the size I needed and the low price. Sadly disappointed...


We appreciate your review, Donna! If you are looking for a different product that would better suit your restaurant, please contact our Customer Solutions team for a recommendation.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

excellent value and perfect for outdoor festivals or picnics. They are easy to store and pass out. They aren't cheap and will do the job for whatever type of food you are serving.

from Frank-Lee Delish on

These napkins are for my business. They are not the best quality but they are ok for the cost. I will be purchasing them again after I use up half the case of 8000

from Big Chris Catering on

The quality of the actual napkin is good. About what you would expect from a tall-fold napkin. They fit well in the dispenser. The best thing about this, besides the price, is the compact packaging. I can fit almost double the amount of cases in storage as I could with other brands. The price, including shipping, beats my local distributor by over 10%. These napkins are a great value.


An incredible deal for 500 of these napkins. If you have the proper dispenser these are great to have on hand, if not you can set them aside for personal use or just set them on the counter.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

If you are looking for a soft napkin this is the one to choose. They are very soft, a little thin, but soft. You might need to use a bit more of them because they are softer.

from Mauka Shave ice Sandy on

Flimsy napkins. They are too thin and you need to use a ton of them to dry hands or wipe up messes. They are also too small.


Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Nice quality for the price. Works well in dispenser and affordable enough to not worry about customers taking too many. Certainly a light napkin but fine for a frozen yogurt shop like ours.

from The Yogurt Shoppe, LLC on

The Choice White Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin works great with my dispenser. The quality is good as well as the price. I would definitely purchase again and highly recommend.


Choice White Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkins are perfect for wiping up spilt yogurt on tables or wiping sticky fingers! They also fit well in our napkin container.

from Endeavor Business Group on

The choice white tile for napkin in the 500 pack is the best deal going out there right now. If it's really nice in the napkin holders we ordered on web here. And great price.

from Russ' Sub Shack on

These napkins dispense well in our dispensers and we will buy again. They are nice to have in the lunch room over the wide fold napkins which take up more table room.


This 500 pack of choice tall fold napkins is really nice works well for hotdogs or whatever else is big nice napkinI like it !

from N/A on

These Choice White Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin - 8000/Case are great! they fit in out tall dispensers well and I know that customers will waste them so these are a good product for the price.

from Biddle Blend on

We go thru a lot of napkins with our shaved ice business. These napkins are just what we needed. The quality and price are great.

from Caribbean Ice on

Cost efficient napkins sold at a very good price. These are standard ones seen on most restaurants. They fit perfectly with napkin holders sold here at Webstaurant as well. They are not super thick, but it gets the good done.


Decent napkins, but each individual pack within the box was not completely wrapped - only in a sleeve, with two of the sides uncovered. It was not critical, but I would have wished for full and complete protective wrapping.


The quantity and quality of this product is amazing and is exactly what we needed. They fit perfectly in the napkin dispensers and are easy to get out.

from Sweet Treats on

Great value for this product. These are nice being white and soft they clean up a small mess quick and I like them much better then the brown paper ones.


Thin but do the job. I find that customers grab a stack of 5 or so to put around snocones that we server. Still they last a very long time. More paper than napkin feeling/

from Our Store on

I purchase these napkins for my tabletop dispenser and they work like a charm! They look great in a retro style bar and they are so affordable!


Standard napkin for a tabletop dispenser. Single ply makes them less absorbent but you can't beat the price. Customers go through multiple so price is important.


Buy these with the tablecraft 2212 napkin dispenser and say goodbye to flyaway napkins at outdoor parties. Very reasonably price and no more waste. Also great for holiday get togethers when there are a lot of kids.


Good price for the napkins, however I would prefer if the napkins were a little bit thicker. I would continue to buy these napkins anyways.

from Tashpat LLC on

Decent napkin, pretty standard for dispenser. Does not seem to be quite big enough for tall fold napkin dispenser and tends to pop out on the corners.

from 8725 Upcycled Arts on

We weren't sure of sizes but these work perfect for a couple of our jumbo muffins, about 4 regular muffins, or even six donuts. (For reference) they're a nice size and you get a lot for the price.

from Turntable Cafe on

there is a lot of napkins here. the price is right for these. Knowing many customers take more then needed is any fast food restaurant, having a case on hand is worth it.

from Daniel C Tolner on

Very thin but what I was looking for..cheapest we found , fast shipping, exactly what was described. Wish shipping costs could be less but overall still cheaper than other sites

from AI Campus on

I used these napkins in my cafe. They work well and come at an unbeatable price. They are a nice size and quality paper napkins.

from Serving Grace Cafe on

We have already placed these in our household dispenser and they are marvelous. They fit very nicely and are easy to grab. Choice makes all kinds of great products and the kids love they can grab and go and not have to worry about tearing the "rolls" of paper towels! Very nice addition and easily re-fillable.

from Dream Thread LLC on

great cheap napkins. Will need to buy more soon. Theyre the type of napkins that dont stick to your fingers if you have something sticky so that is great for the customers too. and great price.

from ACB Group, LLC on

These napkins are terrible, as is the dispenser. We went through 6 different types of napkins. They all either rip and make a mess or the napkins pop out at the corners (which is what happened with this particular type.) Because there were more good reviews than bad, I ordered them. Mistake and waste of more money (especially since you have to pay to return them, getting almost no money back.) Skip this dispenser and these napkins completely.


Thank you for the review, Sheila. We are sorry these napkins did not work well for you! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you about this

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This was a tryout buy and I am very pleased with the quality and stand up power of this napkin. Will buy thi product again.

from jobabyllc on

Cheap and effective. Not two things that go together very often but these napkins are. We switched to these as we can order 5 cases of them at the cost of one of our old napkin.

from The Diner on

You can use the Choice White Tall-Fold Dispenser Napkin to put donuts on. You can also use for guests or your loved ones to pick up donuts. Avoid sticky hands.

from jwhitten31 on Youtube on

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