Vollrath 58110 10" High Heat SoftSpoon™ Silicone Spoonula

Item #: 92258110

This Vollrath 58110 10" high temperature SoftSpoon™ silicone spoonula offers the perfect tool all of your food prep and baking needs! Combining a silicone blade with a durable, nylon handle, this spoonula is created for daily, heavy-duty use. Designed to resist high temperatures, this spoonula is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its structure when used with piping-hot pots and pans. Featuring a curved, non-scratching, stain and odor resistant silicone blade that is shaped like a spoon and easily flexes, this utensil makes it easy to simply scoop out food or scrape the sides of mixing bowls without scratching them. Plus, because it's non-scratching, this spoonula is perfect for use with non-stick cookware!

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Vollrath 58110 10" High Heat SoftSpoon™ Silicone Spoonula

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great spoonula handle spatula high Love spoon durable bowl spatulas

We love these Vollrath silicon spoonulas. They are the best of both worlds with being a silicone spatula and a spoon. they are great for cleaning bowls

from Niles Comm Schools on

I use this thing every day! It has held up through usage for more than a year in hot and cold projects. It doesn't stain and doesn't hold onto scents or odors, cleans out containers of any shape, and has a heatproof handles jobs that would melt a normal spoon. If I had one utensil with me on a desert island, this would be it!


These are the best, but like anything else they will wear out with heavy usage. I love anything Vollrath, but these spoonulas are invaluable in the kitchen


The handles will soften and bend at 300 degrees. Since these are advertised as being good up to 500 degrees I bought them for my candy making.since that is a 300 degree process. At first it worked worderfully scraping the syrup off the sides much better than the old wooden spoon I grew up using. When the syrup reached 300 degrees and i removed it from the heat to add the flavoring oils and started briskly stirring them into the syrup the handle of the spoon got soft from the heat and started flopping around making it impossible to stir with. Fortunately when the handle cooled down the spoon is still usable, though the handle has a slight bend in it now. All in all I'd say it's a good spoon, especially for the price, but the handle does not hold up to the specified heat for more than a few seconds at a time. I think one of these spoon heads on a bamboo handle would make a great candy stirrer.


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I am a big fan of Vollrath's high heat spatulas so I had to try the spoonula and I am glad I did! I use it all the time from baking to stirring sauces and more. Great value!


My favorite spatula for use on non-stick pans. I have had one of these of many years and it has held up to dozens of trips through the dishwasher. The spoon shape gets into the corners of pans really good. Highly recommended.

from SD Farm on

This high heat soft spoon spoonula will easily surpass all your wildest spoonula dreams. We use it to make buttering vast amounts of garlic bread a breeze.


These thick handled rubber spats are perfect for bakeries. They're sturdy enough to mix and fold thick mixes and prep; they won't snap under stress.

from La Fonda Paisa on

Great spatula that is well made and durable for our production needs. Has held up after many uses and we continue to be impressed with the quality.


This spoonula fits great in the hand and it is really good for scraping the sides of a bowl. My wife loves that it is the smaller size so it’s easier in her hands


Contrary to the reviews on another site, this is an excellent spatula. It handles well, has the right amount of flexibility to mix stiff batters, yet wipe a bowl clean.

from e-Sell Trading Services on

Love this spoonula. Handle is extremely durable, the rubber is stiff but still flexible, great for mixing and cleaning the sides of bowls. They do not stain and are durable in machines. They seem to last a lot longer than name brands you would purchase at the store.


Great quality high temperature spoonula. Works great and is a great price. Handle is more durable than others and I highly recommend purchasing this one at a great price.

from Just Eat This Catering on

The best feature about this spatula (other than the fact that it is high heat safe) is the strength and durability of this handle. Try as you might, it won’t bend, flex, or warp over time.


love this spoonula. It's a little smaller than I expected, but works great. I used it to scrape minced raw shrimp off the cutting board into a deli and it works like wonder!

from armand’s Kitchen on

This is a durable spoonula that definitely handles high temperatures. The tip is flexible, but it is a but too flexible. Almost like they should have ran the plastic handle a little further down the spoon. That being said, I use this tool frequently and don;t hesitate to grab it when needed.


The golden standard for high temp spoonula, Solid handle and rubber tip resists melting and burning while being stain resistant. The tip is firm enough to scrap up pan fond while delicate enough to work eggs for a french omelette.


After over a year of daily use, color me impressed. There are no nicks or cuts in the blade of this spoonula, the handle is firmly attached still, and there has been zero discoloration even after working with tumeric-heavy curries. I'm delighted with how well it holds up, and I plan to purchase more for the kitchen.


This spoonula is alright. I still prefer the solid one piece Trudeau spoonula I found at Marshalls. The white silicone head has slightly yellowed because I've used it with tomato sauce. I feel it doesn't "spoon" foods as well as the Trudeau - it's more of a mixer/spatula. The Trudeau spoons food excellently. The handle is great and I like the hook option. I haven't had any problems with where the head is sealed to the handle but will look carefully to see if anything gets stuck in there. I haven't had any problems with liquid oozing out of that area after a run in the dishwasher. I use these as a back up to my other branded spoonulas and will continue my search for a great one. The 10 3/4" size is good for my home use needs.


The spoonula. The best of a spatula and a spoon smooshed together. These are great quality and quite durable, so I am more than pleased. You get what you pay for (yes, even with spoonulas!)


This is the best spoonula on the planet and I am not exaggerating. It doesn't stain and is easy to clean. I especially appreciate how it is attached without any place for food to hide or mold to grow. I have used it for many months and hasn't warped or melted. The handle is very sturdy and doesn't bend. This is a great size for regular household cooking.


Great high temperature mixing/spatula! This has a variety of uses for food preparations. The scilicon is easy to wash and is non stick. The 500 degree rating makes this useful for hot and cold foods!


These are my favorite spatulas. The shape makes it easy to scrape the last bit of product from bowls and containers, and they are small enough to use on quart cups and smaller vessels.

from West Ave on

Decent higher temperature spatula has a nice soft splint on it but for the price I would go with the other brand of spatulas they have on the site are just as good and cheaper bargain

from Place to be Bistro on

Very impressive tool from Vollrath. I have a couple other similar designs from different manufactures and when compared to the Vollrath fall quite short. This Vollrath spoonula is the last stop for me. Nice construction and feel.


Perfect Vollrath 10 inch scraper spoon. It is a well constructed heavy duty side scraper that easily cleans our batters out of the bow. No doubt it will last a long time.

from Russ' Sub Shack on

This is a very durable high temperature soft spatula type spoon with a thick comfortable plastic handle for easy stirring of ingredients in a mixing bowl.


Our go to spatula! These hold up well, and don't stain even under heavy dye use from mixing frostings. The heat resistance means we can also use it for ganache and caramel too.

from Crust Vegan Bakery on

These spoons are the best tool for making scrambled eggs. Because of the scoop like sides this spoonula is delicate to the eggs. Also great for sauces and nothing sticks to it.


Great utensil with a very comfortable handle. It's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and you can easily fit a sponge in the handle vents for hand washing.


Very well made with sturdy handles that do not break as easily as most, with constant use in thick/heavy products. Flexible but not easily split materials used for "spoon".

from Hot Box Cookies on

Must have in any kitchen, Vollrath high temperature spoonula, it scrapes, scoops and cleans all in one. Whether its cookies I'm making our scrapping out gravy the spoonula is wonderful.

from Boise Bible College on

Excellent soft spoon spoonula, I love vollrath, expensive but well worth the money, if you need something with real high temperature and well made then this is it


This spatula is very good quality and can stand up to a good amount of heat with no issue. I did notice some chipping in the rubber which can get you in trouble if it gets into your food.

from Blushing Berry on

we bought 3 of this spoonula and we still have them like a brand new they are durable and resist the heat really well no more waste of food

from sergio's on

We love these "spoonulas" for almost everything in our kitchen. They're perfect for anything from baking muffins, to stirring soups, to sauteeing veggies. This size works especially well, the larger ones tend to be a bit harder to use for meticulous tasks.

from Wheelhouse Kitchen on

I had to purchase a couple of these to replace my dinky, dollar-store spatties. These spatulas are awesome; the handle is nice and stiff, and the blade scrapes the bowl nicely. I love the curvature of the spoon...this is the spatula I reach for when I'm making any thicker sauces. The length on this one is ideal for smaller batches of soups, but I'd recommend sizing up a few inches if you're working with a larger stock pot. Highly recommended, you can't go wrong with these spatulas.


The vollrath high temperature spatula works great making eggs or scraping the brownie batter from the bowl. It also cleans nicely with no staining from tomato sauce.


We bought some of these from our supplier and the price was 2-3 times higher there. These are great for scraping out our sauce pans and do not stain very easily. A little more expensive than the non high heat, but the cheaper ones stain rather easily. This is a really great scraper for higher temperature foods.

from Larry's Dawg House on

Very sturdy spatula excellent to scoop and put in pipipng bag! Love that is heat resistant and the price is just great. Will be ordering more

from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental on

Absolutely love these spatulas! I was so tired of the cheap ones. The handles are sturdy and the rubbery part is soft enough to easily scrape bowls but sturdy enough that they don't break or bend. I ended up buying enough for all my married kids and they love them too.


recentlly bought the vollrath spoonula works great! plan to buy the bigger one in the near future good price easy to work with. Lois G


I love these spoonulas. I use them to scrape out thicker purees and finely chopped ingredients from the bowl of my food processor. They're also very helpful when basting items that are cooking in non-stick or otherwise coated pans, where a standard basting spoon would damage the finish.


I have a number of these and need more. My wife and I were walking through a well-known restaurant supply chain a few days later when she pointed this out to me. The price was much higher.


Love this tool. The shape is perfect for mixing and scraping the sides of the bowl or pan. It has held up well with heavy use.

from Healthy Palate to Go on

These are very durable spatulas. We have several and they last through pretty much anything. I love them for plating purees and getting every last bit of sauce or batter from a bowl.


These are really nice to have. They are great for scooping out all of the hot sauce you just made out of the pot. Also nice for batters and icings.


Purchased these spatulas almost a year ago and they are durable! they've withstood the test of time in our busy kitchen, and the price was great. Id definitely purchase this again.

from evelyns kitchen on

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