Aluminum Hinged Egg Slicer with Stainless Steel Wires

Item #: 92247040

This hinged, die-cast, aluminum egg slicer has stainless steel wires ideal for finely sliced eggs, soft cheese, or small fruit and veggies in salads. Don't let its size fool you. This slicer can do big things for being so small. Place your desired food in the center of the product, and press down with moderate force. The product will yield 11 perfect slices.

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Aluminum Hinged Egg Slicer with Stainless Steel Wires

4.7 stars from 61 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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egg slicer eggs great Easy price wires cuts salads clean

First time I saw this slicer I thought it won’t work or maybe it will be weak but when I ordered it I was so happy with it. It’s fast and good quality. I will order it again if it breaks.

from Opa on

The aluminum egg slicer is an awesome product! If you are a frequent user of eggs this is a must have! If you are looking for very precise slices of egg this is your product!


Thrilled by my egg slicer! I guess because it’s stainless steel it’s sharp and sturdy, the plastic one I had from China would always smash the eggs. With this one I can sliced the jellied eggs !


This egg slicer is a best deal! You don’t need to buy any other expensive one. It does a excellent job. It’s very easy to use and cuts perfectly. Highly recommend it!

from Trem Caipira on

Great product, built to last by the manufacturer. It is easy to use and works fast and efficient. The price per unit is also great compare to others out there.

from Rick's Roadside Cafe on

I had many egg slicers before, but they were all plastic and would break or get stained and ugly, this stainless Steel slicer is durable and beautiful, I’m very happy with the product


This egg slicer is the best! It is so sturdy and cuts so nicely! We were going thru others so fast and am so happy I found this one. My only complaint is I wish the slices were a little bit thicker. I use my eggs on a salad buffet and bc they are so thin they break up pretty easily.

from Papa Don's on

Item as pictured. We use these to slice eggs into salads. Easy to use and easy to clean. Have been using for a few months now without issue and without rust.

from The salad shop on

This aluminum hinged egg slicer w/ stainless steel wires cuts our eggs with ease and saves us so much time. Great for cutting eggs for salads!

from Grams Kitchen on
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This egg slicer is a good product. I bought a dozen because we use them daily. With such heavy use the wires sometimes break. I wouldn't say its because its cheaply made. I think its made very well, we just use it heavily. I wouldn't recommend putting it through the dishwasher as the shine finish comes off in high heat. It only takes one time through the machine and its off. Other then that very good product.

from Country Club on

This is the best egg slicer we've purchase. It being stainless steel made a world of a difference.Our previous plastic version of this product was easily broken and now that we have the stainless steel we are left unworried when it comes to slicing our boiled eggs! Clean cuts for our eggs from here on out!

from Creekside Taphouse on

Great egg Slicer this product is perfect for slicing eggs for salads and fruit too. Just make sure your fruit is not too soft or it will get squished by the wires. 5 Stars out of 5.


Unfortunately it did not last for me, the stainless steel wires got split after a few uses and i wasn't able to knot it back in place.


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Best deal. This is a must have. Don't look at any other fancy egg slicer. It does the job perfectly and slices boiled egg evenly. Highly recommend it.

from k town brunch and grill on

We use this a lot. We slice eggs for garden salads and also making egg salad sandwiches. The price is very good. It stands up for what I use it for.

from Cannon Falls Senior LLC Lora Bremer on

My husband was super excited when I opened the box and he saw how well made it is. After having killed a few if these we are optimistic this one will hold up better.


I think this is the best egg slicer I have tried! Cuts evenly and easy to use. Aside from sturdy made stainless steel strings it is also very affordable!

from Sugary and Savory on

The perfect wire cutter for sliced eggs. The stainless makes it durable and easy to clean. This is an essential slicer for a restaurant that serves boiled eggs!

from MC Union Restaurants, Inc Stack Southern Bistro on

Egg slicers are an important part to any operation serving salad (or hard boiled eggs for that matter). As the description suggests, this little egg slice can withstand frequent use.

from Cobleskill Auxiliary Services on

This Aluminum egg sclicer came well package durectly from the seller.itd heavy duty.well made for the far so good it get d job done


This egg slice is great. You can use it for your salad or you can cut it up for presentation. I use both and they work great

from Foxland market on

this a good 'budget' egg slicer. it works better than the ones you can get at the big box stores but without the larger price tag.


This item is most definitely worth your purchase. I use it for almost everything that needs to be cut. Sliced strawberries, eggs, apples, etc. Very sturdy and easy to clean!

from New Deli on

A very solid egg slicer that can be used every day without worries of wires being bent or stretched out of shape. Easy to clean and low price.

from Parsnipity Enterprises on

Good slicer, but the hinge broke within two months of use and it fell apart. We like the slicer, so we are going to give it another try. But, if this one breaks within two months again, I would not recommend.


I really love this egg slicer. It is so well made and so easy to use. Price is great too! Will work great in any kitchen!


What a great egg slicer! Nothing fancy, but it does the job at delivering consistent, sharp/clean cuts. Aside from eggs, I use it for perfectly sliced mushrooms (for pizza toppings) as well as strawberries.


Great egg slicer that easily cuts through an egg. Can even use for small pieces of cheese for even slices. The metals does slightly discolor overtime.


I bought this to make a HUGE batch of egg salad for a wedding and it is such a time saver! I can cut up eggs quickly and efficiently.


This broke pretty quick. May have just been a dud but my last once lasted 40 years and this didn't make it a dozen eggs.


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I really like this egg slicer. I have no complaints so far. It feels solid and should last a long time without abuse. The wire that does the cutting is wrapped around the small teeth and then screwed in so that if it does get loose over time you can tighten back up. And it works very easily. The only thing I don't really like is the finish. It's quite an eyesore but I suppose that's minor considering it functions very nicely and is well constructed.


Very well constructed and durable, especially for the price. I've seen products 2 or 3 times as much last only a short while but this thing holds up well and does its job perfectly.


This is an amazing egg slicer and easy to clean up and even easier to use! I make a lot of sales so this has been awesome to have!


great slicer works great on eggs and mushrooms. great deal. will be ordering more when need to. great price point thanks for a great product

from home on

This is an egg sliver as an egg slicer it works great. I have seen at other places people use this to slice mushrooms for that application it does not work well.

from Brick and porter on

This is a cheap egg slicer, there are much nicer ones on this site. It gets the job done but is limited in terms of the options.

from Mike's Mindful Plate on

Love this egg slicer! I've tried a few that always ended up breaking after just a few uses, but I think this one will last for awhile. I like using mine for hard boiled eggs and mushrooms.


Perfect for mushrooms & strawberries. Do not use on olives... if u get one with a pit... it will break the wire. Great product. Cuts things pretty thin.

from Bobby D Restaurant LLC on

Great egg slicer that seems like it is built to last. Works great for making quick work of slicing up eggs rather than using a knife.


WOW!!! This is the best purchase I ever bought. We use hard boiled eggs, for egg salads, salads, and in tuna salads, I hated to chop them up and make a mess, You can place the egg one way and turn the other and have square egg pieces, and very little cleaning of the egg Slicer.

from Retired Psychologist on

I love this to slice eggs as well as soft vegetables and cheeses. It creates even slices and I can use this much faster than a knife. And it's also safer!

from Dog Gone Good Time on

These egg slicers are exactly what we needed. Low cost and great quality. If one does break it is not a big deal. Thanks for carrying a good product at a lower price than I can get from my food service provider.

from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys on

Product arrived on time and well packaged. These slicers see heavy daily use on our salad prep bar. Very sturdy and well made. Easily cleaned. Excellent product.

from The Transit Cafe on

Got the slicer a couple of weeks ago. The quality and construction so far are fine. Easy to use and clean. I will buy another when the time comes.

from Sauder's Landing on

solid unit at a really good price point - would definitely order again - one stop shopping here saves me time from running around for these smaller items

from mike rawluk on

Great slicer, I use it a lot. Especially in the summer. This is not the plastic one that after a short while is all bent out of shape. The wires are sturdy and I dice my eggs in these so I give them a run for my money. Great buy!


Functional, but next time I will be paying extra for item # 407AMS (listed as a mushroom slicer). If you are using it quickly during lunch rush, the wires are delicate and will break. The other slicer listed does not have wires, so it will last longer and slice quicker!


I have not had to use this too much yet, because it's been so cold forever this winter, but it seems to me that it should hold up just fine in the summer months when it will get its full usage. Light weight and low price - a winner for me.

from A Tasty Affair on

Amazingly functional and good for being so cheap. Egg slicers that we have purchased in the past almost always end up with the wires bent or broken very quickly. This one is still going strong after a lot of use!


This is great for slicing small delicate items like roasted beets or cooked eggs. It is a great way to add a sliced item to a salad.


bought 2 of these and they broke right away, 1 was with first use, 2nd was about 4 uses.was going to restring them, but just never took the time. Was hoping a metal one would of held up longer.

from Lisa's Lunchbox on

Thank you for reviewing this product! For a heavier duty egg slicer, we recommend item 3278345.

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this is a great tool to use to save a lot of time while slicing eggs. it makes perfectly even slices that can be used for any salad


Save time slicing up eggs and soft fruit and vegetables by using this aluminum slicer. It's greater for making mix in's for chopped salads. It's very durable and will last long!


Great for making even slices for a cobb salad or making egg salad. Also good for slicing strawberries for salads. And is make of aluminum so its durable.


I purchased this egg slicer for when I make egg salad. This product is great quality for the price - the slicers are not as flimsy as some I have seen in stores.


i trust this product will not break down on me. i use to buy egg slicers that would break so fast, the brings would detach. never again, I've used it many times and it still hasn't been broken. just be sure to clean it after using.


If you are looking to slice your eggs with uniform slices then you should buy this. It is heVy duty and holds up well. Great item for any kitchen.

from Honse farms on

What a great tool! This egg slicer was perfect for slicing over 1000 eggs for a banquet event where we used eggs in the salads! Works great for mushrooms too!!!


Sturdy and far superior to the stores plastic product. Slices the eggs thinner than most other slicers as it has a couple more string wires.


What can I say other than I made my cook very happy. Most of these things the wires do not last very long. So far so good.

from Horseshoe Lake Inn on

This is THE egg slicer to get to slice the boiled eggs. There are may egg slicers on the market but most of them are flimsy and are intended for the household use. This aluminum egg slicer is great for household and commercial use because it is made from all-metal components and is assembled well. The strings are very nice and they slice the eggs pretty much effortlessly. Another great thing about the egg slicer is the price: it costs less, any other egg slicers sells for up to 5 times as much, so this is an excellent value for your money. I am very happy with my purchase of this egg slice.


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