Taylor 3506 TruTemp 2 1/2" Dial Oven Thermometer

Item #: 913DOT2K

This Taylor Precision 3506 TruTemp oven thermometer is the perfect solution for accurately and easily identifying the true temperature inside of your oven. With a simple yet versatile design, it can hang or stand and features easy-to-read, bold numbers. It has colored zones for quick reference, and a red pointer that identifies the exact oven temperature.

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Taylor 3506 TruTemp 2 1/2" Dial Oven Thermometer

4.8 stars from 128 reviews


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oven thermometer great temperature accurate Price hang rack temp dial
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    It does what its supposed to do, tell the temperature in the oven. The hook lets it hang off to the side on the rack but we seem to keep knocking it off. Not sure where else to put it other than the back of the oven where you cant read it.

    from Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub Posted on

    This is a good quality thermometer! Construction is solid, and thermometer works reliably. Gauge is large and easy to read. Very helpful in checking oven temp.

    from Abstruse Pastry Company LLC Posted on

    Great Price! On point and of great quality. I have these in all of my ovens. I love the price and the great quality. thank you

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    This oven thermometer is wonderful! It is excellent quality and great for the price. The best part about this thermometer is that you have the option to hang it from a rack in the oven or set it on a flat surface. I love the option!

    from Younglife Saranac Village Posted on

    This is a nice little oven thermometer. I like that the numbers are quite large compared to other thermometers that I have seen. I would buy it again.

    Posted on

    Nice little thermometer with large numbers.

    Nothing like Taylor products!. This thermometer is easy to read, easy to use, and very accurate especially for ovens that lack precise temperature controls. The dual temperature reading is a plus.

    from Ivan Munoz Posted on

    The Taylor oven thermometer is a nice piece of equipment for the money. It is quite inexpensive, but is a fairly big step up from the minimum, with a large dial an upgraded hanging hook.

    from Http://shavetools.com Posted on

    Hanging from an oven rack.

    I always go with products made by Taylor. This in particular stays in my oven and it holds up great. The numbers are easily read and gives a precise reading.

    from Raheem PREPARES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES Posted on

    The Taylor TruTemp 2 1/2" Dial Oven Thermometer is a great and inexpensive way to monitor your oven's temperature. It is highly accurate and well made. It will last a long time.

    Posted on

    This thermometer is great for ovens that lack precise temperature control, giving you a temperature range of 100 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It can hang on a rack or sit at the bottom of your oven, allowing you to be sure you are always baking at the correct temperature.

    Posted on

    Tru Temp hanging on oven rack.

    Every oven needs to have a thermometer to ensure the oven is holding proper temperature. This product can be both sat on or hung from any oven rack. I compared the priced to the local supply store and it is much cheaper on this site, even after shipping. If you are a pastry chef and looking for a thermometer for your oven we would highly suggest buying this one! Maybe buy 2!

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    The thermometer has a hook on the top which allows it to hand from your one rack.

    Our rental apartment has an older stove in it, and I just can’t trust the temperatures. I love that this non-permanent solution solves that problem and can travel with me when I move to my next place.

    from Cline Kitchen Posted on

    Our rental apartment has an older stove in it, and I just can’t trust the temperatures. I love that this non-permanent solution solves that problem and can travel with me when I move to my next place.

    The is q great oven thermometer. You can either rest it right on the rack or hang it with the small clip at the top. Very important to ensure precise cooking temps

    Posted on

    Great product

    Absolutely love this thermometer. It is very accurate and quickly adjusts to current temperatures. With this, I found out that my oven tends to run about 10 degrees hotter than the set temperature at temps above 250.

    Posted on

    The hook is perfect for hanging it on any part of your oven racks. Also, the thermometer is just the perfect size that I can still put something on the rack below the thermometer when baking and it is not in the way!

    I got this to put inside of my convection oven I use on my line to make sure it's running at the right temperature it works great it has a nice true temperature dial on it it reads very fast

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Great to have in every oven to make sure it's running at the right temperature

    keep great and accurate temp. our small convection oven dial isn't totally accurate so we use this therm as the official reading of the oven temp. has held up great.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    I hang this is the oven. I hope it is calibrated properly. When my oven reads 350 F, so does this thermometer. If it is not properly calibrated, it is in sync with my oven.

    Posted on

    The Taylor TruTemp is reliable and has worked great in our bread oven and in our standard baking oven. We love how quickly it responds to changes in temperature.

    Posted on

    This is a very basic thermometer and does the job well. It is large enough for students to verify oven temperature on our ovens. Happy with this item.

    from Whitehall School District Posted on

    As a baker I know you should always check your oven temp. This is a pretty basic oven thermometer but it does the job. You can sit it on the rack or hang it from the rack.

    Posted on

    Oven temperature is very important when baking macarons! Oven thermometer is a must have.

    I 've purchased this item a few times. They withstand a lot of heat, it is very light and the fan in the convection oven makes it fly all over.

    from Do Me A Favor NYC Posted on

    The Taylor 3506 TruTemp 2 1/2" Dial Oven Thermometer is a great item to have. I checked my oven temperature, it was off as I expected. The quality is good as well as the price. I recommend this thermometer to everyone with an oven.

    Posted on

    Works very well. Great for making sure your oven temperature is correct. Highly recommend!

    I have this hanging in our oven. You always need to know the accurate temp. Oven temp could change and you wouldn't know it. I keep it in the oven.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Perfect oven thermometer

    I have used this Taylor oven thermometer for a couple years. I actually purchased 2 different brands at the same time to compare. Both seemed accurate. The price, as always, was very reasonable.

    Posted on

    This is a great value for this thermometer. It is very accurate and small so you can use almost anywhere. It is easy too clean and store if you no longer need to use it.

    from Perry's Pizza Posted on

    great little thermometer. Has helped me bake better since i found my oven was off by 25 degrees. great price too other charge 3 times the price.

    Posted on

    This is a great tool to ensure proper temperature. Even if you think your oven is accurate, for a couple of bucks you can know for sure. Not sure about the long term accuracy of this thermometer, but it gives you a good idea.

    Posted on


    Posted on

    This thermometer has several ways to hang in your over, but I can only use the hook on the top. It can't stand on the rack very well. It has to stand on flat surface.

    from YVONNE Posted on

    I have several Taylor oven thermometers but this traditional thermometer sure beats anything that I have used. Very useful for baking and easy to read.

    from Mountain Flower Bakery. Posted on

    I like that i can just leave it in the oven, when I'm not using it.. works accurately.thanks for a great product. Will be shopping more

    Posted on

    Very happy with this oven thermometer. I never knew how hot my oven was before this but I was suspicious it was low. This thermometer has been invaluable!

    Posted on

    Can hang on the rack of an oven to tell the temperature perfectly and easily!

    I bought this for my work so that we can figure out if our small oven was actually getting to temp. It works like it is supposed to. The hook on top is really thin, which is nice because it can be bent if you need to hang up the thermometer.

    Posted on

    After seeing some reviews on this site regarding another similar thermometer, I decided to purchase this one as recommended by the staff. As will all dial thermostats it takes some time to display the temperature that is current. It definitely shows change faster if it gets cooler which I prefer for some applications. Price wise it’s a dollar or two cheaper on restaurant store than elsewhere. What was a bit surprising was how large the footing is on this compared to ones i've used previously. It's almost 2 inches in depth( well, 1 and 3/4) which means its not going to tip over easily.

    Posted on

    We get a lot of great stuff from webstaurant. These work fine but the glass turns cloudy after a week or two in our pizza oven. Would love to find one that doesn't become unusable.

    from Jersey Girl Pizza Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Walt! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This thermometer stays put in my oven a lot better than I expected it to. It's pretty accurate for now, but usually these dial thermometers become inaccurate over time, and this one can't be recalibrated as far as I can tell.

    Posted on

    This is a great easy to read thermometer. More often than not ovens say they are at one temp and they are running at a different one. This allows you to check the actual temp of an oven at any given time.

    Posted on

    This seems to properly gauge temperature so I'm happy. It's really useful if you have a gas stove like I do -- often the dials don't show the "in between" temperatures, and if you're pre-heating you can't be sure when the oven reaches the desired temperature. Really useful buy!

    Posted on

    I purchased this and it wasn't working properly. I contacted Webstaurant and they graciously and immediately shipped me a new one. Works pretty well, but occasionally it seems off. There are probably better ones out there. Five stars to Webstaurant though, for their customer service!!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    fairly accurate and I love that there are multiple ways to hang it in the oven. Because of this, I found out that my oven was consistently 50 degrees less than the dial which is why I've been having problems with some recipes. Definitely worth it.

    Posted on

    I ordered quite a few of these for my standard and convection ovens. They are helpful when I want to ensure that my temperature is accurate.

    Posted on

    This thermometer seems to be well made and has a wide base to sit on your oven's rack without falling over. It's very easy to read and easy to use. A good buy for the price.

    Posted on

    This thermometer provides you accurate readings from your oven. Utilize to bake pies to perfection, you'll find it very useful especially for bakers and pastry chefs

    Posted on

    Our Imperial oven has a temperature knob that isn't very exact and accurate. After purchasing this thermometer, we were able to better achieve the desired temperature and baking results have been much better. The hook is great to hang on the rack because it's visible and stays out of the way. Great buy!

    Posted on

    Great little device. I place this little thermometer hanging on my oven rack. I have a very old oven. This thermometer always lets me know when I'm at the proper temperature before ever placing anything into the oven. You can hang it or place it standing on itself into the oven. The price is unbeatable

    from Antoinette Gourmet Bakery Posted on

    I bought multiple thermometers to test the best one. This works just as any other oven thermometer. The price is good..I can't complain. It works

    Posted on

    I thought my oven was off and I was proven correct by using this. It also showed me how accurate my countertop convection oven is.

    from Home Posted on

    Very simple and straight forward. It fit our needs well to have a cheap, easy to read thermometer so we can keep tabs on our baked goods

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    This little oven thermometer seems to be fairly accurate but is very lightweight and is consistent with the price I guess. I just hope it lasts but for the money it's good.

    Posted on

    Two ovens, two thermometers. 1st one lasted one week before cracking and breaking, the 2nd one lasted 2 weeks before breaking. Now I just use a laser to check temps and probes for internal.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Craig! We're sorry these broke. A Customer Solutions Representative has credited your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We've replaced out a few days they do get dirty and they don't seem to clean very well but at the price you are able to replace them out.

    from Penelopes Lil Cafe Posted on

    We use these thermometers in all of our ovens to ensure we are keeping them at accurate temperatures. They take a lot of abuse and are well made.

    from Nicholas Chabot Posted on

    This oven thermometer seems to work great. I just leave it in the bottom of the oven and check it when I think there's an issue with my oven.

    Posted on

    we ordered this to use in our gas pizza oven, simply set on top of the pizza stone and once it gets to desired temperature we pull it out and start cooking the pizza

    Posted on

    Good little thermometer. I keep it in the oven all the time to ensure correct oven temp. Easy to read at a glance. Cheaper than at any of my local retailers.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Oven thermometer

    Good sized thermometer. Good price. Accurate and the colors are a nice added benefit for quick glances into the oven to see where it's at.

    Posted on

    This thermometer is perfect! It is simple, easy to read, can either be hung on a baking rack or set at the bottom of your oven. I recommend that everyone has a thermometer like this in their oven. It hardly takes up any room and ensures that your baking temperatures are accurate for quality control and to ensure the best baked goods. I find this thermometer (like all Taylor products) to be very accurate. I have tested it against 2 other oven thermometers and it gives the same reading.

    Posted on

    Hanging in the oven

    great value buying these comapred to other vendors. again another item that you wouldnt believe how much youre currently overpaying for. very useful and a great buy with this price

    from mbg Posted on

    This product meets my business needs. It works as intended and the price from Webstaurant is very good. I suggest this website on a regular basis.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    I leave this in my oven all the time. Every oven I've ever had has had some issues getting to the right temp; this is a lot more reliable. Great so that you're not wondering why your flan isn't setting after doubling the time.

    Posted on

    These are great to either hang or set down on inside your oven. The clear large scale makes it easy to glance at the thermometer and see if the oven is ready and if it's maintaining temperature.

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    This oven thermometer is easy to read and works great for our bakery. It helps us create a consistent product by monitoring our oven temps. Great buy!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Great value for price. Very accurate and hangs nicely off of oven rack. Number are large enough for easy read in dimly light ovens. Will purchase again for both facility and home use.

    from Mint Culinary LLC Posted on

    This thermometer is a great asset with our bake oven. The numbers aren't super easy to read because we have it in the back of the oven

    Posted on

    This Taylor Dial Oven Thermometer is a god product. We has several of them in our kitchen and they have stayed accurate for 6 months now without needing any adjustment.

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    Good oven thermometer, does as it is supposed to and gives a fairly accurate from what I can tell read out of the temperature. Careful about positioning it so you can read it.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    This Taylor 3506 2 1/2" Dial Oven Thermometer works well in my oven. It give me accurate temperature. It fit good on the rack. Great product.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Hot in the oven

    This oven thermometer works great and will either sit directly on the shelf or can hang from the rack. Perfect to see if your temperature is correct in the oven.

    from Meacham Hams Inc Posted on

    purchased two of the thermometers one for my oven to get a better reading on actual oven temperatures and another for the bbq. both have worked great and now have a better idea of what actual baking temperature is and can now slow cook things more accurately on the grill.

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    Does what it should. Takes the guess out of cooking on our grill. easy to read and very accurate. Great thermometer at a great price.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    This is a great thermometer and extremely accurate. Every time I cook something different I move the thermometer to a different place, sometimes placing it on the rack or hanging from the one above. I have found out why some of my cakes didn't cook as well as others. I solved the problem with a slight adjustment of my racks and locations of my pans.

    from Floral Creations Posted on

    This thermometer is really handy--I was pleasantly surprised to find that my oven is actually calibrated correctly! It can either hang or stand...WEB has the best price.

    Posted on

    This is a good cheap thermometer. The ones I got were accurate to within 5F at 350F. I also have the Taylor fridge/freezer thermometers and I don't have any complaints about them either.

    Posted on

    The dial on my oven is a little wobbley and I depend on the Taylor Oven Thermometer to ensure that I'm cooking at the correct temperature. Its small enough that it doesn't get in the way when I'm using both racks but still easy to read.

    Posted on

    What an inexpensive tool that is a must have for any baker! review helpful? I know longer have to wonder what's the temperature inside of my oven. The price it right!

    Posted on

    Hangs easily into places out of the way on oven racks, keeps seemingly accurate temperature readings, and it's non stick surface makes wiping it off quite a breeze.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    Bought this to keep my old oven accountable. Works great and seems very accurate. Easy to read through the glass of the oven door, and makes baking easier. Feels durable and will likely last a long time.

    Posted on

    i know longer have to wonder what the temperature inside of my food warmer is! Great for checking for hot/cold spots too. The price it right!

    Posted on

    We have to have an accurate oven temperature in our business, so I thought I would give this a try! I am glad I did because it is very well-designed and accurate!

    from Heavenly Hershey's Ice Cream Posted on

    This is a good basic thermometer. I was having problems with my oven running colder than the set temp, and this helps me adjust the oven.

    Posted on

    The odds that your oven thermometer is lying to you are pretty high - get the facts straight; every oven in the world needs to have AT LEAST two of these in it.

    from Ian Sparke Posted on

    This is a basic thermometer but it works for my needs. It can hanget off the oven rack or stand on the bottom of an electric oven which is nice.

    Posted on

    Got this item about a month ago. It is of sufficient quality and construction. It does the job that was intended. I would buy this item again.

    from Sauder's Landing Posted on

    I have these in both of my ovens. I trust this much more than the dial on my oven. Every kitchen needs some of these!

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Purchased two of these 5 years ago and we are back to buy more...that should speak for itself! It has held up the whole time and has never failed us.

    from Sugarbelles Posted on

    Very useful for understanding hot spots in the oven, and if the oven temp is accurate. It really helps improve your baking experience for highly temperature sensitive products.

    Posted on

    Small little gadget that comes in handy when baking small items or normal household items. Just toss in a drawer and pull out when needed!

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Lets you know the temperature in an oven very nicely. has the ability to sit an hang in the oven. We bought two of these and they both work very well.

    Posted on

    Easy to read and works as it should. It takes the guessing out of my home baking and was a less expensive purchase for an important feature.

    Posted on

    I bought this to make sure that my oven was holding temperature. It did the job perfectly. It just hangs there and does its thing. I've even knocked it a few times with a pan and it didn't phase it at all.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    The oven thermometer does a great job and is easy to read. Very durable and easy to hang. We will order more of these as needed.

    Posted on

    Essential for baking! Ordered one to test out my new oven and works perfectly. Would not bake with out one. My cakes and cookies come out perfect now. Highly recommended for baking

    Posted on

    Small enough that it doesn't take up too much space, large enough to read easily. The color band is a nice at-a-glance kind of visual. It's a pretty standard sort of oven thermometer but seems to work well so far. And boy was my oven temp off from what the dial indicated!

    Posted on

    Very impressed with the performance of this thermometer. It's remained in my oven for over a year, and is working perfectly. It appears to be much more accurate than the oven's thermostat control.

    from Sfamo Posted on

    An oven thermometer is absolutely essential - it's the only way to know on a daily basis if your oven is functioning properly. An oven that is too hot or too cool will ruin entire batches of food. Plus, a thermometer in the oven everyday gives you an early heads up when something goes wrong. This thing is perfect. It has big, easy-to-read numbers that keep you from holding the oven open to check it. I haven't found much use for the stand, but it has it if you want it. What's useful to me is the hanging notch at the top - it keeps it in place even in a high-speed convection oven.

    Posted on

    Nice little oven thermometer! Wasn't sure if it would fit or hang well in my little half size convection oven, but I can hang it on the front and the door closes great! Accurately measures temp, and great price!

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    Very simple thermometer that we use to calibrate our oven temperatures. A great and cost effective way to have a double-check to ensure you're running at the right temp.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Inexpensive and simple, I use this to ensure my ovens at home are calibrated properly. I also will use this in my smoker to ensure I am getting accurate temperatures.

    Posted on

    This is a very accurate thermometer. There are many on this site but my loyalty has always been to Taylor. Be careful as they do break easily. Mine fell in the oven and the glass cracked, but it still works perfectly.

    from 8 Bit Bakeshop Posted on

    This thermometer seems to be very accurate. Tested against my infrared thermometer and they were within one degree of each other. I love that I can sit this directly on the rack or hang it.

    from sharpe creations by skyler Posted on

    I read the reviews and decided to purchase the Taylor thermometer. It is great! It has the option of hanging for the oven rack and standing. I've had some thermometers that, when hanging, easy fall off the rack when moved, this one doesn't. It is very easy to read since the numbers are big and the background is white. I've very happy with this item.

    Posted on

    This item is being used throughout a school district for the Child Nutrition Services. Readings are accurate, numbers are easy to read and item is sturdy.

    from Eco PakTrak Posted on

    purchased 4 , one for each oven in kitchen. keeps resonably accurate temps. also have one in the smoker too be safe. works well in extreme heat

    from Cafe Marty Posted on

    Very economical and a thermometer that does the trick. It hangs well in the oven for easy viewing. Just be careful about dropping because the glass does break easily

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    Brought a few of these from other suppliers for more but got less quality. Brought a few from webstaurant and am very pleased with the quality. Will definetly buy more.

    from Amici's Posted on

    The Taylor 3506 Oven Thermometer Dial is a useful item to have in your oven. If you bake cakes and bread in particular, you really ought to have one of these to be certain your oven is performing properly.

    Posted on

    This oven thermometer is great for it price and really you don't need a fancy thermometer. Sometimes the built in thermometer can be very inaccurate that's why you would need one of this

    Posted on

    Was glad when this thermometer arrived! It showed just how 'off temperature' the bakery oven was. Very important when your baking bread. The dial can be seen clearly through the oven door window. Would recommend to any baker.

    from Lemondrop Bakery Posted on

    We had a circuit board malfunction at Christmas and all oven timings were out of sync. This product meant we found out the heat was not coming too full heat and only got close after long delay. Now it stays beside the stove.

    from self Posted on

    This works great. I didn't realize how wrong my oven was until I got this. Everything I make, bake especially, comes out so much better now. I don't have to continue cooking for such a longer time now.

    Posted on

    This is a great oven thermometer. With this gem in your oven you can easily tell if the settings on your oven need to be adjusted

    Posted on

    This oven thermometer is great to have in every oven. It's a great back up because if you're electric oven is off you need to know or you can ruin a lot of product.

    Posted on

    I purchased the Taylor 5932 Oven Thermometer - Dial because I thought my oven may not be heating properly and I needed to make sure the temps were correct. I love how this hangs easily on the oven rack and is always available for me to check the temp!

    from Primitive Gardens Posted on

    So happy with the taylor oven thermometer. It is small, so it does not get in the way of most things, but the face is large enough and needle stands out so you can quickly and easily read the temperature.

    Posted on

    By including this into your oven, you wont have to second guess how hot your oven is. It's a price than is irresistible to purchase

    Posted on

    Taylor makes a decent product. Up to 500 degrees these hold up OK. Over that the numbers start to fade from the heat and sometimes disappear. If you don't leave in the oven for long periods they are OK.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    I bought this thermometer on a whim after I realized how old my current oven thermometer was. It's a good thing I did because it turns out that my old one's been 30 degrees F to high for a long time, and getting the right temperature is key for great baked goods.

    from 6 Bittersweets Posted on

    this oven thermometer is a great little product that last and last i keep it in my ovens all the time to make sure my temps stay where i want them

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    These have been very useful for me since our ovens are a bit off. It really has helped me to be more accurate when I estimate the cooking times.

    from St Vincent de Paul Middletown Posted on

    i did some research for oven thermometers and this one was one of the most accurate i could get my hands on. i keep it in the back of my oven and it stays out of the way. it gives an accurate read and is easy to read. knowing the precise heat of your oven is important when you bake anything.

    Posted on

    Takes the guess work out of whether your oven is at the right temperature. I like the hanging feature. Other wise it is a fairly simple thermometer.

    from Mears Catering Posted on

    Perfectly functional oven thermometer, appears to be quite accurate. Heavy duty, no reason it shouldn't last forever, and with the price and convenience of ordering online.

    Posted on

    I prefer this model, because it hangs on a rack, and it has a large, easy to read dial. Reading was also reasonably accurate from my 5th grader science experiment skills.

    Posted on

    Keeping proper temperature in your coolers and freezers is imperative. This very economical thermometer hangs perfectly in your fridge or freezer for you to see.

    from mod cafe Posted on

    This is wonderful item. I got it for my baking oven. This website has the best price on this item. This product last for a long time.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    I have used this thermometer for a while now, it's approved for use by the Dept of Ag and it's always reliable - when my oven was on its way out the temp on this thermometer reflected that! I will always use the Taylor brand.

    from annaB's Posted on

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