Taylor 5828 Dual Event Digital Kitchen Timer with Clock and Date

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With the Taylor 5828 dual event digital kitchen timer, you can time two events simultaneously! Each separate timer on the Taylor 5828 kitchen timer has its own distinctive ring, and can be set up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. For optimal visibility at a glance, this timer features a large, easy-to-read 1 1/2" LCD display. Plus, a clock and calendar function offer additional convenience for use when the unit is not being used as a timer.

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Taylor 5828 Dual Event Digital Kitchen Timer with Clock and Date

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timer great magnet timers clock dual kitchen Works easy price
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    I ordered two of these and neither of them worked when I opened the packaging. Wasn't worth the trouble to return them so I ended up just throwing them away unfortunately. I don't recommend this product.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry this Taylor 5828 Dual Event Digital Kitchen Timer with Clock and Date has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Another true waste of $$$. They are hard to set so I had to go to a local box store and spend more money of the old fashioned timers.
    Thank you for your feedback, Cassandra! We are sorry you were having trouble setting this timer, we have added the instructions to our content to hopefully assist with any issues you may be having. If you are still having trouble, please feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team!
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    Magnets have come off. Timer itself works well. Love that it has 2 timers on one clock. Wish the glue holding the magnet would be MUCH stronger!
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    Not very well made. Save your money and get a more expensive one. The magnet isn't very strong so it doesn't stay where you put it.
    We appreciate your review, Mishel! If you have any questions about this product or are looking for another recommended product, please feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    At first, I loved this timer. I liked having the ability to have two timers going at the same time and it was loud and lasted a long time to be able to hear it, but it broke with no reason not even two weeks after receiving it.
    We appreciate you review! Our Customer Solutions team has deemed this timer defective and will be sending you a new one.
    These timer would almost be perfect if the magnet didn’t fall right off. Other than that it has great features. I’ll just have to super glue this magnet back on!
    Don't like tis timer that much, there is no memory and you have to start from scratch every time. Also, you cannot turn it off if not in use. But it works as advertised and is loud enough in a busy kitchen.
    We bought 2 of these and they are great the duel timer has been a lifesaver with our pizzas no more burnt i forgot about them pies. as for the magnet i agree it could be better but at the price these are great and i will def buy again when needed.
    This item should be kept away from an oven or high source if heat. The dual event feature allows for 2 different items to be tracked in an easy to read format. I have been keeping it on the outside of the hood vents.
    Not my favorite timer but not a bad one for the price. It works as expected and the sound is loud enough to be heard from far away but not so loud that it is irritating. The magnet doesn't seem to be the strongest and it does slip around about it, although I have dropped it a few times - it still works just fine! (: What I don't love about it is having to switch back and forth to stop or reset the times and having to hold in both buttons to reset a time.
    This timer is well design and easy to use. Programming this timer is much easier than many others and one can figure out how to do so without a manual.
    this Taylor dual event digital timer is great, it is nice and loud for you to hear and it even has a date and clock in it too which is awesome.
    This Dual Event Kitchen Timer is a small and compact yet functional timer that is easy to use and can be clipped on to a pocket or placed on a surface/magnetic wall. The multi-functional capabilities including a clock make it a great investment.
    We use these timers on all our equipment. They are easy to set and have magnets to attach to all our kitchen equipment. Don't know what I would do without them.
    Kind of a funky interface. Wish it was a bit simpler to operate. The turning off an alarm is weird sometimes. Still it works and had a nice large face to it.
    This handy heavy-duty timer is great for timing two things at once and can count up or down and even has a clock and date! It is easy to figure out, even with all the options and seems to be a good volume too
    this taylor dual event kitchen timer is really great i it is a must for any chef or baker, it is magnetic and can clip on to any magnetic surface
    Bought several of these for the fry station at our concession stand. It makes it super easy to remember whats cooking and how long is left!
    Seemed great and the first time I used it, it was very helpful. However, I have misplaced the instructions and cannot seem to clear the original timer so it's now in a drawer until I can find the time to look up directions online. Also, the magnet isn't strong enough for a fridge unless you place it on top of a raised portion of the freezer status panel. If I can find the directions, I will definitely use again. Just be sure to keep those directions as it's hard to reset unless you know the proper steps. Not a fault of the product but of mine.
    This is a great little timer that can do a lot for its price and size. It is a dual event timer and it also will display the current date and time so it doubles as a clock. Very simple and handy to have around in the kitchen.
    Two timers in one. We don't always put items in to bake at the same time, and this timer helps us ,she sure we know when each of them are finished.
    Great little timer for the price. We use this to time multiple items while they are baking. Magnet is a great feature that helps clear up counter space
    Great even for home use. Multitasking for me while cooking something with short cook time means the chance of over cooking ...whether it be spaghetti or roasting something under the the broiler. This little reminder solves that problem.
    Sir Clean recommended Taylor 5828 Dual Event Timer with Clock and Date, this product has two functions calendar and clock, the price is really good.
    This is a nice little kitchen timer for the price. The only down fall is it's not very loud and we all know how important that is in a busy kitchen.
    For the price point it is worth tossing in an order. It does its job as described and the "beeping" noise is annoying enough that no one is going to ignore it. But the magnet on the back is boarder line pointless...pretty weak. Other than the one issue no complaints (except the staff still burns the crutons...but thatis our issue).
    Great timer, but the magnet on the back is weak. Tips over easily if you are using the magnet to attach it to something. I really dislike that I have to hit the switch to turn between clock and timer. I will say that having the Clock, Date, and timer functions are great for at home when you want to consolidate all those items into 1 thing.
    Taylor's dual event timer is convenient and easy to use. It's good quality and has held up in our busy bakery. The portability is convenient.
    LOVE this timer. It is compact and very easy to use. The Dual timer is extremely convenient when preparing two different dishes or can be used as a timer and a clock simultaneously.
    Great little timers. I like the ability to use the clock function and the timer function at the same time. It makes things simple with the magnets and the dual timers.
    I use this item almost daily at home. And I love it. I primarily purchased it for the clock and date feature. But also use it as a timer. I will definitely recommend it.
    We love this little timer, we purchased it because the timer on the oven we purchased was very hard to hear. Having this unit allows us to hear even when the restaurant is full of people.
    Nice timer. It is small enough that it does not get in the way. It fits on the top of the sandwich bar. The dual events helps cooks when they are timing multiple things at the same time.
    I like that this timer is also a clock and calendar, although it does seem to lose a little time. The timer function works well. It has a loud tone, so even in my noisy kitchen I can here it beeping. Occasionally the screen goes blank when I am setting the timer, but a tiny touch to the battery compartment and it is back to life. For the price, it works just fine.
    I bought two timers. one works ok. the buttons dont press very easily. the other timer does keeps on resetting itself. not the best timers. i would pay a little more for something more reliable.
    Thank you for the review, Corey. We're sorry these timers have not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to make sure you are credited for the defective timers.
    Very inexpensive but good timer. It's not of the best quality, but it's the result that matters. It's great that it has a magnet in the back. I found that very useful during the cooking process.
    This is a great little timer and clock. It doesn't take up too much room and sets right on your counter. I really like the option of setting two timers at the same time.
    Great when you have two things in the oven, but needs a more sturdy case. Dropped once and the plastic fell apart, also the buttons stopped working and timer would go on and off. Works, but not durable, especially in a busy kitchen. I purchased quite a few of these and they all had the same fate.
    This is the second Taylor timer that I've bought recently and it's the second Taylor timer that malfunctioned. Worked fine for a while and then both stopped working - and no it wasn't the battery. Didn't they used to be a maker of quality products? My Taylor scale has also had problems. Taylor, three strikes and you're out.
    Thank you for your review, Caitlin. We are sorry to hear that this timer stopped working. This item is still under warranty and we will be contacting you directly to make sure you receive credit.
    We bought them to use as timers in the kitchen for our dough. They come with the battery and a quick release plastic tape that gets the battery live before the first use. There is a magnet at the back to put on a metallic fridge door or similar. On one of the 2 we bought, one failed and fell on the floor with the magnet still on the wall. I put it back together, fell again. The glue/tape to hold the magnet on the timer is too weak (i was not even pulling on it, it fell just with gravity, the timer being on a vertical wall). Now the timer still works, but doesn't beep anymore at the end of the countdown (so pretty useless now).
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that these have not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to help fix the issue.
    Works as described, having two timers is definitely nice. The devices are pretty cheaply built however and out of box the buttons already stick a little. Not super excited, but for the price it's okay.
    Great product at a quarter of the cost that I currently pay. It arrived quickly and is the same quality that i currently buy from my supplier. I will purchase again if needed
    Not a very heavy duty casing on this timer . However so far so good with it , I figured I would try it out because of the price on it and dual timers ... see how long it lasts I guess once it is used more. nice and loud as well , in case you are not in the kitchen or by the grill
    I love the idea of having the two timers on one, but this particular timer doesn't last very long until it starts to malfunction. I bought two and now only one works, hardly.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear the dual timer did not last as it should have. We suggest this Taylor Single View Four Event Timer as a more durable option.
    Simple and easy to use time for reminding the crew when things are done baking. It has a magnet on the back which is really convenient. Just dont turn on the back burners to cook something or you will melt it like we did.
    Good all around product. dual setting perfect for all kitchen needs. Timer loud enough to be heard through out commercial kitchen. Great price for product value.
    Love these for my cooking classes. Works out great when I people in groups of 2 or 3, and someone is ahead of everyone else. Easy to use. Sound is not too loud but easy to hear from across the room.
    I thought that a dual timer would be a great concept for commercial kitchens that have the stackable ovens. The first time that I attempted to use it, I hung it on the side of the oven and the magnet let loose and the timer dropped and broke. So, not very heavy duty for use in a commercial kitchen
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your timer fell and broke. A replacement timer has been sent at no cost to you.
    Great multi use tool, we use it on daily basis to make sure all our foods are cooked to time and this just serves as a backup to oven counters.
    I love this timer dual display because it permits you to simultaneously display a clock and timer, or two independent timers. Use one timer to count up, or use two to independently count down.
    Great timers for a kitchen. They have strong magnets that will stick to just about anything metal. They aren't that durable which is why I wont buy these anymore. For the price however they are a decent timer.
    Let's see, you get a dual timer, AND a clock, WITH the date, ALL for this price? Yeah, it's an unbeatable, unbelievable deal. I'll probably buy 2 more of these and be done for the next couple of years for sure.
    Love this timer! The dual modes is essential with any bakery baking of multiple items. This is a replacement, I melted my original & could hardly function without it.
    The dual event timer is what attracted me to this timer. I can time both of my deep fryers with just one clock which makes it a space saver.
    The magnet is weak, and the clip broke off our timer within a few months. Still works and helps keep track of time of cooking products..
    Love these. The ability to time 2 things at once is great and they are easy to use. Only wish they had memory for frequently used times, but for the price they are awesome. I bought 2 and use them often for my bread baking.
    Good timer, However we had it on the back splash of our stove & it melted, luckily I purchase 2 of them which now we keep away from the heat. Good price.
    I always keep this guy by the oven. Has a nice loud beep ( a different tone for timer 1 and timer 2). The only frustrating this is learning how to control/stop/reset. Once you master this it is a great piece.
    This timer gets the job done, but I will invest in a higher quality crafted version for my next one. The magnet is not strong enough to hold while pressing buttons - mine fell and the spring loaded clip broke. Otherwise, as a dual timer it is good and very helpful in the kitchen.
    Excellent kitchen timer! Basically two timers in one! The added feature of displaying the current time and date is a complete plus! Great price! Stylish too!!!
    This little item is a super duper great timer for the price. Sets in minutes to cook our tenderloins. Only drawback is it does not allow seconds to be input
    Love this timer - it displays time and date/year, and you can time two events at the same time. When time's up, it beeps until you shut it off, which is GREAT - you won't miss it and burn whatever's in the oven! Easy to use, and clips to the fridge or sits on the counter.
    This is Great item,it also displays the date and time and is very easy to use. The angle on the bottom makes it seat just right on the counter. Love it.

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