Torani 12 fl. oz. (16.5 oz.) Puremade Caramel Flavoring Sauce

Item #: 880791267

Indulge your patrons with the rich, creamy flavor of caramel blended into their coffees and specialty drinks with this Torani 16.5 oz. Puremade caramel flavoring sauce! This sauce delivers a high quality caramel flavor with notes of deep, caramelized brown sugar that customers are sure to love. It is packaged in a user-friendly 16.5 oz. plastic squeeze bottle for easy, mess-free dispensing and better control, making this sauce great for creating beautiful designs on top of drinks, pastries, breakfast foods, and plates!

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Torani 12 fl. oz. (16.5 oz.) Puremade Caramel Flavoring Sauce

4.9 stars from 65 reviews

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caramel sauce great cream coffee flavor ice drizzle flavoring bottle
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I think this tastes better than every single substitution caramel sauce I’ve tried. It is great for using on top over beverages because it’s thick and not too runny. However, it is made from high-fructose corn syrup and Webstaurant sells other brands that aren’t made from that stuff…I should have done my homework and picked one of those. Other than that, no complaints with this version.


I love the flavor and how tasty it is. It also has a nice thick consistency for ice cream and milk shakes.Adds a nice addition to the flavors!

from stone village fl llc on

Awesome! The caramel quality is great and good for use in desserts or drinks. The cap can be easily opened with one hand so you can multitask. I have been using it for coffee drinks


i live this product it has amazing flavor it is easy squeeze out of the bottle. it is great for in coffees and on top of drinks

from Hhbc on

We love using this caramel syrup for our smoothies & frappes. I love that it is a little bit thicker than normal syrups tend to be


I was skeptical of how good this product would be until I tried it. But it's got a great, true caramel flavor to it that's hard to beat.

from Green Market Natural Foods on

This product is a nice thick consistency I was looking for when kept in the refrigerator. It's a lovely caramel topping for whipped coffee drinks!


This is a great caramel sauce we use it in coffees we also use it in our cookie dough or use it as a topping on our cookie dough as well to make cookie dough Sundays all around delicious

from Dough licious cookie dough on

Very good flavor, excellent texture and consistency. Squeeze container is easy to use and store. A great way to add to smoothies, shakes, and other creations.


A great size bottle for coffee bar organizer. Easy sauce use. Excited to have customers try this new and different flavor in their self serve coffee.

from Royal Delights on

This caramel sauce actually tastes like real caramel! Its perfect for sweetening drinks of all kinds. Give it a try in some hot tea with some cinnamon.

from The Enchanted Bean on

We use this Carmel with several of our frappe mixes!! It goes well frappe bases!! You can also add this to any ice cream or iced coffee!


This caramel syrup is wonderful in hot beverages like coffee and cappuccinos. We also use it as an ice cream topping on sundaes and banana splits.

from Fernando's on

Don't skip the presentation, even at home. We have a blast decorating drinks and plates with these sauces. The kids really engage in making their foods when they know they have made art. And being caramel doesn't hurt this sauce!


Great item for at home use and very good quality. Great gift item, we used for door prize and it was very popular. We will purchase again.

from Turntable Cafe on

Torani makes some of the most delicious flavoring sauces. We own coffee shops and ice cream shops and now this is in both of them. It is really popular. All of our customers really like it.


This caramel flavoring sauce is great to use in and on top of pretty much any drink. The small bottle makes it the perfect size to drizzle on top of drinks.

from The French Press Coffee Co. on

A very nice easy to handle bottle of caramel flavoring sauce. The caramel is very rich and thick making for a great dessert topping. One of the best caramel sauces on the market.

from Price Proudce on

This is a great tasting flavoring sauce that i enjoy in coffee amd also on ice cream. It is very versatile and can be used for all types of deserts.


This is a great product for decorating our cupcakes and flavoring our confections, perfect size bottle and it drizzles perfectly and easily, without the mess!

from Sugar Rushed Bakery on

Best caramel flavor for coffee drinks and great consistency! We have tried other brands of caramel sauce but nothing beats the flavor, packaging and size of torani. It stores great on the shelf since no refrigeration is needed.

from Cafiuta on

I'm so excited to use this caramel syrup with the caramel cream K cups I bought here! It's so great having your own caramel syrup at home no need to spend six dollars on a fancy coffee drink.

from La Vie En Roshy on

Torani caramel sauce is my all time favorite caramel to use in all of my hot and cold coffee drinks. I also use it to drizzle over my salted caramel cupcakes.

from Bite Me Bakery on

Torani caramel flavoring sauce is not just for topping things. We also use it as a dipping sauce. We like to dip homemade pretzel bites in it. Yum!


We used this sauce at our coffee shop as a drizzle only, or using it in our baking desserts. Or has a good flavor and def gets the job done.

from Java Corner on

With a delicious taste and an easy to use drizzle bottle, we use this for all of our caramel drinks. We love this product and it is always in stock

from Barton County Coffee Company on

This caramel sauce is absolutely amazing. I love the convenient container and the amazing price. The taste is great quality and the lid stays clean and clear of clumps.

from Sweet Treats on

Smaller bottle of caramel flavoring that we use to drizzle on top of whipped cream on our caramel beverages to give it an extra bit of flavor. Taste great.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

This sauce is so good you won't believe it. Tastes rich and sweet like caramel and sooo sooo good on top of pretty much anything!


Great selection of Torani sauces offered on Web. This is a great size Caramel Flavoring. The 16.5 oz in the squeeze bottle is perfect for smaller volume locations.

from Russ' Sub Shack on

This caramel sauce is delish. I use it in coffee and on top of my ice cream. This item doesn't need to be refrigerated once opened which is awesome.


I absolutely love this flavoring sauce on my coffee mix with a little bit of hazelnut syrup and the result is simply AMAZING...i will be ordering more for back up.


This is good for flavoring almost anything with sweetened caramel or as a drizzle or fuller topping. The taste is good. It's a quality product.


I use caramel sauce to drizzle on my salted caramel mocha cupcakes, and this caramel sauce works well for a light drizzle. It tastes great and looks great too!

from Jennie's Cake Creations on

We found this sauce to be just the right balance between sweetness and butteryness. It has depth of flavor that is not taste just like pure sugar, but is not overpoweringly buttery like some caramels can be. We were also happy with the consistency: thick but not super thick like fudge. It is easily pourable but not too runny. Comes out cleanly from the bottle and is easy to control straight out of the bottle (nozzle is good).


This sauce is so delicious it is the best to make a caramel macchiato especially making it at home and no need to go out!


The perfect addition to the ice cream ,smoothie that we offer. The customers cant get enough of it and continues to ask for it by name. I am close to running out so its time to stock up.

from pashays on

Great tasting caramel. It has a great designed squeeze tube (flip top cap) and doesn't need refrigeration once opened. You don't need much to taste the flavor, a little goes a long way. It is great for beverages and ice cream.

from Weiss Rohlig LLC on

Torani's caramel sauce is awesome. I first tried it at an ice cream place, and then saw it on webstaurant. I'm glad I bought it! I especially like using it in my home brew coffee!

from 4K9 & Company on

I use a lot of this caramel sauces on frappes and ice cream. Its a good quality caramel, and best of all you don't have to refrigerate it.

from The Homestead on

Torani's caramel sauce is great quality. It has a great taste and is perfect for both drizzling over drinks or mixing into lattes. Great buy!

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

What an awesome deal on drizzle! We use this on espresso drinks, frappes and some smoothies. Also great for making caramel blended frappes. Great product!

from LC Cafe on

This Torani caramel flavoring sauce is excellent. It delivers a great taste and it works very well for adding that special flavor/ We recommend this for sure.


Excellent flavoring sauce, that comes in different varieties. We mainly use them for desserts and drizzle for pies and cakes. It offers great, satisfying flavors.

from Dream Thread LLC on

We use this as a drizzle on whip cream for hot chocolate. It is thick, not runny, and stays on the cream without falling off into the beverage. Gives a nice presentation to customers.


I bought this sauce and also bought one of them ice cream syrups. Not the same at all. no caramel taste from ice cream syrup. Buy the Torani sauce instead.


When I want a sweet coffee drink I grab the caramel syrup. It is like fall in a cup of coffee in aroma and taste


This caramel sauce is the best on the market. I usually buy the larger bottle. Use this to cover any of my baked goods needing a little caramel flavor in the bakery. It is a thicker caramel and does not run when poured on baked goods,

from Robin Huston on

This caramel sauce is THE god of all caramel sauces, I used to buy the caramel sauce that that famous chain shop sold and then they stopped selling it, I thought I was going to have withdrawals!!!!!! I couldn't find anything that even came close to my old favorite, until..........I found the Torani Caramel sauce, this is now my overall favorite bar none, once you have tried this sauce you will be hooked, it should have a warning on the bottle "Highly Addictive" you can't beat the price or the service that you get on here either. Win, Win!!!!!!!


This is a nice and thick caramel sauce with rich buttery flavor. I would definitely recommend and is a great addition to anything and everything.


We love using this caramel sauce as drizzle on our milkshakes and ice-cream. It's thick enough to look good on the shakes and ice-cream but not thick enough to became clumpy. Our customers really love this.

from Finales Llc, DBA Tasty Image on

Yummy Caramel flavor! This makes the best drizzle when added to confectioners' sugar...I also like adding it to cake batter to give it an extra boost of caramel flavor :)


We often times purchase the bigger bottles for storage and the smaller ones such as this for our toppings bar. The bottles are beautifully packaged and Torani is one of the leading syrup manufacturers in the world.

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

Love this torani flavor sauce great for any kind of coffee flavorng this caramel sauce i can use to for my cakes as a caramel sauce on top great great falvors

from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jay on

Torani Caramel Sauce is a great tasting sauce that we use in our specialty coffee drinks and on a few of our desserts. The complex flavor helps our items stand apart from the rest.


This is a coffee shop MUST HAVE. Customers are requesting this be drizzled on almost every drink we offer. I can never have enough of this in stock!

from Cornerstone Coffee on

The caramel has great flavor and consistency. It works perfect for topping caramel lattes (on whipped cream). People love the flavor and sweetness it adds.

from Shalane Bakes on

I love the caramel sauce both for my coffee shop as well as for my own personal uses. You can cook, garnish and flavor so many things with this. I ordered this small bottle to complement my milk shakes as a garnish.

from Tika - 1231 coffee on

I absolutely love the taste of this caramel sauce. I use it as garnish on drinks and as a flavoring in my macchiatos and my cappuccinos.


I would recommend buying, The caramel sauce is great tasting we put this on top of whipped cream in our coffee drinks and used it to dress up desert plates. Great flavor and very good price


I had originally NEVER liked caramel,I even used to go as far as say I was allergic so I never was given anything with caramel in it until one day someone begged me just to try a drink drizzled with Torani Caramel on it... OMG!!!! YES I love this stuff ,i had to find a way to get my own so i bought 4 bottles on here just a few wks ago n everyone used it on everything!!! I would look for new excuses to eat it :) it'll surprise you how rich buttery smooth yummy n delicious it is and this site is the best price too!!! Mmm thank you for selling Torani Caramel!!!! Buying more asap!

from Jeenamaria L. on

This Torani caramel sauce is okay. But it's not as rich of a butter caramel as I had hoped it would be. It's good on ice cream, and okay in espresso drinks.

from Tina on

Our customers love the Torani Caramel Flavoring Sauce. The bottle is the perfect size to handle when topping off drinks. Customers often ask us to add more :)

from UTNG MWR on

I absolutely love this stuff!!!! It's delicious in coffee or on ice cream. I will be buying more of this sauce. Great for homemade iced caramel macchiatos.


I had not tried this brand before and was amazed at the flavor when I did. Recently made a pear tart...topped with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of this caramel flavoring...FABULOUS!!! Will be back for additional flavors.


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