Tablecraft KK3 KenKut 3 12" - 18" Film and Foil Dispenser / Cutter

Item #: 808KK3

Easily cut either film or foil with this Tablecraft KK3 KenKut 3 12" - 18" film and foil dispenser / cutter. Made of break resistant ABS plastic, this reliable dispenser / cutter is capable of holding 3,000' or 6" in diameter film or foil rolls. Featuring a reinforced hinge system and metal, toothless blade, this dispenser / cutter ensures durability and safety when slicing. Plus, to eliminate any worry of cross contamination, the easy-to-remove blade and smooth surface make for more efficient cleaning, unlike cardboard box cutters that break down with use and absorb dirt and liquids over time.

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Tablecraft KK3 KenKut 3 12" - 18" Film and Foil Dispenser / Cutter

4.8 stars from 43 reviews


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    This review is based on "home use". I use "commercial" plastic film wrap that comes in 3,000 to 7,000 foot rolls as it has great "sticking" power. But, it also has a tendency to tangle & stick to itself making it difficult to work with. The Kenkut 3 dispenser solves this problem as the cutter head "grabs and holds" the film tight as you slide the cutter across the film making a clean even cut with no waste due to tangled film. The Kenkut is plastic but is well made and easy to clean. It has "non-slip" feet so it stays put on your countertop & is easy to load a roll of film/foil into the dispenser. The manufactuer's web site says it will take rolls up to 3,000 feet; however, I had no problem loading a 7,000 foot roll. Since it is designed for resturant/commercial sized rolls it is a very large dispenser [20" L x 8.5" W x 7" H] for "home kitchen" use so it is way too large for use with grocery store film/foil. Due to its size, I keep mine on a shelf in the pantry, so be sure to consider where you would store this large dispenser before you buy it.

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    This Ken Kut 18in film dispenser and cutter has become one of my most favorite kitchen tools. No more ripped or smelly boxes, this container is easily cleaned or sent through the dish machine.

    from Catering inc Posted on

    We are really happy to have invested in these dispensers. We use them daily for our cling wrap. They are so much more sanitary and durable than the cardboard boxes that the cling wrap comes in. They are very easy to clean. We have had to replace the slide cutter rail, but that's not surprising for how much use they get daily. They are also very easy to mount on the wall for stationary use.

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    I am so glad I purchased this item for our shops kitchen. The cutters on the wrap/foil boxes can never be trusted as durable and this dispenser/cutter makes covering large trays/products a breeze. Would highly recommend.

    from Treats N Treasures Posted on

    We just found that these were available and just love them! They look so nice on the counter of our church kitchen and work quite well. Even though our foil and film wrap come in a box with cutter, I recommend these dispensers for ease of use and for esthetics.

    from Portage United Pentecostal Church Posted on

    Every kitchen needs one. Holds your plastic wrap or foil perfectly and prevents the rolls rolling around when the boxes fall apart. The option of either a slide cutter or teeth cutter makes it ideal to switch between applications!

    from Tim Horton Children's Foundation Posted on

    I love this dispenser! Like everyone else, I have always hated the plastic wrap in cardboard boxes you get in stores. They never tear properly and the plastic wrap in them usually doesn’t cling. The plastic wrap you can buy in the giant rolls is great, but the cardboard dispenser boxes they come in are terrible. I had one from years ago that had an attached sliding cutter which worked pretty well. But the new ones today either have cutters with teeth that never work, and the ones that do have sliding cutters are poorly designed. The slider bar supposedly sticks to the box with a couple of cheap sticky tapes, but they don’t stick and the slider won’t stay put. It falls out or sinks into the box when you try to use it. Plus, the plastic wrap never stays put and you have to get back into the box and try to un-stick the wrap after nearly every use, which also wastes some of the wrap. I looked all over the web for a dispenser for the giant plastic wrap rolls and found this miracle product which has totally removed my frustration when using plastic wrap. The roll stays in the holder, it sticks to the slider bar so you never have to go back to the roll and try to get it off and back on to the bar. The slider cuts perfectly with ease and the dispenser holds extra cutters so they don’t get lost when you need to replace or change one. The dispenser is sturdy and looks nice. I expect this to last for many years to come. I don’t often say this, but if you hate those cheap cardboard boxes plastic wrap comes in as much as I do, buy this one! I don't usually post pictures with my reviews, bit I love this so much that I am going to this time.

    Posted on

    Holds a giant roll of plastic plus extra cutting blades and slides.

    Sometimes cutting foil can be so hard to cut but this just made it so easier to cut. It also looks great on your counter top.

    from Foxland market Posted on

    Great product! Get's rid of those nasty/ flimsy cardboard boxes. End of the night take the roll out and send it through the dishwasher and you're all set. I have nice little feet that keep it from sliding all over the place.

    from Young Life's Lost Canyon Posted on

    So many times I fight with the Saran Wrap. This makes all that frustration go away. All you have to do is whatever you want just ran right in front of it pull out the runner-up then push the little blade and it cuts it perfectly. No more fighting with that saran wrap.

    from Julies Concina Posted on

    5 stars all day long. This is a must have. This item is very welled made. Great saver as well. I do use it for s. wrap not foil. 12" 3000 feet but has enough for the 18". I am able to wrap anything with ease. I give it 5 stars for I understand it was invented to use with s. wrap or foil. But I wish it had a slit open before you use the slide cutter. I have no more waste. I can place this anywhere. Where it stays put as I pull to cover anything I need. To an ease cut right or left.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    Leftovers, done with tablecraft dispenser/cutter

    Got tired of taping up boxes and them looking all greasy as a bonus attached this one to the wall saving counter space works perfect

    from froggys deli Posted on

    We purchased 2 of these dispensers for our church. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product. Cutting film has never been easier. I would recommend this product to anyone wishing to make life a little easier in the kitchen.

    from Jesus Christ Worship Center Posted on

    I have had this unit for Months now, and have been very, very happy. It fits nicely on a pantry shelf, and only take a few minutes to change out the roll. Simple said, it works just awesome. It surely beats pulling foil from a box!

    from Patio-q Posted on

    The Tablecraft Film and Foil dispenser/cutter is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It is versatile as we use it for everything from foil to saran wrap and it makes wrapping up dishes a breeze. We have tossed out all of our boxed foils and are now using these. Makes for a less stressful kitchen experience.

    from Janice M Posted on

    Greatest investment I have ever made in the kitchen. So much easier than just using wrap out of the box. Easy to clean and very portable.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    I have two and soon 4. Quality is excellent and ease of use outstanding. Blade keeper ingenious. Ready to use within moments. I'm using it for foil, butcher paper type roll, plastic in two sizes. Will be getting it for other kitchen and supplies and crafts room immediately.

    from Studio Redeux Posted on

    Love it! One of the best purchases I have ever made. Our plastic wrap boxes breakdown long before the roll is gone. This has salves that problem for sure. Not to mention it looks so much better.

    from Skandia Funland, Inc Posted on

    This product is awesome. We needed to wrap 6000 bowls of desserts with cling wrap a day for a recent catering event and with this it was so much easier. Really should have bought a second one for foil. Sits well on the counter.

    from Roko's Restaurant (Samoa) Posted on

    After getting tired of fighting with food wrap boxes that don't seem to be as sturdy as they used to be, and especially after an almost new box of film started to fall apart, I looked for a better way to dispense film wrap. After initially looking for items similar to butcher paper dispensers, I found the KENKUT 3 on I like the product, it is easy to use, dispenses the film neatly, cuts safely and cleanly, and the film is enclosed in the KK3 to ensure a clean and sanitary condition for the food wrap. I wall mounted mine to store and keep it out of the way, I am so glad to be rid of that old taped together film wrap box.

    from J J Plums Posted on

    I love this one very much. This can also cut aluminum foil without using the serrated cutter for it. This is big and can occupy a lot of space in your counter. The blade is really sharp and comes with a serrated cutter if you prefer it to use this for aluminum foil. You get that option. But I do not want to get two of these since my kitchen is not that big. So, I put my aluminum foil on top of the plastic roll and everytime I want to use the aluminum foil, I just pulled it out and fold it right where the blade is and slide the cutter. It works!. When I'm done, I just fold the aluminum foil back in. So, I'm using one cutter for both purposes without buying another one. I do not use the foil often as much as the plastic. I was thinking that it will make blade dull quickly over time. So far, i been using it for almost a year now and still works the same as it was when I first bought it.

    Posted on

    We love this dispenser! We use it for both foil and plastic wrap and I am glad that we bought 2. We have fewer snags on the plastic wrap and less cuts with the foil. Thanks so much!

    Posted on

    We had been looking for sometime for a dispenser for foil and plastic wrap. After looking at many different brands, we choise the kenkut 3. We bought two. The price was with in our range. They work great.

    from Arapaho AG Church Posted on

    This is a great product. No more taping the cardboard dispensers back together. It also cuts perfectly every single time with no waste. Perfect product.

    from Cocina Mexico Posted on

    great product and keeps everything neat and very easy to use ! everybody needs to have this in there kitchen. webstaurant is a great company to deal with.

    Posted on

    Thank you tablecraft for hearing our plea! We finally got so sick of the cardboard boxes breaking, getting dirty, etc so we opted to get two of these, one for foil and one for plastic. They are awesome and work great! The only thing I would suggest is a bit sturdier plastic on the cover for high use environments, I have a feeling that with heavy use, these may not last too long.

    from AWG Private Chefs Posted on

    When I first purchased cling film and foil from Webstaurant a few years ago, I saw this unit but was not prepared to spend almost the money on a dispenser - the price just seemed to high. A few years later and also a few rolls and annoyances, I regret waiting this long to buy it. I keep my kitchen fairly clean and I'm able to minimize damage to the cardboard container. But a few months later, the foil/film roll starts showing wear and tear and becomes more annoying to use. I hope to be able to purchase another one for the foil roll soon.

    Posted on

    Could not believe how well this dispenser works. Makes my life so much more simple. You never need to fight that huge roll of wrap again. Get will be so glad you did.

    from Home Posted on

    This is by far the best and most convenient thing I have purchased in a long time. It's sturdy & doesn't move around when using it. It is so much better than fighting with those cardboard boxes!

    Posted on

    The Tablecraft KenKut 3 is a finger-saving and great-looking dispenser which compliments our state-of-the-art factory. Its tough body takes wear well in a very busy production area. I am going to get another one so that the workers do not need to move the dispenser around from one table to another.

    from U Specialties Inc. Posted on

    This is a great product. The money I save just on not having to to fix the cheap cardboard the plastic comes in or trying to find the end of the plastic when tears off inside the box that I've now taped together just to hold the roll of plastic. Every restaurant should have this film dispenser/cutter. The best thing is when it's dirty I just throw it in the dishwasher.

    from Chuckwagon Restaurant Posted on

    The Tablecraft film and foil dispenser is a time and money saver. I buy on large roll and it last a very long time. The dispenser tucks neetly on the counter and works very well.I need another for my foil.

    from Iaomai Natural Cosmetics Posted on

    This unit is rather large, but it is strong and works. I put in an 18" roll of film. The original box it came in had a cutter that would not cut. This one has that cool sliding blade that does work... Every time!

    Posted on

    This item is so worth the investment. A huge time saver! We are no longer dealing with flimsy cardboard box dispensers and the danger of someone getting cut. IMPRESSED

    from Feed Your Vitality Posted on

    Nice wrap holder. Works great (for a while). My unskilled workers broke the cutter within a month, but I replaced the blade, so I am still using it after a year. Will buy another soon.

    from Cook-Out Posted on

    This film and foil dispenser is great. It cuts a lot better than what comes with the box. It has it's own station in my kitchen because we are always wrapping things up.

    Posted on

    good item for the price there are better items on the market but for the price this one is ok lid is kind a flimsy

    from Dishes At Home Posted on

    This film and foil dispenser was almost half the price from my local supplier. I continue to shop on Webstaurant because of their pricing and quality products.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    This is a great tool to have on hand! It eliminates that annoying task of fixing the plastic wrap or trying to cut it easily! Holds both plastic wrap and aluminum foil! Easy to use!!

    Posted on

    I had a hard time finding the 'older' style metal dispensers for large rolls of cling wrap, so decided to try this one. So far, so good...the bakers seem to like it. It holds the medium size rolls and looks a lot better than a cardboard box!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Where has this baby been all my life? Or at least since I had my own kitchen? I bought a roll of film from a big warehouse store a year ago. Pretty quickly it was evident the cardboard box was not the optimum dispensing mechanism. So my husband - handy man that he is - built a wooden holder into a cabinet. Well, that was lots better than the cardboard box but still resulted in the film drifting into itself most of the time wjo;e cutting so I ended up with a mess of wadded up film which I furiously threw in to the trash. Then I got this KenKut Dispenser. Immediately put that troublesome roll of film in it and my plastic wrap troubles are a thing of the past. The sliding cutter works like a dream. The film isn't stretched and torqued to tear it off, so it remains untwisted and so do I, for that matter. No more cussing under my breath (or out loud!)Peace reigns. I'm going to order a second one for foil! Love this thing.

    Posted on

    If you are thinking about buying one, go ahead and get it. It makes covering things so much easier. You have better control on the product you are covering and I know that I have less waste.

    Posted on

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