Chef Master 90015GDCM01 Professional Carbide Hand Held Knife Sharpener

Item #: 80890015GDCM

Keep your kitchen knives cutting with this Chef Master hand held commercial grade carbide knife sharpener! Made with industrial-strength tungsten carbide steel blades, this sharpener allows you to sharpen blunt knife blades quickly and with precision. Plus, the Chef Master knife sharpener's blades are reversible for double the lifetime of the unit.

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Chef Master 90015GDCM01 Professional Carbide Hand Held Knife Sharpener

4.8 stars from 69 reviews


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    Purchased for use in a Seafood Department. This item works ok. Not as good as a stone sharpener or steel. But in a pinch for what it is, it works ok.
    A sharp knife is one of the most important things to have in any kitchen, whether it's a commercial one or at home. Dull knives lead to accidents. Do yourself a favor and sharpen your knives often with one of these handy sharpeners.
    Great Knife Sharpener. Sharpens my knifes perfectly and it does the job after a while the knife sharpener will dull out over time 5 Stars out of 5
    I have two of these pro carbide hand sharpeners and they get daily use in the kitchen. They offer a a quick way to touch up the edge of any knife in between sharpening.
    This Chef Master Knife Sharpener does a great job sharpening my knives. Its also very portable and goes with my knives when I take them to events.
    We use this one in the teaching kitchen. I'm not afraid of my kids using it, since the guard is nice and wide, and it works to sharpen our much-abused knives.
    The chef master professional carbide hand held knife sharpener is great! Easy to rip handle and easy to sharpen your knives. I've already sharpened all of mine. Works great!
    I LOVE this thing! I've never had a sharpener that was so easy to use and effective! It's pretty close to being mistake proof in my opinion, and the hand guard makes using it smart and safe. I also have been able to use it to sharpen my scissors and even a letter opener. The price is affordable for me and I've decided to give one to my sister as a gift to accompany the Victorinox knife and knife cover that I'm also giving her. The three are a perfect set!
    IT works pretty well AND we love it, It is easy to use and quit ,and it is cheaper than our old knife sharpener but work better
    This is an excellent little knife sharpener to keep on hand. It is simple to use, and protects your hand while you sharpen your knife.
    Very handy tool to have around. It is very easy to use and also quite efficient. I have had mine for a while now, I love it
    It's a very good quality knife sharpener. It sharpens knives quickly and efficiently with every use. It is very easy to use and very easy to clean.
    Perfect knife sharpener for the money. I was apprehensive at first after some reviews of them being cheap but if you take care of it you won't be sorry. This sharpener does an amazing job of putting an edge back on your blade and is compact enough to brought with you. For the price you can't really afford not to pick one of these up!
    These sharpeners are great. We don't use an outside service for knife sharpening anymore because they work so well. They make the knife very sharp!
    Great Knife Sharpener. Way better than what you can get around your local area. I have used this for over 2 years and still works perfectly!
    A really nice product for a busy kitchen. The cooks can use this themselves and get a nice sharp edge every time, and safely! Make sure knife is completely clean before sharpening!
    At the restaurant we have a similar sharpener which works really well so I decided to order one for my home use and so glad I did...sharpens my knives really well and with ease.
    Great affordable knife sharpener. We stroke each knife a few times before every use and it helps keep our knives sharp. Sharp knives are safer than dull knives
    Very simple and safe to use! You can watch the video on this site to have fast and great result! Keep this product under your hand with an amazing price?
    You get what you pay for. The sharpener held up okay but the body eventually cracked and I had to throw away the unit. Worth keeping in the knife drawer for a quick sharpen but does not replace the traditional sharpening stone.
    still one of my favorite go to knife sharpeners. tried and true, old school. same product as its always been, and at a good price.
    Not a big fan of this sharpener. It just feels like it's an accident waiting to happen. The black protective strip has broken and leave the hand completely exposed while sharpening your knife. Get yourself and stone or something to sharpen. The price is attractive but it's not the best quality.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This sharpener works pretty well but we have recently purchased a different brand, same exact kind, that works slightly better. But, this one was cheaper and got the job done, just not as well.
    This is an amazing tool for anyone who does want to spend money on a stone to sharpen their knives or just needs to do it quick! Its well made and shapens your knife in 3 or 4 passes great product!
    This knife sharpener is a great way to sharpen knives! We used it for one year rather then paying for expensive sharpening on a monthly basis's.
    I think this knife sharpener works well because my knife is now pretty sharp. I do want to warn you to not to stop or pause in the middle as I did because if you do, you will create a groove nick in the blade. Watch the video!
    This knife sharpener is simple, affordable, and does the job. No complaints. There are instructions which should be followed but besides that, this is easy to use and works great.
    This hand held knife sharpener works great. We always have it on hand and use it before we start barbecuing. Its great because its very portable and hardly takes up any space.
    Nice easy to use knife sharpener. I like the wide handle safe guard to protect from slipping accidents . Very affordable and often used in our kitchen.
    I LOVE these knife sharpeners. They are affordable and really easy to use! The guard on these are larger now which is great with protecting your hand. Highly recommend.
    This is a great little tool! I probably don't sharpen my knives as often as I should, but I've been using this regularly for over a year and it's still working great.
    Got this item a couple of weeks ago. I prefer this to the steel as it is much easier to use. The quality and construction are fine and I will definitely buy another.
    Great knife sharpener. Really does the job well, in just a couple swipes. Gives a really nice angle on the blade. I could recommend more!
    Hand held are very good design, light and they do thire work every time sharpen. Hand held are strong made better than old school stone sharpener.
    The ChefMaster 90015GDCM Knife Sharpener is a MUST-HAVE asset for any kitchen. There are a lot of sharpeners out there, there are automatic sharpeners, there are handheld sharpeners, there are sharpening stones, heels, and even more - but this knife sharpener, is among the BEST. The carbide tips seem ultra-durable, as does the entire product, and it's incredibly easy to use, and very effective. Buy this, and you won't be disappointed, this will sharpen any knife in your arsenal.
    Perfect for all knives, long lasting and durable. Easy to clean and hang up when done. Ordered one then my staff liked them so much I ordered more. They haven't let me down yet.
    I currently own about 3 different knife sharpeners including a electric model that cost a lot. Well let me tell you this little tool beats them all. A few quick passes brings a knife's edge back to razor sharp. I picture for the website is not due this justice because this sharpener has a wide hand guard to prevent cuts. I think the best thing to do is pass this over knives every few uses to always have a knife as sharp as a razor. A sharp knife is a safe knife.
    The Chefmaster 90015GDCM Pro Knife Sharpener lives up to its description. I have used it on my Victorinox chefs knife with WOW results. Before doing that I sharpened some of my old knives I was getting ready to give away. Well, the good news is that the sharpener did such a good job that the bad news is that none of these knives are going to be given away. I will be ordering others for presents.
    this seems to to a descent job at sharpening, not razor sharp but good. beware this will take a lot off of blade over time so may not wanna use on expensive knives unless you plan on buying new ones often.
    This handy tool is great for any commercial kitchen. It has extended the life of all our knives and is easy to use for anyone since it has a protective finger guard. Our chefs are able to quickly sharpen their knives as they move task to task.
    This simple knife sharpener seems to work better then the more expensive types that are offered. It's easy and safe to use and holds up well.
    I like this little sharpener! Right when I got it I sharpened all my knives. I tried using them right before and right after to see if it actually made a difference and I believe that it did.
    Love it!! Does the job and is cheap. My one cook loves it so much he asked me to buy an extra one for him.
    This sharpener works well to correct most dull knives. I've used mine on both paring knives and larger, chefs knives. It's a well made product, very solid and is easy to use. After cutting myself using a dull paring knife to cut cherry tomatoes I purchased this and it makes a world of difference. When I feel the edges of my knives start to go, I usually give them a few passes through this sharpener and then hone the edge on a sharpening steel. Highly recommended product.
    Very handy tool that is a must need in every kitchen. Scared to sharpen your knives? Don't want to send them away to be sharpened? Fear no more, this sharpener does amazing!
    For anyone who has ever had a dull knife, well, these babies are for you. Otherwise known as the 'Chef's Best Friend', all you need are one of these and a good steel and you're golden. Be sure to pick one up. They last about a year with continuous use.
    This sharpener works and works quickly. I wouldn't say this is a stand alone sharpener, you will still need to hone the edge to get a more razor sharp edge. perhaps the hardest part is the perfect angle at which you should sharpen at as well as how hard to pull. It is very solid however, for the price can't be beat.
    Knife sharpeners are a must in the kitchen. Everyone knows that a dull knife is a dangerous knife. This style of sharpener is easy enough for anyone to use to keep the blades share.
    So simple and easy to use that the bartenders actually come looking for it before slicing their daily fruit. Use as directed and this should last all year.
    I ordered this to sharpen my first knife, a 7.5 inch Victorinox chef's knife. I have used it once and the blade definitely regained a nice, sharp edge. Very happy with this and hope it keeps my blade sharp next time I need it!
    I have purchased this sharpener for home use. If any one asks me about knife sharpener I would recommend only this sharpener. 1st- It`s not expensive, 2nd it sharpens better then my other sharpener, 3rd It is very comfortable.
    ChefMaster 90015GDCM Professional Carbide Hand Held Knife Sharpener. love this.Is alot of bang for your buck .get one today. you can't go wrong with this.
    Works like a charm! At first my kitchen staff didn't believe these could do the job but after trying they were very impressed. We always keep them close by in case we need extra precision in cutting.
    Great option if you don't want to invest a lot in a knife sharpener. We have small kitchen and limited space, this is a nice option to have and works well.
    Good price for working. make very sharp. save time. good for small knife. I thought that my next step is electric sharpener.
    Very impressed with this knife sharpener. Works great with the knives we use daily. We even use it for our pizza blade. Great buy and great price!
    the ChefMaster Professional Carbide Hand Held Knife Sharpener is a great assest to any kitchen commercial or at home. It is easy to use and sharpens well.
    I love using this small hand held knife sharpener on the go. It is the perfect tool for keeping small inexpensive knives sharp. Great to have when fishing.
    Got this in the mail and immediatly started shapening every knife in the kitchen. After a few strokes of the sharpener even my dullest knives had developed an edge worth mentioning.
    Excellent knife sharpeners for an on the fly application. We use them on our line when we are in a hurry or at catering events for carving.
    We love this little item. It keeps our knives nice and sharp. Using it lightly to hone or a little more strength helps with the duller units.
    I am a Personal Chef from DC Metro Area. I just brought this knife three days ago and I was amazed returned my Whustof chef knife back to razors edge like blade. I love this product and will be creating a video soon. My knife cuts were awesome.
    This is an economical knife sharpener. Works well to make dull knives like new again. I appreciate its safety features as well. Extremely happy with this purchase.
    The hand held knife sharpener has come in handy for many types of knives. Chef, pairing, boning this sharpener handles them all making them cut like new again
    we have a fairly large set of kitchen blades. and i sharpen them weekly, but in between the full treatment we needed something just to refine the edge, and this hand held works great.
    This is an excellent hand held knife sharpener. Even when youre in a hurry and can only do one pass, it still performs well. Perfectly priced as well.
    What a great hand held knife sharpener! Great price for an easy to use and convienent knife sharpener! Long lasting and even longer if you open it up and flip the sharpening blades over!!!
    A great alternative to expensive sharpeners. When your in the kitchen on the go this is an excellent handheld sharpener. WE use these all the time to get the most out of our kitchen knives.
    This is the best knife sharpener I ever got compare to all other. It is the least expensive, it last for about a year or more and you'll still able to switch the sharpener inside to have another extra yr. It is well worth the money.

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