Tablecraft 4206 Baking 6" Icing Spatula

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This Tablecraft 4206 stainless steel icing spatula is easy to clean and has a durable ABS plastic handle that ensures a comfortable and stable grip. With a flexible stainless steel blade, you can give your cupcakes, cakes, and other baking specialties creative, precise icing designs.

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Tablecraft 4206 Baking 6" Icing Spatula

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icing spatula cakes great handle easy cake perfect price sturdy
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    Our church baking class will get plenty of use from this. We use it to smooth the tops of cakes and even to even off the tops of our measuring spoons and cups. We love it, it works and will be ordering several more as we have 6 girls in the class thus far. GREAT size (6 inches), sturdy and seems as it will last a good LONG while. We made our frosted our first cheese pound cake with fluffy lemon frosting yesterday using this! WOW! GREAT! Don't hesitate if you are wondering which one to buy. This is the one (at least for me/us).
    My most favorite spatula that u own. The handle is think and very sturdy. I make a lot of custom cakes using only buttercream....I do not cover my cakes in fondant, so it's very important that i have really good quality icing spatulas. I've been using them for a few months now and they are still like new. Buying more!.
    This is perfect for icing cupcakes, but was way too short for icing a cake. Not a fan of the feel of the handle but it does the job
    This icing spatula is okay for my smaller orders. its completely flat so i can make sure the icing is leveled and there ar no dips in it. also the handle is nice and sturdy for easy use
    Easily frost cakes with this icing spatula from Tablecraft. It’s got a comfortable feel to it and it smoothly applies frosting to cakes. Perfect for six inch cakes.
    Well-made spatula, a great value! The blade is straight and polished smooth. The handle is comfortable to hold, and its textured to help with grip.
    Multi Use Tablecraft 4206 Baking 6" Icing Spatula. I use it for frosting cupcakes, icing cakes and also great to spread mayonnaise or mustard on sandwiches. So many uses !!! I love this product.
    6" white handle icing spatula is wonderful it making icing your cakes easy for you to get the smooth first layer. And it is sturdy, just what I needed
    perfect icing spatula for mini cakes, cupcakes or less than 6" cakes. very light and easy to work with. I recommend to get all sizes for icing big cakes
    I used this spatula to put frosting on coookies and it worked so well! Much better than trying to use a knife. I will definitely be using it in the future for cup cakes and cakes.
    6" Icing Spatula is perfect for small sized cakes and precision on edges. It is good to have a collection of varying sizes for multiple icing consistencies as well as different sized desserts.
    A marvelous baker's spatula tool that makes icing and decorating cake so much easier. Makes smooth clean frosting lines and glides the frosting over the whole cake The tablecraft 6" spatula is great for our cupcakes and mini petite fours. A great inexpensive tool that makes our job easy.
    Using a icing spatula to put icing on cake or cupcakes makes the job much easier. This spatula features a flexible blade for precise application of the various icing types. The handle is made of comfortable plastic and can easily be cleaned. This spatula is six-inch and perfect for smaller cakes
    This spatula is perfect for icing the mini cake. It feels good on hand even though it is with plastic handle and it cleans easily.
    Very high quality, with the right amount of stiffness and flex at the same time, and a beautiful etched logo. Only improvement I can think of would be to put a hole in the handle for hanging, but that would also add a spot for gunk to get stuck. As is, five stars.
    This flat spat is the perfect size for icing between the layers of a 4 or 6" cake. It's height is great for crumb coats as well, without having too much height where you have to put your arm at a weird angle. The join and handle are smooth and easy to clean. Works great for our uses.
    This is a very useful tool to have in your kitchen. It is perfect for frosting small cakes or cupcakes. It is quite durable and easy to clean. I would purchase it again.
    Sturdy but flexible. Great value and worth buying for the price if only as a backup you never end up using. The Handle is relatively comfortable and grips well. For the price, its a 5 star item for sure.
    Tablecraft 6" spatula is ok but beware about the rusting. I left mine to air dry after being in the sanitizer and it had lines of rust. I have to make sure that lay it on a clean towel to dry to prevent the rust from forming on it .
    Thank you for your review, Karen! We recommend drying these items immediately after washing to avoid rust issues. If you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team!
    One of my favorite tools. It's a little bit flexible but still very sturdy and is perfect in the kitchen. I especially like these for sliding under cakes to get them off their boards and tier them.
    Another one of my favorite things that I have ordered. Love the quality of these and the price is very reasonable. Highly recommended also. A+
    This is a very nice spatula to smooth out the cakes with it or to use it for icing cupcakes. It's perfect for little things. Definitely recommend.
    I already had the 8 inch so I purchased all of the other remaining sizes. This 6 inch is good gor one layer cakes especially. They are well constructed and easy to clean.
    I'm not a professional baker. I only bake occasional sweets for my corporate located deli. This works best to mix icings and such but not for much else. Thats just users fault, obviously. It has held up well, no rusting or anything.
    this product is very easy to use.. it is not to big and not to small.. I think it is perfect to icing those cakes and getting everything good and smooth
    WOW what a find it might not be branded items but is well made, great looking and very easy to works with .Will definitely order again!
    So glad I purchase this Tablecraft 4206 6" Icing Spatula. This is a very good icing spatula. its very flexible and the handle is comfortable to hold. I highly recommend this spatula
    The Tablecraft Icing Spatula definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I would highly recommend this product. I am giving this item a 5 star rating. I purchased for home use. Can't go wrong with Tablecraft! :)
    This icing spatula does wonders for spreading icing evenly. It's an awesome tool for both commercial and home kitchens and allows for multiple because it's cheap!
    It is ok ,I am using it on my cake and it is working ok wtih my cake i thing the price is not expensive at all
    this was the perfect spatula to use when icing an 8" or 9" cake. it was sturdy, and didn't bend. the handle wont rot or splinter when left in dishwater too long like other utensils with wooden handles. I will definitely order more in different sizes.
    This Tablecraft 6" icing spatula is a great size. It has a nice size handle and the blade has a nice flex to it. You just cant have to many of these.
    We've iced a number of cakes using this and it hasn't given us any problems. There isn't anything super special about this besides the fact that it will get the job done.
    I love this icing spatula. My favorite thing is the shortness of it, i feel like i have better control when ever im icing a cake.
    I love this icing spatula! It is 6" in length! It spreads the icing evenly and a lot at a time! So it's very handy!
    Great icing spatula at a very affordable price! These are great, and lightweight, with a really easy grip, making manipulating it and spreading super easy.
    I like working with this small spatula. It is great not just for deserts but also for small cakes. Quality is great and we appreciate price also!
    Nice strong spatula for icing cake. Smooth and easy to use, handle is easy to grip and allows for a steady movement across the cake.
    Wow what a great deal on this icing spatula makes it nice and easy to spread icing on your cake I also use it for spreading managers and stuff on sandwiches
    Again Webstaurant provides quality with affordability for smaller businesses like mine! Great quality and sturdy product which works very well for all our frosting jobs.
    The Spatula handle is really comfortable to hold in your hand and the blade has a slight flex to it which makes icing cakes really easy. Totally happy with this spatula!
    I got this spatula because I wanted something smaller than my 8" one for icing the sides of cakes. It is great. It is sturdy and has a good grip.
    Good smaller sized spatula. It works great for butter, buttercream or other frostings with a smaller type jobs and be durable and run through the dish machine.
    Really like this icing spatula. It is a nice, short length that is great for frosting cupcakes or cleaning off the excess chocolate while using chocolate molds.
    Great quality spatula at a very low price, I am always losing spatualas and leaving them at various set up location so these are a lifesaver. I keep a bunch of them around.
    I received the Tablecraft 4206 6" Icing Spatula not what I expected they are very lightweight and easy to bend. I like a more heavy duty one. It is worth the price.
    This Tablecraft spatula has been great. I ordered several of them in different sizes and use them all on a regular basis. This one gets a little more use since it is more comfortable in my hand due to the size.
    very use full tool to have around the kitchen. Serves many purposes from decorating cakes and cup cakes. Blade has just the right amount of flex and easy to grip handle.
    These spatulas are wonderful! There are professional quality, with a sturdy blade that doesn't bend easily, and they are very affordable! I have them in several sizes, and LOVE them for cake decorating. Highly recommend to anyone who makes cakes.
    A decent spatula at a decent price. These are always good to have laying around because they have a variety of uses. I would buy again
    The Tablecraft 4206 6" Icing Spatula is great for icing cakes. I used it this weekend for the first time and it worked perfectly. The size is good and the handle is comfortable.
    This is a great little spatula, well made and comfortable in the hand. This is the one I grab when I am frosting cinnamon rolls or smoothing the edges of a layer cake. Holds up very well with dishwashing.
    This is the perfect size for an icing spatula! It isn't too small or too big...I think it is excellent for all purpose use. In addition to icing cakes, this is the perfect tool to run around a spring form pan to release the edges. It has the right amount of flexibility. I definitely recommend.
    When we need just a little spatula, this is perfect! The blade is a bit rigid but that’s a good thing for us. This is inexpensive and well built.
    Great spatula not only for cakes but sandwiches. Very well built, nice size that reaches the bottom of your empty mayo jar. Great price and quality for your money, you can never have too many. Great deal! Thanks webstaurant
    My employees love this spatula. They believe that they can crumb coat the cake better with this spatula. I will buy another one plus a bigger one.
    I have an array of spatulas of different sizes and shapes, and this is among my favorites. Perfect for spreading icing into the sides of cakes; I tend to prefer offset for the tops. It's a great size for my hand and gives better control - while still covering the full height of the tiers - than larger spatulas.
    Can't never have enough of these! Was this review helpful? This is a perfect icing spatula that works with just about any size cake out there, especially your smaller cakes. It is easy to clean, too. I would recommend this to any baker
    I use this primarily to level off my measuring cups. It very durable and high quality. I will not hesitate to buy more. And I'll definitely recommend.
    I bought this intending to use it for icing. I now use it for spreading cream cheese. It spreads smoothly without crumbling any of the bagel. I much prefer this over other spreaders.
    I feel that the Tablecraft 4206 6" Icing Spatula is a MUST when frosting a cake! To get smooth and sharp edges use this amazing icing spatula - Amazing!
    We actually don't use this for Icing!!! We use it for mayonnaise, this tool is fantastic for spreading mayonnaise on our sandwiches. For icing we like to use an offset spatula but again this one is working perfect and exactly what we ordered it for!
    really is very good to refine the details of your cakes, I like my clients admire my work and every detail counts, this is the one, I recommend, very good brand
    This is such an awesome product! I bake alot and I needed something like this. It works perfectly and I use it every time I bake!
    Well designed, good sturdy item with many uses for our needs. 6" spatula is a good item to have for spreads and dealing with taller containers
    Great spatula for helping in spreading icing for my cookies and cakes. It's a perfect size and easy to work with. Will be ordering a second one.
    Great quality Spatula. Small enough that you can also use it to spread butter & Cream Cheese. Heavy duty plastic handle. Great value at WEBstaurantStore!
    Nice sturdy spatula, These work really good for sandwich making, buttering toast, or icing a cake with ease. Every kitchen should have a few of these laying around.
    I am not know four my baking but when I do I like to have the correct tool to do so, this Icing Spatula gives a smooth line that even I can appreciate..
    Great spatula and very sturdy. Went through the dishwasher just fine. I like to use it for icing cakes and evening out batter in large pans.
    This is a perfect icing spatula that works with just about any size cake out there, especially your smaller cakes. It is easy to clean, too. I would recommend this to any baker.
    I've had this spatula for a few months and use it to spread everything from sandwiches to buttercream frosting! It is comfortable to hold and doesn't bend.
    Tablecraft 6in spatula can be used for so much more than icing. Its of very nice quality, doesn't seem flimsy to me (but I'm no pro) I used it for icing a small cake (6 inch cake) and will be using it for a spreader with cheese and crackers. Handy! Use it for more than just icing!!
    These are great for all of your spreading needs in the kitchen. I use these to not only decorate with but also to butter toast. They are well built and haven't broken down yet despite many trips through the dishwasher.
    Good bakers tool for the money. It's easy to use and simple to store. It's a good value for small businesses. I would recommend to others.
    This spatula is easy to use and easy to clean. It has the perfect size and flexibility for icing cakes. Easy to grip handle, and the whole product is dishwasher safe.
    We use these 6" spatulas for various things from icing cakes to spreading things on sandwiches. They are well made & the price is great!
    We love this Tablecraft 4206 Icing Spatula. We use to for spreading mayo on sandwiches and burgers. It is very sturdy and very high quality.
    This six inch baker's spatula helps me decorate my cakes with much ease. I even had to purchase one to use at home. I can't make a pretty cake without it.
    Great pastry spatula doesn't bend as much as if it was angled. This is great for getting the frosting on the cake and filling in any holes in the cake that may have arrived from baking.
    This 6 inch baker's spatula is very useful. Especially when going to spread frosting on our cakes, or just to get things out of pans.

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