Tablecraft 24SV 24 oz. INVERTAtop Dualway First In First Out "FIFO" Squeeze Bottle

Item #: 80824SV

Conveniently store and dispense your condiments with this Tablecraft 24SV InvertaTop Dualway 24 oz. first in first out squeeze bottle! Made of polyethylene, this bottle's clear construction is great for easy product identification. Its unique design allows you to fill the bottle from the top and dispense from the bottom for a proper application of first in, first out at your establishment. Plus, the additional lip around the dispensing valve is designed to help contain drips and spills for mess-free dispensing.

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Tablecraft 24SV 24 oz. INVERTAtop Dualway First In First Out "FIFO" Squeeze Bottle

4.8 stars from 60 reviews


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bottle bottles Easy Squeeze great clean sauces top condiments love
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    The best invention ever. No dripping, soft sides for easy squeezing, perfect dispensing quantity and good volume for the tomato sauce refill cans. Will buy again

    from Matheney'z Mobile Food'z Posted on

    The dualway function of this container makes it especially useful for the first in first out function, and make it easy to refill. It should be noted that its small size and downward valve saves space and makes it easy it use.

    Posted on

    good for cooking oil

    Having a quality squeeze bottle will help you with many projects in the kitchen. These squeeze bottles are perfect for salad dressings, olive oil, and other marinates. This squeeze bottle is very inexpensive and easy to use and clean.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    We really love using these FIFO squeeze bottles.

    I have changed out all my previous syrup and condiment bottles for these bottles. These bottles are so easy to fill and to clean. Since both ends are removable, you can load new product from the bottom opening to ensure the oldest product gets used first. They are very durable as they get used constantly throughout the day everyday.

    from No-Rea LLC Posted on

    Great bottles for sauces, syrups and condiments.

    I don't know how I got buy without this squeeze bottle. It really helps cut down time because filling becomes much cleaner and easier with the wide opening.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Fillibg made easy

    GREAT FOR DRESSING OUR SALADS AND OUR POKE bowls. Tablecraft 24SV 24 oz. INVERTAtop Dualway First In First Out "FIFO" Squeeze Bottle. 9.9 x 3 x 2.9 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces

    from Fire Fin Poke Shop Posted on

    A good price for a bottle that saves a ton of time in dressing. Perfect for mayo or thicker sauces. just leave upside down and the product doesnt come out until needed

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    Works like a charm! It has a nice large capacity and is very durable. I got this for squeezing simple syrup on to fresh cakes.

    Posted on

    Tablecraft 24 oz. First In First Out Squeeze Bottle

    This is a very interesting squeeze bottle with the first in first out dual way top and bottom I really like the dispenser nozzle on this bottle it's really nice

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I really like this bottle it flows when you squeeze it otherwise nothing comes out that's cool

    easy to disposal liquid. doesn't make a mess and doesn't get clog at the spout. good bottle to use if you have a busy use for it. It went slip out your hand.

    from Yamato Posted on

    I've always loved FIFO bottles even before they were easy to find. I really love the new design with the removeabe valves to make cleaning much easier. I've got a couple older ones I can't get clean around the inner valve. A must buy for long term use.

    from Comfort Cusine Posted on

    FIFO bottles have unlimited uses. Shown here with chocolate syrup for simple home use as my daughter loves to make chocolate milk. I also use them for self serve BBQ sauce and A1 steak sauce as well as in kitchen prep for multiple sauces.

    Love these bigger bottles! It is great not having to refill any condiments during service. They are also very easy to take apart and wash

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    These bottles have no problem dispensing out these thick Caramel and chocolate toppings. There easy to clean out and have big enough openings for filling with out a problem .

    Posted on

    These bottles have no problem squeeze out these thick Caramel and chocolate toppings

    These are decent but a few things. We bought 36 of these and out of those 6 came with two solid ends. And if you have sauces that are not too thick, they leak all the time.

    Posted on


    I have these in a couple different sizes. They are made of very durable plastic. I have used plenty of bottles in the past that were horrible. These are not one of them. I would definitely recommend these.

    from Pretty Odd Wieners Posted on

    We make out own sauces, and I was wasting product left in the bottle cleaning them out, this bottle all but eliminates that waste. My chunky barbecue sauce flows nicely through it. Exactly what I needed. Will be ordering more soon.

    Posted on

    This is one of my favorite squirt bottles on this site. It's an excellent way to keep your old condiments rotating, and to keep your space organized.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    Great purchase. We can easily fill and use. No dripping, which is really hard to come by. I would highly recommend these bottles. Easy and convenient.

    Posted on

    These are a nice bottle. I like that both ends come off for cleaning. There has been some leakage if you store them with the squeeze top down , but we have been able to deal with that..

    Posted on

    We decided in making the switch on regular dressing bottles to these and I have to say these have made my restaurant staffs life easier. The bottle is great for following fifo.

    Posted on

    Love these. I use it for honey. doesnt drip at all. Would be good for any condiment. I also like the first in first out concept

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are so handy and easy to clean. I purchased this larger bottle to put my Carnival King nacho cheese (that I also bought from here and love) in. Makes it easy for the kids to make their own snack when they can just squeeze it out of the bottle.

    Posted on

    Very easy to refill with the larger open end. Only thing noticed is that the rubber gasket can become damaged with cleaning. Also is better suited for thicker products like mayo. Thinner products will leak if stored with dispensing end down.

    Posted on

    I love this bottle with two openings you can take the top off and the bottom off for easy cleaning and filling and the top has a nice airtight lid

    from home Posted on

    Perfect for all our needs. Tablecraft 24 oz first in first out squeeze bottle holds a lot of product like mayo. Easy to take apart and clean. Was a great price.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Great product. Easy to use and clean. However, it is for more ketchup, mustard, and more dense product. I put simple syrup and sea salt cream and it leaked a bit when not tighten enough. Overall, I love this product and currently using.

    from bully boba Posted on

    These bottle make refilling dressings and sauces very convenient. The bottles seal well and do not drip or leak. Frosted clear plastic nice to see how much you used.

    Posted on

    I was very excited to receive these. I had a very specific place to use them. Based on the measurements in the description, they would fit. Unfortunately, they are actually 9.5 inches tall, not 9 inches as listed. Now I will have to deal with making a return.

    from Laurie Oliver Lifestyle Posted on

    This product is very easy to clean. We use them at our restaurant to hold dressings, mustard, ketchup, mayo, relish, and more. Holds a lot also.

    from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC Posted on

    Tablecraft 24SV 24 oz. INVERTAtop Dualway First In First Out "FIFO" Squeeze Bottle #80824SV we make our own sauces and these bottles help us out

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Wonderful squeeze bottles from WEBstaurantStore table craft inverta 24 oz FIFO design great product for all my oils and condiments I will be purchasing several more very soon

    Posted on

    Good squeeze bottle, we use it often for our sauces, it does the job and is a pretty simple product. Good quality and would repurchase if needed

    from Arabian Knife Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are the best. They are easy to clean because the bottom opens as well as the top. They last a long time and the squeeze top is great if you tip them over or drop them.

    from Sandwich Works Posted on

    The Tablecraft Invertatop Squeeze bottle is amazing...fill from the top, dispense from the bottom. Easy to fill and even easier to clean. We use them for everything from mayo to ranch dressing. We are in the process to converting all of our bottles to these.

    from Hannah G Posted on

    These are great for sauces such as mustard, catsup, BBQ and many others. I also use these for chocolate, vanilla etc. toppings for fresh donuts.

    from Thesaurus Enterprises Posted on

    I like to keep these bottles filled up. The design of the bottles makes A LOT of sense. First in and first out. I will likely order more in the future.

    Posted on

    Held the Tablecraft 24SV 24 oz. INVERTAtop Dualway First In First Out Squeeze Bottle upside down on the dispenser side, to see if it leaked the water from the bottle. No leak of water on my hand. Arrived very fast.

    Posted on

    This is great product overall. The initial squeeze is sometimes difficult not to get too much product in one area, great for filling up sides and PC cups quickly.

    from DeNunzios Posted on

    This is the 24 oz size of first in and first out squeeze bottle with a nice valve at the top that keeps contents fresh until use when used the one way valve opens, very nice for my use, for mayonnaise, ketchup, other condiments, but could be used for making your own shampoo recipes, dog shampoo mixture, body wash etc, i make my own shampoo using castile almond liquid soap and add essential oils to it to have exactly what i want, i like that these bottles when used for condiments allow you to fill from the bottom and squeeze from the top so you should always be using up what you put in first, nice weight to them, they feel solid but are easily squeezed.. i love them, and very glad i got them, will most likely be buying many more in the very near future..

    from catering Posted on

    High volume and very good for easy rotation. Makes cleaning and filling a piece of cake with the removable tops and bottom. Will buy again!

    from Houligans Posted on

    This does not do very well with what I originally bought them for. I was going to use them for our thicker syrups but the end seems to release air when pressed too hard. These do work great for our thinner syrups that we need more of on the line but cannot be placed squirt side down.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    Thick well made. Great bottle for the money. Perfect for mayo and any dressing that is used on a regular basis. The first in first out method makes filling the bottles easy.

    from beermuda Posted on

    This INVERTA top Dualway First In First Out Squeeze Bottle 16oz is a perfec squeeze, is a good quality article, you can also change the cup whit a regular one with a different color. You can write on with a regular marker.

    from Sir Clean Corp - Cleaning and Moving Company Miami Posted on

    Very easy to clean and does not stain with a Franks Red Hot or bbq sauce. They are dishwasher safe. We replaced all of ours with new Dual way

    from Mike Posted on

    We've bought local honey for years to enjoy in our home. And last year, my father-in-law began harvesting honey. But in every scenario of us using honey, we were utilizing the glass jars and mason jars to store and dispense the honey, causing over-dosing, sticky caps, and well, sticky everything. Then when we began coffee catering a few months ago, we stumbled upon this handy device - no mess and no waiting for that "DMV" seeming period of time for the honey to pour out. And you can fill it from the top, never having to touch the spouted end unless when cleaning. This item would also be great for sauces and any other types of syrups as well. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    I have converted all of my condiments into these containers. Love them. They make your job a lot easier with refilling and using in the kitchen!

    from The Pump Posted on

    Works well for thicker sauces. The tip is a bit finicky and will something pump out a lot of the condiment. Not the best for careful dispensing, but great otherwise.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    We make several sauces in house and these are great. There are only a couple of cons I can see. One is clogging and the other is their ability to hold sauces in that may be a little thinner when kept upside down.

    from BDGrilling, Inc. Posted on

    Dualway First In First Out Squeeze bottles are easy to use, clean, and the perfect thick condiment bottle to use to prevent waste. The only problem we had with these bottles is that our product would come out of the opening over time. The leakage of our product prevented us from utilizing this bottle to it's full extent but we like to use it at trade shows to serve samples. It helps maintain a clean environment.

    from Caju Cream Posted on

    i got this item from a another restaurant couple years ago and this item works great and i relay think that every restaurant should have this item. when i doing my backyard BBQ at my house.

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    I've checked around for a better price, and even figuring in shipping, this is still the best buy. These work just as good as the more expensive ones.

    Posted on

    These bottles were purchased and used for a wide variety of condiments. I really like the "First in- First out" ability that is made possible by filling from the bottom screw-top. The plastic is very pliable and easy to squeeze. The only condiment I had issues with getting out of the ample opening, was a moderately chunky salsa. Some of the pieces were just too big. The bottles did exactly what I expected them to do and were great quality.

    from Church of the Springs Posted on

    24 oz sqrrze bottle fits a lot of liqude inside, used with multiple purposes, good price and good quilty, will buy again, best website ever.

    from ERA Posted on

    where has this product been for the last 20 years??!!! FANTASTIC. First in, first out..boom,, easy. Great quality, washes well. Doesn't leak and it's clear. A must have

    from Laurel Diner Posted on

    One of the must haves in a professional kitchen! Very inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. They look great table side too and I even got some to use at home.

    from Global Spice Bistro Posted on

    I love that this is a continuous fill bottle, meaning FIFO. Coolies, mayo, aiolies and other condiments are easily dispensed, knowing that the oldest product is always used first.

    from The Beach House Posted on

    I love this product. They have a large capacity which means less fill ups throughout the day. The squirt nozzle is on the bottom which means the product can be much more easily dispensed. Perfect for stubborn mayonnaise. No more beating the bottle to get the last bit out.

    from Barnyard burgers Posted on

    This squeeze bottles are perfect. What I like about them is that they are easy to clean and they are easy to dispense. All of the product that you place inside stays all the way to the bottom, which is where it gets dispense.

    Posted on

    This is the first time we use these bottles. The concept of First In and First Out is great since we can't stress enough of the importance of FIFO.

    Posted on

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